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Trump Was Told There Was ‘No Time’ For National Anthem. Look His Live-TV Response (Video) Asks 4 Obama BC With $50M!
All Stories By King of Shambhala Click Here! They Told Trump “We Don’t Have Time for the National Anthem”. Here’s His Live TV Response… Donald Trump: Obama Refused $50 Million to Show College Records Trump Was Told There Was 'No Time' For the National Anthem. Here's His Live-TV Response VIDEO
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This makes perfect sense to anyone, doesn't it?

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Karl Priest of Poca, West Virginia endorses Tom Hoefling for President

Evangelist Joshua Sparks of Ashland, Kentucky endorses Tom Hoefling for President and Steve Schulin for Vice-President

Justin Hoke of Weed, California endorses Tom Hoefling for President

Confederate Flag Is Part Of American History

This Service Will Start On July 1st.

After he leaves White House, Obama will stay in D.C. just 1,000 ft. from Islamic Center & mosque

Kate Steinle’s Family Sues Federal Agencies After Alleged Murder By Undocumented Immigrant

Jade Bunnell of Hazen, Arizona endorses Tom Hoefling for President

Mark Wilson of Hampstead, North Carolina endorses Tom Hoefling for President