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Illinois Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens Puts All of U.S. at Risk

Friday, December 7, 2012 16:54
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By Frosty Wooldridge

While Congress refuses to secure our borders, we suffer 20 million illegal migrants working and living in our country.  Several states harbor so many illegal migrants, their legislators attempt to sidestep laws by giving illegal migrants legal driver’s licenses.  In other words, they make illegality into something legal.

Dan Stein, president of The Federation for American Immigration Reform, talked about this debacle this week:

“Illinois’ bill (SB 957) to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens is moving quickly through the State’s Democrat controlled legislature,” said Stein. “After being voted out of the Senate’s executive committee last week, the bill is expected to get a full Senate vote this week. It is quickly gaining support of both Democrats and Republicans.

It Won’t Make Roads Safer

“The safest roads are those that do not have unlawfully present people driving on them,” said Stein. “Giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in no way guarantees safer roads or that they will purchase insurance. New Mexico, one of only two states that grants driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, has the second-highest rate of uninsured drivers in the United States.

“By the same token, it defies common sense to say that the best way to combat accidents by illegal aliens is to give them all drivers’ licenses. It’s disingenuous to argue that someone who has openly violated federal immigration laws by being in the country illegally is going to have any more respect for the driving laws.”

It Poses National Security Risks

“Granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens makes them invisible to enforcement authorities by giving them the one document they need most to secure employment, transact business and register to vote,” said Stein. “This fact is especially disturbing considering that, unlike legal immigrants, illegal aliens are not subject to stringent background checks or face-to-face interviews to determine the existence of any national security threat that they might pose.

“The 19 terrorist September 11 hijackers carried among them over 60 state driver’s licenses. These documents allowed them to obtain housing, transportation and other accommodations without raising suspicion while they planned and executed their deadly conspiracy.

“Mindful of these facts, the first and most important recommendation of the 9/11 Commission was to tighten issuing requirements. Issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens – as Illinois intends to do – could not be more counterproductive to the Commission’s intent.

“SB 957 expressly authorizes Illinois driver’s license officials to accept consular IDs and foreign passports as proof of identification. States, however, do not have the capacity to verify the validity of these documents.

“Despite knowing these risks and the new requirements issued by Congress after 9/11, President Obama supported issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens during his first presidential campaign in 2008 which likely influenced his adopted state of Illinois.”

It Invites and Condones Illegal Immigration

“Illinois already has a welcome mat out for illegal aliens and not surprisingly now has 550,000 persons residing unlawfully in the state costing taxpayers over $4.5 billion annually,” said Stein. “Unless Illinois has a genuine interest in attracting even more illegal aliens, there can be no justification for extending privileges. The policy condones the presence of illegal aliens by providing them with identification and driving privileges which allow them to continue to live and work in the country unlawfully – all while they and their children utilize public benefits and services.”

Bush is Back Endorsing Amnesty

“On Tuesday, former President George W. Bush came out of seclusion to endorse mass immigration as the solution to our economic crisis,” said Stein. “He can now be added to the growing list of Republicans publicly endorsing amnesty and more immigration in the wake of the recent election.

“Bush’s reentry into the immigration debate was planned before the election and coincides with the release of the Bush Institute’s book “The 4 Percent Solution,” advocating for policies that spur economic growth. In his introduction, President Bush claimed immigrants “fill a critical gap in our labor market” while failing to address how amnesty and more legal immigration would affect the nearly 23 million Americans who are currently unemployed or underemployed.

“If anyone knows the challenges lawmakers face in reforming our immigration system, it is President Bush. Unfortunately for him, the opening for his proposals has come and gone. In fact, they failed when put before Congress and the American people. Now, Congress and President Obama must find a solution that serves the best interests of Americans, not the special interests who benefit most from Bush’s more is better immigration policy.”

You may contact Dan Stein at

Frosty Wooldridge is a member of the board of directors at FAIR.


Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as eight times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. In 2012, he bicycled coast to coast across America.  His latest book is: How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World by Frosty Wooldridge, copies at 1 888 280 7715/ Motivational program: How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World by Frosty Wooldridge, click:

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Total 8 comments
  • arpes

    Having gone thru the legal process, at great expense, to become a Citizen of this great nation. This disgusts me GREATLY…. I will continue to vote for the CONSTITUTION.

  • Hang all drunkdrivers

    This just shows how super-corrupt all our politicians are. They all take bribes from the illegal alien lobby i.e. the mexican govt.

    And as we all know, this means the illegals will be able to vote. Republicans are morons to go along with this.

  • Hang all drunkdrivers

    Why does any citizen obey the laws anymore when foreigners all allowed to illegally invade our country and get everything given to them?

    • Freewilloffering

      …and here is what is even more bizzare..since Obama says they cant be detained for anything other than a “serious” felony…they can walk away from any accident ..any ticket etc and nothing can happen to them-they have more rights than you!~they dont even need insurance–you wont find them on the Court date!

  • dusel1

    Attention all Illinois Legislators:

    Illinois’ Bill SB 957 is another piece of legislation that is going to adversely affect the Illinois citizens, both financially and by diminishing highway public safety. Most illegal aliens and many people of Spanish heritage are unable to read English signs on roads and streets.

    What part of illegal alien don’t you understand? This legislation should not even be considered.

    Your catering to the illegal aliens is solely to obtain illegal votes at the voting booth. You Liberals and your Siamese twin, the RINO legislatures are just as irresponsible for even considering this illegal legislation.

    First of all, you need to do your job and enforce the current immigration laws by deporting all illegal aliens. Next, discontinue all Spanish language support statewide for those lazy legal citizens who espouse Spanish heritage and make them learn the English language on their own nickel.

    Your SB 957 is another step to turn this US into a third-world country.

    No wonder the state of Illinois is financially broke. You and your kind are promoting irresponsible spending and failing to uphold current laws. :!:

  • Anonymous

    When I was in Illinois working I went to get a drivers license so that I could register a truck I bought there. To my surprise, they gave me trouble about the validity of my documents. I had a book passport, a card passport, a valid drivers license from Texas, my DD214, SS Card, plus bank cards and an Illinois birth certificate, and a rental agreement for my apartment.. The woman at the desk did not think that was sufficient until I threatened to bring a lawyer and sue the pants off of the State of Illinois.
    Then the idiot at the second desk did not believe I had a Motorcycle endorsement. He was unable to check it online, and was on the point of refusing it until I threatened his supervisor with a lawyer and legal action again.
    So now they are issuing licenses to undocumented aliens….How utterly wonderful!

    • Anonymous

      If I had to do that again, I would sue them. I would get witnesses, and offer them money to testify if I won. I recommend suing Illinois when they play games like that. Guess they are going to screw citizens, so hey, lets return the favor. They are broke anyway, so this will reduce the jerks you need to deal with in the future when it costs them money.

  • Tif

    So, this is something that our family has been dealing with for over a year now and will continue to deal with for the rest of our lives. I would imagine I am assuming correctly when I say that all of you who disagree with this bill haven’t thoroughly educated yourselves on this matter and have also not had to deal with the aftermath of suffering a severe bodily injury caused by an ‘illegal” immigrant driving on your roads. As a citizen of this country and a victim of an illegal immigrants uneducated illegal driving experience, I can completely understand both sides of the fence. But here are a few issues I have come across from reading the responses from some of you and your reasonings, assumptions and outlandish responses. The majority of you who have spoken out against it obviously haven’t researched the astronomical amount of debt these “illegal” immigrants cost you every day by causing motor vehicle accidents. First and Foremost, lets start with the part about it being illegal and how America came to be. If any of you know anybody or you yourself are of any Asian, German, European, African American, Jewish amongst many other races and origins, these were all considered “illegal immigrants” who were than provided naturalization of citizenship many many years after America” was founded. The immigration laws of this country were defined primarily based on race and national origin (meaning the government could pick and choose if you were a desirable person to allow legal citizenship of this country solely based on the color of your skin or the country you traveled from) up until 1965 when The Immigration and Nationality Act abolished the National Origins Formula that had been in place since 1924 which was actually just extended to include additional races from the very first ever immigration law that was passed called The Page Act of 1875 which primarily barred Asian women specifically Chinese women from entering the U.S. Previous to 1875, the only thing documented in regards to immigration was in 1790 that limited naturalization to “free white persons” and was only expanded to include “blacks” in 1860 and “Asians” in the 1950′s. So with a little research what you will find is that the majority of us natural “legal” citizens (because you were born within the borders of America) are here solely because of an”illegal” ancestor of yours risking their life and taking a chance to come to America illegally hoping to provide a better future for their descendants. Needless to say, it is evident that this country hasn’t appropriately handled immigration since we became America. I do believe with the new measures that have been put in place, future immigration will be handled more appropriately ensuring fairness and equality, but again, these measures really didn’t begin until 1965 and while they have come a long way there is still a long way to go. So, here’s the problem, currently in Illinois you have approximately 500,00 immigrants who some of you consider “illegal” but more importantly and probably more appropriately by our Constitution are however referred to as undocumented (not illegal), meaning they didn’t fill out the appropriate paperwork, didn’t file appropriately or have stayed beyond their visa so on and so forth. Of these approximately 250,000 of them are driving on your roads every single day without the appropriate education, without a drivers license and most of all without insurance. These undocumented drivers alone cause over 64 MILLION dollars in damage claims per year, that does not include the astronomical amount of medical expenses or the destruction of families and lives. More importantly, their lack of education takes thousands of lives every year. Those of you who are speaking out against this bill are jeopardizing your lives and the ones around you more than you will ever know. Your answer and the only resolution you have all had to offer thus far is deportation. Do you realize that these are UNDOCUMENTED immigrants, this means, until they screw up, they aren’t getting caught because they technically do not exist. In the 2 states that have already passed this bill, the number of undocumented immigrants being deported has significantly increased and is saving thousands of lives and millions of dollars which is why this bill has now been passed by the senate and is moving to the house in the state of Illinois which happens to be 1 of the 7 states that contains the majority of our undocumented immigrants in this nation. Some of you see this as giving somebody a right that they do not deserve, but most likely you are only a citizen yourself because you were born within this countries borders. The way I see it you are instead denying yourselves, your loved ones, your neighbor, your friend, and every citizen pf Illinois the right to drive safely down the road. Unfortunately deportation has proven to not be the solution to keeping your roads safe so it’s time to think outside of the box and view it from both sides of the fence. The other common thread I am seeing here is that “illegal” immigrants have more rights than you. While yes, they have rights as any human being does, they do not have anywhere near the rights you and I have as a citizen. In fact the only real rights they have in this country are as follows: Any publicly funded hospital cannot deny emergency care, they have the right to due process and protection by our laws, they may not have their homes illegally searched, and all CHILDREN have the right to a public education. They do not however have an identity, have the ability to work legally, have the ability to fly on airplanes, have the ability to apply for government assistance, have the right to vote, have the ability to open a bank account, start a business, cash a check, send money, etc. So I’m not sure what handouts you think they are getting when they don’t even have an identity in this country. From my families side of the fence, to put things into perspective for you let me share a little of what we deal with on a day to day basis. The man that hit my parents is apparently an undocumented immigrant who was all of 23 when he blew the stop sign that day, he has probably been living in Illinois for the majority of his life and is most likely still driving down the road unlicensed, uninsured and uneducated today. Now, here’s how this all works. The bike itself some what $25,000 totaled. My dads leg lost forever, the last 20 years of my moms memory and what I’ve known of her lost forever, her short term memory suffering forever, I’ve spent hundreds of hours fighting with insurance, government funded medicaid forced to pick up the remaining tab which essentially comes out of the tax payers pocket, my brothers struggling without the “mom” that once could care for them at their young ages, medical bills totaling in the millions and racking up higher and higher every therapy session, doctor appointment, surgery, prosthetic, and I could go on and on for many many hours. Now how it works for the guy that him, he gets 3 tickets (petty traffic violations) and since he is now documented in the system deportation will be flagged once the court stuff is completed. Technically we could waste thousands of dollars trying to sue him but it will obviously get us nowhere but further in debt. How this bill would have affected the situation differently. First and foremost he would have had the option to pay to receive a drivers education course then pay to receive a special 3 year license that in no way acts as a form of identification and cannot be used for things such as buying guns, purchasing plane tickets, voting or obtaining a job and he would have been required to purchase insurance thereby covering any medical or property damage expenses that my family has suffered. So, what if he didn’t do all of this? Well, Illinois has this law for citizens driving without a license, in a severe instance such as my parents, the court has the ability to assign a drivers license and immediately revoke or suspend it to bring further charges. What does that mean, if it were legal for him to obtain a drivers license, after the accident as opposed to 3 lousy tickets, they could have issued and revoked his drivers license making it a felony thereby putting him in jail and punishing him to the fullest extent. Now, I hope those of you that have not done the appropriate research necessary to fully understand immigration or this bill will see how necessary it is in regards to not only your life but all of ours. This isn’t being passed to give rights to the undeserving but rather to protect the rights of each and everyone of you.

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