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Malaysia Airlines MH370 Passengers Alive and Well (and why)

Monday, September 4, 2017 22:30
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Sent to various relevant people/sites.

Related to your coverage of the MH 370 mystery: Here is my news on it.

THEY ARE ALIVE AND WELL! I am Jesse Blenn, US and Costa Rican citizen living in Costa Rica. Starting three years ago I have developed psychic abilities, including the ability to communicate with anyone anywhere using a pendulum to test their health conditions, with a very high accuracy rate. It is super easy, giving me a simple number from zero to 100, from birth to death. I have used it with hundreds of patients, with very good and totally believable results. I have tested several of the passengers, both shortly after the disappearance and very recently, and I can ASSURE you that all of the several I have tested are VERY MUCH ALIVE AND HEALTHY.

If anyone has questions about any specific passenger, just contact me at with their name and/or photo and I will tell you their condition.  These passengers were rescued by good ET’s to prevent another Twin Towers like false flag operation by the dark world powers to start another war for suffering and profits.

Examples of the “energy age” I get for some passengers are:
Pilot Shah  Malaysia 53
Philip Wood USA 49
Hadrien Wattrelos FR 20
Yuan Li   AUS 45
Rodney Burrows AUS 44
Mary Burrows AUS 49


I expect to be putting up a youtube video on this very soon, as I am so tired of the evil that does such things!  IF YOU WANT ME TO ADVISE YOU WHEN THE VIDEO IS UP, JUST RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE.  Then you can judge for yourself.  I KNOW it is true of course. You will too.

Thank you.

Jesse Blenn

In response to one person who called me EVIL for sending a message of HOPE:

NO NOT EVIL! You and others are so tired of false hopes that truth could hit you in the face and you not recognize it. So, strange not evil. Obviously I will have to prepare more and MORE CONVINCING info, and then the truth will gradually come out, but with 239 passengers – 231 humans and 8 benevolent ET’s that will take some time.  
I DO HAVE THESE ABILITIES, as you can see by searching Jesse Blenn on youtube. For example 2016 Democrats Revealed, IQ TEST WORLD’S EASIEST, Message fron Pleiades.  Check them out before you write me off as an “evil” crackpot  I AM NOT!  I have nothing to hide, and much to reveal. Predicting the future is NOT an exact science, but they should be back in less than 2 years. AND IT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.
And of course, they have been looking in the wrong places.

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  • The Ferrett

    Absolutely preposterous – BIN should be ashamed for posting this crap . . .

    • DK

      BIN just hosts

  • jesseblenn

    :idea: BIN did not post this – I did! BEFORE ITS NEWS is to be commended for allowing such “preposterous” stories to be posted. By the way I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE TRUTH OF WHAT I POST. And there is much more to come, until we welcome them back.

    Those who are so close minded as to not approach such news (notice the word NEW in it!) with an open mind are on the wrong site. Here we WELCOME different opinions, and show the other side of world events, which I invite you to investigate before you blast.

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

    • 2QIK4U

      You haven’t prooved any proof of life whatsoever Charleton 😠 it’s this preying on the weak crap that’s illegal you know you shouldn’t take advantage for dollars because karma turns out to be that bitch everyone mentions.

      • jesseblenn

        AS I SAY THE PROOF IS COMING. With so many passengers it takes time. Stay tuned. This is REAL.

    • dennis48309

      This story is an insult to the victims. There is evidence this plane was hijacked and flown to the Diego Garcia base. There is also evidence that this missing plane MH370 along with its already executed passengers was the plane shot down over the Ukraine and not MH17.

      • jesseblenn

        Your not believing that good news is possible is an insult to the victims. As I say more evidence will come out soon, not just mine. The truth is unstoppable in the end.

  • unidentified

    maybe theyre with the 9-11 airline crash victims

    • jesseblenn

      No, that time the plan succeeded, unfortunately. This time it didn’t.

  • Eben

    This has got be one of the lowest and most stupid assertions ever. Complete b*****ks!

    • jesseblenn


  • The Ferrett

    “AS I SAY THE PROOF IS COMING. With so many passengers it takes time. Stay tuned. This is REAL.”

    We’ll see then, won’t we . . ?

  • jesseblenn

    For those who criticize or dismiss this because you don’t believe in psychic abilities, I do suggest you see the attached video which I put as an example. It appears that only maybe 10% of the viewers even went to the video, which SPECIFICALLY MENTIONS THE RETURN OF MH370 many months ago. I know it will happen, I just see that it is time to speed it up.

  • Hayduke

    If you are dumb enough to believe that it’s possible for HAARP to create and steer hurricanes…then you should have no problem whatsoever in believing this. In fact, this is even more likely.

    • jesseblenn

      The difference is that on the HAARP I haven’t tried accessing information personally, so would have to rely on OTHERS’ INFORMATION. Here I don’t.

  • zak1955

    Thank you Mr Blenn for sharing your story and any information you may have to pass on for this or any other of these types of things that have been happening in our world. If I had not had similar experiences during my own lifetime, I might also be sceptical such as some of the other readers here. What you have is a gift and can be used for good. There will always be those who don’t believe unless it happens to them. For those who have doubt, you should try hanging around people who are like this. Make new friends. Get out and learn and do some research for yourself. If you want to know something bad enough, you will find out in the end! Mr Blenn has said he has had this ability for 3 years. I would be interested to know what happened to him at that time that caused this to happen. I have read many things on here over the years that have never come to pass. The biggest one was Nibiru. Dates come and go for 20 years or more, and still no sign. But the abilities talked about here has actual truth in it at least to a degree, and has been proven to be possible in a lab setting with real people. P.S. For the doubters, if Mr Blenn has a book, it might be good to have one so as to compare it to see if future events prevail as mentioned therein. I’m sure you won’t have long to wait for the results…… Thank you again Me Blenn for the wonderful abilities you have, and the information you provided to us. I am sad to see you ridiculed by those who don’t understand yet. Many are waking up every day to the new truths and possibilities that exist in our world. Including the possible existence of extraterrestrials that visit us regularly, interfere with our lives and even live here.

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