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Copper Water, Inventor, Political Prisoner: David Roland Hinkson (08795023)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 17:11
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Copper Water, Inventor, Political Prisoner: DAVID ROLAND HINKSON (08795023)

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David Hinkson, 43 year prison sentence, Elven Joe Swisher, Indictment, Transcripts, Hinkson Standard

3/13/2018 9:08:39 AM
.  I think you need to thank that nice person who gave us the large Donation to build the next GALT Motor.  Maybe we should put her on the list to get the first GALT or even a Hinkson Coil installed at the location of her choice.  Anyway will you please tell her that I really appreciate her gift.
   I thought that it was very strange getting that much money especially due to the fact that we at this time have not even asked for a Donation on our Crowd Funding offering.
   I talked to Jeremiah today and we discussed that I think that we should now build the next GALT Motor using a rotor that is twice the size of the first one.  This means that the new Rotor will be 8″ in Diameter and the inside of the Cabinet will be 16.”  It is my understanding at this time that this size of a GALT unit should be able to earn about $50,000 a month at .05.  Note that the Nevada Legislature has made the guaranteed pay rate for A.C. energy going into the Grid .09 per KWH.  So if we install this unit in Vegas we might actually get $100,000 a month.
   So anyway I would appreciate it if you would pass this message on to the nice person who gave us this donation.  I guess we now have an official list of those who are going to get one of these units for free in the near future.  At least one on the list makes a good starting point for this list.
    I think that those who donate any amount of funds to our project should someday and soon gave an opportunity to have their A.C. Power Bill lowered by 50% or more.  But as this contributor gave so much I would authorize her to get a GALT that is big enough to make her Power Bill Free as we now can share in the monthly income that will come from the Power Company.  So this is why maybe we should let her know how much we appreciate her large gift as we owe her a large favor.  I think that giving the world energy for a cheaper price is the mission that I was called by God to do.  So, having enough funds to move forward really makes me feel good.  It also shows that someone else believes in me and my mission.
   Even though getting a large donation is great, I still like the idea of giving many people an opportunity to share in the energy concepts, even if they only donate one dollar.
    So, in all reality it should take my Green Conservancy about 30 days to finish building this GALT.  This is a good size.  In the future I hope we can custom build these units in a size that fits a persons property.  Also note that we have gotten the HinksonTransformer to actually work on the bench.  It has no moving parts and that makes it even cheaper to build than the GALT as there is no machining costs.  If we can get the HinksonTransformer working on a larger scale in the next couple of weeks, we will be able to install one of these units to thousands of customers, and of course we are going to go down the Donor list to keep the priority in order; and even if someone gave only a dollar, we hope to get them one of these units for free to lower there monthly A.C. by 50%.
    So here is the plan.  We ask for a small donation from many and keep the list in order.  We then could have a regular Transformer Company manufacture these unit for about $200 each.  Then we would install a few hundred of them at a time, while at the same time borrowing just a little bit of money, so that we can make thousands of them at a time.  We could also keep in touch with all those who donated, so that they will know where on the list they are.  Then, when each customer pays us their new lower power bill each month, and as we have no overhead, we should be able to make the whole project pay for itself very fast, as we feed the Grid and Protect the Grid and help many people.  When all of the smoke clears up we will be in a position to really take over the Global Warming Movement for Christ, as we take it away from the Progressives.  But, make sure you realize that a lot of Republicans on Capital hill are just as evil as these Dems, it is just that in my opinion the Dems are much worst.  To me personally it really does matter who is right, as I personally know that the Global Warming Science that is now being taught is a provable fraud.  But on the other hand who cares, if it is our movement, and we are helping people have a better life.
   Also, if someone wants to put up a total of $1,000 we could go ahead and have a machine shop start building my STIWAD that would life a car into the sky, like in the movie the “Fifth Element” with Bruce Willis.  I liked his Taxi and I want one just like the one that he was flying in.  Remember we also have the new Electric Jet Engine that someone needs to build under the R and D umbrella.  So I just stay busy here planning to help in the most interesting ways.
UNKNOWN FACTS:  Did you know that as you burn million and millions of barrels of oil a day and millions of tons of Coal a day that you are actually lowering the Oxygen Levels and this increase the instances of Cancer and other diseases? We breath Oxygen.
Did you know that back in 1982, I found a new way to burn coal where it made 90% less pollution? This was installed in a building on main street in Olathe Colorado.  It is the building with the laundry mat and the old Bank in it.  I’m sure that nice women will tell me I have never owned a building on main street in Olathe as she said I never lived on the Western Slope.  
Did you know that water and moisture in the air is a super green house gas that causes Global Warming.  These people really do just make things up.
Did you know that Ozone is twice as heavy as regular air and falls from the sky every day and that Freon is chlorinated propane and it is also heavier than air.  So, both of these gases are heavier than air and we are told by main stream media that they both fall up and that there is a hole in the Ozone.  This is what I mean by Junk Science.  I have manufactured millions of dollars worth of Ozone Machines and I know more about Ozone than any scientist I have ever met or talked to.
Your friend Dave

To VA Hospital in Spokane WA


To the records Department of the Spokane VA Hospital (find out a name and put here).

My name is David Hinkson.  I would like to thank you for any help that you can give in a matter that is of great importance to me.  I am writing you this email, as I would like to tell you just a little bit about why I have sent you this email request.

   The reason that I have sent you this request is that Mr. Elvin Joe Swisher, took the Witness Stand against me and stated under oath that:

1.  I hired him to murder federal official in July of 2002, when in fact, I knew for a fact that he was in a Coma in the VA Hospital in Spokane;

2.  Lost his hearing when a grenade blew up next to him, he was never in combat and never held a grenade;

3.  that he had landed on the beach in Korea and earned a purple heart, he was only 14 years old during the Korean War;

4.  Murdered many for his country, no Marine would ever use the word “Murder” to describe the defense of his country;

5.  that he had to go all the way to Washington D.C. to get this certified Copy of his replacement DD 214, it had only a seal on it from the Idaho County Recorder Office and was therefore never certified by the Marine Corp;

6.  That he had received a replacement DD 214, there is no such thing as a replacement DD 214, as when they re issue they only use a DD 215 as a replacement.

7.  He was put on trial for molesting his two daughters starting at age five; then testified that he had no daughters.

8.  He sued me while I was in the Boise Jail uncharged for two years to steel my business WaterOz.

9.  He was voted to be the commandant for the Veterans Of Foreign War for the Idaho district, note this is why when the Marines found out he was a liar they showed up to protest against him.  They were really angry.

10.  He told the Grand Jury that the VA Hospital in Spokane was very impressed that he could walk 10 steps out of his wheel chair (April of 2002).


1.  Managed to walk to the Witness Stand with out his Wheel Chair, he testified in front of the Grand Jury that he was bound to his wheel chair and could not walk.

2.  Pulled his replacement DD 214 from his Lapel Pocket, that was dated 1954; that had awards listed on it, that Congress had created in 1993.

MY BACKGROUND:  In the past I never had any criminal record not even a parking ticket.  I served Honorable in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War.  I was not in Idaho or even in the U.S. during the times Mr. Swisher said I did all of these crimes and I surely was not in Spokane WA.

   You don’t have to believe me or my words as he actually went on trial in Montana after the fact for these crimes, note in Idaho, as he was protected by Judge Lodge in Boise as he was their rat.  But the VA managed to get him moved to Montana where they did put him on trial.   He therefore, went on trial for Stolen Valor; Theft of Government Property (which included your hospital bill and the monthly check for being a disabled vet in the Korean War.  In total he was accused of stealing over $250,000 in VA Benefits and Stolen Valor.

    Now, I was always entitled to have seen Mr. Elvin Joe Swisher’s medical records before the trial ever started under a concept called the Brady Standard; and also his crimes and records all now have became public knowledge when he went on trial for these real crimes and was found guilty.

    So now under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Request), I asked the VA in Missouri if I could have Mr. Swisher complete medical file as it is really my exculpatory evidence of my innocence.  There response was that they would provide it all to me and they were very positive about helping me.  But, as I’m now in prison I have no way to receive the CD that they have offered me here in prison.  I think I will be able to get it in the next couple of weeks.

    Note, that I knew for a fact that he was in your hospital from June through October in a coma, but I had no evidence to show the Jury.  Now there might be something in your files that are not even in the National VA files that pertains to his health.  Note again his records are no longer protected as he was put on trial publically concerning this fraud and theft.

    Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the admittance and discharge information/record that any person is entitled to see even the local press.  It is not a confidential protected information anyway, when someone is just in the hospital.  So, I would really appreciate having a statement from you concerning his time in your care as I was always was entitled to have been given this under Brady from the beginning.  Then if you would also give me any other more detailed information about his medical condition, as it concerns your institution and his stay there, this would also be greatly appreciated.

    Note that I only met Mr. Swisher one time in the past when he was in the law office of Bret Groom, and at that time I saw that he was in a wheel chair, had a bladder bag hanging on the side and he was wearing diapers.  I was introduced to him as a Doctor (I have a degree in Naturapathe).  I talked briefly with him about his overall health, and at that time he told me that his Blood Pressure was over 180, that he was on kidney dialysis and that he had severe arthritis.  It is my understanding that it was maybe this high blood pressure that caused his comatose condition.

      So, as you can see to be actually guilty of these crimes I would have to have forged my passport, snuck back into the U.S. and then snuck into your hospital to try to hire a guy in a coma to be a hit man.  Even Steven King could not come up with a plot like this.  Really?

     So as you can see he came to this kangaroo trial with full intention of telling a lot of lies against me and he was in fact suing and attempting to extort money from me.  He really is a sociopathic liar.  He is a monster in my opinion.

     So, if you have any further information that I could now use to show that he could not have been a paid assassin it would be very helpful to my wrongful incarceration as I’m totally innocent of any crime.  I’m the real Veteran who served honorably and I could sue this help for the sole purpose of just having enough new evidence to get back into court as I’m now procedurally bared by the court rules.  If I can just show that he was in this hospital for five months during the months of July and part of August it would be the new evidence that I need under the actual innocence standard and I could get some relief.  I again want to thank you for your time and efforts in resolving or helping me with this matter.

    With Respect.

David Hinkson.



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