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YouTube Took Down Video After 50,000 Views. 100% Hoax False Flag Virginia Shooting TV Crew Journalist Alison and Adam 8-26-15

Friday, August 28, 2015 17:33
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  • Tennessee Dan

    Keep it simple.

    The gunman walks up and no one notices…..Or at least acts like they don’t.
    He points a gun for a few seconds right at the reporter and no one notices.
    He waits for the camera man to turn around before shooting.
    Why is the camera man getting location shots in the middle of a face to face interview by the way?
    Shooters video goes black but the audio keeps going. Who edited it?

    Also, the shooter is white!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the hand on the gun. If he isn’t white, he is way more light skinned than the guy who got suicided in a rental car. So much for the disgruntled black former news anchor.

    • Equalizer

      After over 15 years in TV/Film there is absolutly no way somone/anyone can get this close to camera and crew without being approached by security personel, especally if they were recently fired and disgrunteled, no way what so ever. “False flag” event.

    • PackersGo

      You have never filmed TV now have you? I have and you do not see anything but what your job is – The lens because that is what the viewers see! You do not notice anyone because you are 100% focused on what you, the viewer, is watching.

      OK, lets say your on your computer at work. Do you see anyone sneaking up on you from behind, or do you focus on your computer reading? But instead of just you and the computer, if you make a mistake or pause, you can, but on live TV, you can not. Just telling you your “theory” is 100% wrong, but makes sense to those who do not know how filming works…

      • FarmerX

        Filming the scenery during a personal interview, is that a regular part of production recording?
        It wasn’t when I was on TV.

      • FindtheTruth

        Yeah, I see people sneaking up on me when I’m sitting at the computer. I can not only see them, but I can feel them. So your logic is bunk.

      • Rollo57

        So they don’t have security? Who was looking out for ‘joe public’ tripping over that cable?
        This stinks to high heaven! The first thing they do is ask for gun control?

      • Nancy636

        she looked at him, I am sorry but most are aware of what is going on around them

    • King of Shambhala

      Hey check out Trump going after Hillary big time. It’s now. The moment is now.

      Donald Trump Calls Anthony Weiner ‘Sleazebag’ and ‘Perv’ at Event (Video) Sarah Palin Slams Jorge Ramos vs Trump

      • dumdumno1

        King of shambles is a paid Trump shill, Please DO NOT CLICK on any of his links. DO NOT BELIEVE any thing this liar says.

    • Overmind

      Yeap, noticed the white hand myself.

      Maybe it’s Michael Jackson :D

    • Nyyk4

      I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with your eyes but his had looks 100% black to me! Maybe a trip to the eye doctor is in order for you.

  • Factsfirst

    Why don’t I blow all your minds with an observation.

    Where does the news footage come from? Because it certainly does not come from the same intersection that the shooters footage comes from.

    How do I know this? Simple really, watch the shooters approach, there is a wooden hand rail on his left just a few feet from the windows. In the news footage there is no hand rail by the windows. If he were standing on the same walkway there would be a rail between him and the windows. If he were standing on the walkway in the direction she ran looking back towards the camera man then the windows would be on his right not his left.

  • ConfuciousSay

    Give your guns to the Aliens, ok? That’s all they really want.

  • Cynical Catholic Jew

    Very POOR AUDIO can’t hear a single thing you are saying. Uhhhh………

    • FromDeath 2Life

      Sorry I have a cheap Logitech gaming headset. LOL :mrgreen:

  • DeAcero

    Yeah this whole thing is pure BS:

    Blood Spray?
    Bloody / muddy footprint on wooden planking in News shot, not in ‘Shooter’ footage.
    They didn’t notice the gun less than five feet away from them? Peripheral vision catches something dangerous like a GUN and a menacing individual in an instant… no way they wouldn’t have noticed that.
    They didn’t notice a guy loudly walking up on a ‘closed’, isolated live interview?
    Small cell phone doesn’t shake from recoil when other hand is shooting a gun?
    Odd ‘Go-Pro’-style, ‘Call of Duty’-style Aim-down-sight footage. Lol – this takes practice and planning, and necessitates the shooter blocking at least one eye – see the videos from the popular comedy / action youtuber “freddyw”.
    Go-Pro style of photographing isn’t matched by ‘clear image of killer’ released by news – his left hand is DOWN, and holding no cell-phone!
    Positioning wrong of shooter in two pieces of footage.
    Odd background of Reporter, photographer, interviewee, ‘shooter’…. all actors involved.
    Typical found-the-evidence-within-days-proving-the-guy-is-a-loner-right-wing-nutcase shtick.

    These idiots just keep trying to convince us there’s a race war coming.

    Just chill out people. There is good and evil in all races.

    Link up with your neighbors regardless of race – link up with the people who ARE good, or who are honestly working on the path to BEING good. Move close to eachother, pool your resources and fight off the pillaging hordes / jackboots of ALL races which will attack when SHTF.

    • Texas Lovin\'

      Right. I never seen any blood after 6 shots coming from her. Don’t you think you’d see blood splatter or on her dress right away gushing out?

      • B D Price

        Somebody has a lawsuit against Glock.
        His three times at least, this woman is still able to run. Or does Glock make BB guns?

        • TruthMatters

          … more likely the shooter was shooting blanks. She was never really hit by anything. Is there even a pic of her being on the ground? Poor acting by poorly prepared amateurs.

      • countrygirl

        If she were really shot at point blank range multiple times, there would be blood, don’t see how she would even possibly be able to run due to the injury. My first reaction when I first read the news was what a ridiculous “made for tv” event. Completely absurd. Forgive me if I am wrong, but watching this video leaves no doubt to me. How could no one see the gun being pointing for at least 1-2 minutes?? Ridiculous!

    • conscious soul

      Great comment!

  • unidentified

    it’s the type of crime a stalker might do, the shooter wasnt known as a stalker or having a police record for harassment, he must have a police record or some kind of warning signals, have his parents and siblings been interviewed yet, why about the kids he went to school with, lots of missing details, oftentimes these criminals dont have a past which is odd in itself

  • Ideas Time

    Just another HOAX and those who buy it are part of the problem.

    • Elekwense

      Yeah, there’s alot of morons who automatically accept it. That doesn’t mean every news story is a hoax, but its foolish to assume its legit without any investigation or questioning. Reminds me of this quote from the protocols of zion:

      “If we have been able to bring them to such a pitch of stupid blindness is it not a proof, and an amazingly clear proof, of the degree to which the mind of the GOYIM is undeveloped in comparison with our mind? This it is, mainly, which guarantees our success.”

  • FindtheTruth

    I think he was a TI.

  • FarmerX

    Nope, No Way! That woman was not shot. She was just scared. Effectively a prank being touted as real.

  • tonygreen

    Anybody notice the the “victims” were both wearing the Satanic Illuminati colors of black & red?

  • RationalSkeptic

    Quite understandable. Relatives of the persons shot probably wanted the video removed from Youtube.

    • FromDeath 2Life

      This video should give them excitement or hope because it doesn’t look real… does it???

  • Techhuis

    If you get shot twice how can you go on and run i think you fall down right away right…?

    • voiceofreason

      That’s the way it always happens on TV right? The severity of a gunshot wound has a lot of factors such as the caliber of bullet used and shot placement. Even if a person is shot in the heart or brain can remain lucid and active for a short time. Gunshot wounds are like fingerprints, no two are the same. Shock and fear also play a role in how the body responds to such trauma. She was in a “fight or flight” situation and probably was four steps into running away before she realized that she was injured. We do not see the cameraman but he was up against the rail and had no path to run from the attacker. The sound of the gunshot is what scares them all at the same time. Human instinct causes you to look towards the sound to access the danger and that is exactly what she did.

      • Global Grist

        As she is running away in high heels she is getting hit in the back by bullets but they don’t knock her off balance? She doesn’t fall? Based on what I’ve seen in the video the guy was shooting blanks. There is zero video evidence to support real bullets.

        When was the cameraman shot? He was within a few feet of the guy and yet he doesn’t immediately attack while the guy is supposedly pumping several rounds into the reporter?
        Hogwash! If I’m standing right there about to be shot, I’m going to attack. Use the camera as a shield, do something to help.

        This whole thing looks staged.

        Where is the blood? I saw one picture of the cameraman lying right next to the railing with his head conveniently in the shadows so you couldn’t see anything. If he was shot in the head, there should be some evidence of bleeding.

        This whole thing stinks.

        Father and fiance come on the news the same day with their robotic, emotionless commentary? What a farce.

        As my son’s Bart Simpson doll says when you pull his string…”Kids in TV-land, you’re being duped.”

        Wasn’t one of the main characters in the Sandy Hook drama named Parker too? Robbie?
        Who was the cameraman? Adam? Who was the shooter in Sandy Hook? Adam?
        Beyond coincidence.

  • Anonymous

    The “hollow” gunshot sounds after the camera goes black is created after he follows the reporter into the enclosed walkway. It makes the gunshots sound like a indoor range because it is enclosed.

  • sleepy

    They did a TV shot at the same place where the “killing” took place. How could they have cleaned it up so fast? :roll:

  • Snowball

    All three of the people involved are DEAD and the resort owner is injured.
    This shooting was NOT A HOAX.
    The apparent proximity of Flanagan is an illusion caused by his ZOOMING IN
    on the victims when he shot them. The ZOOM makes his arm/gun appear
    about 10 times closer than he actually was.

    • Elekwense

      What proof do you have that they’re dead? Please provide your source.

  • voiceofreason

    For those of you who think this is not real…….you are a moron. I don’t mean that as an insult…’s an aspiration because the same people who don’t believe this is real, also believe Sandy Hook is not real and I can assure you that it is. I have a personal friend who lost a child there and their loss is very real. Watch a few convenience store robbery videos and you will rethink your ignorant position.

    • DK

      Evidence is what is seen, what is not seen is the triangulation from the three cellphone towers servicing the phone – which itself belongs to the assailant, which should have his movements to the inch by virtue of triangulation throughout the entire day.

      Then prints on the weapon, ownership documents and the Security camera footage which is good for a week all of which should be part of a murder investigation along with a coroners report o perhaps 3 victims and the possible accomplice, the boyfriend who posted an obituary of his girlfriend on twitter just before the event.

      Because unless the shooter bleached his hands he was not the suspect, but perhaps the suspects a patsy who was a really good friend and confident and was framed for a film and book deal therefore you should be looking at the investigation and its quality – not peoples beliefs, evidence is what is seen and evidence has been seen, it is just that other people see a different body to you and are eliminating ALL the possibilities by deduction in the comments section. Cui Bono always Cui Bono.

      • voiceofreason

        The white hands are a result of lighting. If I were to shine a bright light on a black surface in your direction, it would appear brighter or even white itself. Those are his hands. Any professional photographer would tell you that.

        • DK

          Actually watching the initial scenes again the cameraman is bronzed compared to the shooters hands which are identical in color to both the interviewer and the interviewee, so unless there is a 2000 lumens Halon light on the head of the shooter I call foul on his skin color. The same exterior low level dawn light level affects everyone.

          • voiceofreason

            He had the cell phone right up against his hand, so the light level would be brighter on his hand than anywhere else in the film my friend. Tis all academic at his point would you not agree? It’s real, deal with it.

          • DK

            I will await the coroners report and Inquest.

        • FromDeath 2Life

          News outlets said he didn’t use a cell phone to record. He had a gopro strap to his chest.

          • You People Are Nuts

            ha ha ha….got rid of that shill….

    • TruthMatters

      Then how do you explain 10 that the shirt the guy wore in the close-up’s was blue … but in the “from-the-ground” shot, it was much darker … and 2) the gun in the close-up shots was a glock. How do you explain that”from-the-ground” shot (pic) the gun was an entirely different gun … hummmm?

  • Logicgirl

    Snowball makes perfect sense here. The zooming in could make him look closer than he really was. However, it does appear that he walks right up to them….then steps back. I am guessing that nobody paid attention to him because of the following reasons. The woman being interviewed most likely assumed he was with the film crew. The woman doing the interview most likely assumed he was an employee of the park. Therefore, neither women paid attention. That would make sense during a live shot where they had to get this right.
    There is plenty about this story that makes no sense. Let’s not start reaching.
    How did he know where they would be that morning. He had not worked there in two years. Not logical. He pegged his timing to the exact moment they would be live on air. What luck he had. Not logical. He shot himself while driving, then wrecked. The car looks like it was just driven there and parked….not wrecked. He had a 9mm Glock firing directly at her…and missed? The filming went black, but the audio kept going? Clearly, someone is wagging the dog here.

    • padgett

      Usually with live shots, they are done every half hour in the morning, and usually from the same exact location, which is usually announced or written in the graphic at the bottom of the screen. Chances are, Vester was just watching television to find the location.
      Media likes to sensationalize, so when they say he crashed, it is for maximum shock value. In reality the coward probably just went into a ditch on the side of the road and shot himself.
      Im no ballistics expert, but Alison does appear to be knocked back by the first or second shot. Adrenaline is HUGE…people in battle have had limbs blown off and dont even realize what happened until they try to walk on the foot or leg that is no longer there.
      Finally, I worked with Adams fiance in Vermont. We both moved to Virginia, I to Norfolk, and her to Roanoke. My wife and I went to Water Country with Adam and Melissa, had dinner at Virginia Beach together, and hung out with the both of them in their apartment in Roanoke after our stay in Natural Bridge. Adam would give a stranger the shirt off his back. He was such a good guy, and deserves to be remembered as such.

      • Logicgirl

        Even if the live shots are done every half hour, the place is huge. Would still take some doing to pinpoint where the interview is being done at the site. AGAIN, two years after he was fired?
        The fact that you had dinner, and hung out with or worked with Adam and his fiance proves nothing, padgett. How well do we really know anyone? If the powers that be approached and said they’d set you up for life….all you had to do was fake your death to further an agenda, I’m guessing many would do it.

        It has already been revealed the reporter’s “father” is an actor. He can’t even fake a good cry on TV…no tears…so I’d say he’s not a good actor.

        Things just don’t add up. Nobody is questioning Adam’s character, padgett. This has nothing to do with his character. People are just questioning if they are being told the truth.

  • VomitO

    Everytime the Leftist Guns kick off a new Gun Grabbing Scheme to overthrow the Constitution, they kick it off with one of their leftist nutjobs shooting people in a staged event. sometimes it’s faked, other times they really kill people like when they Assassinated the Judge that was investigating the Fast and Furious gun Running Scheme Obama was using to Funnel Military Arms to Islamic Militants for the kick off of ARAB SPRING and the execution of Gadaffi. The Leader of those rebels that fought for Obama in Arab Spring is ironically the same guy that is now Caliph of ISIS

  • Sunshine

    Yeah, the shooters hand is WHITE ! And is that ‘Dewey Cox’s’ movie mom she is interviewing?

  • sm24153

    This one is tough for me. I went to high school with victim Adam Ward and had a photojournalism class with him in middle school. I will admit a lot of things don’t add up here, but if it was a hoax where are the victims now? I know Adam worked for WDBJ7 and was not a paid actor.

    • unidentified

      a local tv news channel might try to pull a fast-one (prank) or hoax for a few reasons, but in this case its the cameraman and reporter that are now “dead” , might they have been relocated to somewhere else for some reason, they seemed to have a very good rapport together by looks of their personal photos together ‘on assignment’ , but thats just reckless imagination and speculation :arrow: :arrow:


    All of these disputes would easily be solved if they’d just release the security camera footage…. :wink:

    • FromDeath 2Life

      But they wont. Just like all the rest.

  • Human Shield

    So your standing about six feet away from target yet fail to get a killshot with the first shot? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  • desertspeaks


    • FromDeath 2Life


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Oops, wrong link before. THIS VID busts the Virginia victim’s “father” as an actor for TV commercials and soap operas:

    • FromDeath 2Life

      Nice. Redsilverj.

  • undecided

    A news crew doesn’t have more than 2-3 people, usually a news person and a camera, that’s it. This is what’s weird about this footage. I’ve done camera work for many years. If I was shot while holding a camera, I would drop it. No doubt. I would drop the camera. This camera doesn’t fly forward. It’s very gently lowered to the ground. It’s even aimed.

    Now it gets interesting. I downloaded the video from YouTube. Then I put in inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Then I set it to play 1 frame a second. When you watch it in 1 frame per second speed, you can see the gun man kicking at the green live wire feed with his feet. It’s like he’s either trying to get the camera to flatten out OR he’s trying to get the green wire to come into frame, depicting a 6. I realize wire always forms circles, but why is he pushing the wire around with his feet? He also seems very calm. Two objects fly through the frame at two separate places. Sometimes bugs fly through the frame and look like that or it could be bullets. Also, why didn’t the camera guy have any reaction? When someone merely bumps me hard I grunt. Nothing from the camera guy, who apparently was a real trooper by laying that camera down so gently after being shot 4 times. So he had the forethought and energy to lay the camera down gently, but didn’t have the natural reaction to make a sound when he was shot?

  • DK

    I wonder how they got around this ?
    AT&T/Cingular appears to keep all of its cell tower records since July 2008 (
    Since it would have tracked all participants to the inch.

  • carsonking

    Someone stole four gnomes out if my garden, I swear it was the illuminate, they are just hiding them, it was a false flag job, those gnomes were crisis actors!
    That’s about as ridiculous as the false flaggers in this comment section, forget the OP, that’s out there but you lot need to have a word with yourselves, not every crime is a bloody false flag or an illuminate hit.
    I’m guessing most of you are religionists, this place is Christianity Central these days, your all mad, it’s not me, I wish it was, that would be an isolated case, you lot are rife.
    If Jesus was real, you lot are bastardising his good name, ya numpties.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Long time no see carsonking.Yeah, these religious fanatics see false flags everywhere and can’t wait till the end of the world as they’re too lazy to live their own lives to the fullest.

  • eyeswideopen

    To those sponsored trolls that are spending a lot of time trying to debunk the false flag theory: you have 0 evidence to support it as legitimate except the media account of events. When you spend so much time trying to debunk with nothing to support it you are only giving the false flag theory more credibility. It becomes too obvious. Subtleness required to be an effective sponsored troll. You guys are really quite bad. It is actually embarrassing.

    To those claiming it is a false flag, just provide evidence and refrain from personal opinions. Speculation can be healthy but unfounded claims are only giving the trolls ammunition. The trolls do need the help as they are quite bad at what they do.

    For the record, something isn’t right about the shooting and anyone with at least 1 brain cell can see that. Everyone else is either asleep or a paid troll.

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