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Who Is Obama?

Thursday, March 1, 2018 9:26
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By Rev. Austin Miles  /  News With Views

A recent article written by a Chicago union man was recently forwarded to me by a frequent contributor to this column, Lawrence Craig who asks the question millions have asked and have been fluffed off for asking. So Who IS Obama? That is the question.

Obama managed to become an Illinois Senator. His position there did not receive a great deal of attention.His quiet placement in the Senate was to buy time.

Next he was on a campaign trail announcing his candidacy for President of the United States. His position on running the U.S. was made abundantly clear when he was asked on the street by Joe the Plumber, what would be the first thing he would do if elected? 

Without missing a beat Obama said he would “redistribute the wealth.” And nobody questioned that Communist mission statement. This writer saw and heard that since it was shown on live TV.

And who can forget that major campaign speech on an outdoor stage with two Greek columns that he would stand in between. 

This represented a royal setting where he looked and sounded like a gay Greek philosopher.

His was a strange campaign since absolutely NO personal information about him was disclosed. Yet his charisma carried him through the entire process.

As the nation watched on election day, the “results” showed that Obama won the election. We now had our first ‘black president,’ in our nation’s history. At least that was half right since he was only half black.

Now get this: a couple of hours later on that election day, Grant’s Park in Chicago suddenly came alive, with a prepared stage, seats that covered the entire park being filled with thousands of people for the “Election Night Victory Party,” which was soon underway.

A miracle obviously had occurred. An undecided election had just been called, the president named, and within two hours, Grants Park had been fully put together for this huge public gathering. That was either a miracle or a colossal demonstration of optimism.

Furthermore, we dove in a bit deeper and learned that Obama had deposited a million dollars to secure Grants Park for that, again, Election Victory Party–SIX MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION even took place!  So it was a done deal.

All personal information about Obama was blocked from view. It was not even certain if he was born in the U.S. since no birth certificate was provided despite repeated requests. 

We understand Obama’s sponsors including George Soros and The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) spent millions of dollars for lawyers who skillfully blocked any and all information about him, including his college records, wedding records or birth information about his two daughters.

Yes, Obama, who was shoe-horned into the Oval Office, will go down in history as the perpetrator of the greatest fraud in history. And Obama was not VOTED in. He was put in by a subtle  coup’d’etat. 

There was total election fraud, voting machines rigged, dead people voting. Nothing about it was legit.

His eight years in office were the most disastrous years ever as the U.S. was being re-structured. The Democrat Party, actually The Communist Party, had prepared for America to become ruled by them which would be the last country to give in to the New World Order making it possible for them to now take over the entire planet.

The American public begin to demand his birth certificate. As the pressure began to build, Obama announced that he would provide his birth certificate from Hawaii where, he said, he was born.

This columnist examined that ‘birth certificate’ and immediately could see it was a fake. There were many clues, but the one that especially stood out was in the box labeled, “Race” the answer was, ‘African American.’  How’s that again? In the 1950’s the answer would have been, “Negroe.”

Then, I found and saw his actual birth certificate, in Kenya, where he was born. I contacted the Kenyan newspaper and found his birth certificate attached to a story from years before where the paper bragged that ‘a fellow Kenyan, one of us, who was born and raised here, has been elected to the United States Senate.’ To show pride on this point, they published the copy of the actual certificate.

It was good I found it when I did since they scrubbed that off the newspaper site as more and more inquiries came in.

Since Obama left office after his 8 year whirlwind of destruction, he would not leave D.C. He (his sponsors) bought a mansion within walking distance to The White House for him to live in. He still seems to be making decisions as the George Soros Communists plan to move him back in along with Hillary.

He is part of this move to disarm all Americans for a smooth and easy transition where he will be reinstalled.

The recent school shooting in Florida was directed by George Soros who ingeniously devised a way for kids, high school students to protest nation-wide, against the private ownership of guns. Talking about innocent kids being used for political propaganda in order to take over The United States!

Did anyone question how these students in different high schools managed to book tour buses to take them to state Capitols and one coming up in the United States Capitol in D.C.? We need to ask more questions. First of all, this will require a lot of money to pull off.

How could they raise that much money for renting buses, paying drivers, traveling, hotels and food? They didn’t have to. George Soros and his demoncrats took care of all these pesky details in order to focus all attention to disarming America so it will be easier for Communists to come in with a bang and take charge of this country. 

It is time to question more, write opinions to your area newspapers, and refuse to accept what the Democrats are trying to push on us. There are two sides to this. The Communist Democrats who represent only those whose goal is to dismantle the United States and put us all under THEIR command.

The other side is the true citizens of America who want our country as founded by our forefathers. The true citizens of America love our country and are the millions who voted in Donald J. Trump as our president. 

Let us stand firm, never give up, give in, or get out. This is OUR country, not a Communist country. Let us never forget that. Everyone should be prepared to fight for our freedom.


Photo Caption: Obama and Gay Lover in College

© 2018 Austin Miles – All Rights Reserved

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  • King of Shambhala

    They’re saying Obama’s birth certificate is fake.
    But what is Obama’s real name?
    Obama’ 3d cousin (in Ka)says Obama’s really born in Topeka, Kansas and his real name is Barry Parks: Google it.

    We can throw Obama into jail.
    Jails are filled with blacks and Muslims.
    First black president and first US president to be thrown in jail (for 100 000 years for High Treason, Obama, who committed the greatest crime in history, used his forged ID to access the National Defense nuclear arsenal: Hitler, Stalin and Mao never committed so bad a crime as that..)

    • Hayduke

      I think the greatest crime in history was when Bush told everyone that Iraq had WMD’s when they didn’t and went on to kill everyone he possibly could however he could. You haven’t talked about this too much though. :smile:

      • digdug30

        please add tony blair to that and you are 100% accurate.

        • Hayduke

          True, and an upvote for you, Sir. :smile:

      • watchman48

        FYI – Apparently with the democrats, You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time, especially the un-educated.

        The fifth president of Iraq Sadden Hussein had and used WMDs on his own people….

  • unidentified

    one of the reporters said he spent some time on mars

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’s a sodomite.
      Sodomites get colorectal surgery to sew up their rear ends.
      Google it on the web.

      • Rockledge

        Either prove this to be true, or prove yourself to be full of shit.

        Because if you cannot prove it, then you are full of shit.

        And don’t respond with “it said so on a web site”.

        That is not proof.

        • Anonymous

          You must be new here. You’re being ridiculous! KOS does not need to prove he’s full of shit. What next? Are you going to want proof water is wet? (Which it is not: this is BIN. Sorry. Bad example. Never mind.)

          Also, that word PROVE is considered obscene on BIN, a four letter word that violates the terms of service and high standards people have come to expect of BIN. Count the letters, if you don’t believe me! And always remember, as the advertisers trample each other, like a vertiable running of the bulls at Pamplona, to signup with BIN:

          “Advertise With Us! Start reaching readers who get their news FIRST from a trusted source,!”

  • Pink Slime

    Many people should be arrested and even HANGED for putting this worthless SODOMITE in office. Clearly, the Negro was a racist, a radical leftist, not too mention a closet Muslim and avowed communist. All of America’s WORST enemy combined into ONE!

    Yet the Negro remains free, feeding off your tax money and hanging around Washington as if he is getting ready to take over again. All ex-Presidents leave, but he is NOT a “President”, but a USURPER.

    And these kind of people NEVER leave you alone. They are like a cat circling your bird cage. Somebody is using this worthless Negro for something again. :twisted:

  • King of Shambhala

    People are making worthless trolling.
    Nobody’s investigating the facts.
    Obama’s really from Topeka, Kansas, where he was born and his real name is Barry Parks so why’s no one doing any real investigating?
    CIA coverup?

    • Hayduke

      Brother KOS,

      You have already told us that Obama was born in Kenya. Was he born in two different places? And instead of calling me “an AID’s infested homo”, why don’t you just try answering for a change? Kenya or Kanas? Trump said Obama was born in Hawaii. :smile:

      • unidentified

        maybe he was born and adopted in hawaii :?:

        • King of Shambhala

          That’s not investigating.
          Obama’s mother was born on Kansas.
          None of the worthless trolls in the comments will even talk about it.
          It’s a CIA cover up I bet?

        • Hayduke

          Nice logic here. :smile:

  • CUB4DK

    One of our biggest problems in society today and throughout history, has always been an inappropriate allocation of wealth. I believe that Matt Damon had once said that….I agree! :mrgreen:
    Best Regards, Uncle Hexy

  • Canderson

    Obama is a pebble, faking being a president at one point in life.

    • CUB4DK

      What about Trumpence,the Bushes and the Clintins,are they also fake presidents or are they puppets?

  • Don - 1

    Obama’s mother was an Indonesian [living in Hawaii at the time] from the Java clan in Indonesia. His father is unknown at this time…but probably he was Indonesian also. There is nothing “black” about O, he’s an Indonesian pretending to be black to garner sympathy and gain votes.

    His last legal name was Barry Soetoro because his fake mother married Lolo Soetoro and bore him a daughter…her only child….Maya Soetoro-Ng. [his birth name is unknown]

    When he was ten years of age his fake grandfather, the father of Ann Dunham, was able to sneak him into Hawaii where he attended high school and smoked a lot of cannabis.

    Then he decided to come to the mainland and attend college. At that time he changed his name to his fake father’s name, Barack Obama….which is not his legal name. He thought that being ”black” was better than being an Indonesian.

    • King of Shambhala

      Nothing from your mouth is grounded on any testimonies of close to kin Don – 1.
      You’re just picking up things you’re reading in Internet websites.
      Obama’s actual family is in Kansas and precisely in Topeka, Kansas, and as long as no one’s doing actual investigative reporting and interviews the family, well I’m not buying any of this Internet crap.

      • Don - 1

        What I report has been verified by Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s The Birth Certificate ?: The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President”…..2011.

        There was one person who made several private phone calls to Corsi’s home, as he was desperate for a pre-publication copy of the book:…… Donald Trump.

        Guess where Trump is now in 2018?

        • King of Shambhala

          I know Jerome Corsi, he was on the NYT best-sellers list.
          Why didn’t Corsi interview the family of Obama’s mother who was born in Topeka, Kansas?
          Corsi’s a PHD who’s Harvard-educated so why’s he doing any worthwhile investigating and why’s he instead making tons of money on his books about Obama’s birth certificate?

          • Don - 1

            Corsi is not making tons of money….years ago he went to Hawaii with his investigators and interviewed people who knew Obama’s fake family. Most of those people were involved with Lederer’s Bar in Honolulu [now closed].

            Obama’s bio mother was an Indonesian woman. How do you think he got his skin color?
            There are many people in Java, Indonesia who can pass for black. Look closely and you can see the differences. There is nothing ”African-American or negro” about Obama. He’s an Indonesian who’s PRETENDING to be black.

  • drummeroyston

    Real name was Barry Orsoto, born in Kenya to two heavy cultists and chosen at 4 by Bryzynsky to become president whose job was to reduce USA to a third world country.
    Bless Trump

  • Rockledge

    I’ll tell you who he is. He is a failed experiment that is no longer relevant.

    He is someone whose name has no reason for utterance in media. Period.

    Why fools are so obsessed with him and seemingly are trying to keep his name in everyones mind is very suspicious. After all, there is no such thing as bad press, it is all advertising.

    I am not particularly amazed that the shallow end of the gene pool don’t even realize he is NO LONGER in the white house. Nevertheless, they keep posting about him as if he is.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. People need to quit posting articles about him , people need to quit talking about him.
      The press needs to be reprimanded for talking about him.. Just quit all things about him The
      only reason he is still in the spotlight is because people won’t quit talking about him.. Just
      stop it and just perhaps he will fade away as he should.

    • Don - 1

      Unfortunately people will be talking about this train wreck of a human for next 300 years.

      If this were a Hollywood movie of a fraudulent black man with a fake ID, usurping the WH…it would be laughed at.

      BUT it really happened and now we have the horrific consequences…..

      • King of Shambhala

        Agreed Don – 1.
        He’ll be talked about and the challenges in court will step up day by day.
        The birth certificate and then the question: “Who is he really?”…which will lead to Obama’s putting in prison for the end of his days.

      • Rockledge

        About him as well as the even worse train wreck before him. But they are both history.

        The imbecile who keep tossing his name around just advertise for him.
        Keep that name OBama in the publics eye and perhaps she can win on his name, like Clintons old lady tried to do, and damn near got away with.

        • King of Shambhala

          Obama’s not the same as BUSH.
          Rockledge is a paid Obama shill serving to distract us here.
          Obama’s going to jail for High Treason and don’t let the trolls tell you otherwise.

          • Rockledge

            Don’t be an asshole. I voted for Trump and voted against Obama both times.

            You obviously lack the perceptions skills to realize that every time his name is heard he gets more publicity and his name stays in the publics ear.

            And, you are damn right Obama is not the same as bush.
            Obama is well spoken and extremely intelligent.
            bush needs a drool bucket.

            Obama isn’t going to jail, neither is bush, much as both of them should be.

            Turn the damn talk radio off and think for yourself.


    Probably cloned and the real one in an asylum

  • The Watcher


    • Rockledge

      A shoe shine boy whose name will go down in history, will never ever hurt for a meal , who sleeps on a new set of silk sheets every night, and who most humans on the planet recognize his name.

      And you are nobody who nobody beyond your family will remember when you are gone. No library will bear your name.

      Which makes you pretty much a glob of dog shit on a pair of shoes of some hobo who can’t afford a shoe shine.


    When the MKUTRA programming wears off maybe he can tell us what his real name is.

    • Don - 1

      In his autobio book he said his birth Cert was folded up and placed in one of his books. Why can’t we see THAT certificate. That’s his REAL birth certificate.

      • King of Shambhala

        Yes, Don – 1, he said he found that book you’re talking about in his grandma’s attic, right.
        Why is everybody covering up for him?
        Because he’s just a black, that’s all?

        • Don - 1

          ….because he did the Democrat’s dirty work for 8 years….and he’s still doing it. His day is coming…sooner or later. Every dog has its day.

  • Canderson

    Mr operative CIA stooge. As a person he is a construct, he is nothing really.

  • Rockledge

    A shoe shine boy whose name will go down in history, will never ever hurt for a meal , who sleeps on a new set of silk sheets every night, and who most humans on the planet recognize his name.

    And you are nobody who nobody beyond your family will remember when you are gone. No library will bear your name.

    Which makes you pretty much a glob of dog shit on a pair of shoes of some hobo who can’t afford a shoe shine.

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