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Update: Sheriff Joe Obama Fraud Investigation: Zullo Responds To Disinformation

Sunday, March 30, 2014 14:34
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Exclusive: Mike Zullo on Obama Investigation: 

“If You Don’t Hear it From Me, It Isn’t True”
Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email

(Mar. 30, 2014) — On Saturday, a story appeared at (BIN) titled “CIA Reveals Arpaio Information To Media – Video – Apocalypse Breaks Right Now Before your Eyes.”


A link in the story leads to a March 28 article titled “Joe Arpaio Conference Live Streaming Now – Video.”  The opening paragraph reads, “I suspect an underhand [sic] trick by Arpaio. I think he’s getting his Cold Case Posse facts leaked by these other guys: the Hagmanns. They’re maybe making Arpaio’s press conference this weekend for him so as to keep Arpaio’s powder dry. He wants to keep out of the media fray and so he can preserve himself from flak and the bad repercussions.”

The reference to “the Hagmanns” is an apparent one to the writer for Canada Free Press (CFP) Douglas Hagmann, who hosts a radio show with his son Joe through the The Northeast Intelligence Network.

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio is expected to make a significant announcement as to the conclusions of a criminal investigation launched as a result of an initial investigation carried out by the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse into Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form, both of which were concluded to be “computer-generated forgeries” more than two years ago.

Directly below the first paragraph of the article titled “Joe Arpaio Conference Live Streaming Now” is a link taking the reader to an alleged “conference” roster bearing the dates March 28-30 under the banner “Orlando Prophecy Summit.” Hagmann’s name is not listed as a speaker, nor does he reference giving a presentation during that time frame on his website.  The host of the summit, one Bill Salus, has a working relationship with Hagmann, but there is no reference to their appearing together this weekend.

Salus operates an organization called Prophecy Depot Ministries.

Another link at the BIN story leads to an audio wherein a speaker identifying himself as Hagmann says that he is “broadcasting live from Orlando” on March 27, 2014.  He says at the 30-second mark here (an excerpt of the longer audio at BIN) that “There will be some breaking news – at least, I believe it’s breaking – with respect to the connections that exist [between] Barack Hussein Obama; Abercrombie, the governor of Hawaii; Loretta Fuddy, who died in a plane crash; Obama’s mother…and I believe this to be the golden thread, the…well, the issue that connects all of the events that we’ve been seeing take place…over the last decade or so…” and then references the religious belief system “Subud.”  “We’ve uncovered some dramatic – I would say, earth-shaking [inaudible], that involve Barack Hussein Obama himself, his mother, Loretta Fuddy…” Hagmann said.

The same statement begins at the 4:22 mark in the BIN version, which lasts more than three hours.

Approximately two months ago, an article in The American Thinker posited that there could be connections among Barack Hussein Obama, the late Hawaii Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy, and the name purportedly given to Obama by his alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, on one of her passport applications which read simply “Soebarkah,” through Subud.  Fuddy, who reportedly died in December as the result of a water landing by the small airplane in which she and others were traveling on business, is the person who reportedly oversaw the copying of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate which was posted on April 27, 2011 on the White House website.  Fuddy was also a member of the “Subud” movement, having been a state coordinator and active member for more than a decade prior to her death.

Abercrombie was elected governor of Hawaii in 2010 and appointed Fuddy to the directorship of the health department just after he was reportedly unable to locate Obama’s original birth certificate himself.  He and other Hawaii officials are identified as having apparent involvement or knowledge of the Obama birth certificate forgery and cover-up in a video recently produced by WheresObamasBirthCertificate (WOBC) and others.

In a February 28, 2014 CFP article, Hagmann reported that a source within the Department of Homeland Security had told him that there existed a group of “‘cyber warriors’ working for the regime of Barack Hussein Obama.” On February 3, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo stated on Carl Gallups’ “Freedom Friday” radio show that a second investigation had been launched by Arpaio with resources allocated to the sheriff’s office, including detectives, and had determined that several internet operatives for the Obama regime are employed by DARPA, a division of the Department of Defense.  DARPA develops robotics, psychological operations, and other strategies under the mantle of the defense of the nation.

Zullo suggested that the Obama operatives, known to some as “Obots,” have planted propaganda particularly focusing on attempting to “debunk” the posse’s work on the birth certificate image.  “Everything they do is to draw you in,” Zullo said.

In his articles and radio shows, Hagmann has discussed the topics of rising totalitarianism, international finance, food storage and survival skills, and Christianity.

During the broadcast, Hagmann says that the information he has gathered has not been covered by either the mainstream or “alternative” media.  He references being “down here” conducting interviews and collecting information which is “being prepared for publication, for revelation.”  At 6:05, he says that “PPSimmons” has mentioned that which he has been researching. At 10:30, Hagmann states that his research “does overlap, dovetail or some ways, at its periphery, also involve the Arpaio Cold Case posse investigation – at least the same players are involved.”

Below the complete Hagmann audio at BIN, it is stated that “His information is whatever Joe Arpaio has to reveal.”  Contrary to the statement “Doug Hagmann says he’ll be revealing all his investigation during the three days-conference this weekend to all the speakers and public there,” Hagmann actually states on the broadcast that while in Florida, he will be gathering information to prepare for publication at an unidentified time.  Later in the audio, Hagmann references attending the “Prophecy” conference over a three-day period, then changes the subject to the crisis in the Ukraine and “disintegration of the integration that is taking place,” a “monetary collapse,” and “a world war.”

Finally, Hagmann says that he will be in Orlando “supporting the conference” and “the speakers.”  While the timer stopped functioning, Hagmann then plays a pre-recorded interview with author and radio host Gregg Jackson.

Later, Hagmann says that he will be revealing how “We have been set up” after again referencing the work of the Arpaio investigation, although not denigratingly.  “We have the documentation, I believe,” Hagmann says.

There is no identified author of the BIN article.

The Post & Email contacted Zullo about the BeforeItsNews articles, to which he responded, “When the time is decided upon by Sheriff Arpaio to release our information, I personally will put out a public statement. If you don’t hear it from me it isn’t true.”

Source link. © 2014, The Post & Email. All rights reserved.

PPSimmons reports: Mike Zullo says: ‘If people don’t hear it from me, it isn’t true. Furthermore, when I release information about this it will be released to Carl Gallups and through PPSIMMONS.’” - PPSimmons.


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  • King of Shambhala

    News! Mike Zullo claims the Hagmanns aren’t working with Joe Arpaio.

    Google it
    Exclusive: Mike Zullo on Obama Investigation:
    “If You Don’t Hear it From Me, It Isn’t True”

    Joe Arpaio’s got to square off with the Hagmanns about this now.

    • Anonymous

      King, you were the only one making the claim that Arpaio was announcing anything.

    • amommamust

      Now, this is the part where you ought to go CORRECT you lies. That is how a person who wanted to spread truth would make up for posting all the lies, they would go back to the post and edit it, admit their mistake. NOT delete it, that is covering up your lies. You need to admit them, apologize for them, and STOP spreading them.

      • King of Shambhala

        That’s true amommamust, Arpaio’s got to say when he’ll publish, Hagmann has to say what he’s got to produce and you birthers have to say what your strategy is now.

        Why do you liars lie?

        Tell me.

      • King of Shambhala

        The Obots are very nervous about my article;

        Earth-Shaking Revelations, Bigger Than Watergate – Video – Obama Part Of Intelligence-Linked Cult. Arpaio Investigation-Linked Facts Revealed!

        Beware because Obots work for Obama and the CIA.

      • King of Shambhala

        It’s hair-raising.

        Earth-Shaking Revelations, Bigger Than Watergate – Video – Obama Part Of Intelligence-Linked Cult. Arpaio Investigation-Linked Facts Revealed!

        It’s at 31 000 hits right now and still going strong.

        Obama’s dead in the water toast.

  • Anonymous

    If I was Arpaio I would be suing this King of Lie Lie Land.

    • King of Shambhala

      There are anonymous cowards who defend Obama here.

      Watch out, they’re part of Satan’s Army.

      Evil people.

  • The Real Deal

    Well there goes the sensation seeking Hagmann’s credibility.

    “There is no identified author of the BiN article”.

    Hey Geir, didn’t you post that article? YES!

    Zullo said it best, If you don’t hear it from me it isn’t true.

    I don’t know about Obots, as i have been seeing people argue the Antichrist angle of it, people like me. I’m in full agreement that the birth certificate is a forgery based on Zullo’s prior conference where he lays out the evidence on an overhead.

  • liberty

    Im still not going to discount what Doug has to share .
    Hes a seasoned Private Investigator for heavens sake working for LAW ENFORCEMENT of many departments over the years, whom has seen more blood and guts then any of YOU morons could stomach.

    You-including Sharon Rondeau need to listen more closely .
    He said it DOVETAILS .
    Whatever “opinions ” were written on the article itself by the poster whom posted it- have absolutely nothing do with the Information that Doug revealed.

    Those “opinions” were of the poster himself and Doug had no part in his “theory” about what would or would not take place later.

    If you think Im going to ignore everything Doug has to say or “dismiss ALL of it ” simply because Mike says ” if it didnt come from me or Sherriff Arpaio it isnt true” ….you’re kidding yourself.

    Doug even says “it dovetails with some of the SAME PLAYERS” -so the way I look at it , is that Doug has SOME concrete Evidence and facts…. and Zullo and Arpaio have SOME Concrete Evidence that Doug may not have .

    Personally rather then throwing out the “baby with the bath water” Im grateful to have AS MANY PIECES AS POSSIBLE .

    Oh & by the way you lazy fat bottomed nit-pickers whom have nothing better to do in life but post your illiterate sounding ,juvenile incredibly assinine posts that a kindergartener could produce -YOU get out there and do some major INVESTIGATING & turning over as many STONES as possible .
    YOU get out there and start taking some risks , instead of sitting in your safe comfort zones, eating your fast food, hidden behind your computer screens where no one can see you -in such a cowardly fashion because thats what you truly are COWARDS. CHICKENS. WUSSES whom have no real brain in you!

    • Anonymous

      BS Liberty,
      Did you listen to the Hagmann video describing the Conference he was attending this weekend where all the info would be released? WHAT CONFERENCE??!! There is no way to get out of this debacle.

    • The Real Deal

      Settle down, nerd. Obviously you didn’t read the article. Go play in traffic.

  • 4DollyMadison

    I posted earlier today, on one of the other articles posted on BIN, regarding the Hagmann info at the Prophecy Conference, that I concluded it was a scam, and an attempt to wreck the upcoming genuine news that Arpaio and Zullo plan to release. Guess what? My comment was deleted by a big promoter here at BIN of Hagmann’s plot. Yes, I call it a plot. I compared this whole scenario to the phony explosive video of Obama and his leftist Columbia professor which was released by the Breitbart team after Andrew was killed in L.A. The plan was to defuse the true story by pretending the Subud cult, infiltrated by intelligence agencies just like Scientology – duh – is the universe-shaking big deal. Boring and obvious disinfo. I am glad Zullo has come forward to kick this can down the alley, where it belongs.

  • iamamerican

    So Zullo, where is your earth shaking info, don’t ya think people have waited long enough to hear it? What are you waiting for? You waiting for Obama to nuke the US so you won’t have to bother putting out the info? I don’t understand your thinking, IF YOU HAVE EARTH SHAKING EVIDENCE THAT WILL FINALLY GET OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE, THEN GET THE INFO OUT NOW!

    • King of Shambhala

      My new article about the Hagmanns and their revelation of info is breaking all records of views.

      It’s at 30 000 hits now.

      Earth-Shaking Revelations, Bigger Than Watergate – Video – Obama Part Of Intelligence-Linked Cult. Arpaio Investigation-Linked Facts Revealed!

      I’ve called out Obama. Now you do it too. Stand up and be counted. Either you’re with Obama or against him you cowards. Obama’s the Antichrist and you all know it. Cowards. Stand up you spineless cowards. Be Messengers of the Apocalypse. Be counted.

      • Geeper

        BirtherReport specifically accuses you of being part of the disinformation campaign that Zullo is having to fight against, and you blank this and instead whoop it up that your original disinfo article is still getting traffic? Do you not understand what just happened here?

      • King of Shambhala

        There are anonymous posters commenting on my articles. Beware. They’re working for Obama.

        No one can deny that Obama’s the Antichrist as seen by over 50 million people worldiwde.

        That’s a alot of people.

        Big news!
        The account, set up to track and spy on me since five years now, was made by Wikipedia people, who got me banned from editing Wiki.

        I got booted from Wikipedia because I tried by all means to get under their radar and edit that the Lottery in Obama’s hometown, drew 666 the day after Obama’s election.

        They told me I was banned and that they’d prevent me from writing it anywhere else on Internet.

        And they assigned me several Obot agents to watch over me 24/7/365 and they’re still trolling me… I’m the most trolled reporter at BeforeItsNews.

        They don’t want me to say Obama’s the Antichrist.

        This is what they fear most in the world.

        A recent survey by the “Guardian of London” showed that one in four people think Obama’s the Antichrist.

        Secondly, one in eight people SAY Obama IS the Antichrist.

        That’s more than 80 million people for the former and more than 50 million worldwide for the latter survey-facts.

        1 in 4 believe Obama may be Antichrist

      • King of Shambhala

        This is important…

        This article is not about a rumor.

        There are Anonymous Obot false christs who troll my articles.

        They defend their god the Antichrist Obama.

        This is big, this is earth-shattering.

        This is the Apocalypse and Obama’s the Antichrist.

        I’m the Messenger but the reluctant messenger because I’m Buddhist (that’s highest form of culture in the world) and reveal the Christian Apocalypse against my will.

        I’m the Messenger because no one is carrying this news and I’m forced to take this burden upon myself because people are sinners and won’t face the truth.

  • Geeper

    The BIN author of the article in question is the King of Shambhala, and he has a long track record of jumping on any passing birther bandwagon and using it to push his personal agenda about being the reincarnated Buddhist Messiah and/or Jesus who will defeat the Antichrist Obama. (He is convinced that Obama is the Antichrist because of a 2008 lottery result.)

    Today he is lying about having support from Orly Taitz, despite her having said no such thing. This appears to be either a deep-cover-liberal attempt to discredit the birther movement (grab a story very early, ramp it up with lying headlines to get more attention and overwhelm the genuine breaking coverage of it, then sprinkle heavily with nonsensical religious extremism and paranoia), or actual mental illness.

    • Anonymous

      Geeper is correct. I have seen enough from this King of Lie Lie Land to realize that he himself is the Obot trying to poison the well.

  • crabby

    april 1 .. no more day joe… YOU NAME NAME..

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