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Lies, Die, As The Truth Wipes The Smug Off The Mug

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 15:29
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The New York Times and Washington Post newspapers along with many other big city rags across the country are not just liberally biased, they are far, far worse, they are disinformation operatives for the progressive left’s ideology that has divided our country. They are not alone, the corporate owned news media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC blared out smarmy snarky sarcasm against good patriotic citizens, 24 hours, seven days a week, using propaganda to try and persuade the country, that long held moral values are dead. Trump’s victory told them, guess what, your verbal bullying won’t shake out, the faith, Americans have of our nation.
B4INREMOTE-aHR0cHM6Ly80LmJwLmJsb2dzcG90LmNvbS8takpXcDVpT1lkZkkvV0N6V2VCNWZ6cUkvQUFBQUFBQUFCU1kvZjdHdTYyc2lVOGt3ZjhlYzlYOHNqS19NRnJRdjdwUDBRQ0xjQi9zMjAwL2dvb2QtbmV3cy1iYWQtbmV3cyUyNTVCMSUyNTVELmpwZw==They have taunted Americans with such rubbish such as, wanting to deport illegal aliens is bigoted ignorance, or that those demanding equal justice under the law, calling for Hillary Clinton to face a grand jury, was a  misogynistic mantra. Or that criticizing the unconstitutional policies of Obama, and his many disingenuous statements in the White House, makes everyone who dares question him, a racist. In other words, media blared out, leave elites alone, support Democrats or we will constantly bash you. While no one in the beltway (yes that includes, you, GOP), stood up for working Americans until Trump.
Americans have been called homophobes, xenophobes, flat-earth-ers, gun and bible clingers, bigots, racists, deplorable, irredeemable, tea-baggers, tinfoil hat wear-ers, college drop-outs, rednecks, loons, goons, misogamists, hate-mongrels, unsophisticated, deniers, domestic terrorists, gun totting bullies, polluters, unwashed and hate-filled among other terms, by the mainstream media, the Democrat Party,  President Obama and the wanna-be president, Hillary Clinton. 
The media, now has the gall to wonder what happened in this election! Why were the polls so wrong? Why did so many states, leave the DNC column of blue reliance and switch to backing Trump. Trump, who is still being called “Hitler” by liberal voters? Hitler? Isn’t that your answer? Isn’t that a clue? Isn’t that reckless, idiotic comparison, repeated by college campus raised on mock-e-racy instead of democracy, explanation enough?
Media and college professors have brainwashed students into believing all things conservative are evil. Accurate general statements by Trump were  purposefully misconstrued by the liberal media, to paint Trump as a Hitler figure and his American supporters as haters. You told them that Trump’s remark on Mexican illegal aliens is racists and akin to Hitler, isn’t that hyperbole gone wild?
Now good Americans are seeing the complete moronic masses of propagandized youth protesting on the street against Trump’s election and using foul language to suggest that the results were rigged and unfair to…progressives, liberals, Democrats…Hillary Clinton, really, are you serious? A sight of confused, selfish and temper tantrum bullies, has the silent majority in awe of the left capacity for vacuous values, bullying beliefs and their utter shamelessness to be protesting all because the bullies lost.
B4INREMOTE-aHR0cHM6Ly80LmJwLmJsb2dzcG90LmNvbS8tbDF2N0xVa3ZEc00vV0N6V2g1NVdLNUkvQUFBQUFBQUFCU2MvVUtYRkNzcFZ0SWdyZ1BVZWFyVzVuVWUwTi0xYzhFSG5RQ0xjQi9zMjAwL25ld3NfY2xpcF9hcnQlMjU1QjElMjU1RC5KUEc=Apparently, it doesn’t matter to the left that Hillary Clinton was a security risk and an office seller. It doesn’t matter, that her lies were constant and doubled down on, even after they were exposed by the FBI and Wikileaks. It doesn’t matter that she campaigned in coal dependent states and pledge to take away their livelihoods. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lost this election on policy and the country’s direction. Obamacare, open borders, high taxes, gun control, common core and globalism lost this election. Progressive ideology lost this election. Overbearing, over-regulatory, elitists control by a party believing that empty sophism, politically correct sloganeering and  media bullying would win votes.
The Democrats ignored and dismissed the heartland or what they call the ” fly-over” part of the country, that they expected to lose to Trump. Yet they are shocked that  Trump won Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  Wisconsin and perhaps Michigan. In their never ending arrogance that refuses to acknowledge that their message and policy is rejected by not just conservative Americans but by life-long Democrat voters. The defeated Progressives steeped in the denial that we are a union of states, want to harp on Hillary winning the popular vote so they can try and change the rules, and get rid of the Electoral College. Right, let’s have a few states in the union bully the rest of the country, sounds like another prostrate Progressive plan.
B4INREMOTE-aHR0cHM6Ly8yLmJwLmJsb2dzcG90LmNvbS8tSmpUM0ZJbnFqSW8vV0N6V2JIRkVzcEkvQUFBQUFBQUFCU1UvRVdBVUNhQTFsU1VtWXlTVHlPc1hLRklITUZRcFpHMC1BQ0xjQi9zMjAwL2JyZWFraW5nLW5ld3MlMjU1QjElMjU1RC5qcGc=Let’s be perfectly clear,  Hillary did not win a plurality of state support in the country, Trump did. The overwhelming majority of states said no, to Clinton and no, to Democrat House and Senate races. There are more people living in California and New York then in 10 or more  US states and therefore, in our forefather’s genius, the electoral college design insures all states’ citizens, have a voice of parity participation in a presidential election. Yet, once again, Democrats want to get rid of the Electoral College and push for a presidential popular vote because they have no problem snubbing, ignoring and alienating more than half the country. To Senator Barbra Boxer of California, America says “Call us Americans patriots, because we earned that title, and live it proudly.”  
 America turned to common sense and away from the failed and destructive policies of Progressive big government liberalism. The silent majority isn’t dividing the country, the left, their corporate lobby, and their corporate sponsored media, along with high priced liberal college, which is a scam-of-education that has created division. 
The protests and riots on the street represent the pampered, indoctrinated and mentally armed agitators of anarchism that don’t even realize that they are shills for the elite. Obnoxiously, unlike the ant-establishment protest of the 1960′s, that today’s youth espouses to emulate, these selfish nihilists are stomping their feet, in support of the corrupt elitist establishments in Washington they care nothing about them. Talk about hypocrisy, it is downright sad, that so many American youth have allowed themselves to be used as tools and fools by rich globalists who have a self-serving agenda.
Education in America is not only failing to provide the next generation a high paying jobs in a highly competitive world, it has failed to educate our future prodigy, how to be patriots, by contorting the teaching of our history and the meaning of our Constitution. It is failing youth by promoting victimhood and dependency instead of self-reliance and individual accountability. 
Safe zones, settled science, politically correctness, micro-aggressions, Islamaphobia, Black Lives Matter are just a few of the sophisms indoctrinating some of America’s youth into the ignorant insular world of progressive seditious activities. The Democrat party doesn’t care about anyone or anything except power. Didn’t Wikileaks’ revelations about Bernie Sanders rigged lost, teach liberal youth anything about the hubris of the Progressives’ power? 
The good news for today’s youth, is that they don’t watch the nightly news and many are turning off their televisions and choosing different sources. They don’t buy and read the liberal newspapers but have turned to the internet. Is it fret with polarizing viewpoints, yes, but unlike mainstream media that pretends to report facts, youth knows which websites slant left or right. Today’s Americans can find both lies and truth on the internet and it is up to them and the parent’s of the next generation, to challenge youth to seek the truth, and not live in the insular world of spoon fed ideology. 
B4INREMOTE-aHR0cHM6Ly8xLmJwLmJsb2dzcG90LmNvbS8tYUM3VVVqVmlpNncvV0N6V1ltamlYdEkvQUFBQUFBQUFCU1EvZ1JfczdvNmE3eU1wYzVMcnhZR2gweWFncWRFcWotOVhRQ0xjQi9zMjAwLzQ1NzA4MDYyNV9lMDNlNDI4NTg2X28lMjU1QjElMjU1RC5qcGc=Trump isn’t racists, Trump supporters are not racists, and in fact political correctness is closer to a Nazi-like choke hold on intelligent minded differences. America voted for common sense, not progressive ideology, to lead this country toward a robust economy, unleashing our unused energy, sensible immigration, strong and smart foreign policy, trade deals that don’t destroy our marketplace, the restoration of law and order and free market entrepreneurial opportunities for millions.   
Hillary Clinton and the Progressive Democrat party, Obama and his ideology driven corruption of our government, that constantly demonized conservative Americans, lost. The smug media constantly berated the conservative viewpoint, while purposefully altering news facts, lost. The lies, disinformation, vastly exaggerated rhetoric, name-calling, bullying and complete collusion by the media that embedded in the beltway and snubbed the people, lost, lost big and is still losing. 
The truth won, the truth always wins! Even if it takes the truth, a long time to beat the rabbit, and its rabid lies, the truth can’t be ignored forever. Even now, the media is not reporting the truth about these protesters that are causing many cities strife over Trump’s victory. They know they are bused in, they know they are paid professionals, they know some did not even vote, they know Democrats are quietly supporting their abhorrent behavior to thwart Trump’s success. Yet, mainstream media paints them as sincere, innocent youth, fearful of a Trump presidency instead of reporting the truth, that most are anarchist, organized, inspired, rent-a-protest, professional sign holders. 
The mainstream media will not change its stripes, but hopefully more alternative media markets will be able to grow, to compete against the mainstream disinformation. We might just see a revival of real and genuine journalism, but don’t hold your breath.   
The Mea Culpa media’s tears are harvested from crocodiles, and soon the mean streak in media will be back in the dirty political water, silently waiting to pounce their lusty lying pens, into the flesh of conservative policy changes that Trump and Congress will soon enact.   
Not to worry, the media’s smug mug and progressive banter will continue to be pablum for the minority of ultra liberals, because they can’t chew or smile much anymore, now that they lost their fake, false, frail, teeth.  


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