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No Excuse for 38 Minute Delay in Hawaii False Alarm Missile Attack; Deep State False Flag by End of January? +Videos

Monday, January 15, 2018 11:06
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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.
No excuse for the 38 minute delay by Hawaii’s Emergency Management to reset the “Incoming Missile Warning” a situation that warrants a closer look.
Apparently, the excuse an employee was responsible is the latest information coming out of Honolulu and that person has been “re-assigned.” Why not terminated? The redundancy in the system requires a back-up question on the damn screen that asks, “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYONE??” However….there is a supervisor with some level of training that could easily reverse the warning almost immediately, but 38 minutes elapsed before someone with a few brain cells decided to act ?
Most everyone reading this have been down that road of correctly examining false flag / Deep State occurrences and why should this latest event over the weekend suggest otherwise. Corporate FakeStream Media lies and nothing they say is even close to being accurate, therefore….at this point we can only guess, or analyze the situation as having three factors involving (1) Trump (2) North Korea and (3) the Deep State take-down of a sitting president by any means necessary.
So what happened immediately after the warning went-out….besides the absolute fear and panic that ensued for 38 minutes which felt like an hour?
Media reports began to surface that any missile launched by North Korea is an act “provoked by President Trump.” Wow…what a shocker the power of a few Tweets can do to start Armageddon ! Forget about the Munchkin-un pulling the levers behind the curtain, therefore…let’s scare the hell out of a few million people and blame it on Trump? Maybe then…Mad Maxine Waters and others could push their 25th amendment paranoia?
Were the mentally deranged Dems hoping that Trump would have reacted almost immediately with his “Big Red Button” and a nuclear war would have launched? Hush….don’t tell the 80 plus year old Dems in Congress how NORAD works and the redundancies in place for such an event….let them continue pondering how the “FBI Dossier” is going to take-down President Trump still.
The latest coded posts on 8ch by “Q-Anon” suggests a large false flag event will take place before the end of the month and he assures (us) it is the “Deep State.” It seems the latest false flag this past week in Hawaii was big enough, so what could be next?
The panic by the Hillary camp and Obama et al is a growing crescendo of delight for those of us impatient over the pending arrests coming soon with the sealed indictments of nearly 10,000. We know it can’t happen overnight and we believe AG Sessions is asleep at the wheel, but “Q-Anon” assures (us) that Sessions is very active in what is rapidly advancing behind the scenes.
The next couple weeks, much more will be revealed and all indications are….GITMO is open for business. Many say, no way, but coded messages that have now been 98% confirmed as coming directly from at least 3 individuals inside the Trump circle, (known as “Q”) explain that “Military Tribunals” will be necessary and legal. Some say, these tribunals are necessary due to the amount of treasonous bastards being rounded-up and will make the Nuremburg Trials look like a cake walk.
This past week, our hero, Trey Gowdy announced he was removing himself from the Ethics Committee Investigation. Some chatter suggests he was threatened, because he’s been the only Senator “on-fire” and effective.
If you recall back in November, President Trump summoned Trey Gowdy to the White House, and by Executive Order, stepped-up Trey Gowdy’s security clearance in-order for him to sit-in on high level discussions of National Security. Why?? Because the time is nearing for when he will head-up the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Podesta’s, email scandal, FBI corruption, Russian Collusion, “Uranium One” treasonous acts and the hammer will fall…
Trey Gowdy is now getting the documents on Hillary Clinton….

As a side note…we have also learned that Candidate Trump was approached by the NSA telling him “he should think about moving his conversations out of the Trump Tower.” That was about the time Trump announced to the world that “Trump Tower was being wiretapped” and FakeStream Media went wild.

We also know that President Trump was and is well briefed on everything Obama and Hillary tried to pull….before he took office.
—Dave Bertrand
Today’s Featured Article / Report

Hawaii’s 38-minutes of terror

Visitors on dream vacations and residents were awoken by a terrifying alert ordering them to take cover as a ballistic missile rocketed towards the island at 8.07am Saturday.


At the same time as the phone alert, an emergency alert was broadcast across radio and television networks. It told viewers and listeners: ‘If you are outdoors, seek immediate shelter in a building. Remain indoors well away from windows.

‘If you are driving, pull safely to the side of the road and seek shelter.’

Over the next 38 minutes, while bungling officials sought to correct the mistake, families huddled in bathtubs and garages crying and praying while waiting for the missile to hit.

Some placed their children in storm drains while others desperately messaged their loved ones to say their final goodbyes.

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Former U.S. Secret Service Agent / Breaking Intel / Trump Dossier / Uranium One

  New Follow-up Q-Anon Analysis / False Flag Immanent

Contributor: BDR Researcher Merlene Fritts

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Total 5 comments

    I will not accept what is being said about 38 minuets because lying is all I hear and see. 1) North Korea may have launched a rocket
    and it either failed or the U.S. shot it down. However, I checked Russian news sources and NO rocket was launched. Same with China.
    It takes 5 (five) steps to activate the system and two people. OK. It does not take 38 minuets to shut down the warning system, that is a lie and I don’t hear anyone, anywhere making that a absolute issue. So, two compound lies that should require charges
    of negligence and lose of employment. Is there a retired Military General who will speak up now, today and answer truthfully about
    these lies. No one at this point should accept what is being said.—BE AWARE— THIS MAYBE THE FIRST SHOT OVER THE BOW.

  • Anonymous

    Think Israel false flag. USS Liberty, 911, …..


    Perhaps another panic gripped the U.S. before the emergency alert was a activated ? In a few days 30,000 U.S. troops will be in
    Northern Syria and Assad, Russia and Turkey are preparing for WW3. Turkey is a NATO ally and Russia will defend Turkey. Does
    Trump know this? Perhaps the ‘Deep State’ hid this from Trump? So, General Robert Neller told his forces ‘there’s a war coming
    prepare for a big-ass fight’. The U.S. forces will be leaving Norway any day. Hawaii was a test? Must be open minded, do your own
    research and turn off the U.S. TV stations. BIN has far more truth and great dialog than the media.

  • Pink Slime

    I do not believe it was done by accident. I believe it was to gather very valuable info of watching the sheep scatter. Something deeper was learned and they closed the books up and left with their valuable information.

    Leaving you sheep to argue about what head to pound. Whatever it was they learned, they also got a barrel of laughs from them. I’m surprised they did not fire that Manchurian Candidate, as the scapegoat.

    Perhaps he didn’t know he was being used. But whatever, like I always say – YOU BEEN PLAYED!! :twisted:

  • Rockledge

    1) An employee? So all along the janitor and the maid have had our fates at their fingertips?

    2) President Trump is an employee. We , the people, hired him. Or, somebody did, depending on your faith in our presidential auction…. er uhh… election process I mean.

    3) I think this was just a test, to see how the herd reacts. Test their brainwashing level and scare the shit out of them so they become more submissive. Two turkeys with one stone.

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