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Missiles, not airplanes hit the Towers on 9/11

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 11:57
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YouTube has problem with this video, I hear. They do not allow it on their servers! [UPDATE 16.12.2010: After many have complained, they do now. Oops, they removed it again, so go here instead. No, it is not pornography of any type… It is the most staggering piece of evidence yet that the 9/11 was just a (CGI-computer animated graphics) fairytale. What really hit the Towers were air-to-land missiles, the image and trajectory trace of which were digitally re-mastered to look like airliners in the footage broadcast by five national news corporations simultaneously (with an obvious 17-seconds delay). The broadcast was actually controlled from a single (command) center, while military communication was intercepted by early news reports on that morning… No digital equipment was operational on that morning in the Manhattan area (military electronic spoofing) so no amateur digital images exist, while NYPD officers spent that whole day confiscating rolls of film that people turned in to local photographer stores for developing, under the excuse of “protecting memories of families of the victims”. Yeah, right: too carrying a police force, a little too soon…
Proof that 9/11 was a missile op: in a hurry to release CGI version of missiles with attached long “wings” so to mimic a passenger jet, the operator didn’t have enough time to finish painting wing-extensions in all the frames so one “airplane wing” vanishes before the hit, and only the short (missile’s) wing for flight-correction remains visible. Note the blue skies in the background, meaning no real wing has “vanished” behind the dense black-and-gray smoke curtain either… Wait for the GIF to load, or watch it here or here.  Or, watch it in the original video (at 0:53 minutes).
Literally all of the so-called amateur video-footage of the “planes” smashing (cartoon-like slicing) into the buildings was “taped” by actual professionals in CGI — the list of names and their professions is staggering! No eyewitness has ever reported of an airplane, while instead many (suppressed in media reports) did report of missiles, including a news veteran with war experience from Iraq and Afghanistan. The only dozen-or-so “eyewitnesses” who claimed they saw airplanes hitting the buildings were (wow!) top executives of those five national news corporations! That list of names and professions is as staggering… But if you thought this was not enough to prove the mother of all conspiracies: people from the allegedly hijacked airplanes never meant to take those flights (at least one of which never existed as a regular flight), nor has anyone showed up at the destination (LA) airport that day to expectedly ask about their love ones — no relatives, no friends, no one… Indeed, as we now know with certainty, a missile struck the Pentagon on that day, so the whole operation including NY and PA logically was accomplished in the same manner — using missiles… Then in order to bring the Towers down (missiles won’t do it, obviously), it seems they used a military-grade Tesla mechanical oscillator, combined with highly destructive explosives. What a documentary! No wonder it’s heavily censored.

HM The King:.


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  • yankee451

    Missiles dunnit. The evidence is strong that the damage to the towers were caused by multiple missiles striking at glancing trajectories taking out several columns each. On the left sides of the gashes you’ll find the columns are bent towards the fuselage hole, however on the right sides the columns are cleanly cut. This is because dense metal penetrating warheads require gravity to assist for maximum penetration. On the left the missiles struck in an upwards trajectory, but on the right they struck on a downwards trajectory, hence bent columns on the left but sheared columns on the right.

    The likely used missiles at the pentagon too, and definitely used them in Shanksville. Please watch this video “How the Shanksville Crater Was Made”

    Missiles dunnit.

    Steve De’ak

    • kengg

      extraordinary stuff.

      yep you’re right.

      missiles 100%.

    • kengg

      amazing, thanx!

      i just sent this to my congressperson

    • BKP

      Yes. They simplistically CGI-painted extensions over the missile’s flight-correction wings so to make it look like a passenger jet. They missed a few last frames though…

      As Romans are once again trying to set up a World War (they never get tired, since Elizabeth I kicked their butt, so we since had Habsburgs, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin…), secrets do lose on importance:

      Romans are without any doubt the most evil lot that has ever walked the face of the earth. How much longer will they be able to hide behind a religion?

  • crabby

    a-bha-bha-bha-deep,, that’s all folks..!!

  • iamamerican

    I’m having a hard time believing this story. There are plenty of videos that people on the ground took that clearly show the 2nd plane crashing into the world trade center.

  • BKP

    Look at how shills immediately pop up out of nowhere to “comment”. No one in their right mind or other than a shill would even bother try discrediting obvious and on-camera proofs.

    You just added a ton of credibility to the video. :mrgreen:

    • BassBoy

      I will be watching this video over the weekend and if there is no obvious, on-camera proof, you have no credibility and you should apologise to iamamerican for calling him a shill.

    • BassBoy

      Clutching at straws springs to mind. You owe someone an apology…..

    • AxisOfEvil

      Hello Dvor.

      Talking about terrorism while yourself being part of such an Organization?

      Can you tell us about Bosanska Kraljevska Porodica? Care to share your role in the Bosnian Royal Family?

      • BKP

        Can we have some of that you’re on?

  • kengg

    amazing, thanx!

    i just sent this to my congressperson


    • BKP

      Great. Thanks for the support.

      We now added the animated GIF image, as well as the link to an original video showing one of the “wings” disappearing right BEFORE the hit.

      The event was obviously animated in on-the-fly post-production to make a missile appear as a passenger jet in released footage.

      They missed to paint a few final frames though.

      • yankee451

        Cruise missiles are not as big as a 767. Only multiple warheads could have caused the gash.

        The disappearing wing you refer to was no more real than the rest of the jet.

  • bgosper

    Umm, if it were missiles, what happened to all the people that were on these planes, including one from our family??? I suppose they were all in on it and our now laughing it up on some beach in the middle of the PAcific, right?? What about the countless eye witnesses on the ground who saw the planes??? All liars I guess??
    Don’t get me wrong, I have NO love or respect for this government now or then and I certainly think they were complicit in this, but these were planes.

  • kengg

    EXACT PROOF JESUITS KILL U.S. PRESIDENTS & Many Famous Leaders and Women the Church/Jesuits Deem “Witches” (princess Diana, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Rosa Luxemburg, Whitney Houston… while tormenting others like Yulia Tymoshenko…) HOW THIS NEW PRAETORIAN GUARD STAGES TERROR ATTACKS, WARS, GENOCIDES, QUAKES…

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