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President Elect Trump Uses to Help Win Election (Video)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 16:57
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(N.Morgan is the last frontier of free press, open to the public to share news and information that is important to them.

In the video below you are about to see Mainstream Media try to tear down Donald Trump for using a graphic chart, found on, displaying contributions to the Hillary Clinton Foundation and the countries that the donations came from, no doubt MSM wanted to keep this hidden from the public.

CNN’s Brian Stelter goes on to claim B4IN does not vet their articles, while providing no evidence that the information obtained by the Trump Campaign through was false.

Free Press allows the user to determine the validity of an article, most of users can distingush between fact and fiction, when they have doubts they do a little research, as everyone should research every report from all news agencies, especially mainstream media that spreads government propaganda as we have all witnessed during the lastest presidential campaign.

The story goes on to highlight additional instances where the truth was suppressed in favor of the false story which the White House wanted to release to the world.

It shows how Government and media conspire together to hide negative tales from the public, keeping them in the dark totally, and when that is not possible, crafting a cover story to deliberately keep us deceived of the facts.

Notice how the commentator despritely tries to get the guest to add validity to his claim that is a fringe website, but to no avail.

The guest will not give him the satisfaction to discredit

CNN Questions Trump’s Use Of Creepy, Fringe Websites For ‘Sources’ Of News

But a look back at reports which first appeared here on Before It’s News have been proven to be true, even while the mainstream media was denying everything.

Numerous stories were presented focused on sharing how the Mainstream Media was dedicated on spoon feeding the public news which was skewed to not give the truth but give the viewer only what the government and corporate leaders wanted their media partners to say.   

This one titled, “CNN Exposed, Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist, Amber Lyon Blows the Whistle,

Let Me Repeat That:

CNN Is Paid by the US Government for Reporting on Some events, and Not Reporting on Others.

The Obama Administration Pays for CNN Content“, was published in October 2012.

It focused on a CNN international news report which showed the truth of events in Egypt at that time.

But because the video coverage did not agree with the report from the Obama Administration, and the Hillary Clinton State Department, the truth was suppressed, the video never shown to the public.

The story goes on to highlight additional instances where the truth was suppressed in favor of the false story which the White House wanted to release to the world.

Another story published in August 2012 was titled, “Pens Of Mass Destruction“, and expanded on how the biased position of the current media was historically grounded in the practices which had been introduced in the 1930s, with the infiltration of the American press and educational institutions by Communists.

The historical steps used to achieve the Communist goals for keeping the citizens away from the truth work just a well to keep the public blind to the events currently happening in 2012.

It shows how Government and media conspire together to hide negative tales from the public, keeping them in the dark totally, and when that is not possible, crafting a cover story to totally keep us deceived of the facts.

During the same year of 2012, Before It’s News stepped forward and published an article on the business of selling fetus body parts, something the Mainstream Media was not about to report.

This quiet business went on behind the scenes and was very shocking when our site presented the story to the public.

The story was bold and revealing.

Genocide Holocaust Democide in USA!

It was also brought to light that a government authorized and approved human embryonic stem cell line was being used by companies who manufactured processed food products.

While the finished and stocked items contained no human embryonic stem cells, they had been used during the testing of the color and taste additives used in each product.

Because Beforeitsnews is free press, we get reports from insiders and whistle blowers from all across the country who share their concerns with the public, thus often is labelled as a conspiracy website, when in fact our insiders are 2 to 3 years ahead of the crowd as displayed above.


As you can see from the above examples, mainstream media is not able to compete with alt websites like so they resort to tearing down the last frontier of free press to lend themselves credibility.

We have no qualms about our competitors tactics for we understand how desperate they are to control what facts the public are allowed to see and what perception the public will take away from the information presented to them. 

Remember 6 major corporations own all the mainstream media news sources, they shape what you see to fit their agenda.

Free Press use it or lose it, come join us today!

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  • HitleryforPrison

    I did my part :wink:

  • Mike

    It’s hard to discredit the facts. Silly MSM, tricks are for kids.

  • The Clucker

    :idea: :idea: Never forget the PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH Grandfathers WHO WAS FOUND GUILTY in 1933 BY CONGRESSIONAL COURT OF AN ATTEMPT COUP TO OVERTHROW THE US White House right before WW2! yeah – your “hero” President Bush family came into power thanks to Prescott Bush’s #1 Hitler leader in America at the time right before WW2! How can any family be a “hero” to America, when their grandpa Bush was suppose to “Rule America” as the #1 Nazi in america, appointed and promised by Hitler himself? So you see, the criminal Bush family is honestly deep rooted to bring Nazi Germany rule of law to America!

    Then GW Bush being filmed on the steps of the Dallas police department at the time JFK was murdered in Dallas… When asked GW doesn’t “remember” where he was. He was the head of CIA and linked to bumping off JFK… Then at the GOP in early 2016, GW threatened Trumps very life on stage with him, by slashing Trumps throat while Trump was on stage with him!

    Bush family own and control GOLDMAN SACHs, who is the Wall Street giant. Then lets not forget about Ted Cruz’s wife being the CEO of Goldman Sach and recieved $10 Billion from the 2008 Bank Bailout. So Ted, where’s your wife’s $10 Billiion dollars you got?

    Link in Romney’s major Wall Street banking firm, who also just happened to get billions in 2008 in that bailout… Lets not forget Clintons millions of $ paid speeches from who? Goldman Sachs. See how they all evolve around the Nazi Bush family? Enter Clinton and them learning and getting paid by Goldman Sach to get them started in their criminal Clinton Foundation…

    But yeah, never forget the Bush family evolved in the US by Prescott Bush in 1933, who was charged, tried in a open Congressional court, and found guility from Congress of supporting Nazi Germany during WW2; not America! The Bush family money laundered and bought many of the Nazi Germany stolen goods inside the US, and Prescott was promised by Hitler himself, to Rule as King – America! see how deep the real honest criminal Bush past? But see how the Rep. party was criminal and run by the Bush family. See how the Bush family really did rule America for Nazi Germany.

    Do a search on any search engine “1933 Precott Bush nazi” and you will find 1000s of stories to verify it. But to learn the real story, read this link. I promise you, you will see all the criminal corrupt connections, thru Clintons ties…


    • wiseoldlady


      WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THESE LIES….OH I FORGOT……..all those that wanted Trump in office created these LIES so Cruz would get destroyed.


      • True News

        Ted Cruz is a good person. He’s not constitutionally qualified to be president, but he’s still a good person.

        • The Clucker

          LYING TED! Why did he say he was “Against” Lobbyists, WHEN HIS WIFE HEIDE IS ONE? Being the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs and them paying and money laundering makes him a honest person? How can he be against “Lobbyiest” when his hore wife “Lobbies” Goldman Sachs to the White House?

          Do a 5 second search and you can easily find it. But again, you know everything but afraid to do your own fact checking. Once you do that, and if you don’t find anything, call me a liar. But anyone can see it…

        • Morgana Le Fay

          The words good person and politician don’t belong in the same sentence. It’s an oxymoron.

        • The Clucker

          C’mon man. Give us a break. Aren’t you the master of the house?

          So is BIN now owned by NBC too? Hard to say. Maybe you can tell us. It would seem as though you and your editor “Mike” are opposed to the MSM by your comments here, but after a little digging that doesn’t seem to be the case.

          “Executive Vice Chairman of NBC Internet Inc.”?

          “Mr. Kitze is a recent recipient of Israel’s prestigious Albert Einstein Technology Award that recognizes path-breaking leaders who have pushed the envelope of technology in the service of mankind through their entrepreneurship and risk taking, enabling others to benefit from their cutting-edge technologies. He serves as a Director of iqzone, Inc. He has been a Director of Intelius, Inc. since September 2007. Mr. Kitze holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado.”

          Impressive resume, indeed. Very suspect though.

          So I must ask… why would Israel, who plays a big part in the control of the Zionist Jew owned MSM… want to give an award to someone that owns a fringe alternative news website that regularly allows contributions and comments from people that are firmly opposed to Israel?

          I can think of a few reasons.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            Ask, and you shall be deleted.

          • The Clucker

            That’s what I figured would happen, BEFF, but if this comment goes through it hasn’t happened yet. If I do get “deleted” for that comment…

            as an avid Texas hold em player I would call that a “tell.”

          • The Clucker

            Point being, the man has his fingers in more than a few lucrative honeypots.

            What would he NEED this site for? None of the stories on it ever come true. Reminds me a lot of the MSM.

            “If actions are stronger than words, then why is the pen mightier than the sword?”

          • THOTH

            Very interesting, my fellow bird man. Well done.

      • ElOregonian

        Ted Cruz destroyed himself. His wife is a senior manager for Goldman Sachs. His failure to support Trump during the GOP Convention made him seem like a spoiled baby, a petulant child, a man-child unworthy of my support. Sorry.

      • The Clucker

        Latest – 23 Sep 2016 – Wall Street Financial Records, publications and papers are ALL LYING! OK wiseoldlady. The little hore bitch needs to be locked up and hung for her crimes against America, as her husband Rafael (aka TED CRUZ) Oh, why did Rafael change is name to “TED” once he started to become political? The 1st 20 years of his life and in school, he was called by his REAL NAME “Rafael”! No one would vote a “Rafael” but “Ted” is american sounding… Lets keep to the facts you SHILL!



        ZERO HEDGE:

        wiseoldlady is INSANE! THis was old news and clearly, you are a 100% paid shill to defend the Bush Criminal connections! Explain why Bush owns Goldman Sachs?

        Oh yeah, all the MAJOR FINANCIAL PAPERS announcement surely is NOT PROOF NOW IS IT?

        • The Clucker

          Oh wiseoldlady. You are right. She was not the “CEO” but she was the “Managing Director” plus other high level executive positions. 7 weeks ago she went back to Sachs to again “Lobby”.

          Remember, the hore Heidi was “Managing Director” of Sachs, and they got fined $5+ BILLION FOR THEIR CRIMES THEY GOT CAUGHT DOING! Yeah, the 2 Cruz hores are true hearted criminals in their heart against america. They need to be hung for their crimes and attempted crimes to our nation..

          • The Clucker

            To prove hore Heidi Cruz got $10 Billion during the 2008 Wall Street Bailout – all you have to do is look at any of her professional profiles and you will see she was “managing director” of Goldman Sachs. Just happens on that Nov 2008 she got $10 Billion dollars from GW Bush; who “owns” Goldman Sachs. Guess that isn’t proof now is it of this gutter hore?

            So many shills to keep the truth..

            Lets not talk about her being one of the main criminal 1st hand people who worked out and passed the NAFTA that destroyed millions of jobs and free trade… Hore…

  • VirusGuard

    “most of users can distingush between fact and fiction”

    Come on this place is full of fiction and unless you do the leg work or are in touch with god or something then it’s not easy to spot fact from fiction with all the chicken littles that roost here.

    The “World is about to end” and “I’m talking to god” new is far too thick and far to fast for this site to be take seriously and i even posted a link to ATS the other day where they were giving us a good old slanging off for running with so much fiction.

    Alex Jones spam is allways on the front page here, twice a day and never no comments so how do you exsplain that one ?

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#3, ( :mad: :mad: }<- :lol: ,

    Charlie here. I do notice once in a great while a story will appear on BIN first and yes, it is true, they do have quack stories here once in awhile too.

    Space aliens and monsters and giant spaceships that look like doughnuts. :lol:

    But the format of BIN is unique. You can use emojis but you can't do a edit once you send the "Submit" button where you do your best proof reading after. :lol:


    Charlie (always checking his Doughnut BIN for news stories) :lol: :lol:

    • VirusGuard

      The real place for breaking news is godlikeproductions because they are little more in many cases than an extension for twatter and most of the members can only muster up enought brains to write one line posts but for breaking news they do come first.

      Trinnity who runs the place has mental isues and has blocked half of the worlds IP-addresses from viewing the site and the posters that reside on the site are very pro USA or don’t last very long

      • Pink Slime

        I only go on one criteria. If they allow you to use the proper description of Negro and not the ethnic slur of “bl*ck”.

        That’s all. :lol:

        I just got kicked out of Brietbart by a racist who kept insisting to call them the ethnic slur of “bl*ck” and I refused to be a racist like him. He must of reported me because the next day I got kicked out.

        To me those sites are NOT conservative when they do that. It’s a great way to test them. :lol:

  • Anonymous

    Can you really believe CNN. The most despicable news media talking about validating a story. The people who lie and provide no evidence for their lies are requesting others to provide evidence, really? It’s no wonder you have no viewers that are able to think for themselves and you are going down drain where you belong. Even the Enquirer provides a higher level of journalism that the entertainment you dish out as news.

    • HitleryforPrison

      Nair Schwartz Shill pants… Are you related to Sponge Bob in any way? Possibly through Dachau or Alschwitz?

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    “most of users can distingush between fact and fiction”


    God, sorry, that was pretty funny. Have you actually browsed the stories on BIN before?

    Hahaha…Man, that was funny.

    • King of Shambhala

      BIN knows the difference between the truth and the hogwash dished out by the Leftist NewYork Media.
      They know the difference between Obama paid shills like Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes and me the Messiah.
      BIN’s the only place in the world where the truth is now spoken.

      • Chet

        KOS quote: “BIN’s the only place in the world where the truth is now spoken.”

        BIN isn’t the only place… and you and your absent paymaster are not party to one single shred of it Mr. Man.

      • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

        King, everyone that reads your posts knows you are full of lies and moronic hatred.

        Point out anyone here that has ever agreed with your claims of being Buddha Jesus Messiah, find anyone that thinks anything you say isn’t insane.

        You wont. Trolls might, like that time I trolled you and you got so excited that one user agreed with you, you actually wrote a whole article about it.

        You wrote a whole article, for ONE person, me, saying that I believed you.

        But I didn’t believe you, I was just messing with you.

        And you fell for it.

        Because you are insane, and not Buddha Jesus Messiah.

        Here’s the article you wrote about me in case you forgot:

        • THOTH

          According to KOS, in his “extremely enormous important” article, you “embrassed” him as messiah and Jesus. “This kicks off the apocalypse!” he says…

          I am laughing so hard right now, it hurts :mrgreen:

  • Sean

    BIN is just an extension of the MSM and as far as letting just anyone post things that’s all non sense, Dublin Mick, Thoth and myself are just a few blocked from posting articles on this People Powered site, its all controlled, still waiting for the endless articles about Chemtrails and Bio-engineering -Trans-humanism, its only been going on since 1949

    Where is all the information on it from the Alternative Media sites like BIN, this is Worldwide and not a peep, bugs crawling through out you’re body, fiber optics to you’re brain, free yourself Morgan from your father Cain and report on it as well as all the rest of the evil worldwide, are you not a human Being Morgan? do you not feel compassion for you’re fellow human Beings suffering worldwide?

    Starvation, Wars, Poverty, Torture, Murder, Injustice, Bioengineering, Cell Towers, ELF and Micro Waves, Nuclear Waste, GM foods

    I thought you were better than this Morgan, sadly I was mistaken about you, everyone will be paid according to they’re works and time is speeding up, that’s what CERN is doing, speeding time up as in the Bible, the days will be shortened

  • holycow

    Everything is allowed here except Israel and Zionism…

    • THOTH

      Israel and Zionism have brought nothing but misery to the world and they deserve nothing more than to be rebuked whenever the opportunity presents itself. Not to mention the unjustifiable influence their agents wield in the West. The more the puppet governments and their media whores suggest it is unacceptable to criticize Israel, the more intense the criticism will become. Many western universities have made open debate on the Israel issue impossible. Different politicians have suggested the BDS movement should be outlawed. This is a primary example of the unjustifiable influence wielded by Israeli agents in Western countries. They control the issuance of our currency and hold us in perpetual debt servitude. They use the money stolen from us through their usury, to purchase control over our politicians with lofty campaign contributions and concessions. They control the dispensation of knowledge through their complete control over the media, Hollywood and most major publishing companies. They use this unjustifiable influence to insure open and honest public debates about the issue are stifled by ridicule tactics and erroneous and illogical cries of “antisemitism.” Regardless of the fact that Israel is the most “antisemitic” place on earth. Just ask the real Semites, the Palestinians and other Arabs.

      • maxwell

        …Thoth…You have found the truth in all the chaos…sixth trump is sounding…right now…The faithful are sealed.
        …Nothing can displace the strangle hold these Kenites have on the modern world. All of this was foreseen by the prophets of God, and has been preserved for our present edification. Few have eyes to see, or ears to hear.
        …The seventh trump…translates all humans alive on earth, into the next dimension. And leaves all of the “stiff-necked” hybrids to fend for themselves, here in this ill fated earthly reality. When the elect are all in place, we’ll know it…ALL.

    • 2QIK4U


      • THOTH

        The thing about conspiracy is, there is always a clear motive. For example, it’s easy to understand why the Warren commission lied about the JFK assassination and why the 9/11 commission lied about 9/11, but if the earth really is flat, who gains what from having us believe we live on a globe? What’s the motive? I can’t see one, which is why I haven’t wasted more than 20 minutes researching this topic. I hope the middle finger was not for me.

        • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

          They cannot answer that one, I’ve tried.

          They just want to believe in magic really really bad I think.

    • 2QIK4U

      Thoth and air qoutes agree with both of you. No middle finger definently not for you guys or any fellow commentor

      • THOTH


  • MiaA

    The media used it because this site is a joke. Most articles are completely wrong, foolish and made up. So they make conspiracy theorists look nuts.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    I’m sure they did more than just draw info. from here. They planted hordes of it as well, I’m sure.

  • Leo

    I will be sure to come into this web site everyday now . :cool:


    “CNN’s Brian Stelter goes on to claim B4IN does not vet their articles”,

    And CNN does? Not even 5% of what CNN reports can stand scrutiny. Nearly all of the ‘programming’ they broadcast is politically motivated, CIA narrated, warmongering propaganda. I can’t even watch CNN for five minutes, without hearing a dangerous lie aimed at shaping public opinion. Their job is to read a TelePrompTer and not deviate from the script. Much of what CNN broadcasts can be classified as intellectual terrorism, as defined by the FBI. I would absolutely love to have a geopolitical debate with ANY of the so called experts on CNN. When smercornish asked the studio, “what is Aleppo?” and nobody could answer, it showed how brutally oblivious those presstitutes are about the topics they are discussing. Anyone who believes MSM is as big of a threat as any enemy. MSM is the enemy. In the age of the internet, there is no excuse for anyone to allow these traitors to humanity to spoon feed them their information. Letting some shameless narrator tell you who to hate and fear is pathetic beyond words. It’s how they have always dragged nations into murdering each other in pointless wars.

    • 2QIK4U

      Thoth. Sorry must answer here.. All of soros emails are in wikileaks and there are conversations of soros organising yet another disinformation campaign…fe bobs its head above water every few years like a drowning victim.

      • THOTH

        No need to apologize, friend. Soros is a nasty scumbag. He would be doing us all a favour by playing in traffic.

  • kom

    Bwahahaha! Yer comments er so true
    From occupied Texas
    So now Trump will become the head of 1 of the trinity of evil city states still think hes not 1 of them lmao
    Why most of the time is the submit button missin

  • TransTexAcadianAngel

    LMAO. Dude needs to get over it


    Is CNN still on the air?

  • 2QIK4U

    He was 100% Correct. B4IN doesnt vet thier articles. Considering us commenters prove half the stories on here WRONG. 😰💨🔫

  • 2QIK4U


    • maxwell

      …2qute…You have ‘evidence’ right? Publish it… or display what you criticize.
      …I know where your loyalties lie…or, rather …I know where they don’t. I would say that your viewpoint is subject to your own religious beliefs. Not believing in God is a religious sentiment…isn’t it?

  • 2QIK4U


  • Canderson

    If so, then basic:

    Saul Alinsky, Hillary, Obama (Wolves in sheep’s clothing) a community organizing Cultural-Marxist Cult.
    This mass indoctrination is used to suck the middle class dry, into a 2 class system, neo-feudalism.

    Here is some explanation:
    Why Feminists Hate Men: What They Won’t Tell You!

    The Ideological Disease known as ‘Cultural Marxism’ Exposed

    Why Does Hillary Clinton Dress Like Chairman Mao?

    The Red Guards were self organized, self sponsored, and independent of any formal state control (in fact, they regularly fought with the actual police and PLA, also other Red Guards). Their ideology is extremist left wing international communism. (One totalitarian World, under One thumb.)

    Even the age groups are different with Red Guards usually consisting of university aged students or even older.

    Mao’s Red Guards

    You got to, must deprogram a lot of indoctrinated, back into critical thinking, a mind of their own.
    Just look at this little girl why in the hell is she that politicized at that age, School curriculum?
    Hillary Clinton Supporters Reaction To Donald Trump Win (Compilation)

  • Martus

    It’s not over till after December 12 when the Electoral college vote the new president in.

    How many Republicans have been compromised, bought flipped and will vote for Hillary instead of Trump.

    The media bashing of Trump is still going on.

    The protested whether bought or influenced by the democrats or celebrities is still going on.

    Other allies countries government and influential leaders(Masons) are speaking against Trump when Obama’s enemy countries are speaking for Trump because if this Obama Clinton aggression keeps going on their will be WW3.

    The perception of the transition of power has been too smooth when these type of people would do anything to remain or continue in power because they know that they will have the numbers in the electoral college.

    The whole purpose of this charade is to make Trump look like a sore loser when he looses the electoral vote on December 12 and they will say we did not make any difficulties for you before when you were winning.

    Hill is milking the emotions of the public but behind main stream media she is smiling, she is acting the looser when she knows that she will win as Obama/Sorros has said she will win.

  • Martus

    It’s not over till after December 12 when the Electoral college vote the new president in.

    How many Republicans have been compromised, bought flipped and will vote for Hillary instead of Trump.

    The media bashing of Trump is still going on.

    The protested whether bought or influenced by the democrats or celebrities is still going on.

    Other allies countries government and influential leaders(Masons) are speaking against Trump when Obama’s enemy countries are speaking for Trump because if this Obama Clinton aggression keeps going on their will be WW3.

    The perception of the transition of power has been too smooth when these type of people would do anything to remain or continue in power because they know that they will have the numbers in the electoral college.

    The whole purpose of this charade is to make Trump look like a sore loser when he looses the electoral vote on December 12 and they will say we did not make any difficulties for you before when you were winning.

    Hill is milking the emotions of the public but behind main stream media she is smiling, she is acting the looser when she knows that she will win as Obama/Sorros has said she will win.

    • MoonRydre

      we can change the outcome of this election. just go to the link below and sign the petition then spread the word. let us be a true democracy with one person, one vote. the majority rules.

    • You People Are Nuts

      It’s 19th, not 12th…..and honestly, it’s literally a formality.
      You’ve seemed to forgot that pedopHILLARY conceded – not only did she concede (forfeit), she did so before all precincts were called in (Michigan/NH/AZ).
      In terms you hopefully can comprehend….she dropped out….she cannot concede then contest.
      Had she contested and not conceded, the chance of any GOP’s switching their vote is literally – .0000000001%. anyway. Representatives are not going to take away the “little guys” votes because a million crybabies signed a piece of paper.
      Do you know how long it would take to vet a million signatures?
      OK, so hypothetically speaking and to keep you from whining, If people start switching their votes it is inevitable that a re-count (called by Trump) would have to be done to end this mess and embarrassment.
      Trust me, that is the last thing pedopHILLARY wants to happen….all her voter fraud would be exposed and the real count will show Trump getting the popular vote….by a landslide.
      She knows this and as I stated earlier in the week….this was the deal she had to agree to.
      Think coup and counter-coup.

      Monday, November 7th, day before election, Comey let’s her go free in exchange for her to drop out and she won’t be further prosecuted.
      As a gesture of good will, Mr Trump he allowed her numbers exaggerated in order to make it a tight race and allow her to save face….and the thousands that would go down with her.
      They had her by the balls the whole time.
      All this wasn’t done for fear that she would win, but to save the country from the embarrassment that was starting to explode on the global scene with the last domino falling at the Vatican.

      There is a spiritual war of good vs. evil that is now manifesting in the material world (Earth) and you are in witness at the turning point for “good”.

      You must always keep in mind….there are a lot more players involved than us on earth.

  • don stella

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  • Givys


  • LegalNameFraud

    “Pens Of Mass Destruction“ pen(mind) ens(mind)/ent(mind)/m-ent(mind) ‘Mind Mine My’ Duality from consent to w-ear The mark of the beast. Mind]mirror[Dnim… nim / demonym nim name, M-inD, mind in duality, ID’a of being a dead legal ID-entity.

    #NAMEGATE : The Universal Political Scandal.
    The result of which is that all previously perceived authority is now NULL & VOID.


    Quote from a typical “awake” US citizen:

    “As a US citizen I deeply regret everything our ruling Elite has done around the world. half the u.s. citizens do not even know what’s going on. our media has blocked this all out” –

    Whilst ‘good’ people participate in the rule of Legality, what some call ‘law’ but is in fact not law at all, it’s actually a death cult religion which uses the concept of citizenship via legal names to include everyone in its crimes against everyone. It’s illegal to use legal names too without permission to do so from the owners of the legal names.

    so good is that smoke’s screen…you won’t believe the truth even when it’s spelled out for you…the smokescreen that owns your minds and veils you over in the legal smoke and mirros owe-cult DEED entity game…open why’d…Our group/team has been warning you for a long time now but you don’t believe in the living god..only the DEED one they serve you up in your church cults so tell your Christian fall lowers NOW…YOU and THEY serve the mark of the beast and you serve Egypt/e-gipped/mind ripped off,,,so DE-CIDE…..truth or your money U.S. L’Eagle culled???…one truth deciphers all dreams, all people…Father…they continue to worship the mark of the beast as You forbade them and there is nothing more we feel we can do for humanity where many lambs have made it home while these fools stay lost in Babylon…..they cannot reason logic and the trend is saying they never will now….We serve as You require Our Father, who art in heaven…halo wed be thine aim…true…..There is no way to reach them if they will not reach for knowledge beyond what Satan’s robed minus-stars and past-whores continue to teach with deceptions….They grovel in self lust and sales of profit using Jesus holy name as their marketing tool to steal from the perish-shriners they attract to their Ba’al Masonic heathen temples they call church and courts….They can think but they cannot reason logic where to kill any life and consume it is murder as they eat the flesh of satanic blood sacrifice and call it the meat department…..There is no more we feel we can do and many other lambs of truth have warned them as well only to be spat on too….They can’t fathom the idea that we, the twins, would actually be alive here and hidden until this time where the proof of who we are is many years old….they are blind…lost….hateful….angry…..self righteous….arrogant….unruly…..and all are guilty….for all have signed and fallen short of the glory of God….as they sign and fornicate and marry, again forbidden since they are children and do not know it……and refuse to list 10 to Jesus and what he warned them about…..where the robed demons of the church cult, all churches same cult, different funny demon robes to dazzle children with….pied piper of Ham-lien owns them…..has them fooled and we see no further potential in any of the ringleaders and past-whores we’ve been watching of choosing their redemption to remove the mark of the beast where ample information and millions of dollars in billboards went up all across the U.K. to trumpet the end…..miracles happen when one has Our Father looking out for you…the mist tree holy ghost in the flesh……..this bride is leaving……and the I.D.iots can stay in hell sins they love I.D. so much….they’re choosing I.D. over Jesus warnings…..saying you’re sorry at this point forward falls on deaf ears….if you cared about truth really….you’d never had spit on me or any of my lambs that you have….spit on me is one thing…spit on them is damning the holy spirit in My book of life and you get writ 10 off for failing the 10 commandments AND being a criminal legally in hell as well…the azazel as as well ass ass well and in you go forever…buy buy!…….they ask….buy-bull?….you say….sure…..Bi-bull = two stories…split in three……and you’re on the devil’s fork……rethink your arrogance and fear…..breathe….google legal name fraud and see how Satan’s been screwing life forever until NOW…it’s over…sorry if this is too logical for you….split minds confuse easily…while you all remain split in duality in regards to the law, you live in the smoke and mirrors world of the I.D. dual I.D…..10 commandments is the LAW……….the other court is for the Gentiles aka LEGAL owe-cult and the Levite’s 613 you were to leave out completely and then you’d know what Jesus was talking about……legal is based on the Levite’s false legals empowered by the belief that they’re based on the 10 commandments…..thou shalt not kill is the law….period….war just makes killing legal….doubly against the law if you agree with all who are in the same cult by association until you’re not…..when you remove the mark of the beast I.D.ol legal name and its use/possessions in your reality, the veils will fall but then one must see that eating flesh and blood is murder agreed to where only the lust of taste and greed temptations sustain that murder passed through the jew in moon-eye moon/star money transfer…..transfers all the guilt to the bearer of the money bonds… passes the buck back to Satan…signing is sinning your life away while you live in the debt of all that blood you’ll never live long enough to pay off…..mort gage is death pledge…..period…….follow the true law or fall with the owe-cult war-shippers of the U.S. and the U.N. which is the us and the one…..Satan’s death cult and you have the Owe-Bomber as your king of the U.S. and soon the U.N. as he claims his thrown in hell….do the research….the facts prove themselves…it’s illegal to use legal names in the legal world wthout a B.A.R. card….got one?….makes you the criminal sins birth….nasty baby killer that Satan is…still wanna be his Roth child…child of wroth wrath?…’re the broth in the broth hell soup………broth ER II’s in harms weigh…….your in a dual with yours elf……legal name is spirit-dual suicide…..remove the paper and the I.D.ol dies, your mind is free…..the only thing that separates life from death is the heart of and for life not the heart that devours it hole sale….the hell hole is all yours, on the how’s you onion jack’s built, kate

    Seven of Nine… See when Nov.9
    Morning November 9 at 0900 election results announced, Donald Trump elected pre-cident under City of London JewRusUSAlem Wrathchild umbrella…November 9 is the 313th day of the year in Gregorian loony calender. Donald Duck’s car is known as the 313 due to its license plate number.

    The Duck Tapes: Revelations & Proof There Are NO Coincidences! Everything Decoded!
    pdf here:
    ‪#‎disney‬ ‪#‎donaldduck‬ ‪#‎disneyland‬ ‪#‎cartoons‬ ‪#‎comics‬ ‪#‎decoded‬ ‪#‎monalisa‬ ‪#‎davincicode‬ ‪#‎templebar‬ ‪#‎matrix‬ ‪#‎proof‬ ‪#‎biblecode‬ ‪#‎ancient‬ ‪#‎geometry‬ ‪#‎codex‬ ‪#‎revelation‬ ‪#‎christ‬ ‪#‎consciousness‬ ‪#‎legalnamefraud‬ ‪#‎thetruth‬ ‪#‎itsillegaltousealegalname‬ ‪#‎astrology‬ ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎history‬ ‪#‎monarchy‬ ‪#‎legality‬ ‪#‎conspiracy‬ ‪#‎money‬ ‪#‎government‬ ‪#‎world‬
    (Match 1 of 1)
    (Match 1 of 1)


  • coveredlikeatent

    If the alternative media would stop showing things like the MSM interviews CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Faux News and the like they would have absolutely no viewers whatsoever. We turned off these trolls through cable disconnects and yet you are still airing their crap on sites like this. NOBODY GIVES A DAMN WHAT THESE ASSHOLES HAVE TO SAY, THEY LOST AND WE DON”T NEED TO HEAR FROM THEM EVER AGAIN. SO PLEASE STOP PUTTING THEM OUT THERE >>>>>>NOBODY CARES!!!!!! ANYMORE!!!!! THEY ARE IRRELEVANT NOW.

  • Canderson

    You just pissed Hillary lost fair and masonic.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    He’s right though.

    I’ve been here for a few years too.

    I have NEVER seen anything posted or predicted here come true.

    Well the Trump thing, but thats a 50/50, and even the Trump supporters were bailing on him at the end, saying he was going to lose because of rigged elections and blah blah blah, so they ended up being right, then wrong.

  • maxwell

    …shillquote…”I have NEVER seen anything posted or predicted here come true.”….You just avoid any subjects you already have an opinion about…I mean, it looks as though, you believe, you must not allow any differing opinions to have any legitimacy…just like any left leaning modern person. I see BIN contributors hit the nail squarely ..ALL THE TIME.
    …(blanket statements are a fool’s refuge).

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Link me to an accurate BIN prediction that has come true.

  • 2QIK4U

    maxwell. Ive been jumping up and down for a week trying to submit it for a week only for the so called journalists run away from it when theyve seen the evidence themselves… Two writers have taken it from here and never been heard of since.. Its public knowledge that is being buried because you know all to well it would collapse the vatican. My loyalties lie with the poor murdered and molested children that never have a voice or. Get a chance to be heard in the first place. :arrow: if your loyalties lied in truth and 6ou were truly a religous man instead of just repeating verses you would take a stand for pureness and truth yourself wouldnt you? How can there be a god that loves ? Loves little kids innocence more like it.. Would a true god allow his servants to destroy his creations in the name of himself? NO thats something a devil if true would do isnt it?… All i care about is the truth and these poor lost souls.

  • The Clucker

    You ask the impossible, Commentator. I guess that’s the point.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Yes, it absolutely is. :lol:

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