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“Could There Be A Military Coup in America Against the Obama Dictatorship”???????

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 7:20
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  2. Dave Gaubatz

  4. military coup (ˈmɪlɪtərɪ kuː)

    1. a coup organized and carried out by members of the armed forces

    The definition seems simple enough to understand, then why can’t the Obama administration understand that what happened in Egypt was a ‘military coup’?

The answer is they do understand, but are hoping U.S. Military Commanders are not paying attention and listening.


Could a military coup happen in America, during the reign of Dictator Obama? This would lead to extreme violence in America and I hope it never comes to this, but there are without a doubt U.S. military Generals who are not happy with the Communist run style he is running our government.


Obama is leading our country in the wrong direction. For those who are keeping up with current times and issues, it is no secret Obama and his flunkies do not like America, and I would go as far as saying Obama hates this beautiful country.


What would it be like if U.S. military leaders decided to oust Dictator Obama. Many people believe it would take an enormous amount of money, personnel, and time. In reality it would happen just as fast as it did in Egypt.


Are there U.S. Generals who would take this drastic step to save America. At this time I do not believe there are military leaders who would risk their careers to save America. I do believe there are U.S. Generals who despise Obama and his anti-American leadership methods.


If martial law were ever declared by Dictator Obama, I believe this would be the turning point in the decision making process of American Generals. U.S. military leaders have always acted on what is in the best interest of our country. They would not allow it to be destroyed by self interest mongers such as the Obama administration, the liberal media, and Islamic based terrorist supporters in America.


During a military coup it would take the public opinion of the public to push American Generals forward. This happened in Egypt. A military coup would lead to violence in America as we have not seen since the civil war.


Do readers think Dictator Obama and his crew have not thought about the possibility his own military could attempt a coup? There is little doubt they have. This is the only reason Obama attempts to placate U.S. military personnel. He needs them on his side if he is to succeed in destroying America.


The big question is, would military leaders in America have enough public support to carry out such an operation? Publicly most Americans would say no, but I believe behind the scenes at least 50% of the population would.


Islam and their supporting liberals are doing their very best to destroy America. Will it can? Will U.S. military leaders allow it to happen?


For our children I hope military leaders do not have to engage in a military coup in America. The only true victims in any war are the children.


Dave G.

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  • one voice

    Even before President Obama….expose truth.

    9/11 Truth Graffiti

  • barebones

    I don’t understand this article:

    A Military Coup, although temporarily painful, would save this country from destruction.

    The author hopes this won’t occur for the sake of “The Children”!

    Ergo, ?????

    What a maroon!

    • morris adams

      barebones–yeah that children thing gave me an eye-roll too. the only thing about children, is they should be armed as well!! all 3 of mine can shoot and only one is ”old enough”.

      AmbrociousXP— you’re close, my only argument would be that if this happens, i don’t believe those commanders would be part of the ”complex”, i think that’s mostly politicians and contractors, i think if a GENERAL pulled that lever, i think HE may well be on his own. know what i mean??

      gramps43— you are correct! to include ”progressive” republicans.

      ilinigirl– you’re stoopit, why are you here?

      tombraider– we’ve only ever had one option. as soon as this POS stole the 2012, we were at war. and it will make our fabric impregnable, not destroy it. chin up, chest out!

      patriot– you misspelled it. it’s ”mid-term elections Nigged”, you wrote rigged. no thanks necessary. :lol:

  • jeffstiles

    They have my support….We can not continue with this guy in OUR HOUSE!

    • morpheus

      Amen jeff

    • Iamacitizen2

      It use to be Our House in DC but don’t forget the “shut the front door” and barred we the people especially if you are a Christian and a pro lifer from ever entering it again, however; if you are the head of some type of ideology groupies or pro abortions, gay, etc. well the welcome mat is down and ready for your entrance. Let’s not forget you must be a card carrying socialist and loves radicalism, and you are part of an elite group of lies, deceit and of course the biggie coverups.

      God bless us one and all that still believe in God and I pray we the people that do survive what is to come in hopes to be able to see America survive the burning of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and Emancipation Proclamation surely applies to any color nowadays.

  • AmbrociousXP

    The danger of a coup is that the military industrial complex would then be in control over the USA; we would be governed by the barrel of the gun for however long they choose.

    Question to all: Who would make a good President to immediately replace Obama?

    • Anonymous


    • Gramps43

      Anybody who isn’t a registered Democrat!!

    • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

      Anybody with more brains than a brick and morals above that of a homosexual mink!

      Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,
      Aku Press, LLC.

    • Anonymous

      Our dog Charlie the Chihuahua. Native born Mexican American and his father was born in this country, and unlike obama, his papers are real!

      • anarchialdesire

        Why do people feel they need government? What’s the matter can’t wipe your on asses. Why do people feel the need to have to be told what to do?

    • fuzzy696

      The only person is RON PAUL

    • Murph

      I think a 3 year old shaking a magic 8 ball would be far superior to our current administration

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul is without a doubt the best man to run our country. I can think of few that would extremely well but Ron Paul is the only man that save the country.

    • Anonymous

      There’s only one candidate for that job!! It’s called ‘Human Evolution’!!

      And whichever jurisdiction get’s it first, wins all the geniuses and leads the way the rest of the 21st C. It is inevitable, just where and exactly when is the question.

      The tipping point for the US is 50 million supporters, so you can hope it’ll be happen, but it’s really not likely. It’s more likely to crash under some other flawed rule of man crony mob like the Rome it’s modeled after.

    • Anonymous

      Rand Paul is the only intelligent conservative running. Who else understands Economy? Even Romney did not understand how the Economy works although he rightly argued for lowering taxes, but was all for further expansion of govt.
      Only Rand Paul can be trusted at this time, and of course the greatest: Ron Paul if he would be fit enough to want to run I think the entire country would rally around him. After eight years of waking up the country I think he would be welcomed with opened arms.
      If we had a tear in our eye with the thought Obama could unite all Americans, we’ll gush tears when Ron Paul wins the Presidential election in 2016. America will become greater and emulated more than ever in its history with the great Ron Paul at the helm.

    • Anonymous

      Rand Paul would be wonderful, but the best by far is he who has awakened the masses, the great Ron Paul. Dr. Paul knows more about how the Economy works than any Senator, Congressman, Governor or anyone who runs in 2016 presidential elections.
      They hissed and booed Ron Paul, they ignored him, they laughed at him, then they listened and we are ready to beg beg and beg some more for him to lead us in 2016.
      America will become greater than it’s ever been with Dr Paul at the helm.
      Having said that, the question that remains is How do we guarantee legitimate elections? I think numerous gun-carrying professional body-guards can help maintain “order” and not have ballots carried away from polling areas to be counted secretly. All ballots must be counted openly and both parties must approve.
      If Ron Paul runs it will be the biggest landslide ever in American history.

  • IliniGirl

    More “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” drivel.

  • Anonymous


  • TombRaider

    To be quite honest, unless factions of this government step up and do what’s right to restore this nation to its original charter our options are becoming less and less each day. A military coup or civil uprising will tear at the very fabric of this society but we may have no other choice.

  • Patriot

    It’s possible, but only if the 2014 mid-term elections are “rigged.” I don’t believe the American people will allow such a thing to happen again.

    • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham


      And WHAT broom-closet are you getting your DELUSIONS in?

      Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,
      Aku Press, LLC.


    ———————>REVOLUTION NOW<——————————–

  • Gunny

    A coup is the best and quickest way to get rid of that Communist Muslim punk. The massive power of the Communist Party and their useful idiots will do anything including murder to keep him in office. It would take the military to protect citizens from the riots that would ensue.

  • greenghost

    They don’t need to. He is already a puppet to the military industrial complex that pulls his strings.

  • greenghost

    We already have a facist police state controlled by the military. The military is not going to save you they are in bed with Obama all the way.

  • Scared Soldier

    One can only hope but in the aftermath can we expect it to be any better?

  • SakeetaFOREVER

    Military coup in America? Uh that’s called MARTIAL LAW, you sheep.

    Obama already wrote up the executive orders to sign away his rights as President, to the person in charge of national security. :twisted:

  • SakeetaFOREVER

    Also, you are COMPLETELY WRONG. The head military generals have NEVER done anything in the name of whats good for our country.

    They do what is best for THEMSELVES, whatever gives them a bigger paycheck!

    Its clear, that you, the writer of this article, IS A SHEEP AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON!

  • Rhonda

    A question: If the president of a country engages in criminal activity and violates the constitution of a country, and collaborates with terrorists and enemies of the state, is it a coup if the military arrests him? In the case of Egypt you cannot call it a coup, because the only one with all the power was the president, and he’s not going to impeach himself. In the case of Obama, he is clearly a National Security threat, and also to other countries besides the United States. So why not take to the streets demanding he step down. The population of the US is not even 4 times the population of Egypt. It should be possible to get a majority of the electorate to show up. At least the dead people and persons who voted more than once will not be able to show up.

  • pdeibn

    The tilte should be “There should be a military Coup”

  • TruthandFreedom

    Unfortunately, you the writer are wrong!! Every General has been hand selected by Obama. All officers who were pro Christian, pro constitution, and pro USA have already been removed by Obama! All what is left is Obama’s paid assassins!! When he gives the orders these generals will not think twice about killing Americans!

  • iamamerican

    I don’t trust the military.

  • tk-3839

    The President is Galvanizing the willfully uninformed Blacks , White Sympothizer Liberals, conscripted soldiers (alledgedly here to train) from other countries and all forms of controlled Media to defend him from being arrested for his crimes. It’s so obvious the net is closing in and he needs to use the threat of black on white violence to prevent charges from being placed on him and having him impeached. The violent attacks are happening so white people will be forced to fight back and then be made into scapegoats through TV media spin and corrupt investigations. It boils down to being ready to call out the corrupt and hold them accountable by any means and support the patriots who are willing to make the sacrifice and do the hard dark and dirty work that must be done.

  • doggy do

    What a joke.

  • doggy do

    I am curious by what the poster means “our house”. Please elaborate and show Your ignorance.

  • Village-idiot

    Not very likely.
    The American military is running short of ammunition. The NSA has lots.
    The NSA and police are being issued hollow-point bullets.
    The military uses a different calibre than the police and the NSA.
    The Obama administration is certainly afraid of all military personnel; especially the ones returning from action in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    The actual numbers in the military is dropping, while being more than offset by increasing numbers in DHS and the NSA.
    This all part of the master-plan.

    • Anonymous

      Dear VI,

      How about if we start a program to make sure all returning vets have an assault rifle for when the SHTF.

      I will give them one of mine! anyone else going to give a vet an assault rifle?

      Oh yes and to all you dumb asses that think our returning vets are worse than the present administration, Your full of crap, these are the guys going to help us fight the UN troops most of whom are already here.


    The entire world is ashamed of the president of America Barrack Hussein Obama! He is a complete disgrace to the entire world. How can Obama not give the world his true birth certificate and reveal his true identity. Obama is a fraud. But more important, there are no great American people left. Only a bunch of wimps. Show the world that you Americans have the guts to can impeach Obama and we will have faith in the USA again. America is right now the laughing stock of the world.
    You stupid fat bunch of turf head Americans!! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!
    One last thought – America will leave Iraq with their tails between their legs, just like all the previous wars they lost – just the same way you AMERICANS CANNOT IMPEACH OBAMA!

  • justiceday

    lets hope its not our own military they are worse than Obama! they rape and bully and kill with no problem!


    Show me one country run by an African president that’s not in trouble? Show me America in 2 years. IMPEACH THE THUG NOW – YOU STUPID AMERICANS, when will you learn?
    Get rid of Obama! We have inside info that there is descrepencies in his honor for the USA.
    AMERICA WILL GO DOWN. That’s his goal.
    Don’t be surprised if MUSLIMS GET MORE PRIVILEGES?

  • wvbowhunter

    There will be no coup. Obama is replacing generals who took an oath to defend, and is replacing them with his cronies.

  • Letfreedomring

    Iceland, Belgium and Luxembourg all peacefully forced their entire governments to resign. Where are the Americans? The military has been compromised, a coup would put the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

  • Anonymous

    To have a military coup to get rid of the schwarza mamzer & his puppet masters, you need some military officers with “INTEGRITY” & looking at the US military for the last 20 years, I don’t think that you could find one or two officers with “INTEGRITY” in the US arm forces. :twisted:

  • justwondering

    Less talk and more action please :wink: :wink:

  • frank

    A coup would be risky! After going to the judges and they dont act , put your confidence to god ask him to intervene..if there is anough people praying for this because of injustice prayer wont be left unheard !

  • Dolores

    Why do you suppose that Obama had Chris Kyle murdered?
    Now, do not tell me that anyone at BIN believes that the PTSD soldier was experiencing a real PTSD Isolde when Chris was killed………yah, you betcha!
    Obama could not risk having Kyle alive. I wonder why?

  • Anonymous

    Surely a life-loving people who want an honest society would be much better for both them and us!
    Seems to me the only people who would suffer would be the crony mob politicians and bankers, and I’m not fully comfortable calling them ‘human.’

    Here is WHY the in-human PTS karma the police and military suffer now:

    Mark Passio On Dark Occultists’ Satanic Mockery of Police And Military – Free Your Mind (2011)


    Stop posting nonsense and IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

  • taomaster

    Sounds like Fox & Friends here… lolololol :lol:

    • no2lies

      seriously… If I hear anymore of this republican hogwash I’m gonna vomit.


    I HOPE we have a coup! There will be no America left for the children if we don’t do something FAST!!!! Prepping, talking, whining isn’t getting us anywhere. I wish to God the military would over throw this God foresaken dictator title president. There are plenty of us out there that would support them. I’m ready willing and able.
    Arm the men, arm the women, arm the children and lets get this coup rolling!!!

  • gmwtexas

    How beautiful a Military Coup would be. Anythings is better than what we have now and where we’re going.

  • zeus


    watch the dates- july 29th and august fifth for major news days for quakes and weather disaster!! cycle of nines prime masonic number dates

    we will see this new tropical storm wreak havoc with much rain on lowere gulf states,but the biggies will be the next one or the fifth named storm will become a major hurrican. for east coast.
    in the meantime prepare for dorian(grey)
    this date could be somewhere in the sept-9th-16th timeframe
    Like · · Promote

    Charles Buchanan solar flares are on the way for sept. as well,but they are flares created by large solar mirrors in space…having been built in the last twenty years for a knock down of americas power grids and bringing in the NWO-EMPIRE

  • greyfox

    while I agree, perish the thought

  • Tim

    Steve Pieczenik Calls for Military Junta – Arrest or Assassinate the Treasonous Criminals in Office –

  • Tim
  • clockwork angel

    Im wondering when the SHTF which countries would jump at supplying arms to those civilian patriots who support a coup.

  • Mirabolin

    The only people destroying Murica are the barbaric gentiles (Christians and atheists both – there is no such thing as an American Christian who isn’t a cultural marxist at bottom). The Muslim world would be perfectly happy never having anything to do with Murica.

  • truthzilla

    Obama? Pfft! He has no power, He does nothing. He is a puppet. If the military ever “takes over” the government it will done on orders by the same guys pulling obamas’ strings.

  • AJjj100

    The man who should have been elected president in the first place, Ron Paul would be an excellent president. He is for the U.S. constitution and freedom. What our fore fathers gave us in the first place.

  • Paul

    Check out what the Libertarian Party can do for you.
    Keep your guns.
    Abolish IRS and Fed Reserve
    Stop War including the failed drug war.

    • Anonymous

      I’m as Libertarian as Libertarian gets, however first, it’d be nice if they could stop warring amongst themselves.
      At any rate, they’re a bit too little, too late …

    • Anonymous

      Gary Johnson is great, but he’s not nearly well known as Ron Paul or even Rand Paul now who’s always in the limelight fighting the forces of evil – a chip off the ole block.
      No, Ron Paul would do the trick easily. In two more years we’ll all be chanting for Dr Paul to lead us. We can only hope he’s fit and willing – he can always step down after two years; we should be out of the woods by then.

  • Thorin

    I hope so

  • mortimerzilch

    dumb, totally dumb. THE MILITARY – along with the Intelligence Establishment – are ALREADY running the government. Where have you been?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been saying it for a very long time, our military needs to step in and stop the underhand takeover of our country by these criminals in congress. Listen, you can choose to believe or not, i could care less. Our country is being hijacked right before our eyes and we can’t seem to do anything about it. The population in general is very passive and will not take it to the streets unless some one in power says to do so. Needless to say, those in power now–yeah, the ones stealing our country, want to keep it just the way it is going. That’s why i want the military to storm Washington and kick all politicians out, put them on trial for crimes against the USA, and execute them if it requires it. My comment may sound way over the top but we really need help here.

  • Anonymous

    Surely a life-loving people who want an honest society would be much better for both them and us!
    Seems to me the only people who would suffer would be the crony mob politicians and bankers, and I’m not at all comfortable calling them ‘human.’

    Here is WHY the in-human Post Traumatic Stress karma the police and military suffer now, and this is nothing compared to what they face without a peaceful Evolutionary coup against fascism:

    Mark Passio On Dark Occultists’ Satanic Mockery of Police And Military – Free Your Mind (2011)

  • Anonymous

    Military coup? We should hope so – why shouldn’t there be? We had a coup against Pres. Kennedy perpetrated by then VP Lyndon Johnson, and what about Lincoln? Wasn’t the Civil War a coup against all Americans to centralize govt with the ruse being to free the slaves? Btw, what was so civil about the Civil War — it was the bloodiest war ever fought. It was actually a Revolutionary War — a war which turned the direction of the country back to the way it was in Britain, run by a dictator named Lincoln — from that time forward the Federal Govt gave us “orders” instead of We The People giving States orders and States together telling Govt what it wanted. Seems to me we needed a bull dog for security but got an alpha wild dog who had no intention of staying on a leash. It makes sense that the South wanted to secede from the so-called “Union”. Lincoln hated blacks, wanted them colonized and sent far away from America. Lincoln caused the deaths of 800,000 Americans, black and white, when in fact we could easily have freed slaves as most other countries did: by vote and financial compensation to the landowners. But Lincoln’s agenda was to expand govt and destroy the Republic as our founding fathers created it. From that point on it was a Democracy or mob ruled by one over-powering central govt.
    We’ve been had, again and again. As I’m writing this, DHS is building the largest headquarters in
    the nation, and are preparing for War against Civilians. So if we keep talking and not thinking
    and preparing for war, we’re all gonna be dead soon.
    And how about what Franklin Roosevelt did? Got us into a war and kept us in the Depression 15
    years longer than any other country. Seems to me we Americans did not have a very illustrious
    history. We’ve had as much pain and suffering as any country, but in America it was unnecessary
    and done not by might but by cunning, which to me means a coup. Most citizens haven’t got a
    clue that we’ve been duped time and time again by the govt that we invented. I think it’s time we
    let govt know we are firing them. In this day and age with computers and internet, we no longer
    need a govt as the State’s can communicate instantaneously by computer. A country-wide Militia
    can easily supplant the military soldiers we have, in fact a militia where ALL citizens own
    weapons of choice would make an unbeatable army.
    We are under siege. Why shouldn’t there be a coup? There’s been several the last 150 years.
    See ya in hell ya’ll.

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