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Fukushima Spent Fuel Pools Exploded, On Fire Now, Radiation Levels Spiking Massively

Monday, October 22, 2012 11:37
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WARNING!  This is the worst-case scenario unfolding at Fukushima.  According to Michael Eckstein, a researcher who lives only 50 miles from Fukushima, explosions and fires have occurred at spent fuel pools two and four over the past four days and now radiation levels are spiking enormously.  THIS IS THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO BECAUSE OF THE THOUSANDS OF TONS OF PLUTONIUM CONTAINED IN THESE SPENT FUEL POOLS.  This is now vapourizing into the atmosphere and being disseminated with the winds.  Major cloud and radiation spike estimated to hit west coast of USA in two weeks or less.


“The Govt is willing to pay $5000 for 15min work,,,but no one has come forward.  i can see the steam coming over the mountain here as im writing.  I’m going to do a Live interview with CNN at 3pm my time, its 11:38am right now Monday morning.  You should see it when you wake up. I am going to tell the truth like before.  I want to give you the chance we and our children never got.

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  • Dz201

    There are people checking this out!!! Let’s confirm before we go viral. Anyone in Japan please let us know what’s going on ASAP

    • Kolta

      You know I’m confused cause where’s Godzilla and Mothra when the Japanese people need them so badly? :eek:

  • Supernibiru1

    Fuel rods don’t explode!!

    • Gojiroiscoming

      Yes they do when they hit air. The coating reacts with oxygen and they get super heated, create hydrogen, which is what then explodes. This is why they are stuck in a pool with constantly circulating water.

  • Maverick


  • PointBreak

    If this turns out to be ANOTHER false alarm, anyone perpetrating it on BIN should receive a lifetime ban. We keep crying wolf at the slightest rumor. It’s effecting lives, sleep, stress levels, blood sugars, relationships, people’s savings when they start buying crap they don’t need – but mostly it’s lining the pockets of anyone selling ads on their doom-porn sites. This crap isn’t funny, interesting or tolerable anymore. It’s gotta stop. Same goes for predictions of asteroids, mass arrests, earthquakes, Tila Tequila’s legitimacy or any of the other imaginary nonsense that’s routinely pedaled by these opportunistic fetishists under the false guise of ‘awareness’.

    Until it’s absolutely real and you can prove it: STFU.

  • Mr A Hole - PHD, BSE, HN51, ADHD hons. DVT HIV

    totally agree, this “guy” John Rolls, spouts nothing more than fearmongering rubbish, absolute and total dis info nonsensical drivvle. I have highlighted this many times, never does any good, he either works here, or is their entire editorial department mixing things up a bit under a pseudonym, either way it’s pathetic and even a site that promotes free speech should not tolerate such blatant lieing. If it rains he’ll say it’s a hurricane, if it’s warm out it’s the hottest day on record and if someone sneezes in Canada we are all getting bire flu, am so bored with this “contributor” that Im not even sure why Im wasting my time writing this… someone should start a post under the title “petition to remove John Rolls from BIN”, just look at the list of stories, unbelievable, literally !!

    • Maverick

      If you’ve read any of Chris Kitze (BINs owner) comments you’d understand why he allows ‘reporters’ like John Rolls, Barracuda, Live Free or Die.. etc to continue posting non-researched garbage.

      I for one think Chris’ grasp on reality is a bit slippery.

  • Anonymous

    THIS IS AN UNCONFIRMED -and probably untrue- RUMOR. You’re not “helping” by spreading dis-inf moron….

  • Nunyabiz

    Let’s all hope and pray that this is indeed a hoax. But, let’s also pray that this very likely scenario never is played out as it is very possible this story will be true someday, we need to make light of the fact that the world /MSM is turning a blind eye to a real threat to us all. All the governments in the world should be spending all resources necessary to help and fix it but they aren’t. I bet if this does happen the us gov and msm will be silent about it.

  • anonymoustache

    There are more accurate,documented reports on the Fukushima disaster

    Hoax? Researcher Claims “Explosions” Witnessed at Fukushima Reactor

    Irresponsible rumors disguise real danger of unit 4 meltdown

    Conspiracy websites are buzzing with claims that spent fuel pools at the Fukushima nuclear reactor have exploded, with radiation levels off the charts, although this story appears almost certainly to be a hoax.

  • ElBee

    dude this has been debunked as a hoax/rumor and that’s two (too) many strikes for you. all of your articles are hereby deemed unworthy of being taken seriously. who are the 153 fools who recommend you i wonder? :idea:

  • Wonkadelica

    Is it too much to expect someone living only 50 miles away to have video? Of course it is for BIN! Scaring people is the only way they can feel important. :lol:

  • Godfish

    I wish we could block posters.

  • accroyer

    This article is a hoax…..many other blog sites are pulling it down. ..You guys need to do better research before you post such BS.

  • Spacepete2000

    This is a hoax . Please remove it .

  • Lliam

    The current NEWS FROM Fukushima is this:

    No change for Fukushima restrictions

    by Takehito Kudo / via The Daily Yomiuri / October 21, 2012 /

    BRUSSELS–The European Union has decided to substantially ease import restrictions on food products and animal feed from Tokyo and 10 prefectures that were imposed due to the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant last year, it has been learned.


  • Anonymous

    Here’s what Infowars has to say:

    Conspiracy websites are buzzing with claims that spent fuel pools at the Fukushima nuclear reactor have exploded, with radiation levels off the charts, although the story appears almost certainly to be a hoax.

    The post goes on to claim that “mass panic” has led to panic buying of food, that airports are flooded with people, and that schools have been ordered to keep children inside.

    Eckstein claims that the radiation is now drifting towards the West Coast of America and urges people to stock up on iodine pills.

    Everyone acknowledges that the media is controlled, but if a deluge of people in Japan were panic buying food and rushing to airports, it would be all over Twitter and other social networks, which it isn’t.

  • lezlow

    15,000 for 15 mins and then possible death

  • iamdlogan

    Ethel, quick I have found the National Enquirer online…we dont have to buy it at the super market anymore…oh and look ethel, they have the same reporters…boy this is great news.

    And if anyone reading anything from this guy, or a couple of others that post here…you need to get a life and stop wasting time reading these guys…this is total BS…I have a brother there and nothing is happening PERIOD END OF STORY.


    For the sake of those who have not read THE GULF OIL SPILL in the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus – where on page 2 where it says that the Oil Spill would have consequences the same as an asteroid hit …
    And in the NUCLEAR ACCIDENT JAPAN the summary said:
    SUMMARY: Nostradamus said in the OIL SPILL forum that this spill would have consequences equal to a meteor hit. At the time I was working on the quatrain line I could not see how. Apparently the ocean currents are carrying the now radioactive oil spill around the world, as the oil had been hidden out of sight by means of causing it to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor. So, not only was the oil made toxic by the chemicals which made it sink, but now it will be radioactive as well.

  • PointBreak

    Whoever posted this needs to be banned for LIFE.

  • londoner

    Forget about all the “is-it-isn’t-it” – Dr Keshe of has already offered his new technology – (on the back of which Iran has publicly announced their new spacship program will get them to the Moon by 2014 – this is not a joke – ) – to the Japanese to CLEAR UP THE RADIATION.
    At first they refused the help – several weeks ago they asked him for help.
    THIS is the story we need to spread.

    The technology is a game changer. SPREAD THAT, NOT FEAR.

  • RA

    I was absolutely shocked this morning when I received this news in my email box. Frantically started to search other sites if this could be true. After I found no mentioning on Fukushima Diary (a reliable source and always up to date) I gradually calmed down again.
    How irresponsible to post such rubbish for the sake of spreading fear. By doing so this contributor is a part of the Dark Forces like so many mainstream news outlets.
    I am also a contributor to BIN but if this sort of stuff keeps showing up I will say goodbye and find another outlet for my posts…

  • Anonymous

    NO, it’s not happening.

  • mmkkpro

    It doesnt matter if its happening or not there already has been a massive amount of radation released already,i remember watching them hosing it down when it first happened,and thinking all that water is going right back into the ocean,nobody gives a crap about the ocean animals and the effects on them,all these disasters man made or natural are piling up,i believe the hopi prophecy rock,man had two choices either change or not,we have not,we all wii get the future we deserve,there were 3 bats on my back pirch yesterday and my neighbor shot them with a bb gun,pissed me off,that is the kind of mentality that is going to destroy mankind,cant people see we will go the same way of the animals we are destroying.

  • Anonymous
    How citizen scientists can sample radiation………
    AUDIO UPDATE on Unit 4 integrity deterioration.

  • Robbie

    You can check on the NHK Fukushima news at
    Of course there is nothing like this there.

  • osz2

    Please remove this hoax story.

  • stranger in a strange land

    So what does everybody think will eventually happen to that nuclear plant??? Do you really think it is just going to be fine?? So maybe it is still ok for now, how can we trust the people who are in charge or own the plant for true info? Maybe someone is seeing fire, smoke whatever on google earth. Raise your hand if you think everything is just fine here on planet earth. Wake up useless eaters, the ptb want us dead. Go back and put your head in the sand.

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