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Quayle Alert: Norwegian UN Soldier Spills the Beans – He Said That They Were Going to Be Going Door to Door Taking Guns, or Shooting to Kill. They Already had the Lists of Names abd Addresses

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 12:50
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Steve Quayle Alert

This does not come from an hi level source. Just an everyday average Joe.
But a guy that works in the same industry, that always gave a hard time
about the tin hat-stuff, recently returned from a Great Divide Concert. At
which a gentleman just passing by, stopped to mingle with this group of
people. They had a couple of drinks, and this guy states, he likes
America, he likes the people. He wished he could dance like, the
Americans. Laugh. He states he had been fighting beside US troops over
past 6-7 years. And this is why I feel I need to tell someone over here in
the states a lil something.He said he was from Norway. And he would be
back in 3-4 months as a part of UN troops..He said there was nothing he could
do. But felt compelled that he needed to say something, just to let such
good know what is coming.He said that they were going to be going door to door taking guns,or shooting to kill. They already had the lists of names, and address’s
I have no reason to not believe the words from acquaintance. it actually
pretty much freaked him out. He is rather overwhelmed from the

From his reaction, and as long as we’ve been acquainted, I have no reason
not to believe what he was told. I just wanted to pass this on to someone
with the means to possibly get the word out.

Thank you sir,

Oct 12, 2016

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  • humaka

    Guess than the smart one’s will have their arms on the curb ready for pick-up…

    and those who live in fantasy, ego, and pride, will do the opposite…

    and when they are no longer in human body…

    will only than see they now have no way to truly protect, those who they wish no painful reality for, for they forfeited that power, by being stupid, and declaring war upon whom they disliked, when their own brain told them they would, and could not win…

    but there are many fools upon earths surface, but the biggest fools, are the religious godist

    • Just me

      The biggest fools are the ones who give up without a fight.

      • humaka

        Was sometimes true in the past…

        But this is not as ANY PAST…


        and that which deem it self will with with physical fight…

        weep for their pain, any on earth that still have the capacity of compassion for others, and not just them self.

        • PeacePlanet

          Cannabis is legal where you live, yes..??

    • st

      did u come from a monkey? DNA says that can’t happen, but Darwin didn’t know that.He had kids with his first cousin and retard offspring. So u came from where?

    • 2QIK4U


    • JKnTX

      Nonsense. Pure Brotherhood claptrap and a perfect example of inversion of reality. The biggest fools are the ones that type drivel like the above and think it somehow matters or means something.

    • dabu

      What an illiterate coward!

  • Pink Slime

    Sorry, don’t believe your story. Can happen in other countries but not in America. If it does it will backfire really quick and nothing gets a UN Negro running than a backfire with big noise.

    • Whognu

      Concur w/Pink Slime. 80 million households have guns; at least half would resist. You would need to send at least a 5-perosn team to each household. So, with even one million teams, each team would have to take on 40 households. Don’t see them surviving that. Not to mention the support structure for those 5 million fools . . .

  • humaka

    humans first fighting each other, created the very reality, that fools say to only the small minds, “fight”…

    and as the American Indians were out scienced, so shall these be.

    only the true diplomacy of true good and wealth for all, no matter the morality each chose to self adopt, from rich to poor, will surf the days ahead…

    all else will fade away…

    into gray

    • dabu

      Dang! Do you talk this way at parties? You must be the one everyone is whispering about.

  • Canderson

    Norwegian UN Soldier, should quit.

  • Detergent

    Just to get the chain straight:
    Quayle gets an email from a guy named Jay.
    Jay says he has an acquaintance unnamed, let’s call him Joe.
    Jay tells Quayle that Joe told him that he met another guy at a concert, unnamed, let’s call him Jim.
    So, supposedly Jim tells Joe who tells Jay who tells Quayle that the Norwegians are going to come take all the Americans’ guns.

    Sounds rock-solid to me!

    • ezrider1967


  • Redlist Renegade

    When them UN boys come a knockin’ let your BULLETS do the TALKIN’ !!!!!

    • humaka

      Good bye to you dear hero bullet fighter…

      and blessing upon your loved one’s, ye valiant bull who died fighting a bullet.

      • JKnTX

        Good journey yourself, master stupidity advocate!

      • st

        Henry Kissinger
        “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

        ― Henry Kissinger

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • humaka

    Only planners shall outdo and tame the beast of human nature, for it is never the infantryman who fight with his anger with his fists that survive to plan more days for his loved one’s.

    • Redlist Renegade

      Lets see just how well all that Liberal “Peacenik” mumbo jumbo philasophical rhetoric works for you if they show up at YOUR front door to haul you off to a FEMA “Fun” camp and you aren’t well armed , armored , ammo’d and trained , ready and more than willing to REALLY defend yourself “Cupcake” !!! Maybe you can offer them a “Flower” as a “Peace” offering ! Be sure and let us all know just how well THAT works out for you when the time comes there won’t you ?!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    When they go out to do their work for Satan, they will find we the followers of God almighty and the constitution will be firing back and they will change their minds real fast. Bet those blue helmets will sell well on E_Bay especially the ones with blood and brain matter on them. Hope they have my address, I would be ashamed of myself if they didn’t.

  • truck driver

    Motion activated game camera will catch them going around. , then you can put it online.

  • dabu

    Get the party started!

  • Everette

    The fool has said there is no GOD ! Has anyone heard of the red , blue and yellow list ? A senator heard about it and ask was there such a thing . Their reply was yes there is . He ask can I see it . He was directed to a list that let him know those on the red would in counter troops at 2:00 to 4:00 AM . The doors would be kicked down and the residents would be shot on scene . This list would happen before Marshall law took place . On the list are army retired and active army individuals . Then there are doctors , lawyers , judges , senators , congressmen and anyone capable of raising a resistance against the UN , Russian troops already in America . The senator found his name among the red list individuals . The only reason we now know about it was because he released the facts about it , in hopes it could be stopped before it got going . The blue list people get to wait until Marshall law begins . then they will be taken on rail road cars , planes , buses to the nearest FEMA camps . Families will be separated and interigated . Most all of the blue list people will die from guillotines Bush signed into order and Obama ordered (30,000) from China that will be operated by some of the Muslim Obama has been bringing into America . What do Muslims love to do to those that will not worship their black meteorite rock in Mecca ? Cut off their heads . The yellow list are those that pose no problems and are mainly stupid to them . Now go look up the red , blue and yellow list , it’s on the Internet , or was . The UN who now is running the Internet because of stupid muslim in our white house , may have removed it . Wait , I just checked it’s still there ! So yes I can believe this Norway man telling this Jay person what they have been instructed to do to Americans on the list . ! It’s kind of like bragging , but maybe he liked the guy too !

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