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Chinese General Threatens “Third World War” To Protect Iran (Video)

Monday, December 10, 2012 13:41
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According to NDTV, a Chinese news station based outside the country, in regard to recent speculation that Iran would be the target of a US-Israeli military assault, Major General Zhang Zhaozhong commented that, “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war,” remarks described as “puzzling to some”.
I agree with China, at some point, you have to protect your interests.  While China and Russia are by no means moral, in regards to fighting the west, they actually look better. Look what is happening to the west right now.  Economic collapse, poverty, depression, war, scandals, unfathomabletheft, its insane.  Meanwhile the East rises..  Watch out folks. -Mort

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  • Chris Jacob

    I’m from the EAST, nobody is rising here…its just media propaganda….The same cabal control the east that controls the west. Come to think of it, its not that hard to control a war mongering species anyway

    • Anonymous

      You mean the cabal which have made the Opium War on China???
      Do you think that the Chinese have forgotten it? It’s still taught in school in China

  • James Smith

    Good thing they got allot of people because they will need at least 6 people on each piece of equipment to keep that severe junk they build call electronics working properly. I’m about as scare as I would be stepping on an ant hill. Just one thermonuclear war head would annihilate there entire communist stinking country. I’m not sure why I’m repulsed by China, I just don’t like communist punks but then again I don’t like thieving American communist usurper infiltrators either.

  • Geneww1938

    This war may appear to be political but it is really a war of satanic evil versus Godly righteousness.
    This battle will continue and worsen until Israel is attacked and the invaders appear to be winning. Then with the born-again believers gone, God’s wrath will be unleashed and the invaders will be smashed beyond belief.
    Life is too short and eternity to long to be wrong about the Bible, God or Salvation.

  • Fellowship of the Minds

    First of all, YouTube has disabled the video.

    Second, the source of this article is InfoWars, but the site will not allow comments, having closed the comment function.

    Third, the source that the InfoWars article claims — NDTV — is NOT a Chinese news station. NDTV or New Delhi Television is Indian.

    Given the above 1, 2, and 3 points, I find this article COMPLETELY unbelievable.

    • Rob Daven

      As soon as I seen Jones promoting it I stopped listening… can’t believe a hyped word out of the fat bastard’s mouth.

    • Sleepers Awake

      The Chinese general who said these things did so (out of pride) many years ago.

      BTW, I browse your site, good articles, although the readers making comments are lost in the democrat/republican paradigm.

  • Timothy N.

    This is a TVbroadcast from New Tang Dynasty TV based in New York. Therefore, it does not represent the Chinese Communist Part of China. Sometime you edit and add here and there providing misleading information to viewers. Like Russia, the Chinese Communist Party is merely opposing. They would never say “let’s go to war”. Western countries are the ones would cause Iran to go to war. Western countries should have destroyed Iran’s nuclear reactor long ago, not wait until now.

  • Gorja

    I’ve got a feeling America would come seriously unstuck fighting Russia and china. But they’ll start losing and then launch nukes because that’s they’re mentality. Then china and Russia launch them and everyone loses. Pathetic really. All this for money and power. Grow up.

  • stormalong

    want to stop the wars make the politicians lead the charge

  • Anonymous

    The saying of:” Better dead than red” has taken on a new meaning.
    I am on the side of Iran,China and Russia, rather than that of the Zionists run U.S.A. who had tried to economically destroy Germany in the late 30′s and by being unchecked and protected by their own hate Laws,implemented by almost every Country that they now control.
    America is now in the same predicament as Germany in the late 30′s.History does repeat itself. As long as you have a Nation that has only one goal,being that of world domination as laid out in their Bible the :evil: T A L M U D :evil: the rest of us will never have any Peace.
    The Talmud preaches hate and murder,the Bible preaches to love your fellow man.
    The choice is yours!
    Don’t believe me? Check out the provided or simply Google it.
    This is condoned hate Literature,and it affects you and me.

  • harleyborgais

    The U.S. Produces 15 Trillion a year. We pay about 1 Trillion in taxes, plus another 1.1 Trillion in illegal taxes on Labor.
    We spent about 3.6 Trillion in 2011, and 1.8 was for Various forms of Welfare (including Soc. Sec.).

    China (#2) makes about 5.7 Trillion per year. They have a LONG way to go before matching us.

    Over 50% of all the money Americans earn and spend is taken away in many fees, fines, penalties, taxes, insurance, etc., but they all fit the category of “Taxes” technically.

    Over 50% of the money we spend goes just to ‘middle men’ as I learned in college marketing class.

    The Federal Reserve (criminal, private, foreign owned) prints money and reduces the value of the dollar. This is the ONE cause of inflation, and our economic crisis.

    They give this money to their selves. Like the bailouts and stimulus, etc., they print it, give it to their own member banks, then spend some of it to buy treasury bonds, which pays for bigger govt. (which is another major problem with our economy)…All while reducing the value of the ‘dollars’ we have.

    There is A LOT more to this story, and I can fill you in with facts to prove and explain it all:
    harleyborgais at gmail dat com

    • Anonymous

      90% of most Items in Walmart are of Chinese Origin and there atre hundreds of them in the U.S. and Canada. American Cars are now Build in China, on Ebay most everything comes from China with free shipping,Look at Detroit and compare that to almost any City of same Size in China.
      Technology from Aircraft to Space has developed at a much faster pace in china in the last 5Years while the U.S. Economy shrunk.
      sure they do not have Hollywood and the Zionist Tycoons Hope they will never set foot onto their Soil,or they will go the way America is going,straight to hell.
      I could go on …but By the way I am not Chinese,but I admire their ways and hard labor discipline and morals which is no different than the Japanese Economy of the 50′s. Yes I am that old to remember…………..

    • Pateriot

      The Chinese may have a much lower GDP (for now) but this money buys 5-6 times the goods (including military) there then it does here.

  • Etsi Kona

    Just made the comment 2 days ago, that in the next 4 yrs, get prepared for a “World War” to be delared. Why? Because that is the only mean that keeps Obama from having to leave office after his second term. And he can remain in office untill the war is declared ended, even if it takes 50yrs. :mad: :mad:

  • Non-Prophet

    Looking at other comments, a lot of readers seem to think China is weak compared to the USA.
    One pointed out China’s GDP is way lower than the USA.
    But western GDP is inflated with financial products that aren’t “marked to market” (the value is fictitious) and if you stop comparing in dollars and use more meaningful man-hours, China is way, way ahead in what they produce.
    If and when war comes, China is already stronger than the USA, and it has tens of millions of extra young males to sacrifice on battlefields if necessary. The one child policy led to female infanticide and approximately 50 million “extra” boys that can’t all find wives and are a social problem due to the imbalance. They are likely to be used for a purpose. And the Middle Eastern nations who hate American domination will be happy to help re-balance the world.
    Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi pointed out (back in the 90s) that Islam and China were natural allies against the West.
    The USA (unless the war were in the middle of North America) can’t even politically accept ten body bags a day from troops being killed without a widespread uproar. China alone can handle 20 million casualties, certainly 10,000 per day. Heck if their strategy were to just surrender 10,000 men to us every hour we’d be overwhelmed, and they could do it for a long time.
    Sadly, the USA has already crumbled internally from e1ite parasites at the top, and if we don’t get overwhelmed by something worse this decade, China is on a path to take whatever it wants, certainly at least in Asia.
    Personally I think a huge war will come within a few years, as many astronomical descriptions in the Bible depict the skies of December 2019. I expect Judgment Day then; if what I wrote about China seems sensible please don’t discount my astrotheological interpretation – check
    End Times and 2019

  • Awakenow2

    Patriotism is a tool used to provoke emotion in patriots. It’s obvious the elite are using it, all of the traitorous things Obama and his admistration continue to do are going to provoke anger in American patriots and cause protests, I bellieve the government will plant moles in the protests to incite violence and make patriots look dangerous. Then comes marshall law, order out of chaos once again. Watch out they are trying to play us. I say wait til you see the whites of their eyes then stand your ground.

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