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It’s Time to Rid Our Country of Treasonous Dog Politicians Who Put Welfare of Illegals Before US Citizens

Sunday, January 21, 2018 17:05
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We know our so-called elected officials in the House and Senate do not work for the best interests of their constituents they are supposed to represent and, in fact, they rule over them without any trace of representation when they want to force a government shutdown to protect some 8 million DACA illegals.

Rather than simply pass a budget, they would rather shut the government down and force everyone who is paid by the US government to go without for however long a time it takes to approve protection for DACA illegals.

Thus, we have lawmakers who are working for the millions of people who are here illegally and punishing legal US citizens financially, until they get what they want.

The DACA program is in itself illegal because it protects individuals who are here illegally via an Executive Order signed by Obama in 2012.

The EO is against federal law due to the fact that it protects individuals who are guilty of breaking current Federal immigration laws by virtue of simply being here in the first place.

Any Executive Order or Executive Action taken by a president that is against current federal laws already on the books is unlawful.

The fact that protecting individuals who are criminals is more important than the welfare of US citizens who rely on being paid by the government such as active military, retirees depending on Social Security, combat veterans who receive money from the government in retirement and other benefits, for example, is an act of treason against the very country these people are supposed to protect.

Instead of working for the American people, these New Wordl Order, neo-Nazi Globalists put their corrupt agenda before the good of the people of the USA they were sworn to represent and protect.

We can no longer tolerate having individuals in office that are clearly anti-American as shown in their actions.

Every member of Congress and the Senate who is in opposition to the current Administration have the destruction of the US as a sovereign, constitutional, independent nation in mind.

On a daily basis, we see lawmakers like Al Green, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Frederica Wilson, Jeff Flake, Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, and many more ignore the responsibilities of their jobs while concentrating on getting Donald Trump removed from office or trying their best to make sure his policies do not get implemented.

This opposition should show us all that we did indeed have a Dictatorship in power before Donald Trump became president.

This opposition currently, is the result of their disbelief in losing the White House even though their chosen successor Hillary Clinton and Barack H Obama thought they had the election fixed via the DHS and the DNC meddling with ballots in virtually every large city in the country. The proponents of the Dictatorship will do everything they can to make sure it is returned to power.

We, the people of the United States, can no longer afford to sit idly by while these traitors in office try to destroy our country and must demand every single one of them be relieved of their position.

We also have to make it clear that we will not tolerate individual states like California for example that have gone out of their way to thwart anything resembling the United States of America, especially federal laws, without paying the consequences.

Recently, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra threatened to prosecute any employer in the state that helps federal immigration authorities. This is like most laws implemented in California in that since they are in direct violation of federal laws, they themselves are illegal and cannot be legally enforced.

The threat to prosecute all employers who tip off or cooperate with the feds on rounding up illegals is a treasonous act against the US and should be treated as a traitorous renegade act by Fascist Insurgents who hold office in these states.

It really doesn’t matter what Trump does, the NWO neo-Nazi Globalists are not going to like him any more than they currently do. In this case, he needs to have an armed invasion by the US military on state Capitols of renegade states such as Sacramento and forcibly remove individuals currently in power on the grounds of being enemies of the USA and conspirators against their country. This, or force them to secede from the Union.

In reality, we have a Civil War going on now, it is just that the violent combat of it has not started yet, but it assuredly will soon if our current situation with government officials does not change.

These same traitorous dogs in office also oppose the Electoral College in electing presidents and are trying to eliminate it so the entire country will always have a president in office that just 2 states, California and New York, out of the entire Union put there. This is why we have the Electoral College in the first place, to protect the country from being subject to having a few states always determine the presidency for the majority of states in the Union.

Time to clean house in Washington and of renegade states who want a NWO neo-Nazi Dictatorship in power that does not represent the people of the USA, but rules over them. This also means getting people who are part of the Dictatorship like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, and a slew of others prosecuted for treason and high crimes against their country.



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  • Man

    so… when the government shut down back when obama was president…. were the republicans traitorous then

    you also forgot that republicans said no to the bill as well

  • Rockledge

    Agreed 100%.

    Sadly, the herd is far too easily influenced by the likes of AM talk radio right wing fascists and hedonist left wing NPR to actually be thinking human beings.

    We live in a society where people want their intrinsic natures, their religion, and their political opinions dictated to them by nutcases.

    I’ve been saying for years, EVERY election, vote ALL incumbents out.
    Our biggest welfare problem isn’t in the ghetto, it is in congress and the whorehouse. We’ve got a lot of people on the government dole by having highly overpaid positions in which their only function is to play ball with the good ol’ boys so as to keep that campaign money rolling in.

    ANY time you have a job for 15 years or more, your passion for it goes away.
    I don’t care what it is.
    Politicians should be running for office because they have a passion to serve the public. Their passion shouldn’t be about creating themselves a social, political, and as a result financial featherbed.

    Vote them all out. Every time.

    And start voting for alternative parties. Vote against both republicans and democrats every time you have such a choice.

    • The Troubles

      :arrow: :idea: Behold. The U.S. Goobermint has been captured from inside. Trump has his hands full. He is surronded by a Den of Vipers. The problem we have here are in FACT these ENTRENCHED Political Hacks
      (aka Congress and Senate), EVIL RULES NOW. :evil:

      :idea: The majority have been compromised by either Sex, Drugs, Bribery, and or various forms of Racketeering. :eek:

      :arrow: United States Goobermint is Dysfunctional. Period. :mad:

      :arrow: WE have been watching this unfold for over 10 years now. Enough is ENOUGH. :eek:

      :idea: The SOLUTION. Vote everyone of them out. ALL of Them. NO EXCUSES. :mad:

      :idea: :arrow: All INCUMBENT politicians must be FIRED. :mad:

      :?: :?: If you are not PISSED OFF by now, you are asleep and part of the PROBLEM. :?: :?: :cry:

      • Rockledge

        Exactly right. IF President Trump is indeed who he says and is about what he says he is, then I suspect congress is treating him just like they did President Carter.
        President Carter could have been our greatest president.
        Most people probably forget that it was Jimmy Carter that warned us of the potential for a 9/11 type assault long before anyone even cared about terrorism. Back then we thought we were immune, and that terrorism was what Yassar Arafat did to Israel, halfway across the world , certainly NOT something we would allow or tolerate.
        He tried to get us out from under big oil so we were no longer enriching countries that want us destroyed. ronnie reagan undid everything President Carter put into place, and congress spent the entire time Mr Carter was President fighting him tooth and nail.

        Because even though he was a “good ole boy” he wasn’t part of their good ole boy network.
        His own party worked against him just like the sitting republicans in congress now are doing to President Trump.
        And I predicted this would happen.

        The only difference is, President Carter was a bit milquetoast as opposed to Trump, who is a downright prick and too brash and bold to let other politicians walk all over him.
        He is also has the advantage of being in office at a time when the people of this country are finally wise to the fact the government rules OVER them, not FOR them.
        During the Carter administration, people were still quite naive’ and only just beginning to realize the Vietnam war was not in our best interest, which, anyone old enough to remember will tell you that when Nixon folded to N Vietnam and we bailed, that was the exact turning point in the voting public view of our politicians.

        Again, I think President Trump might well be in the same exact situation with republicans in congress that President Carter was in with the democrats in congress.

        If you notice, it is always JUST enough votes against Trump to shoot down what he appears to be trying to do. Just enough republicans defect to the other side to vote him down.
        That is no coincidence. No doubt in my mind the republican party finds the weakest sitting member to toss under the bus in order to vote down Trump.
        Think about it, when that low life scum McCain voted against Trump, he was the one vote that it took to cause the bill not to pass.
        McCains policial career is obviously over, so in voting no he risked nothing.

        I am betting if you look closely you will see that every time a republican votes against Trump and is the one vote it takes to sway the decision, it is always someone who is already a weak contender for the next election cycle.
        President Trump is either the only true patriot in Washington or he is one hell of an actor.

  • Mr T


  • dufus

    wow ,what a great article that tells it like it is. it is a pathetic bunch in the offices. Good read,somebody who can see just what is going on in this country.

  • Ellen John

    Washington, DC does not belong to America. It is one of three Illuminati safehavens. US law does not apply to Washington, D.C. It is time to shift the capital to another state.

    • Rockledge

      What is really confounding is that we don’t even know if the “Illuminati” is real.
      For all we know it is all one huge smoke screen so we can never discover what is really going on.
      The Illuminati could well be just one huge lingering perpetual false flag.

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