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What Is Going on in Mexico? Viral Video Shows African Migrants Massing Near U.S. Southern Border

Thursday, December 1, 2016 17:54
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Via BadBlue Real-Time News, a video spreading quickly across the Interwebs raises some disturbing questions.

The video depicts hundreds or thousands of African migrants — almost all adult males — massing at an immigration station in Mexico. It is reportedly located on the U.S. southern border, where the migrants (possibly all Muslim refugees) — according to the narrator — are getting expedited treatment to enter the U.S.


“In my lifetime,” he states, “I have never seen anything like this.”

You can watch the video here.

Does anyone have additional information on this?


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  • Uncle Nobby

    how did they all get there?? somebody must have moved them, they sure as shit didn’t swim.
    Or maybe it’s that new Trans Africa-Mexico tunnel they just built :eek:

    • Equalizer

      Soros is directing his treasonous stooge O-vomit to destabilize the US at all costs, POS Jihadists…Heads up Patriots.

    • Jacko

      It’s simple. They’re not Africans. They’re Haitians.

    • CaptAmerica

      This has been in the planning stages for a long time. Bush spent nearly half of the Defense budget building 4 major highways in Mexico (google Earth them), and the 4 in the US, Which Bush 2 leased to Spain for 100 years. Why Spain?
      The NWO guys have been planning this for a long time, that is why they are so afraid of Trump. He is not part of the Plan.

      • artichoke

        Which are the US highways leased to Spain? For that matter where are the Mexican ones? Do they go from US border to Mexico DF ?

  • The end is upon us

    Trumps wall builders.

    • The Clucker

      Lol. Nice one.

  • Ugly

    At 1:26 in the video you can see Modulo De Atencion A Migrantes and under that Mexico. I did a search for this information and it came up as a border center that was opened in Tijuana Mexico. Seems to be legit regarding these people trying to cross into the United States from Mexico.

  • Anonymous

    That is the Mexican and U.S Government in CAHOOT to invade the United States with africans to start the civil war in the U.S with FOREIGN INTERNATIONAL MERCENARIES.

  • disimental

    Yup I noticed that to being from Juarez, Mexico.
    Maybe the Mexican news stations (tele-mundo or others) are carrying some news about it.
    Does look mighty suspicious.

  • Josie

    We know Obama is behind it…some of his last pushes to distroy us. He needs to be removed from the Whitehouse before he can any more damage. Is all our military brain dead that they will stand by and watch this happen…

    • Jacko

      The US must be in a very sorry state if a few migrants will destroy it.

      • Dave 1963

        How many migrants do you want? We have millions of them here in Texas. You can move them into the house next door and introduce one to your son or daughter. If they drive down wages in your area, so what, your a humanitarian. You can live on less. Texas is #1 in minimum wage jobs. If citizens in your town are refused basic health care, HUD, and SNAP while illegals receive them. It’s OK, your town will just raise property taxes or cut your services. Texas is #1 in uninsured people. If unvaccinated children sit in your local school and infect your kid with a disease that was iradicated in the US years ago. It’s OK you and your kids are humanitarians. You’ll pay the price. Texas is #1 in High School drop outs. If they commit crimes against your family and then run back across the border. It’s OK, your a humanitarian. You’ll just turn the other check. There have been thousand of victims of violence in Texas. A little girl in Bullard, Tx. was murdered by an illegal two weeks before the election. But it’s ok if they kill kids in your town. Please take a couple of million illegals off our hands!

  • Richard Parker

    They’re definitely not waiting to cross into the US for your health.

  • carolina4

    future soldiers, hitmen, mercenaries, pimps. possible carriers of venereal disease or worse. captagon users. are they kony’s men? they will blend in far better than somalians and libyans. will this be trump’s opening act? there’s always something. the bp oil spill. haiti. perhaps we will have a kony explosion. to replace those who are deemed no longer useful. not to profile or be racist. i would say the same thing if they were white ukrainian nazi’s. we will see what trump does. for sure, black americans should be alarmed. could be harmless. though. good guys. with great skills. hopeful fathers.

  • dennisR8

    Governors need to call out the National Guard to deal with this threat even if it requires shooting, killing and then tell Obama to Go to HELL, if he objects.

  • Daffers

    This is exactly how it started in Europe – BEWARE! They all look quite peaceful to begin with but once they get through anything goes! Watch some Youtube videos of what occurred in Europe – and be warned.

    • Common Sense

      they pull that shit in the USA they’ll be sniped and that will end that.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    A migrant is a person who moves from one place to another within a country.

    “My parents were migrants who came to California from Oklahoma and Texas in the early 1940s.”

    An immigrant is a person who moves from one country from another.

    Careful, your level of intelligence is showing…

    • trashman

      Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes:::::: DUDE i think you are missing the point!!! Why in the hell are you worried about lack of correctness???!!!! , either A, you are a educated Idiot who makes it a point too miss points, or B, you are a paid shrill. Which is it?? OMGGGGGGG i almost put it in a Uneducated way i almost said ( gollllllly sarge, golly gee wizzicater) ,
      those dern immigrents ar cuming here frum all over de wurld!! wut is dis wurld cuming too :eek: :eek: !!!!, its de end of da wurld!!!!! dat obamaaa guy mus a dun it!!!!! I say, darn him anywayy. , maybee dat air quotes shill air quotes guy wil bee as smartt as me 1 dayy … Freaking paid shrills!!!! If you are seriously being paid too misdirect peoples thoughts or cast doubt , all you are doing is HURTING your fellow man, or dont you give a sh eet, about anyone but yourself!!!!! Those IMMIGRANTS, are not here for good i can say for sure. BTW FYI PEOPLE::: I heard from down in Missouri that a crapload of Muslim looking guys were buying up ( Disposable Phones ), by the crapload!!!! That was about 8 months ago. Now you got a bunch of IMMIGRANTS flooding in ( ILLEGALLY )!!!! , and their being let in !!! NORMALLY I DONT YELL BUT I AM ON THIS ONE!!!, . IS THEIR NOONE !!!!, NOONE WHO HAS THE GUTTS TOO ARREST ANYONE WHO LETS THEM IN OUR COUNTRY!!! Who can swear a oath too the Constitution , and too the people who are trusting in them too protect them, and then turn around and let these ppl into our country , UNCHECKED, UNFRISKED, UNINFRINGED!!!!, UNMOLESTED!!!! COMEONE PPL!!! I can only hope and pray for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , with his Fathers Blessing , too come quickly , cause enough is enough!!!

      • Jacko

        You should stop calling everyone with another opinion a shill or w/e. It makes you look paranoid and stupid.

  • wiseoldlady

    They are doing everything they can to kill off the white race.

  • Jacko

    These people must be in the US already. This video is at least 2 months old. And when you do some more digging you’ll find out they’re not even Africans but Haitians. Research hasn’t been done before posting this here.

  • FirstFirstFirst

    Minute 37 in the video “Slave Labor”
    Minute 1:080-1:10 “Guts of the Money System”

    These guys are labor for the Black Budget,
    possibly D.U.M.B.’s
    (Deep Underground Military Bunkers)

  • Ugly

    They are making it so you cannot know your enemy. If Muslims were to attack now, Americans would be able to discriminate and unite with the Christian blacks against the obvious Arab invaders. Whenever there are tens of thousands of Black Jihadis in America, the civilians will not know who is Christian and who is Islamic without direct contact. The contact will be extremely dangerous and people will prefer to stick with their particular ethnic group.

    As it says in the movie Inferno, we are at 11:59 and it is one minute to midnight. Get right with your god and prepare for war.

    Regarding the person who said they are Haitians; Do you have proof? The reason I do not believe that idea is because it goes against the grain from what they have been importing. Why import Radical Sunni Islam for years and years then all the sudden switch to Christian Haitians? Pffffff… I doubt it. We all know that Haitians are there to be robbed, not to be helped.

  • dakota

    These are not refugees. Gangs…muslim gangs. Guess why they’re here?
    They are more people who are going to tare us apart. The citizens of this country just sit back and let it happen. And I do mean all of us. What ever happened to ‘offensive’ retaliation?

  • charlie2dogs

    Look, look closely, america is already destroyed, can you see it, can you see what has already been done by the traitors who have held power that will destroy the country. Hopefully when the civil war begins there will be enough decent americans to get rid of the filth and scum that has been allowed to enter this country. America is over.

  • my2pesos

    America ~ I’m ‘a’ Care
    America Or ~ Am ‘air’ Core
    America ‘or’ Bust ~ A Rambo ‘IT’ Curse
    American ~ RE: Maniac
    Americans ~ Are Maniacs
    The Americans ~ Chastener ‘I’ Am

  • CaptAmerica

    That traitor Obama is going to Pardon them before he goes away.

    • my2pesos

      A Rambo ~ Obama R……(6)
      Obama R ~ Oar Bam
      Oar Bam ~ O! MR Baa
      O! MR Baa ~ MR ‘a’ Boa
      MR ‘a’ Boa ~ Am ‘rob’ A
      Am ‘rob’ A ~ MA Boar
      See ‘the’ Above ~ Sea He ‘vote’ Be………..(11)

  • jdpent01

    jdp…So far God has helped Trump against all odds, Inauguration won’t be any different, 2 weeks from today a snapping very cold spell and nasty weather may hinder a large part of the Soros anti movement , pray for it.

  • jdpent01

    jdp…yea, we don’t see them having any guns at this point so if they cross over how would they get any guns not by buying them, more likely hand out to them by Obama ‘s GP, they could never pass a background check. How the going to get to DC? who paid ? catch that party and throw the book away.

  • jdpent01

    jdp…No, when they say millions of American are against Trump at Inauguration day, it will be non Americans brought in by Obama and the DEMs Obama is pushing for not inaugurating Trump to having martial law enforced by the cause of non Americans violating our rights he will deem it to bad but he must stay to quell the riots he brought on.

  • You People Are Nuts

    you are so not with it.

    It was the Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans when they had the first NFL game down there.


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