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Obama Comes Clean: I Support Sharia law, ISIS and Killing Infidels

Friday, July 15, 2016 18:25
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It seems quite difficult to write any other headline for this particular comment from the SCOAMF-In-Chief:

B4INREMOTE-aHR0cHM6Ly8xLmJwLmJsb2dzcG90LmNvbS8tWFNidlZ1N1A4WTgvVjRtSkUtVFJEMUkvQUFBQUFBQUJsRXMvZFE4RU4waE9HUm8tOGRYSUhodnk4OW1wRGxiUm9oMlZRQ0xjQi9zMTIwLzI5NTEzMkE2MDAwMDA1NzgtMzEwODg2MC1pbWFnZS1hLTRfMTQzMzMyMTA4Mjg0OCUyNTVCMSUyNTVELmpwZw==…Barack Obama on Friday implicitly rebuked former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, calling his newly announced plan to deport Muslims who believe in sharia law “repugnant” and “an affront to everything” Americans stand for.

Gingrich suggested during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday night that America “test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in sharia, they should be deported.”

…[Gingrich] fired back at Obama following his speech, remarking that the president’s “8 years of failure disqualify him as a critic.”

“Obama’s attack on me would be more impressive if he had ANY plan to defeat Islamic supremacists,” he tweeted.

There are a whole host of reasons that Sharia law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and American law, but here are a few to consider (courtesy of The American Thinker).


3. Islam orders death for Muslim and possible death for non—Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran and even sharia itself.

In 1989, Iran’s Supreme Leader issued a fatwa (legal decree) to assassinate Salman Rushdie, a novelist, who wrote Satanic Verses, which includes questions about the angel Gabriel’s role in inspiring the Quran. Now the extremists in the highest levels in Iran have recently renewed  the fatwa.

In 2005, The Muslim Council of Victoria, Australia, brought a lawsuit against two pastors for holding a conference and posting articles critiquing Islam. Three Muslims attended the conference and felt offended. The two pastors have been convicted based on Australia’s vilification law. While on trial, one of them wanted to read from the Quran on domestic violence (see 9, above), but the lawyer representing the Council would not allow it. The pastors are appealing their conviction.

In 2005, British Muslims have been campaigning to pass a religious hate speech law in England’s parliament. They have succeeded. Their ability to propagandize has not been curtailed. Opponents of the law say that it stifles free speech that may criticize Muhammad, the Quran, and Islam.

Here are the classical legal rulings.

First, the Muslim deserves death for doing any of the following (Reliance of the Traveler pp. 597—98, o8.7):

(1) Reviling Allah or his Messenger; (2) being sarcastic about ‘Allah’s name, His command, His interdiction, His promise, or His threat’; (3) denying any verse of the Quran or ‘anything which by scholarly consensus belongs to it, or to add a verse that does not belong to it’; (4) holding that ‘any of Allah’s messengers or prophets are liars, or to deny their being sent’; (5) reviling the religion of Islam; (6) being sarcastic about any ruling of the Sacred Law; (7) denying that Allah intended ‘the Prophet’s message . . . to be the religion followed by the entire world.’

It is no wonder that critical investigation of the truth claims of Islam can never prevail in Islamic lands when the sword of Muhammad hangs over the scholars’ head.

The non—Muslims living under Islamic rule are not allowed to do the following (p. 609, o11.10(1)—(5)):

(1) Commit adultery with a Muslim woman or marry her; (2) conceal spies of hostile forces; (3) lead a Muslim away from Islam; (4) mention something impermissible  about Allah, the Prophet . . . or Islam.

According to the discretion of the caliph or his representative, the punishments for violating these rules are as follows: (1) death, (2) enslavement, (3) release without paying anything, and (4) ransoming in exchange for money. These punishments also execute free speech—even repulsive speech—and freedom of religion or conscience.

Ultimately, censorship testifies to a lack of confidence in one’s position and message. If the message of Islam were truly superior, one could trust in the power of truth. As it stands, sharia with its prescribed punishments for questioning Muhammad, the Quran, and sharia itself testifies to their weakness since sharia threatens those who dare to differ.

How confident was Muhammad (and today’s Muslims) in his message that he had to rely on violence and force to protect his message, besides reason and persuasive argumentation?

For the supporting article that analyzes the Quran and the hadith, both of which orders death to critics, click here.

2. Islam orders apostates to be killed.

In Iran an academic was condemned to death for criticizing clerical rule in Iran. The rulers assert that he was insulting Muhammad and Shi’ite laws. He was charged with apostasy.

This analysis  tracks the application of apostasy laws around the world, citing many examples.

Apostates are those who leave Islam, like Salman Rushdie (see the linked article in no. three, above), whether they become atheists or convert to another religion. They are supposed to be killed according to the Quran, the hadith, and later legal rulings.

See the previous point no. three for acts that entail leaving Islam according to Islamic law.

Here are the articles that support reason no. two.

This is a short, but full article on apostasy, citing Quranic verses and hadith passages.

Sayyid Maududi, a respected Islamic scholar, in this booklet argues that Sura 9:11—12 refers to apostates and that they should be put to death (scroll down to ‘The Proof in the Quran for the Commandment to Execute Apostates’).

This Muslim website has an overview of Islam on apostates. They should be given time to repent, but if they refuse, they must be killed.

And the number one reason why sharia is bad for all societies . . .

1. Islam commands offensive and aggressive and unjust jihad.

Muhammad is foundational to Islam, and he set the genetic code for Islam, waging war. In the ten years that he lived in Medina from his Hijrah (Emigration) from Mecca in AD 622 to his death of a fever in AD 632, he either sent out or went out on seventy—four raids, expeditions, or full—scale wars. They range from small assassination hit squads to kill anyone who insulted him, to the Tabuk Crusades in late AD 630 against the Byzantine Christians. He had heard a rumor that an army was mobilizing to invade Arabia, but the rumor was false, so his 30,000 jihadists returned home, but not before imposing a jizya tax on northern Christians and Jews.

Money flowed into the Islamic treasury. So why would Muhammad get a revelation to dry up this money flow?

What are some of the legalized rules of jihad found in the Quran, hadith, and classical legal opinions?

(1) Women and children are enslaved. They can either be sold, or the Muslims may ‘marry’ the women, since their marriages are automatically annulled upon their capture. (2) Jihadists may have sex with slave women. Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son—in—law, did this. (3) Women and children must not be killed during war, unless this happens in a nighttime raid when visibility was low. (4) Old men and monks could be killed. (5) A captured enemy of war could be killed, enslaved, ransomed for money or an exchange, freely released, or beaten. One time Muhammad even tortured a citizen of the city of Khaybar in order to extract information about where the wealth of the city was hidden. (6) Enemy men who converted could keep their property and small children. This law is so excessive that it amounts to forced conversion. Only the strongest of the strong could resist this coercion and remain a non—Muslim. (7) Civilian property may be confiscated. (8) Civilian homes may be destroyed. (9) Civilian fruit trees may be destroyed. (10) Pagan Arabs had to convert or die. This does not allow for the freedom of religion or conscience. (11) People of the Book (Jews and Christians) had three options (Sura 9:29): fight and die; convert and pay a forced ‘charity’ or zakat tax; or keep their Biblical faith and pay a jizya or poll tax. The last two options mean that money flows into the Islamic treasury, so why would Muhammad receive a revelation to dry up this money flow?

Thus, jihad is aggressive, coercive, and excessive, and Allah never revealed to Muhammad to stop these practices.

For an analysis of the Christian Crusades and the Islamic Crusades, click here

For the supporting article of reason no. one, please go here.  It also has a segment on the differences between jihad in Islam and the wars in the Old Testament. Another article on that topic can be read here.   There are vast differences between Islam and Judaism on this topic.

Therefore, Islam is violent—unjustly and aggressively.

By supporting Sharia law, Mr. Obama implicitly advocates for jihad, the killing of infidels, stoning of women, the throwing of gays off of buildings, and related celebrations of the religion of peace.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


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  • dianecee

    I’m sick and tired of the first imbecile. I think we all are. People around the globe are sick of him.

  • bleh

    How come it took you 8 years to figure that out? As a journalist, you failed to do your homework, as did the RNC and the Electoral College when they refused to vet him. He is an Indonesian Muslim national, here on an expired student visa, who should be arrested, tried by a military tribunal and executed as an enemy combatant.

    But, as the jihadists love to say, American men have no cojones, especially those on the government teat. It used to be “Better red than dead” instead of “Live Free or Die.”

    If there is any question that sharia law is already operating here, just look at who can say what. Those you cannot criticize you control you.

    • THOTH

      To find out who rules over you, simply discover who you’re not allowed to criticize.

      You’re right about that, except, look around you. The whole western world criticizes Muslims openly. The suggestion that you can’t criticize Muslims, has no basis in reality. On the other hand, try criticizing a Jew in public and see what happens. When was the last time you heard any MSM network talk about the unjustifiable influence the Israel lobby has on American politics? When was the last time you heard MSM criticize the Jewish owned and operated federal reserve, for holding America in perpetual debt servitude? The answer is never. Simply because Jews dominate the western media as well. These are easily verifiable facts. You say Obama is a Muslim, if that were the case, why would he surround himself with Jews. I have listed Obama’s handlers in my comment below. They are all Jews and again, this is easily verifiable. Why would Obama erect a 30 ft menorah on the front lawn of the White House, if he were indeed a Muslim? Ask yourself, who benefits from a world that hates and fears Muslims, more than the Israelis?

      • LifeIs

        Well said. And exactly right.

  • dennisR8

    Barack Obama will understand what Newt Gingrich means thirty seconds after his head has been whacked off for treason against America. It might take thirty seconds for Barack Obama to realize that he has gone to HELL and has been sent there for his sins against the only true Hebrew God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    • LifeIs

      dennisR8 i suppose you’re planning to murder his daughters, too? Like the children of the Tsar?

      Check out Jeremiah chapter 31 sometime.

      Then force yourself to read John chapter 8.

  • The Real Deal

    Islam hates us? I guess if they bombed our country in to oblivion we might hate them just as well. Nobody hates us more than the Jews, and their planes are coming together, per their satanic Talmud nicely, just as planned. Go read that book and get back to me, son. Funny how none of you so-called reporters never mention that book. You can tell who one works for by whom they never criticize. The crap you’re being fed in the mainstream media is propaganda, and you, as a so-called reporter, of all people, should know that… unless you work for THEM!

    • THOTH

      The Real Deal

      Long time, no see. How have you been, my friend?

      Good comment BTW.

      • The Real Deal

        Pretty good Thoth. I mostly just read the articles, but sometimes I just have to weigh in. Good to see you too. Thanks for the compliment. Wish you all the best.

  • Fire2ice
    (I lost lot of other Links/Articles etc on this topic when my PC hard drive failed)

    I came across this years ago, where this (type)Judaism/Zionism is being used in USA. I’m no raciest (etc) but what i have read in the 1st link has shocked me, as its same type as you see in The ISIS etc doctrine etc.
    This is Quote from second link
    “Israeli citizen Yossi Gurvitz, a former Talmud (yeshiva) student reveals the racism, homicide and child molestation-advocacy in the Babylonian Talmud and subsequent authoritative rabbinic legal texts authored by Rabbi Moses Maimonides and Rabbi Joseph Karo (“Shulchan Aruch”). He reveals Judaism’s sympathy for Islam and its undying hatred for Christianity.”
    This disgusts me as much as ISIS etc does

    • THOTH

      Contrary to popular belief, which is dictated by those who control the dispensation of knowledge in the west, (Jews) there is no Jewish race. Both Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis junior were Jews. However, DNA analysis has proven that a large majority of Jews (upwards of 90%) are the descendants of a savage Turkic/Mongolian people called the khazars, who converted to Judaism in the 7th century AD. These are what are known as AshkeNazi Jews. Judaism is merely a belief system that traces its origins to the Pharisees, the ones who are labelled as “the synagogue of Satan” in the bible (2:9). Their belief system, traditions and practices are based on the Talmud. The universal Jewish encyclopedia states this very clearly. The Talmud is probably the most disgusting book over written. It’s more or less a blueprint for becoming a total sociopath who lacks all empathy.

      The detrimental effect of Judaic domination in America is easily seen. What’s worse, is that America is just the latest in a long list of nations they have infiltrated, bled dry and left for dead. This is the real reason they have been given the boot from over a hundred different countries over hundreds of years. France, Britain, Russia, are some primary examples. Terrible ideologies such as communism, fascism and Zionism are the fruits of their labour. Do not feel bad for criticing anyone, as long as the criticism is justifiable. By their works you shall know them.

      • THOTH


        “….the most disgusting book ‘ever’ written”.

  • ruk9p

    There are 22 jihadist training camps in America that Obama and pals have kept out of the MSM.


    Locate them then invite the masses of armed patriots to a “surprise party” called the First Annual All American Jihadi Weenie Roast and Barbeque. Pershing’s party plan proved so effective, emulation should be a point of action. By simply applying to the fed sanctioned invaders the same “rules”, their religion requires that they apply to non-muslims (admittedly with a twist), maybe their motivations and desires will take them back home before they are eternally separated from life, and paradise by drowning in pig’s blood.

    Obama is the repugnant one, and will always be.

  • EruditeOne

    Deporting anyone who believes in Sharia Law is absolutely the best possible thing that the United States can do. In fact: The USA should create a Constitutional Amendment that very forcefully prohibits Sharia Law within the United States.

    • sarah

      The ORIGINAL united states for America Constitution by its existence cancels any other law in America except itself.

      It even provided in advance ways to protect the law of the ORIGINAL united states for America Constitution.

      It’s called the 2nd Amendment and the 1st Amendment.

      The 2nd Amendment protects itself and it protects the 1st Amendment too.

      It’s up to each individual American to know when and where to wisely use the 2nd and 1st Amendments.


    “Gingrich suggested during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday night that America “test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in sharia, they should be deported.”

    It’s not that I’m against deporting people who believe in, and or practice sharia law, my problem is that these intellectual whores in the USG and media are using Muslims to distract people from the real problem. With handlers like Penny Pritzker, Betty Lu Saltzman, Valerie Jarret, Lester Crown, and Abner Mikva, (All Jews) it’s obvious who Obama answers to. Upon winning the election in 2008, Obama appointed the son of a gun runner for the Irgun Israeli terrorist organization, Rahm Emanuel. Rahm was/is backed by the head of Lazard bank, Barry Wasserstein. Rahm is now mayor of Obama’s so called home city, Chicago. Obama is completely under the Jewish boot. He says what they tell him to say and does what they tell him to do. Otherwise, he would end up like JFK.

    Blaming Muslims for problems in the US is utterly ridiculous. Are Muslims to blame for the multi-trillion US debt? No, the usurious and fraudulent institution called the federal reserve is responsible for that. Is it the Muslims who control the federal reserve? No, the federal reserve was created and has always been controlled by Jews. When we look at the statistics involving terrorist attacks on US soil, the Jewish Defence League have committed many more terrorists attacks in America than Muslims. When we look at the criminal politicians in DC, is it the Muslims lobbying them to purchase control of their political influence? No, it’s AIPAC and other private Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelsohn, George Soros, Haim Saban and the Koch brothers who spend billions of dollars purchasing control of political influence in Washington.

    From here, it becomes easy to see who dictates the disastrous foreign policy of the USG and again, it’s not the Muslims. The so called “war on terror” is simply a war against any middle Eastern nation who might stand in the way of Oded Yinon’s plan for “Eretz Israel”. By controlling the issuance of US currency and lobbying for control over all US politicians, Israeli first, dual citizen traitors have ensured that at the cost of American tax payers, America will fight and die against those who Israel considers to be their enemies. That’s why the US army has been fighting murderous, costly wars in the Middle East for so long. The Muslim nations existing between the Nile and Euphrates rivers who refuse to be subjugated by illegal Israeli land expansion are being divided and destroyed by illegal US air strikes and by US funded, trained and armed terrorist groups.

    Nobody, aside from Israel, has benefitted whatsoever from these costly, illegal and murderous wars. Not to mention, ISIS shared the Golan heights with the illegal Israeli settlements for almost two years and not a single hair on a Jewish head was harmed. So much for creating an “Islamic state” eh? Israeli officials have stated publicly that they would rather ISIS control Syria, than the two time duly elected president Bashar al Assad. It also must be noted that the Jewish daily forward have openly admitted to Jewish pressure groups being the driving force behind the mass refugee influx into western countries. The same article admitted to Israel helping jihadists in a number of ways.

    It is an insult to common knowledge to suggest that anyone other than Jews control the US media and Hollywood. The universal Jewish encyclopedia admits this. That being said, if they control the dispensation of knowledge through the ownership of the media, and they control the issuance of national currency through the ownership of the federal reserve, and they control the influence of all hopeful politicians through lofty bribes and campaign contributions, it would be pretty tough to argue that anyone but these people are the root cause of the problem. It is in their best interest to muster up a global hatred for the Muslim community, that way the rest of the developed world drives itself into economic, social and spiritual disparity fighting Israel’s war, while Israel sits back and collects it’s ridiculous, illegal foreign aid packages.

    It’s like the late influential rabbi Ovadiah Youseff said, “they will work, they will plough, they will reap, while we sit like effendi and eat”. In other words, let the goyim do all the hard work while we exploit the fruits of their labour. Let them kill each other off fighting our battles and in the end we will control everything. Anyone who claims to care about America, but fails to address these topics has accepted their thirty silver shekels and is a judas goat.

    It’s blatantly obvious who is destroying America and its not the Muslims. So, maybe we should “test every person here who is of a Jewish background, and if they believe in Talmudic law , they should be deported.”

    When do we start?

    • The Real Deal

      There you go making sense again. It’s so refreshing to see someone wide awake, fully alert, and helping to wake others from their Jewish media induced coma. Way to go! One of the best comments I’ve read on this site. Keep up the good work! People are waking up, that’s why we’re always getting up-voted. People, know, but unfortunately fear being labeled by the tribe as being an anti-semite… even though that nomenclature does not fit the synagogue of Satan, for the word “Semite” means ARAB, something the Jews are NOT!

      • THOTH

        The Real Deal, thank you for your kind words.

        There will come a day when their nonsensical cries of antisemitism will fall on deaf ears. Their propaganda MSM networks are losing credibility with every day that goes by. If I’m not mistaken, a recent poll showed only an 8% public approval rating.

        If we look at other countries they have parasitized over the centuries, it becomes clear that bleeding the host dry and leaving them too weak to retaliate is how they operate. Theodor Herzl mentions this plan in his diaries. This is what we’re seeing in America right now. Paid provocateur groups like BlackLivesMatter, sponsored by Jewish billionaire lobbyist, George Soros, is doing a good job at pitting American against American, attempting to incite a civil/race war, fuelling the militarization of Bolshevik police forces and making all protestors look bad. Other George Soros operations, like the US sponsored coup in Ukraine, is aimed at provoking Russia into attacking America.

        The Jewish daily forward admitted that the flood of migrants from the Middle East is championed by Jewish lobby groups. Of course, by flooding western nations with middle eastern migrants, it takes the focus off of the detrimental effects their tribe has had on western society. The same article briefly mentioned Israeli support for jihadist militants. There is so much verifiable information available now, that their role cannot be objectively denied. Which is why labelling their critics as antisemites is so important to them. Until recently, that illogical, defamatory label would silence their critics and end discussions. But, it’s like you say, people are waking up to their BS and catching on to their Babylonian magic tricks.

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