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Economic Collapse and WWIII by 2018?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 5:19
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“Europe’s Unsustainable Welfare State”

The NWO Elite are forcing Europe’s “national leaders” [traitors] to destroy their nations from within, largely through a huge influx of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa who tend not to assimilate but to end up on Socialism’s ever-expanding welfare state…

I say ever-expanding, but like a cancerous tumor, only before it dies by killing the host. Insane European welfare, once limited to their own populations but now offered to the world, will soon kill off many European nations with total economic collapse. Expect it by 2018.

When it inevitably, INTENTIONALLY happens – the Third World War between Islam and Christianity which is rumored to have been planned back in the 19th century (read Albert Pike) and predicted in prophecies as far back as the 16th century (read Nostradamus) or even the first century (read the Book of Revelation) will bring huge profits to those who are moving their chess pieces into position now.

from the original article at the Mises Institute, which I found HERE at “On Europe’s Unsustainable Welfare State” Authored by Danielle Lacalle via The Mises Institute:

“Angela Merkel used to say that “the European Union is about 5% of the world’s population, about 25% of its GDP, and about 50% of global welfare spending.” The real data is more concerning. The European Union is: 7.2% of the World Population. 23.8% of the World’s GDP. 58% of the World’s Welfare Spending. Something has to give. The EU average tax burden on workers is 44.9%. The average worker in the EU spends half a year working for the tax man. Taxation accounts for 41% of the euro area GDP. Ease of doing business remains below the leading economies of the world. Bureaucracy is asphyxiating. The EU approves on average 80 directives, 1,200 regulations and 700 decisions per year.”

Germans tend to be thought of as hard-workers who plan for the future. They generally aren’t known for short-sightedness or stupidity. When even Bill Gates points out the unsustainable nature of open door welfare for the world’s refugees, it’s pretty obvious that Europe’s party is a bad idea coming to a tragic end soon. I tell you there must be a group of powerful people coercing Europe’s politicians to simultaneously adopt self-destructive policies for a reason; and European populations will pay the ultimate price for their party soon.

Douglas Murray States the obvious in his recent book: The Strange Death of Europe

from the UK’s Daily Mail article HERE

“A few years ago, I was at a lunch in London, sitting next to the former editor of a national newspaper and the editor of one of Britain’s best-known magazines, both of them highly educated and liberal-minded people. The subject turned to immigration. ‘It’s gone much too far,’ one said. ‘You’re quite right,’ said the other, ‘but of course you can’t say so.’ The journalist Douglas Murray has no such qualms. Best known for his acerbic columns in the Spectator magazine and his prize-winning book on the Bloody Sunday inquiry, he has just hurled a literary hand grenade into the debate about immigration and identity in today’s Europe.

Indeed, the opening lines of his new book, The Strange Death Of Europe, could hardly be more incendiary. ‘Europe is committing suicide,’ Murray writes. ‘Or at least its leaders have decided to commit suicide… As a result, by the end of the lifespans of most people currently alive, Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home.’”

I say it will not take until the end of the natural lifespan of those of us alive to read this. WWIII will be fought in Europe, against invading Islamic armies attempting to conquer the ashes of a continent that ignored its own values and economically destroyed itself. The religion of Europe, Islam or Christianity, will be decided through total war in less than a decade – WWIII will be over, and FWIW, Nostradamus clearly describes what will happen…





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  • Man

    You do know that Europe isn’t a country and every country has its own Budget and economic system?

    • Sean

      Stop he is trying to Muslim bash with a misquote – the Third World War between Islam and Christianity

      Its the State of Israel which I call Sodom and everyone else should also. against those hired Mercenaries dressed in Arab clothing

      Lets forget that all these Arab countries are leveled with 5 or 6 TRILLION federal reserve notes and out of 100′s of millions that were in these Arab countries their seems to be not many left alive.

      David Montaigne their was a writer named the same 100′s of years ago, who wrote some books, odd isn’t it, both of you named David Montaigne.

  • Anonymous

    Where on earth have you been? It has not been BIN! (How about that quirky rhyme?) BIN has been clear on this. The economic collapses are daily occurrences, and WWIII is raging all around us. Prove it to yourself. Just go out for some extra Gummy Worms for your bugout bag, and Bigfeets are jamming-up the checkouts at the Piggly Wiggly, if you even make it there for the Illuminati and sundry 18th century Bavarian fraternities, as well as FEMA, snatching what few survivors are left on the streets!

    It’s all around you, and more frightening than an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which may not seem possible to you, but you need to wakeup! If you already have sufficient Gummy Worms of the apocalypse, hermetically sealed in a Dave Hodges container, with some freeze dried cheeseburgers of doom, don’t you click on the monetized YouTube videos that always prove everything in the headlines? Just be thankful you have somewhere to come, to escape fake news of the MSM everybody complains about.

    By the way, everything is a false flag. A true flag is merely a false false flag. Get with it, Montague!

  • tatsmaki

    Collapse of the US occurs not in 2018, but in July, 2017, soon.
    In the US Yellowstone supervolcano and 4 large volcanoes erupt soon
    It becomes the End of USA Empire
    7/17/2017 T. Tatsmaki (Japan)
    According to a notice from the Creators,
    American dollar collapses soon.
    Moreover, Yellowstone Super-volcano of 3 States scale in the USA West, Mt. Rainier (4392m), Mt. Baker (3276m) near to Seattle city, Glacier Peak (3213m) and Mt. St. Helens (2550m) will cause massive eruptions in July, 2017 right soon.
    Volcanic ash deposits all over the US with a height more than 7 m.
    Thereby, the US suffer massive breaking disaster. The US being the fort of the worldwide evil and corrupt plutocratic slave domination of Earthians meet the unprecedented doomsday.
    The Creators have given everything gratuitously for the Earth too. And the Earth must transit to the new society of everything gratuitous services in all areas of social life of Earthians.
    But, the Earth is hostile against the Creators with expansion and enhancement of the evil and corrupt plutocratic slave domination. Thereby, sanctions are taken against the Earth.
    The Earth and about 20,000 planets of evil and corrupt civilizations will be swept away and disappear from the cosmos.

    • b4

      tatamaki you should seek some help on that very negitively charged soul of yours–unless you are writing from a padded cell and they let you have a puter an hour a day–then i understand…

  • Danny

    The imminent economic collapse has been forecast every day on BIN since 2011 at least. It’s one of the few ‘stories’ here that does eventually come true given time – unlike Nibiru, the end of the world, the collapse of the Church of Rome, etc etc. :grin:

    • Anonymous

      Really. It’s to the point they could just entitle their articles “Ditto”, and everybody would know what they’re talking about. When a serious downturn does come, think of the chorus of these phony baloney prognosticators that will say they predicted the crash, who won’t mention they’ve been predicting this everyday, most of their adult lives. It will be dueling newsletter or YouTube subscriptions, an instant, newborn, self-proclaimed guru in every pot, selling broken clocks. Can’t wait.

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