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Laughter on the morning after

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 2:42
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I think it’s high time that we all had a good laugh. That’s not to say that there haven’t been PLENTY of occasions for laughter throughout this Presidential Election Campaign. This morning we just need to have a good laugh and this time not at our own expense.

There are certain things that I have known about the outcome of this election for some time, so several weeks ago I decided to start working on this publication in advance of Election Day. I figure that by the time you are reading this that we may not yet know who won the election. There is a good chance that there are a lot of legal challenges flying around right now. Then again the result may have been a landslide Victory for one of the candidates and I expect that there are still a bunch of legal challenges flying back and forth right now. Based on how this Election Campaign has gone, I expect anything but a settled sense of calm among the electorate this morning.

Now I remember how I was feeling the morning after Election Day 2008…

I had a sense of sadness few can know. In the space of a generation our Country went from fighting Communists to electing them. The only thing that could result from making such a choice is a lot of human suffering and in fact a lot of human suffering has taken place between then and now. I knew then that the Marxists who had just been voted into Power would use their positions to collaborate with our Enemies on the battlefield and since Election Day 2008 there are numerous examples when those who have been running our Country since that time have done so, providing them aid, comfort, sanctuary and support in violation of U.S. Law. I knew that the Marxists who had just been elected into office would use their power to foment violent Revolution in our streets. That has come to pass on several occasions and violence has now become the first choice for expressing grievances among those who associate with the Progressive Movement. I expected that the Marxist Revolutionaries who had just been elected into office would use their power to persecute Christians. They have done it not only here but most notably overseas in support of our Enemies who have been putting Christians to Death in the most gruesome of ways.

Those were the things that I knew and those were the things I have spent years talking about and being ridiculed for. Now they are simply matters of Fact and History. Over the years we have chronicled all that here.

There are a lot of other things that I thought I knew. They are NOT matters of Fact nor History except for their entertainment value. You see, I was living in Fear on the day after Election Day 2008. I let emotions inform me and lead me astray, toward a sense of hopelessness. I couldn’t really even write about it for a while as I allowed it to put a choke hold on me. It wasn’t until Inauguration Day that I was able to express myself and… I was pretty funny maybe, pitiful more likely.

I’m hoping that you will take the time to read it today because I am sure that it will make you laugh and that’s exactly what you should be doing today…

The Republican Party of Today – Traitors by way of Failure

While there were certain things discussed in that previous publication that have come to pass and prove to still be in effect to this day, there were other things that were WAY out from the reality of anything that has happened since Election Day 2008. Yet still there were other things that happened during those years that were beyond our imagination that did come to pass, both good and bad and a lot of things that didn’t happen at all.

Time for another good laugh from the past… my project that quickly got so out of hand that I could not keep up with it. The Lies came in at such a high rate of speed that they could not all be cataloged properly in a timely manner. How silly of me…

Preparing for the Obamanation

I think that it is okay to laugh at the absurdity of how the distinguished Cold War Veterans who haunt this forum were utterly unable to see the fact that one of the results of Election Days 2008 and 2012 is that on this day after the 2016 Election, as we are reading this we are under a heightened threat of Nuclear War with Russia. We didn’t see that one coming… not really, not the day after Election Day. We were too busy writing about other impending disasters both real and imagined. This one was not on our radar.

Here’s another trip down the priceless memory hole…

Today We Reclaim The Republican Party

Back in 2008 I expected that by now the body count in the ongoing Marxist Revolution here would be in the Hundreds of Thousands. As a matter of fact the body count here is only in the Thousands. It is in the Hundreds of Thousands overseas.

I think all of us here back in 2008 expected massive gun confiscations to have taken place by now. None of that has happened, in spite of all the BS that has been stirred up by the Ongoing Domestic Menace. Since 2008 Gun Sales to private citizens reached unforeseen historically high levels. There are Millions of more Firearms in the hands of private citizens now and those purchases were made for all the right reasons. It wasn’t all about sports.

We all knew what the results of the 2008 and 2012 elections meant for the Infanticide Industrial Complex, our Ongoing National Shame. The taxpaying public is now funding the mass murder of its fellow citizens, something that is supposed to be prohibited by Law. Our government will not be governed by Laws, so it does at it pleases. What we didn’t know on the day after Election Day that by the time you are reading this the number of Abortion Providers and facilities were Abortions take place has fallen by One Third of their number. The government does as it wishes but more and more people’s hearts have become awakened to the Evil it has propagated through the Murder of our children.

Of course on the day after the 2008 Presidential Election, me being more emotional than most I knew that I would be engaging in covert operations in order to help insure my survival and the survival of those around me. As hard times came down I leaned unto the lessons of my own history in how to deal with them. I leaned on my Faith only to protect me from the hazards of the choices I made, instead of relentlessly seeking God’s guidance. I was listening to the voices of Fear inside my heart and as a result I lead myself to near ruin, almost unto Death.

It was several Months before the 2012 Election when I finally found the humility to crawl back into God’s House and ask for his Mercy and Forgiveness. Can you imagine what happened next? As God was hearing my prayers for Rescue we had another Presidential Election and that night I was on my knees in tears, begging God to rescue this Country from the evil minions of Satan who were running it. We all know what happened next for our Country.

What happened next for me was a holiday season where I had to find all the reasons to be thankful for the things that had been given to me as I was in the process of what seemed like me losing them all. That’s what I thought was happening. That’s not what was happening. God was giving me time off so that I could help decorate my Church for Christmas and spend some important time with a good friend who continually told me how much God loves me and how he had great plans for me. I had a hard time grasping it but I am thankful for that time because in a few short Months God would call that friend home to be with him and I would be missing him badly. I never forgot about the promises of God that he reminded me of and I have held tight to them.

As we chronicled the destruction of our Country all of these years since Election Day 2008 the exact opposite of what I expected for my own life has come to pass. Today I am much better off than I was in 2008 in every category measurable, in spite of all previous utterly emotional insistence that it would be otherwise. How did THAT happen? How could something like that possibly happen? All of that had absolutely nothing to do with who has been elected President. I hope that nobody here reading this will believe for a second that the results of the 2016 Election will mean Doom and Destruction for them. The Presidents haven’t been in charge of anything more than has been allowed them by God. They do not have dominion over the things in your life that matter most. The almighty Creator of the Cosmos knows the number of the hairs on your head and loves you more than you can fully comprehend in this lifetime. He has given us promises that will never be broken.

Whoever has been elected President, if indeed it is clear who that is by now or not, has made promises that they aren’t going to keep. They are only going to be given dominion over a limited number of things. They are not given dominion over the promises of God.

Almighty God is in charge of those things, whether you believe that or not. God is in control today, now and forever. You can put your Faith in that and be secure in all things. His promises are unbroken.

If you are putting your Faith in things you think will happen as a result of this election… well… I’m laughing as I wish you good luck with that. Then again, I have said that today is a good day for Laughter. If you aren’t laughing right now then I am sure that God probably is.

This morning after is a time for Laughter.


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