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Herbs or Meds – The Truth About Big Pharmaceuticals

Sunday, March 27, 2016 15:41
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As a holistic organic wise Mama, I am very thankful to see a growing renaissance of people with a strong desire to replace their toxic pharmaceutical medications with natural safe herbs and natural remedies.  I’ve read articles and testimonials from people  online who suffered from severe chronic pain and anxiety and were relieved to replace their toxic harmful synthetic medications with natural herbs and plants, like cannabis. 

It’s the 21st Century and many people are waking up to the fact that their synthetic pharmaceutical medications aren’t reliable or safe.  It’s bad enough to know that these pills were manufactured in a laboratory and cause potentially deadly side effects.  It’s also very sobering to know that any day, these pills can cease to exist, for whatever reason, including company problems and lawsuits. 

It’s very disturbing that the bottles of synthetic pills on the pharmacy shelf contain ingredients that we are unable to pronounce and we do not know their definition.  Unless you are a chemist and have an extensive dictionary of pharmaceutical medications and you can look up each ingredient, you are playing a dangerous game when putting a pill in your mouth.  

I remember a very eye opening episode of 20/20 that my husband and I watched 20 years ago showing behind the scenes of the pharmaceutical industry and the obscene way that doctors are wined and dined when introduced to the “latest new innovative medications”.  The camera panned to the backyard of a very luxurious mansion showing well dressed doctors seated at very fancy dinner tables.  As the camera zoomed closer, the viewer could clearly see a small bowl next to the dinner plate for every guest who was going to eat there and in this bowl were several pills of various sizes and colors and they looked like color dyed candy. 

I have a very good recollection of the program we watched and don’t quote me on it, but what we watched was very similar to what I described.  You could hear a guest speaker speaking in the background discussing their work while welcoming the doctors to the special dinner event, introducing them to this “pharmaceutical showing”.   Next, print and TV media publish elaborate advertisement layouts and commercials, advertising these little pills as the “latest” medication to help you with your health ailments from which you are suffering.

It is very clear that the process of a pill going from an idea in someone’s mind as an “innovative approach to illnesses” to the marketing end to the pharmacy store shelf is an entire song and dance of “smoke and mirrors”.  The pharmaceutical industry has an obscene advertising budget and I don’t think I can type the number to convey this thought, but let’s just say it’s well over a billion dollars a year. 

The lawsuits alone from people suing pharmaceutical companies because of malpractice, death, or severe genetic mutation are a real eye opener and are enough of a reason to stay far away from these pills and ignore the brainwashing they are trying to spoon feed everyone.  The mere fact that you see commercials everyday talking about recent lawsuits against the pharmaceutical industry speaks volumes and is enough of reason to know that taking these medications is very harmful.  

A safer healthier approach is to say “goodbye” to the pharmaceutical industry and put your trust in Mother Nature and her abundant healing medicine cabinet.  I can assure you that herbs like garlic, chamomile, mint, ginger, lemongrass, cayenne, oregano, thyme and many other wonderful healing herbs will continue to grow in abundance all over the world, just as they have done so for thousands of years. 

Fortunately, thankfully, I have been a meditator for more than 20 years and that combined with my clean, healthy, sober, gentle, self-care lifestyle, I am able to find gentle ways of managing pain and traumatic stress and coping with painful health issues.  I drink chamomile to help me relax and peppermint tea with ginger when I need help with digestion.   I do daily yoga and Tai Chi and deep breathing exercises to help me stay healthy, comfortable, and well.  

I feel the need to express here that living this way is much easier than some people may think.  You don’t need to be a special kind of person to live this way and be healthy.  Good health is not genetic, neither is disease, or as I call it, dis-ease, “out of ease”.  As Tony Robbins, the life coach says, “it comes down to pain and pleasure, the carrot and the stick.” You simply have to associate tremendous pain with the thing that you no longer want in your life that doesn’t serve you any more and pleasure with what you know in your heart and Soul works and benefits and heals you.

It is very sad that the elderly are over-medicated.  I highly recommend Dr. John Abramson, M.D.’s book, Overdosed America. Dr. John Abramson was interviewed on CoasttoCoastAm discussing his book.  During the interview, Dr. Abramson made a funny comment that “Americans take one pill to keep it up and another pill to keep it down.”  This was in reference to people taking pills for indigestion and acid reflux and erectile dysfunction.  In his book, Dr. Abramson discusses the sad truth about the greedy pharmaceutical industry and how they are destroying many lives everyday. He hopes to help readers make informed healthy choices to empower themselves and stay healthy and well. 

Instead of helping my beloved Mother  process and heal from the painful grief of losing her Mother and brother, her therapist put her on six different anti-depressants.  Her body shut down and she became very ill.  I lost my dear sweet beloved Mother two years ago after she fell into a coma.  I painfully grieve day and night and I love and miss her terribly very much.  I tried to help her, but I wasn’t able to.  

Here is a comforting healing herbal tea recipe I make for my dear husband and myself to help us stay warm and feel better on cold nights.

In a cup of filtered hot water,
brew either a tbsp. of fresh peppermint leaves, rinsed, or a peppermint tea bag
allow to brew and steep for 20 minutes or when you feel it is strong enough
add a tsp. of fresh squeezed lemon juice
add a pinch of ginger powder or a pinch size piece of fresh ginger, with peel removed and rinsed
Gently stir and mix with a spoon and when you feel the tea is comfortable to drink, sip slowly and let the tea soothe you.

If I can help people with my message of hope and natural holistic healing, I am very deeply thankful and my heart and Soul will be filled with joy, love, and peace.  May all beings be healthy, well, and happy.


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  • I trust official medicine and prefer drugs and pills to herbs and traditional treatment. Everytime I don’t feel ok, I just consult a doctor or buy medicines online ( at , for example, without any prescriptions ).

  • What a great article! I was on 3 huge handfuls of pills (prescription), they didn’t help, but they added more problems to the list I was already diagnosed with. Life was miserable. I tried natural (from GNC and such), they didn’t help. I was finally introduced to quality herbals, and my life improved drastically, and no more prescriptions. Matter of fact, no more symptoms of the diseases and disorders. I read an article about healthy supplements at GNC, Walgreens, etc, and how there were fillers and some of the ingredients weren’t even found to be in the products. Natural is, IMO, the safest and most effective way to good health.

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