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HOLY COW!!! UNREAL Footage of Riot Squad in the Heartland..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 3:15
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  • CommieBlaster

    AT LAST!

  • Anonymous

    Change has come to America, just like Obama said.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone still trust the .gov?
    Those were not A/C that hit the towers, just holograms… shame on us all for buying into Illuminati Lies.

  • Kolta

    Arm yourselves NOW, it’s going to get worse. Stay organized and in a group. The name of the game is to keep your enemy surrounded. If people would have reacted quicker and been prepared they could have stopped this illegal misuse of power, had the cops on the ground restrained and had the situation under control. Then you release them to the State Governor. These are your legal rights. These are corporate security guards, they are NOT THE POLICE. The constitution only recognizes county sheriffs and u.s. marshalls as true law enforcers. I’m a vet and belong to a coalition and have encounter this same situation thousands of times overseas. The so called law enforcement in this country and others are not here to serve and protect you. You need to protect yourselves from these freaks. YOU HAVE A BIRTH RIGHT TO SELF PRESERVATION. IF THEY ATTACK YOU, FIGHT BACK DAMMIT. HAS HISTORY NOT TAUGHT ANY OF YOU ANYTHING. FIGHT THESE F*&KERS TO THE DEATH.

  • Anonymous

    Well folks ~ If my kids were enrolled in that school I’d yank them out of there so fast it’d make your head spin ~ or if I was a student there, I’d drop out in a heartbeat & believe me – I’d make sure everyone else dropped out too. Any university that would call for the destruction of their own student body needs to be SHUT DOWN… Withdraw all support… Stop paying your bills, your loans & take your bank accounts with you! Nothing will change until everyone starts to sue. SUE THEM. SUE THE UNIVERSITY. What gives them the authority to have their student body attacked by the goon squad with audio weapons, tear gas and taizing??? Parents should be outraged! And to think how much money this so-called education is costing! Wake up folks ~ we’re under attack. Does anyone else think we’re already in WWIII? Have we been invaded by foreign forces and are we under attack by roboticized drones? Mass withdrawal from the inhumane system that perpetrates these crimes is critical if we ever intend to create anything better. Don’t fund them & don’t buy into their lies and deceit, and that includes all their toxic products, their lying politicians, their fraudulent courts, ad nauseum. Who needs an alleged education from a fraudulent university like that??? I ask you ~ wake up & take action by dropping out & suing them all… both as individuals and in groups. NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL EVERYONE STARTS TO SUE THEM, until all the corrupted courts are shut down… Drop out and let the university fold if it’s so demonic. Who needs this kind of travesty in the name of higher learning? They’re teaching HATE CRIMES and you can read all about that in any newspaper any day ~ a lot cheaper than paying for their so-called school. In other words, it’s being run by sociopaths… do you really want to pay them to kill you???

  • Zugzwang

    Holy shit, Kudos to the brave guy who attacked that retarded police officer!Haha, he was limping away in pain! Why wasn’t that the shot heard around the neighborhood? Man I think if I saw that I would’ve jumped in big time. Anyway very cool.

    On another note. We need to arm ourselves. The police are getting out of control and arming themselves for what seems like war. Sound cannons, huge canisters of hard core pepper spray, billy clubs. Armored clothing.

    I believe it is our right as human beings to defend ourselves, and that means to the death. If an officer intrudes on your property or attacks you for no reason I think you have every right to defend yourself with lethal force.

    For the school kids:

    For next year’s party make booby traps around the neighborhood. Make tire poppers, set off firecrackers as distractors, and let the pit bulls out. Get armed with pepper spray, stun guns and cinch cables (when you need to tie some of them up).

    If they can bring these sort of weapons, so can you! It’s perfectly legal.

    Have strategically placed baseball bats and football gear for protection.

    If the cops pull out the firearms, then get your arms ready. If they don’t back down and start shooting innocents then have your snipers take them out.

    This will send the correct message to our Govt who thinks they can stamp all over us and get away with it!

    Remember America was founded on the same principal: fighting tyranny.

    Get to work and grow some balls. Never fear imprisonment or death.

  • muadhib49

    Know your local police. Give them a chance to interface with the community. Let them know that unsocial activity will not be permitted. I know of a community that located the home of a rogue cop, and burnt it to the ground. With the courts supporting fascism, we may soon have little recourse. Of course, when police are brought in from outside the community, we consider ourselves under attack, and behave accordingly. Always use your best weapon, your brain.

  • Grimes

    Naomi Wolf said back in 2008 DO NOT Accept Homeland Security money. This is the reason why. She saw (understood) the “blueprint” and knew what they were going to do to us.

    Listen to what she said:


  • Anonymous

    BOYCOTT local business. Your dollars speak loudly in a town that size!

  • Anonymous

    The reptilians are losing their grip. Gotta sen out the ‘Brut Squad’. Chickenshits all.

  • Anonymous

    What I can’t figure out for the life of me is why the people (passive bystanders) aren’t attacking and kicking the shit out of these thugs. Boggles my mind. I guess the fluoride passification (pussification) program has been a success. Mindless drones. (And not just the cops!)

  • Anonymous

    About the above poster, it’s from their being spectators watching too much television. They feel detached from life so they just observe. It’s also safer that way.

  • Anonymous

    The way I see this it was a live “Test” of resources & eqiptment to see how people react without any risk to themselves,In an enviroment which they knew was weapon free, and under their control.The best thing the students who dont live there can do is just leave ASAP the whole comunity will collapse & the local police will be without jobs as will many others who support the town.

  • building 5

    there were no guns in that community?

  • MoM?

    Did the policemen set the fires on the grass?

  • Anonymous

    And I thought the TSA was bad…all from the same mindset.

    They also have big, destructive block parties like this at Ohio State and the police often have to get involved because of the vandalism, litter, fires, fights, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, bricks being thrown, and severe destruction of both university and private property…After one OSU party, it looked like a war zone or tornado had hit for blocks! Later I learned that the damage had cost state and local governments obscene amounts of money….and that’s money they cannot afford to pay now in Illinois.

    The students should be more careful. From the video, it looked like they had messed up the area pretty badly, committed vandalism, underage drinking and/or noise violations, and set fires/arson. As they did commit some minor offenses, they provided these troops with some degree of justification for their extreme approach. But, whether it rose to the level of probable cause to justify detention or the application of force to an individual is doubtful. I just would be more careful and not invite the problem.

  • willow

    My son graduates from this school next week! I thank God he was doing his internship on the other side of the state. I am appalled as a parent that this kind of police behavior took place. What is just as upsetting is the lack of mainstream news coverage of this event, state and national which was absolutely none! if police and university were correct in behavior and conduct why would this not have been considered news worthy. parents have a right to know what kind of environment they are sending their children into. I know I did not agree to pay for this kind of enforcement when my son was enrolled into their program.

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