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Global ‘Civil War’ Begins—Unprecedented Turn and Earth Is The Battlefield…

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 15:21
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By Lisa Haven


What is Nationalism? According to Wikipedia nationalism is a “patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts towards one country. A feeling of superiority of your country over others. Advocacy of political independence for a particular country.”

I don’t know about you but Nationalism sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. Loving your country, the country you pay taxes to, the country you were born in, the country that you live in. In a nutshell “nationalism” is “patriotism for your country.” So what the heck is wrong with the looney left and why do they want to lead us into the hands of suppression and globalism and away from the American spirit?

All that and more in the report below…

That said, let’s not forget that the United Nations labeled populism and nationalism enemy number one.

“The UN Security Council’s permanent members – China, France, Russia, the UK and the US – indeed “roam around freely” lacking respect for international law or the authority of the UN, once more pursuing their respective nationalist agendas without any pretense of accountability. These countries are also the major consumers and exporters of military hardware, facilitating both militarism and “merchants of death.””

“If Washington goes ahead with its threats to reduce drastically UN funding and end cooperation with and participation in various UN organs, it should certainly be viewed as a significant setback for both the UN and its current US adversary. While we are confident that the UN as an institution would survive these financial and political setbacks, we are not so sure that Trumpism will long endure.”

Those are two concerning quotes from an article written by three former UN insiders in light of Donald Trump’s push to cut UN funding. The article further goes on to detail how the “UN is the last effective mechanism to protect mankind.”

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We survived many years without the New World Order governing body and we can survive many more years without them.

To be frank, the United Nations has gone way too far and now that President Trump is pushing to cut up to 50% of the funds to the UN, they are fighting back by labeling populism and nationalism enemy number one, and even going as far as to threaten that “Trumpism” will not endure. The only question in my mind is how exactly will this globalist’s governing body fight back, a body that has existed since 1945 on the financial flow of US tax dollars that are now being cut? All that and more is this IMPORTANT report…




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  • Counter Analysis

    Globalism is the continuation of the original goals of the Illuminati to abolish religion and national governments with borders. But the deeper goal is to prepare the world for the coming antichrist who will attempt to consolidate a global dictatorship and one world religion. The spirit behind globalism is satanic, and people either discern this and resist it, or they are deceived and led astray. Thus there is a great dichotomy between those who love God and those who are globalists. The globalists almost always promote:

    abortion which is murder
    homosexuality and transgenderism
    communism or its variants of socialism
    loose sex with many partners
    genetic modification of crops and even humans
    hostility toward all who love God and most especially Christians
    primacy of the state over the individual
    disregard for private property (except for that of the leftist elites)
    disregard for civil liberties including free speech when they clash with the leftist agenda.
    Leftism against conservatism (though there are many leftist Christians who mean well)
    collectivism at the expense of hard working individuals
    Denial of one creator God who rules supreme
    Denial of intelligent creation of the universe and all life by God

    Many deceived globalist mean well and are repelled from what they perceive as coming from the other camp:

    racism, gender discrimination, persecution of homosexuals and transgenders
    war due to conflict between nations and the corrupt influence within nations
    Oppression of the poor by the elite
    Denial of the perceived right for all to be well fed, medically cared for, and have a good standard of living
    Oppression from Christian influence attempting to legislate or heap shame upon lifestyle choices of drugs, sex, homosexuality, etc..
    Oppression from Christian influence attempting to take away the right to abortion (murder).

    Abortion is viewed as a way to escape the financial, physical, and mental burden of bearing children so as to allow one to continue their chosen sexual lifestyle. The lies of pseudo science (evolution, spontaneous generation of the first living cell) allow people to deny the unborn child is an eternal being with an eternal soul created by God. Hence they can destroy this clump of cells denying this eternal being from developing its soul and character in the world as God intends.

    Globalism is luciferianism in disguise. People like to accuse religion (mostly Christianity and maybe Islam) as being the cause of war, but the Godless Communists and fascists have killed hundreds of millions. Globalism is world wide communism and fascism combined. Many view Christian America as the main purveyor of worldwide war and chaos. Closer inspection will reveal such actions by America are undertaken by globalist who have taken over America. Globalists such as Hillary, Obama, the Bushes and a huge number of deep-state globalists are responsible for most of America’s sins. Christians are also responsible in so much as they have not reviled and resisted the takeover by these globalist criminals, but it is not the Christian spirit that is behind globalism.

  • Canderson

    What is Nationalism?
    Expression of the Nation is Nationalism.

    The EU version of what a nation is equal to
    Otto Bauer and Joseph Stalin’s version of what a nation is:
    “A nation is an aggregate of people bound in a community of the character … by a common destiny.”
    This is wrong ! This is pure Red- Marxist- bull.
    The real, the true definition of what a NATION is:
    A Nation is a collective of people united by common factors such as language, religion, ethnicity, descent, history, culture, traditions,
    a shared governance and social norms.
    Expression of the Nation is Nationalism.

    • Canderson

      Expression of the Nation is Nationalism. = harmony.

      “A nation is an aggregate of people bound in a community of the character … by a common destiny. = ”Empire Power Mongers (often psychopaths or all the time, I just wanted a glimpse of hope there too.)

      • Canderson

        Horned ”Empire Power Mongers with power as Aphrodisiac. And Adrenochrome as a high, killing babies makes you God in your sick mind that is. A Tyrant upon this Earth (god in your sick mind), but in the End you all bleed you too. (That is why trans-humanism)

        Adrenochrome is also mentioned in A Clockwork Orange but is called Drenchrom, and is found in the milk at Korova Milk Bar.
        HELLO (Psychopaths) by ULTRAVOX

      • Canderson

        Of-course you are the money behind the UN, the Communists that say they are not but they act all the same, the NWO Tyrant. And by the way exterminator of all Human life but them selves, then they will grow people in spastic-wombs genetically enhanced (according to them)
        It is called The Rockefeller Jews in the US.

        * they are Mongols,Huns,Turks, they are no Jews even the word is a hoax.
        Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech (And He alone is why we not should seek the real final solution to the problem.)

  • Canderson

    Mark Weber On Why Hitler Invaded the Soviet Union

    If it were not for Hitler all of Europe would have fallen to communism. They killed the wrong pig (as Gen Patton said)
    Should have been Stalin.

    Averell Harriman dictator of Russia 1942-1944. (See Eustace Mullins)


    Leuren Moret Fukushima Radiation Is intentional Extermination That HAARP Tesla Technolog

    Cuba Researcher Enrique Artalejo confirms Leuren Moret’s expose of Fidel Castro as global Illuminati-New World Order asset.
    Artalejo exposes Castro as CIA assassin & operative in 1948 Bogotazo & 1947 Santo Domingo CIA operation

  • patann

    -Hello, Anybody Out There?

    -The Little Miya Girl Of Apocalypse Our Procrastinating Escape Vehicles, Indeed,

    AMTV, Chris, Will Your Money Run or Ascend With You? Why Holy Spirits 2002, The Enron Attack Said, Drop Your Pensions (Money Markets), And Get To The Hills, Altars And Grab Bags, Remember, Even Holy Spirits For three Night Are Screaming This, Something About The Eastern Seaboard, Escape! Apb

    When I looked To The Hills For Help, A Giant, Shaped Out Of The Sun, Blocking Out The Sky, Diamond Carved, Crystal Dove Arrived,

    -Now do you all see why a predicted four continents to nations in a block, 2002 and Trump’s White House 2017, fifty million will die? Tens of millions US soil, then come the pale horse, something I was warning a month past, unknowingly the very anniversary of the flu pandemic of 1918, that an alike but worse epidemic was pending US and Western soil, join your elephants of once staying unaware, get to stameding as well! Holy Spirits, as the seventh angel, Rev. 17/18, for three nights of dreaming, Jan. 26-29th, were screaming in urgencies about this November 4th delayed. As of an outbreak of mortuary US soil, as Ezekiel 7th, now come, as in right now come, tell the people even the eastern seaboard, altars and grab bags, even dutchsinse, earthquake specialist said, have them at your readied exit, I apostle THEY call me, say no further the delay, escape, escape, escape! Beware, Apb, see more here, and here, and here,

    Give here,, QA, Comments Here,

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