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Stunner! World Tribune Reports: Forensic Findings on Obamas Birth Certificate: A 100% Forgery, No Doubt About it

Monday, July 8, 2013 17:46
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The “World Tribune” may be the very first mainstream media outlet to make such a pronouncement and goes on to lay out FACTS provided by Sheriff Joe Apraio’s investigation headed up by Detective Mike Zullo! 

Special to

By Grace Vuoto

There is a problem with President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate: It’s a forgery, say multiple forensic experts who have examined it. A report detailing the evidence will soon be presented to Congress.

On April 27, 2011 the White House released Mr. Obama’s long-form birth certificate in an attempt to quell a public firestorm over the validity of the shorter version he provided prior to his 2008 election. A group of concerned citizens in Arizona suspected the Certificate of Live Birth produced in 2011 by the administration was fabricated; they asked Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County to investigate. 

“We have obtained an affidavit from a certified document analyzer, Reed Hayes, that states the document is a 100 percent forgery, no doubt about it,” said Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator Lt. Mike Zullo in an exclusive interview with WorldTribune.

This is a key development, asserts Lt. Zullo, because Mr. Hayes is a certified handwriting analyst and forensic document examiner who worked repeatedly for Perkins Coie, a reputable law firm, and was deemed a dependable professional in their legal cases. Moreover, Perkins Coie has defended Mr. Obama in his legal jousts on the birth certificate matter over the past five years.

“Mr. Obama’s operatives cannot discredit him,” said Lt. Zullo. “Mr. Hayes has been used as the firm’s reliable expert. The very firm the president is using to defend him on the birth certificate case has used Mr. Hayes in their cases.” In addition, Mr. Hayes is a Democrat whose business is based in Hawaii. He cannot easily be accused of having a political axe to grind in this matter, explains Lt. Zullo.

Mr. Hayes initially agreed to simply take a cursory look at the document. Yet, within one hour, he called Lt. Zullo. “There is something wrong with this,” said Mr. Hayes.

A few weeks later, the expert, who has over 20 years of experience and has authored five books on his craft, presented a detailed 40-page report with a stark assessment: “…based on my observations and findings, it is clear that the Certificate of Live Birth I examined is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate, but a digitally manufactured document created by utilizing material from various sources,” writes Mr. Hayes. “In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated,” states Mr. Hayes.

The report by Mr. Hayes is now an affidavit that belongs to the Cold Case Posse and cannot be retracted, regardless of any political or social pressure he encounters, explains Lt. Zullo.

“There has been a very effective media campaign to discredit anyone who tries to work with us,” said Lt. Zullo. “It is impossible to discuss this issue without being lambasted.”

Those who defend Mr. Obama say inquiries into the president’s birth certificate are based on conspiracy theories; these are “birthers,” they insist, who simply refuse to accept the credible evidence presented by Mr. Obama.

As a precaution against others misusing or manipulating Mr. Hayes’s report, Lt. Zullo has copyrighted it.

Mr. Hayes’s report has provided yet another certification — among a resounding 1,200 computer software tests undertaken by Lt. Zullo’s team — that demonstrates, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the long-form birth certificate has been fabricated. Lt. Zullo appointed two reputable computer science professionals, working independently of one another, to examine the long-form birth certificate. Both experts confirmed the document is inauthentic.

“Somebody made this,” said Lt. Zullo, referring to the long-form birth certificate as a nine-layer, computer-generated PDF document. “Someone spent days doing this.”

“The recreation of an official document is a crime,” said Lt. Zullo. “Either there is no original birth certificate or there is something in the original that is being concealed.”

The Maricopa County Cold Case Posse consists of an all-volunteer unit of accomplished individuals with experience in criminal investigations and legal professionals working under the law enforcement authority and direction of Sheriff Arpaio.

Sheriff Arpaio asked Lt. Zullo in August, 2011 to quickly quell the concerns of about 250 citizens who asked for an investigation. Yet, to his dismay, Lt. Zullo was unable to do so, having concluded within five days of his work that the document was compromised. He has since traveled to eleven states in eleven months, relying on public donations, on a grueling campaign to gather information about the certificate.


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  • Janak

    lol right wing propaganda never ends….

    • Saber

      Is that the best you can come up with?

    • Saber

      Is that the best you can come up with? Coming from a professional propagandist… thats pretty sad.

    • Cleareyes

      From the movie Forrest Gump, @ Janak,” You must be the dumbest sun of a bitch alive!” That’s O.K., looks like those teeth might fold back!

    • Anonymous

      Your president is a crook.

    • Anonymous

      @Ja-nuk: You really are a 100% bona fide moron! Hands down!

    • Ted

      LOL! left wing propaganda is like the “Energizer Bunny”; it just keeps going, & going, and going…………….

  • Boxed in Freight

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Hang all drunkdrivers

    And don’t forget the big-eared ape’s own literary agency published a brochure that said their client was born in kenya!!!!!!!!

  • Cleareyes

    @ Janak, from the movie Forrest Gump. “you must be the dumbest son of a bitch alive” That’s O.K. though, looks like those teeth may fold back!

  • Fisherman

    You Americans just go on and on and on about Obamas birth certificate! You Americans are now THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD!!
    Catch the bugger Obama, impeach Obama and put Obama in jail!
    Stop posting stupid idiotic info and DO SOMETJING ABOUT IT!!

    Is there NO MORE good men in the US that can sort this out or are you all to stupid from eating McDonalds?

    • truther357

      It’s idiot Obamatards like ‘talk the talk-can’t document sh’t'… Janak that got Us into this ‘Marxist Sewer!’

    • yahuashua

      I would probably listen to you IF YOU COULD SPELL !

      SOMETJING You are a goofball….LMFAO !!!

      • truther357

        Can’t stand the “TRUTH” Marxist> Obamatard !

    • Jester

      Lol, what country are you from that is so great that its got everything perfectly figured out?

    • Anonymous

      Um, maybe. :oops:

    • oladyinashu

      Haha! Ddo brother!

    • Flowers


      What an idiotic comment. As it seems your NOT an American, allow me to explain this to you. Most of the American’s hate Obama. If we try to do anything, they will take our homes or push the IRS on us to make us even more miserable. It is NOT as easy as you make it out to be. Noting you did not mention where you are from, why don’t you change YOUR OWN government and see how far you get. I doubt you’ll get far at all, just as US.

      NOT every American is fat and eats at McDonald’s. The US rakes in at #9 on the Obese chart. Thankfully, I am not on that chart but I wonder if you ever ate at an McDonald’s yourself? Your rude, judgmental and you do NOT live here, have NO clue how the people feel about Obama and unless you have something nice to say, CLOSE YOUR UGLY MOUTH. :mrgreen:

  • Anonymous

    ANYONE who wastes their time trying to prove anything to the dumbest people on the planet is an IDIOT,americans would rather see their six year old daughter in a whorehouse then have to admit,OBAMAS a foreign terrorist and a traitor,WHO WILL bring WAR ,death and destruction to america,cause there ain’t anyone in america who would lift a finger to stop him as their all cowards….just like mommy trained them to be…and thats the reason their military only KILLS christians and children…….

  • God-walked-among-us

    Obama is not legally eligible to be President under the Constitution of the United States…..(stop lecturing the Egyptians about legitimacy of power when you fraudulently got your job based on a FAKE ID & bogus SS#)

  • King of Shambhala

    Obama’s the Antichrist for sure.

    Geir Smith Is The Messiah (VIDEO)

  • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

    Knock Knock Bilderberg…. anyone home?, some people want to speak to you and your group.

  • Anonymous

    Think about all the accessories to a felony with this Obozo crime. He has had a lot of help in pulling this off, enough to fill several prisons with white collar criminals.

  • Anonymous

    I plan to put this in front of my congressman. If he does nothing then shame on him.

  • Sid

    You don’t even need the birth certificate to know Obama is not a “Natural Born Citizen” because to be so his father could not have been a non-citizen. So he is occupying his position in contradiction to the US Constitution.

    But nobody will do anything about it because Congress is a bunch of wimps and Democrats will not vote to remove him, Judges are corrupt and will do nothing, and the rest of the federal government is under Obama’s control.

    The States will do nothing because they don’t have armies to send to remove him.

    And the American public is too dumb to understand plus they don’t give a crap.

  • CarolDru

    I would like to continue reading this article. However, when I click on READ THE REST HERE, I receive a sign of warning that the site I am going to is hazardous, or words to that effect. If some entity is trying a little sabotage, it will only delay the inevitable. But, meantime, please check this and put right.

  • Scared Soldier

    This was confirmed long ago and nothing was done. Why should we expect anything now other than a scared Congress fearing the peoples Reprisal.

  • truther357

    DC knows…the World knows….Obama and Soros (AP) Marxist media knows..Obamatards are looking mighty ‘STUPID!’

  • SBM1964

    I remember going through my email on the evening of April 27, 2011 and coming across one from a friend of mine who works in the administration of a large law enforcement agency. The message was simple: “Take a look at this .pdf and tell me what you think.”

    I had no idea it was the electronic copy of Obama’s supposed long form birth certificate.

    I automatically opened it in Acrobat Reader and immediate thought something wasn’t quite right. The pixels in the handwriting seemed inconsistent.

    When I opened it in Illustrator, I almost fell out of my chair.

    There are numerous layers (15?) and it is an obvious fabrication. A really bad one at that! I took numerous screenshots of the various layers toggled on and off and sent them to my friend.

    I told him that within 5 minutes of opening the .pdf I was convinced beyond all doubt it was a forgery. He replied immediately, “yep”.

    I have 3 theories as to why this document was constructed.

    1) Obama Sr. is either not listed on the birth certificate or the father listed is someone else (Frank Marshall Davis?) which does not support Obama’s self-told back-story.

    2) Hawaii lost or never had the original and someone in the Department of Health tried to cover it up.

    3) Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii (I personally cannot see any way that he was born in Kenya, but it wouldn’t shock me if that turned out to be the case. I think Canada is more likely…) and there is no Hawaiian birth certificate.

    The one thing I know for sure, the .pdf originally posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 is a constructed document.

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