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Japanese Government Pays 60 Trillion Yen to Stop More H.A.A.R.P. Attacks

Thursday, May 26, 2011 20:06
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The cowardly Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan handed 60 trillion yen over to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate immediately after his country was attacked with HAARP and nuclear terror, according to Japanese security police sources. The extortion money was paid off following threats to use HAARP to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt. For those of you still too brainwashed to believe such a thing is possible, please take a look at the following transcript available on the US Defense Department’s home page:

It quotes then Secretary of Defense William Cohen as publicly stating in 1997 that:

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

The chief suspects in the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear terror attacks against Japan are US Senator J. Rockefeller and the Bush faction of the US corporate and criminal government.

Rockefeller is a power broker behind GE, the company that manufactured the flawed reactors now spewing radiation in Fukushima. In addition, US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, acting as an envoy for Rockefeller, met with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa on March 9th, two days before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster hit Japan. During that meeting Campbell promised that if Ozawa cancelled his plans to split the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, Japanese public prosecutors would stop persecuting him, according to Japanese imperial family and Democratic Party sources. Ozawa was also promised control of zeolite deposits in Fukushima Prefecture, the sources said. Zeolite is used to clean up radioactive waste. It is also worth noting that Senator Rockefeller once wrote an introduction to a book by Ozawa.

In another sign this was a deliberate attack, experts at the University of Tokyo and well as in Italy detected HAARP signals focused on Fukushima in the hours before the earthquake and tsunami struck. The same signals have since been detected focused on Mt. Fuji where the ground water is heating up. In addition, over 5 different people have contacted this writer since the earthquake to warn that “Japan was about to sink into the ocean.”

To counteract this threat, the White Dragon Society has provided GPS coordinates for all worldwide HAARP facilities to the appropriate parties. We have also been contacted by agents located within US underground bases who told us the US Seal Beach underground base (with a HAARP facility in it) had seven levels with one entrance located 14,000 feet underground and another located 26,080 feet underground. There were also entrances to underground bases in Brekon Beacon in Wales, Brussels in Belgium and Berkshire, England.

Despite the cowardly reaction of the Japanese government, the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and their corporate subsidiary known as Washington D.C. are still headed for bankruptcy. This is a fact of nature that cannot be changed with threats and violence, no matter how extreme.

Fortunately, US President Obama and four top Generals have promised to take action against the Satanist Khazarians operating inside the US in exchange for a write off of all US external debt. The debt will, of course, be written off, but only in exchange for a promise of a swords-to-plowshares transition by the military industrial complex.

In a separate development, we published a warning last week from a self-described MI6, FSB and Serbian triple agent using the code name Alexander that the Camp Bondsteel US military base in Kosovo would be hit by a suitcase nuclear bomb at 4:44 PM on April 4th. We waited to see if this would happen before writing this report and it did not.

As a result, we feel a need to explain why we took Alexander’s warning seriously. “Alexander” first contacted this writer several years ago after being introduced by a Canadian agent called Steve M. He told me he had 70 kilograms of Thai Stick, that is to say marijuana dipped in opium and said that he would kill me if I did not introduce him to the yakuza. I introduced him to a Japanese right-winger who then took him to see some Yakuza gangsters. The yakuza told him it was a trap and that the “Thai stick” was tainted with dangerous narcotic chemicals.

In fact, Alexander became increasingly delusional and megalomanic (calling himself the Anti-Christ etc.) after partaking of his own product. Alexander himself is a nice person who means well but he was sent here by some very nasty people connected to George Bush senior et al.

This trap was part of what appears to be a deliberate campaign to discredit this writer. A Japanese public security agent also, around the same period, attempted to get this writer to drink orange juice that had been spiked with amphetamines. There were other such incidents as well that I will not get into.

These attempts to destroy this writers’ mind with drugs were accompanied by a massive smear campaign. Democratic Party of Japan politicians, Japanese publishers and many other influential people have been approached multiple times by people saying “Benjamin Fulford has gone insane.”

Unfortunately for them, my sanity is still here with me (I can see it floating right above my head J).

There is nothing insane about saying that 90% of humanity’s savings should not be spent on a massive military machine engaged in perpetual warfare. It is the current rulers of the West who are acting insanely by invading harmless countries, killing innocent people and stealing their resources.

All the White Dragon society and its allies are saying is that we want the owners of the Federal Reserve Board to appear before a truth and reconciliation committee in exchange for forgiveness and that control of the global financial system be returned to the people of the planet. We have the ability to end poverty and stop environmental destruction within a matter of months.


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  • Dctr.Cool

    This is kind of like asking the fox to give up the hen house. It’s just not going to happen. To act in the best interest of other people requires empathy, a quality they don’t even comprehend.

  • BurnCycle

    its always about lunch money

  • Anonymous

    If they ask for forgiveness, they go free? Are you crazy! Aren’t these reptilians with a cold-blooded sense of conscience? They would be right back at it from another angle. This wasn’t done to just Japan, it was done to the whole northern hemisphere. A LOT of people are going to die! Let the scumbags go, instead of flaying them? I don’t think so.
    Peace out!

  • Anonymous

    I doubt that these people would be able to do much if they actually admit to what they have been doing. By forcing them to publicly confess, their primary asset, secrecy, is stripped from them. I’m sure they would be much more humble when the masses know who they are, what they have done, where they live…

  • RainMan

    the lunch money

  • Anonymous

    i just don’t believe in this so-called White Dragon Society. These “Khazarians” don’t care, if they think their ship is sinking they will take the world down with them, and the world knows it! They have been playing that trump card since the 50′s.

    I find it mildly amusing that this thinks Obamanation is one of the good guys and the Bushs are secretly in control of everything? OK, I’m no fan of the Bushs but I am just not buying the Obamanation savior thing!

  • Anonymous

    President Obama appointed General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt to be his “jobs czar,” and Sen. Jay Rockefeller has thrown his support behind Obama. Rockefeller is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
    And you’re still blaming Bush for everything? Funny.

  • Anonymous

    These Satanists Khazarian’s have embedded themselves into so many governments and webbed themselves out into just about every local city government and into the police force across every country. That is a lot of followers of this demonic cult, who will do the bidding of those so-called elite without question. They have taken on the spirit of demons within themselves and that is what we will be facing if we are to combat them in any way. For those many people out there that deny that there is a Devil, then he already has you where he wants you. And that is doing nothing against him. This man/creature has an agenda, and that is to sit on the throne of the new temple that will be built in Israel. When you compare those things going on in the world today, you can trace them back to this cult that wants to put this man/creature on that throne. Why always is there this talk about the Jews and Israel and getting Middle East peace, but we only see the Jews start a new conflict and then to blame it on the Arabs. It’s all a set up to bring that man/creature onto the world scene and that this devil/man will cause the world to come into peace. But, the scriptures further say that when everyone is shouting, ‘Peace, Peace’, then there will come sudden destruction. Why, because those people in the world that knows that this is the devil will raise and attempt to destroy this Devil. All of these evil creatures in public offices are working for that Satanist Khazarian’s cult. Look here to see many others that openly show themselves to be part of that cult. What you see may shock you. When I looked, there where some people that I wish were not a part of that cult. But, there they were, showing themselves to be part of it, and for sure it was for the lunch money. Millions of dollars in lunch money. They sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver. –

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I just took a look at that site mentioned above and like Anonymous said, I too was shocked to see some of the people that are a part of this cult. I have noticed that in movies some of the actors make that sign. It is quick, but I have seen it done by a lot of actors not pictured in that site. I rent a lot of movies and also have been looking for the, ‘all seeing eye’, which does come up in almost every movies. I have seen the chemtrails in the background of movies and the oldest one I have seen these chemtrail is in, ‘Blast From The Past’. What do they hope to gain by causing the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Did they cause the one in 2004. As word came out about that, it shocked me for months afterward. You could feel the entire world feeling the shock of what happened. How do we get to these places to destroy those machines? If we don’t stop them there is going to be another big disaster happen somewhere. I wish I had someone here with me just to share this with and to have someone that could meet this cult headon with me. My two dogs just would head the other direction.

  • Anonymous

    Where in the DoD transcripts linke dabove does it mention weather manipulation/terrorism?

  • Anonymous

    this is a bunch of BULLSHIT

  • Tent of Repentance

    Not sure if any of you got my comment on whats been exposed on a particuar map regarding these haarp, but if you google haarp sites world wide, you will see, in Australia two are located in WA, the territory is very large here, let me progress.
    The continents that are not lined up in these sites will not be targeted. Thats because they are in relationship with the Iluminati as soon as they politically rally against the Illuminati, they are well within their own power, to move their satelite systems to their co-ordinants location to reconsider, comply or suffer. A visiting Prophet Dr Owuor prophesied Aug 2010,that Australia will receive an earthquake, view Well very shortly, Perth Australia with Gillard, is hosting the next CHOGM, all Commonwealth Heads of Government will be here in Oct 28th to 30th Oct with Her Majesty the Queen. Is it possible to conceive, that the Iluminati among CHOGM will try to initiate with the Host PM Julia Gillard to reconsider what the Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland denied and stomped on, to have the request for the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils & try to have their ‘sharia law of multiculturalism policy fostered into our Australian laws, overturned. If the majority of Heads at CHOGM do not rule in favour then could this prophecy come alive, please remember it is not by God’s hand that any of you or us perish, but by the use of man sowing wickedness & making unholy alliances
    Check on URGENT prominent prophecies Cakes & Nations, with Big Cry Baby apologys, this site is still in the making, but is legible & readable, we are still learning how to drive & develop our site.
    We Australians who are with all of you globally where these machines are, whether you are in Christ or not have access to be with us with Him. Read Zecharaia:8-23 If you have further comments, please feel free to email: Lets watch the media and what they will report before leading up to October 2011 More importantly what will occur after CHOGM. Just another warning! History tells us that man has always copied something for good becomes something for disaster, watch out for Hoax haarp homee made machines,counterfeits are around and are part of getting us all confused if it were so fortunate! arrests will be made guarantee it! to cloak and dagger the real pedler deal, sounds just too much doesnt it! Just a matter of time. God is our sheild and buckler and can be yours too. So far we are in the Cakes & Nations prophecy.

  • turfangel

    News flash all over the world people have decided that money no longer has any value-they will dispense with it, Everyone will continue to work and everything will be given to people for free, so everyone has an equal standard of living. People will have only a three day work week, 4 hours a day-because ‘for profit’ no longer exists. Mothers will stay home and be mothers-everyone gets what they need-for free-everyone has a job and a home-everyone is equal-All the police and the soldiers have agreed with the people for a new system based on community-people caring for each other-soldiers and police- will no longer support the satanists in power. Love for each other on brotherhood, replaces the old system-no more poverty-war or prisons-ever-the priority will be i=unselfishness and the elimination of all suffering on earth. Unfortunately that will never happen on earth-although it is the way beings live in heavenly places. It is a fake news flash-earth is still a hellish place-lorded over by satanists, armed thugs keep them in power and everyone suffers, suffers some more and then they die and go to the real hell.
    Only when people make life heavenly for one another will people be able to live in heaven and not turn it into a hell-as they do on earth

  • Anonymous

    ye could have gotten a 20 something string king dawvids harp much

    Hey but the way of the trangressors is hard isnt it to there foul souls.

    Jermiahyah chapter 30 and chapter 25 and Isiyah speaks about the whirlwinds and also earthquakes by the maker of souls and his angels and his planets moons and stars he made that work along with him and his angels.

    Also rp rephillim nephillim harrps and disinfoist false flaggers psyopper cyclopers liars denier 2+2=2 partially weak and strongies as a marshmellow even to holidays and faker caleneder makers also saturday to sunday roman god aurora to december by deceptions by lies and denies from autumn arent even the rainbows of the maker of souls and this universe and beyond either as written thru and thru truly.

    Harrp isnt the tresure of Yah the one just living most vehmement/volumous infinite either treasures that make the artwork of the snowflakes as written also thru and thru truly.

    ((((((( The Father of souls business is cool and is no lie or deny denying volume pie and estate for souls , read Yahn/John chapter 17 keen on various issures as well including the Father/abba of souls name verse 26. ))))))))

    This clay and iron toe kingdom fake babylon false caging and deathing and lies and denies paradagrams is the exact opposite of a gardem of eden , nothing but concretism and swiss hole brickery tricky jungle prism prison cities even unjust,

    And isnt even the freedom volume and fun of the silk trade routes or superior cities of kingdoms empires before alexander silver with a golden pumpkin on top of satanous luciferious lousyou greedous fleeceous cannon fodderous sorceryous and witchcraftous of sore losers and liars deniers paradagrams.

    do do it do do it Pumpkin family complete with franksteins igors lurchers and munsters and main lame stream media and politics marshmellows as well trying to spellbind they can be clearly seen.

    Again harrp disinfo distractionis dosent even make the rainbows or snowflakes and their artwork or messages either from the tresures of the Father of souls business.

    And dosent stirr this planet to and fro or this universe and its fulleness either as written thru and thru truly.

    banking babel punks chumps wimps sissies, disinfoist, false flaggers, liars deniers, 2+2=2ist and isms and ologys to ye crowns of pride marshmellows and even holidays, in and out ye pie holes.

    Envy thee, ye wish by every star, with marshmellows pumpkin and wax.

    Snorting that holey cheese to brick dust to beanie dome pumpkin wax from ye beanie hats, to domes, and romes arounds to some pounds and fauntleatards lord gad god lard dag its retards brute beastous as even solomon said as even solomon said.

    Sorcery and witchcraft wimps sore losers chumps wimps sissies wannabes etc etc greedens liars denies,2+2=2 say and showist.

    Symbology and symbolics not the volume picture or info in this universe or violence thru hence tyre kingdom of ancient ages ago.

    Matthew chapter 24 speaks about the false messiahs and prophets lying sign and wonder media. Symbolic doom and gloom Symbology savlation aint lo the volume of what is written thru and thru truly of volume salvation and doom and gloom thru this whole universey.



  • Anonymous

    Rockefellor-Bush-haarp Numerically ,Bush has left his signature on the Japan quake.This is how.First you must know that Bush sr and Bush jr birthdates are 7.06(july 6) and 6.12
    (june 12)added together,7.06+6.12= 13.18.Is it coincident that
    the 23ooth day of the Iraq war was on 7.06.09 Bush jr’s 63rd birthday,612 days later(6.12)was the Japan quake.Revelation 13.18,here is wisdom. on 7.06.2009 +612 days,is on 3.11.2011.
    The day of Japan quake,now add back in 706 days to the 3.11.2011
    and this goes to the date feb 13.2013.On that day Bush jr is
    66.6 yrs old,and bush sr is 88.666 yrs old ,1318 days after
    7.06.09.Is it no surprise then,that on the decimal date 2013.18
    (3.6.2013)Bush jr is 66.66 yrs ,exactly.Coincidence?The key
    satanic numbers are 911.666,and 13.18.If you divide the number
    9.11,into 13.18,you get 1.44676180021 Look closely at this
    number as it is close to 1946.7.6(18)=6+6+6,and 0021,mixed is 2001,the year of 9.11 .Bush jr birthdate is 1946.7.6 .There is
    a time code element in the bible ,that further reflects a time frame,matching the mayan code of 12.21.12.Daniel 8.14 =2300 days
    from 3.20.03(Iraq start date)to 7.06.2009.Then rev.11.3=1260 days,from 7.06.2009,to 12.17.2012.Then rev 11.9=3.5 days,from
    12.17.2012,to 12.21.2012,then daniel 12.12=1335 days,from
    7.06.2009,to 3.6.2013.Again the date which bush jr is 66.66 yrs.
    and as a decimal ,3.06.2013= 2013.18 The 4 verses in the bible,
    Dan 8.14,rev 11.3,rev 11.9, and dan 12.12 add up to the number 43.46 .Bush jr was 43rd pres.born in 46′ All just co-incidental,
    or a message,confirming the veracity of the fact ,We are in the end times?

  • Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email:

    THe government already as a Doomsday weapon. It is called the Federal Reserve.

    Google: Day of Rage in D.C.,_2011.html

  • Doorpost
  • Anonymous

    The peeps that blackmailed and threatened Japan are in fact Japanese…or at least some of them are. The global elite–the reptilian bloodlines–are at the top of the ladder in all walks of life, in every culture. The goal is to terrorize the world until the world is in the perfect mold for the reptiles (Totalitarian Tiptoe/Problem-Reaction-Solution, Hegelian dialectics), and that’s what these servants of the dragon are all about. So amongst the global elite there are no sides to be on, no us versus them, only the needs of the dragons to be met. If you doubt this, do the research with an open mind and get back to me in a half-dozen years or so, whenever you’ve begun to crack the truth. Peace…

  • turfangel

    The Japanese can pay all the money-but it won’t stop these monsters-they will just take the money and do more evil to Japan until it sinks into the ocean-better they take the money to someone with the real power to protect them and take these monsters down-like China or North Korea.

  • V

    The “Bush Faction”? OMG what a bunch of bullshit. Obama is the new puppet or didn’t anyone get the memo. If Sorcha Faal is your source then you have mental problems.

  • Levi

    The logic (or lack of) expressed in this article is very similar to a kindergarten age child.
    Wow.. Interesting fiction piece though.

  • Nim

    How come you say ‘men caused this with HAARP’ rather than ‘The Lord is Angry and doeth this’ ?

    Lies? Deception?

  • PerkWorks

    This is explosive stuff. And most likely true. If the Journalist who wrote this article will send me the proof (As in proof that will pass a court trial), I will personally see to it that this makes the Headlines, and that something is done about it.

  • NgocJuly

    Fortunately, US President Obama and four top Generals have promised to take action against the Satanist Khazarians operating inside the US in exchange for a write off of all US external debt. The debt will, of course, be written off, but only in exchange for a promise of a swords-to-plowshares transition by the military industrial complex.

  • Anonymous


  • Re19

    “United Nations, will cease to exist, when scientists discovers that earthquakes are not natural in appearance. City’s all over the world will be hardly damaged.”

  • Re19

    What about this? Is this normal?

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