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ABC, CBS, NBC Admit No Assault Rifle Used at Sandy Hook

Sunday, January 27, 2013 10:11
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  • Dayton Flyers

    This is an amazing video of a low, low flying, small plane just above the school. It’s well below the media helicopters & just 150 ft. above the school.

    • Usefuleater

      This whole thing could end today if everyone who has a question about the evidence would demand from their local congressman that the surveillance videos of the shooting be released to end of this coonjecture and the lies being told…either by the authorities or the Conspiracy Theorists. If the investigation is real…the surveillance videos should match with their story perfectly. Let’s see them, Lt. Vance. What are you hiding?

      • Usefuleater

        I guess it takes time to doctor them to fit the story, but 90 whole days?? I just hope they do a better job than that “worse than a Mexican Soap Opera,” Islamic film trailer that supposedly got our Libyan Ambassador killed, then proven not to be the truth.

  • holycrap

    I am getting dizzy, make up your minds. Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, are you dizzy yet? Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle,Holycrap. Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle.

    • Keeping It Real


  • GK

    Good grief. You don’t think he could have put the rifle back? Idiots.

    • holycrap

      That is what I would have done. I would go back out and put it in the car. Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, wheels on the bus, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, go round and round, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, round and round, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, wheels on the bus go, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, dizzy yet? Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Rifle,

    • chris532008

      @gk so, do you really think, this guy used his assault type rifle to kill a number or people, went back to his car to store his rifle, then went back into the school to kill himself with his pistol, is that your story?

    • Wizard Killer

      Yea, he just waltzed right in through the locked door, shot a bunch of people with the rifle waltzed back out to the car, put the rifle back and then went back in again, buzzed in of course and shot himself. Why do I get the impression that you have no, none, zilch commons sense??

    • Usefuleater

      We might know this if the Investigators hadn’t sealed the surveillance videos which would tell us everything we need to know to resolve this. Instead, they have sealed this evidence for 90 days to keep the country further divided on the Assault Weapons Ban. If the video shows no Assault Weapon, poof there goes the dialogue and the pack of lies.

    • dougded

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The door would have locked or been blocked by any teacher still alive. Who’s the Idiot?

  • thegreengiant07

    Absolutely pathetic

  • DefendConstitution

    Didn’t the M.E. state EVERY victim was shot with a long rifle type round? Will anyone question him about his false statement?

    • -kg-

      Just a bit of research yielded this information:

      “The (.22 Long Rifle) cartridge is often referred to simply as .22 LR (“twenty-two-/ˈɛl/-/ˈɑr/”) and various rifles, **pistols, revolvers, and even some smoothbore shotguns** have been manufactured in this caliber.”

      No lies to explain, since “LR” designates caliber design, not the type of weapon it’s used in.

      • Joseph-C-Moore

        The two handguns that he had were 9millimeter which is quite a difference from a 22caliber. The 22 cal. is a very small, in diameter, round. The 9mm round has a much larger bullet but it is still NOT a large round. What were the casings found at the site? Were they long rifle (22′s) as reported by the medical examiner, or 9mm? If they were 22 caliber rounds and Lanza was only carrying the 9mm hand guns, WHO DID THE SHOOTING? This is a VERY problematic situation. The 223 caliber rifle, and the shot gun found in the trunk of the car is another puzzle, as they, evidently, were NOT used in the shootings. It appears that there may have been another shooter in the school who mysteriously vanished.

      • dougded

        No they were not both 9mm handguns, one was and one was a 10mm caliber. There’s quite a bit of difference there. And the Coronor said there were no high powered rifle wounds. I don’t know where you got 22lr type. It’s petty clear most of you don’t know very much about this or the weapons involved……just rattling to hear yourself……The weapons in the trunk would have been too much to carry and use easily or hide so the pistols were used….My opinion as a professional.

  • thegreengiant07

    Didn’t you people know? Whatever is reported the very first time is EXACTLY THE TRUTH RIGHT?


    Then afterwords the story changes. Wow that’s proof of a coverup, a huge conspiracy right?



    Could you stupid moronic “truthers” get that thru your thick idiotic heads please!

    • dbohm47

      Exactly. I’ve been trying to bring this to attention for a while. No dice. Maybe ‘they’ started adding rifle ammunition to the chemtrails cocktail, and then use HAARP to aim them, LOL! But seriously, I admit that I’m not happy with the ‘official’ story, but armchair search engine sleuthing isn’t going to find the TRUTH. The only thing that happens, is that any lack of evidence (in media reporting) is filled with wild speculation, which is equally devoid of evidence. Protocol number 5.

      • Cherokee1934

        We have been going around in a circle for many days. If we could see the video tape from the school then we would know what gun or gun’s were used. Law Enforcement already knows this information but it is not being put out to the MSM or the general public, and I am sure that they have a good reason for not doing so………maybe giving obama and his bunch the time hide the fact that, just maybe this young boy did not do the killings…?!

    • Jack J

      Who are you calling moronic? Who in the world told all these new people the details? They all say it was law enforcement sources. It was only later that all of these sources were over ruled by the people at the top. All day long they were telling us it was two handguns and then they change the story so they can vilify semi automatic rifles.

  • gunrunner

    AND they keep on lying about this;;WILL the commies;;liberals;;Nazi’s;;EVER stop KILLING our kid’s ??? as with all of them;;JUST like HITLER/STALIN;; they Will kill to disarm all of us..WAKE up AMERICA,,HISTORY has seen this many time’s over !!!! ARE YOU really that STUPID ???? cant you see what is going on here ??? NOW ask yourself this;;WHY only WHITE kid’s ?? Johnson used BLACK children for his gun control,,you gotta think PEOPLE !!! ASK WHY…. :?: :?: :?: :?:

    • thegreengiant07

      There are- stupid autocorrect

  • thegreengiant07

    Yeah that’s right! It’s a huge conspiracy! Massacres only happen because the government makes them happen! There’s no way anybody with a gun could do such a horrible tragedy, only the evil corrupt government

    They’d made all of this up so they can get your guns, your own government slaughters little children so you will hand your guns over. They’re trying to disarm you! Nobody is psychotic, only the people in charge.

    They need you disarmed because they know if you’re armed , they couldn’t seize power!

    Every gun owner is responsible, wonderful and would never kill!

    • Chmee

      You’re right, there are no conspiracies. None, nada, we can trust the government on anything and everything they say and do. I believe man, I believe!


      Now maybe they didn’t make it up, most likely it wasn’t that “false flag” that people are claiming or trying to prove. I kinda doubt it as well. But as Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”. Pretty much the theme of government over the past 20 or so years, isn’t it.

      Now I suspect that you’re going to say that it could never happen here, that tyrannical government, right? Right wingnut conspiracies and all. But it was all that long ago that that left wingnuts were saying exactly that about the Dubya admin. Granted, they were quite correct, but things haven’t changed in that regard with this admin, and in fact we’ve gone even deepr down that rabbit hole, haven’t we….

      ‘Look Who’s Mocking Fascist Fear-Mongering Now’
      Is it really so outrageous to believe the government of the United States is capable of tyranny?

      “One of the arguments we’re hearing in the current debate about gun control is what might be called the anti-anti-tyranny argument. Coming from liberals, it’s a little rich.

      Some gun-rights supporters say the Second Amendment’s purpose is not merely to protect the right to hunt or defend yourself, but to guard against oppression. “The purpose of having citizens armed with paramilitary weapons,” writes Kevin Williamson in National Review, “is to allow them to engage in paramilitary actions.” Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano likewise argues that the Second Amendment protects “your right to shoot tyrants if they take over the government.”

      The history of the founding and the language of the rest of the Bill of Rights suggests they have a point. (Though not the whole point. One reason the founders wanted people to be armed is so they could put down insurrections, not just start them.)

      But many progressives say this is just plain nuts. To Charles Blow of The New York Times, the rise of “so-called patriot groups” who think such things is evidence of “paranoia by people who have lost their grip on the reins of power, and reality.” To Josh Horwitz of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, it’s part of a dangerously radical “insurrectionist” movement. To Eric Boehlert of Media Matters, the idea that Americans might need weapons to fight a “war with the government” is one of conservatives’ “paranoid fantasies.”

      Paul Waldman of the American Prospect agrees. In a piece for CNN on how “The NRA’s Paranoid Fantasy Flouts Democracy,” he says the conservative media encourage listeners to view the Obama administration as “the very definition of dictatorship. … [M]any would say that their ‘right’ to own any and every kind of firearm they please is the only thing that guarantees that tyranny won’t come to the United States. Well, guess what: They’re wrong.”

      “No doubt the gun-rights group has a fringe element, exemplified by those who think the Sandy Hook massacre was orchestrated as part of a plot to disarm America. But it’s worth pausing to ask: Is it really so outrageous to believe the government of the United States is capable of tyranny?

      Not to Naomi Wolf, it isn’t. Back in 2007, the author and political activist wrote an essay on “Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps.” She noted that the leaders of a recent military coup in Thailand had followed certain clear procedures—and she insisted the Bush administration was following those very same procedures. “Beneath our very noses, George Bush and his administration are using time-tested tactics to close down an open society,” Wolf warned. “It is time for us to be willing to think the unthinkable.”

      The essay was widely circulated, and its popularity led Wolf to expand it into a book, titled The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. (That young patriot presumably is the good kind of patriot—not the kind who joins “so-called patriot groups.”)”

      • thegreengiant07

        You ramble way too much

  • thegreengiant07

    I’m sorry! I need to apologize, in order to disarm the public, you need to kill kill kill!
    The more you kill, the more you disarm

    Now I see the logic.

  • chris532008

    guns are no problem in this country, it is primarily lawyer control of our court houses and government in general, their holding hostage civilization for their profit, if the people were to take control again of their government then take care of the task of confining mentally ill to assisted living conditions executing the worst of criminals and life inprisonment with productive labor those who just can t be trusted in civil society, we would see a wonderful transformation and security in this land that has not been seen in recent years

  • Jerry

    The sad part here is the local and state law enforcement officers playing OdumbS**TS hand in this crap. There were multiple speakers at the scene who testified as to countless 223 casings on the floor. I would hope an officer knows the difference in casings. Hell it” printed on each one. The mindset those loons have is disrespectful to the uniform they wear.

  • Cregg Calhoun

    Look at the bigger picture what the democratic Communist party wants :idea: run by the UN their agenda is to disarm America :evil: ! Using what ever method posable subliminal mind control of the unstable persons through video games music extra . :arrow: all they need to know is how unstable a person is and they can go to work molding their killer to do their bidding ! the school records would be the first place they would check their not as confidential as those at a counselors office . :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  • StarRyder

    In Canada we have some very strict gun controls. I am a pro gun proponant myself, I think Canadas laws are unfair to the honest people. If you look at it here we have gangs walking around with Glocks, and Assault Rifles that were smuggeled in, it’s honest people who don’t have them or access to them. But that said, these laws weren’t allways in place, they were brought in by our, (yes this is true) LIBERAL government of the time. I remember when you could go to an Army and Navy store and buy a Browning for $14.95 off the rack and you paid cash, no ID needed.

    But the laws changed and now it is vary hard to get a gun, can’t get any automatics, and I recall when the Olympic Triatholon team couldn’t practice here because thier rifles were illegal.

    The Liberal government changed the gun ownership laws. Not by going into theaters, malls, and schools and shooting innocents to a million pieces and then throwing up some huge conspiracy to cover it all up at a cost of millions of dollars to do so no doubt. Heres how they did it….LEGISLATION…..they were the GOVERNMENT….they made the LAW…..they WROTE the LAW…..and they ENFORCED the LAW they made up. JUST LIKE YOUR GOVERNMENT CAN.

    There IS NO CONSOIRACY, not with these shootings they are sicko psychotic crazy INDIVIDUALS.

    If the government wants to enact a law they can, if it requires and amendment to the constitution it is doable…they don’t need conspiracies, shootings, or cover ups. THEY HAVE THE POWER ALLREADY.

    • thegreengiant07

      Oh! you don’t know! The government can’t take control until everyone is disarmed!

      A government can’t be tyrannical if someone has a gun.

      It’s just like Hitler, he took away guns THEN he became a tyrant! All if Europe fell to his regime, but, if the Jews had guns they could have stopped him. If only Ann Frank was strapped.

  • Marc

    and the point is? They were still high capacity magazines. The mother had no use for any of these weapons. Do you honestly think the families of the victims care what kind of gun killed their loved one?

    You want a hunting gun, fine. You want to collect, fine. You need assault weapons and high capacity arms to defend yourself? Against what? This sick kid? The challenge in this situation is to discuss how to keep arms out of mentally ill people’s hands without violating everyone’s civil rights. That’s the tough issue here

    • Blogengeezer

      Many people in history agree with you totally. I can name a few from history lessons taught by my generation’s Real teachers… soldiers, many with scars to prove their ‘up close and personal’ experience.

      Soldier Teachers that had just returned from WWII to enter the teaching profession. My teachers mentioned ie; Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, followed later in typical Keynesian fashion, by Pol Pot (eliminated 3/4ths of Cambodia’s population, while forcing them to ‘convert’ to Communism), Mao, Kim Jung Ill, Idi amin, Robert Mugabe etc etc etc.

      These aforementioned ‘Leaders’ without a doubt, ALL agree with your (and countless others of similar ideology) philosophy. Of course their substantially Over 100 million innocent helpless victims, may differ in opinion.

      According to Prof Brunell, an internationally acknowledged expert in such ‘grizzly statistics’, gives ‘Mao’ the all time top honors, at 38 million ‘unaccounted for’ (official records were sorta fuzzy, between Census periods, especially during Mao ‘leadership’). Gone missing?… after Mao’s ‘Great Leap FORWARD’. like in Progressive Forward? Where have I heard that term used lately?

      • thegreengiant07

        I don’t fully understand your point. If its to say that guns would have stopped those dictators is ludicrous.

        And to bring up Pol Pot? Make no mistake about it, EVERY COMMUNIST “Revolution” HAS OCCURED BECAUSE ARMED CIVILIANS OVERTHREW THEIR GOVERNMENT!

    • Kimmmm

      There is no record that Nancy Lanza owned guns, no guns registered to her. CT has strict gun laws. Any of the type of guns attributed to the Lanzas would have had to be registered.

  • Wonkadelica

    Start investing in insane asylums:

    “Nearly 370,000 criminal background checks were requested by Oklahoma gun store owners in 2012, the highest total in state history.
    According to records kept by the FBI, the 367,976 background checks requested by store owners last year topped the previous record — set in 2011 — by nearly 100,000.” :cool:

  • Blogengeezer

    Apparently ALL relevant information is now Sealed by judge’s orders? Security cam videos as well? so much conflicting information, no wonder Feinstein, Coumo, and Bloomberg along with this present sitting administration are so confused. No mention, other than comments from friend’s that SSRI’s specifically prescribed Fanapt was involved.

    SSRI’s (Dr David Healy) are now connected to 9 out of 10 incidents of hitherto considered Horrific behavior. A fact NOT reported by sycophant media. Over 4% of US society is now diagnosed Bipolar (Manic Depressive) at any given time. ADHD with prescribed Meds is rampant in the schools of the USA. Mind altering substance abuse is consuming US society with predictable results. USA now carrying the, not to be proud of, title as ‘THE MOST DRUG ADDICTED NATION IN HISTORY’. Are you sure you desire ‘yourselves’ being rendered helpless, disarmed?

  • vonLmo

    Yea, like I’m gonna believe the media, who are paid to distort & lie & tell the Chief of Police of Newtown that he’s FOS.

  • 63 Marine

    Well, well, well, Its about time the communist alphabet media has reported the truth for once! Is this gonna be a trend or are they gonna go back to reporting the same old lying schett that they have been spreading.

  • Anonymous

    “First reports are always wrong.” Coined by a general in ancient times.

  • cowboy454

    They knew that the .223 was in the car and not used this whole time. They wanted to make it seem like Lanza used the rifle so the ban on that rifle would be made into law easier. Just more lies from our government about what happened at that school. The gun ban needs to be dropped at once.

  • sjsrana

    WOMEN being WEAPONIZED to save them-self from OFFICIAL WOLVES (cops/army/police/politicians all found guilty in past of OPENLY RAPING WOMEN)

    WEAPONIZE WOMEN beforeitstoolate and WOLVES BAN weaponization all-together!

  • KJQ

    There are lots of anomalies with the Sandy Hook shooting, but the weapons used story isn’t one of them. The weapons count/used story solidified the next day. He allegedly used an AR-15 exclusively, but carried two handguns as well. The firearm found in the car trunk was a semi-auto shotgun. Any knowledgeable person can tell this from the video.

  • Pateriot

    I heard at least one account that had him with two handguns, the AR 15, used in the shooting, and a “street sweeper” shotgun (drum style) in the car. I guess that we will not know the truth until the official investigation is completed and the findings released. This could take a year or two.

  • inkling

    Swamp gas. Or something!

  • Patriot

    See how crooked the media & liberal politicians are to deceive Americans for political gain?
    They’ve been falsely playing up this mess as involving an assault rifle all these weeks.
    Not only was that AR-style rifle not used, but it also is not an assault rifle, anyway, as it is semi-auto function only, not an automatic machine-gun fire capability weapon.

    Should we then say that a toy AR-style weapon is also an assault rifle, as it LOOKS similar?
    After all, that is THE common denominator — the LOOKS.
    Yet, again, not even the AR-style weapon was used in the massacre.
    This means it is a political issue.
    Again, “We the people…” are being played for dopes by one party or the other — this time the Democrats rather than the Republicans.

  • dougded

    Seems like one of those drones was in use. You know the ones the government isn’t using. And why is it that the coronor, a medical professional, said there were no high powered rifle wounds in any of the victims. Yet we are told that it’s was the ” ASSULT WEAPON”. I am an ex military NCO. I know that you can tell a pistol wound from a rifle wound. A .223 caliber weapon would have gone through several walls and still killed someone. This whole thing isn’t about crime or safety. It’s not being looked at that way by the media/politicians. They have all the safety they need. They are engaged actively in denying us the same.

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