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The Truth Behind the Anti-Q Anon Attacks Revealed- Help Spread!!!

Truth and Art TV Today I discuss the developing events of the past week, we consider all the latest postings by Trump administration Q level clearance patriots on the new location for Q anon postings at (FYI) and finally this week I break down everything you need to know

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The Truth Behind the Anti-Q Anon Attacks Revealed- Help Spread!!!

Definitely 3 Shooters at Florida High School Says Eye Witness

Robert Mueller Should be Arrested

Valentines Massacre and School Shootings Agenda

Global Elite Arrange for the Destruction of Humanity at World Government Summit

Population "Control," New World Order Style

NWO Antichrist Currency Rises in America: FedCoin to Make a Grand Entrance

Uranium One Executive Killed in Russian Airplane Explosion

Globalist Agent Take Down in the Whitehouse

European Union Threatens Countries—Do This or Else We Will Use Force…Huge!

Global ‘Civil War’ Begins—Unprecedented Turn and Earth Is The Battlefield...

U4gm Is the Best Palce to Buy Path of Exile Orbs

PoE: What Kind of Players Are The Top 1%, 0.1% And 0.01%?

This One Factor Defines the Left and Unlocks Deep State Plans

Revelations from God about the Super Blue Blood Moon event and the END OF DAYS!

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution Assessing the Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism

The greatest event in history, and nobody is talking about it!

This Is Why the Deep State Is Terrified of Sean Hannity - Help Spread

Trump Knocks the Globalists Out Cold—You Won’t Believe What He Said at NWO Davos—He Silenced the Room

Congress Pushing Biometric ID; “Mark of Beast…Wrath of God” Revelation 14

Alert: Nibiru Ship Squadron Ignite Volcano With Directed Energy Weapon. Watch 1080P

New, Robert David Steele former CIA, Trump VS. The Deep State Who Will Win?

Courage to Face True History

In Sweden starting year 2018 and 2020, the pension and retirement age will be 69 years with plans for 75

Q Drops New Bombshell! Checkmate for Soros, Podesta, Brazile - Prison

Sweden the New World Order country in action, were to use cash is seen criminal.

The Emperor's New Clothes - The Re-Incarnation of the Holy Roman Empire

Nibiru Ship and Sun Simulator Revealed / Explained With Breathtaking Footage!

The Pope's Problem with Immigration & God's Promise to Abraham

Marney Wrote That Markle’s ‘Seed’ Will ‘Taint Our Royal Family’ & ‘Next Will Be a Muslim’ Prime Minister & ‘a Black King’