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What the Hell Is This? Microwave Bursts in Most Major US Population Centers Showing up on Weather Radar!

Saturday, September 3, 2016 23:06
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“What the Hell is This? Microwave Bursts in Most Major
 US Population Centers Showing Up On Weather Radar!”
by Newroom
For the second day in a row, major population centers in the eastern half of the USA are being hit with Microwave Bursts so powerful, they’re showing up on WEATHER RADAR! These blue-shaded areas are NOT weather. Rain shows up as either Green, Yellow or Red and you can see such rain storms on the same map above. Snow shows up (in winter) as blue, but we’re not in the winter or even close to it yet. So what the hell is going on that is showing up on weather radar in major population centers for the second day in a row?  
This is not natural. It is clearly man-made. And the way Doppler (weather) radar works, it would pick up microwave radiation (as a portion of the light spectrum) and report it like this! Is this intentional “geo-engineering” to heat or somehow alter the atmosphere?  Are these emissions coming from select cellphone-like towers?
Who is doing this and why? There’s only one entity that could do something like this and think they could get away with it: Government. But what is it and why is it being done? What effects might this be having on Americans?”
Want to see this live, for yourself? Here’s the link to the National Weather Service:


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  • 2QIK4U

    Would be good to know about Australia and this problem to!

    • Equalizer

      There is a direct correlation between Chemtrails, HARP, Microwave towers, Particle physics and Vaccinations…This explains why NATO will be taking over the Internet in the next several months. Do your own homework why the Internet is still available.

      This is your starting point.

  • Man

    but weather radars send out microwaves to track rain..

    The dooper actually uses them

    so the dark blue ones are just the ones with low rain density …. you know, like a cloudy day….

    • Redlist Renegade

      Or like an OBVIOUS Government DISINFORMATION “Specialist” like YOU !!!

      • Morgana Le Fay

        Umm….actually, he is correct. Not everything is a conspiracy, and many of you on this site are far too gullible and will believe almost any drivel that is posted here. It’s pretty sad really, especially when there are plenty of real problems to be concerned with. Did you ever stop to think that articles like this might be disinformation designed to distract from real concerns?

  • ruk9p

    There are cell towers in the US called Stingrays, used for illegally spying on people here. There are also “cell-like” or possibly combined with a cell tower, that are similar in appearance. But are essentially microwave RF emitters, HIGH POWERED ones with output estimated at 300 Million watts+ output each. If activated at 3am, all within a given area are dead by 4am, in their sleep.

    How do you determine if a given tower is potentially a microwave oven on a stick? Look at the power cables going in. A regular cell tower emits maybe 300 watts, hence has smaller power cables going to the unit. If the cables are 1.5-3.0 inches in diameter, chances are better than most you found an insidious weapon, that needs to be destroyed before it destroys you.

    • Man

      you do know that tesla coils also use RF microwaves with a higher voltage.. 50 kilovolts to several million volts

      sp technically that would mean that they are just as damaging according to your reasoning

    • Josie

      You are exactly correct, sick isn’t it. Self made God’s over the people. I’m still waiting for information on the bountys put on the evil ones heads, cabal, elites and the illuminate. Need some good news…

    • ExLibris

      300 MILLION Watts of RF output would likely vaporize ANY cabling and the antennas on a cellphone-scale structure.

      Those thick cables you see are ARMORED to deter vandalism. For one thing, the core cable is possibly a hollow approximately 1/2 inch diameter reinforced waveguide…possibly larger. Then they INCLUDE additional cables, power, and perhaps even fiber-optics cables, and THEN cover that all in multiple layers of EMR shielding and weather-proofing and ARMOR which produces the final, ultra-thick cable.

  • C.C. Forche

    Large micro waves have been detected traveling across our planet, recently. dutchsinse. We need to look to the Sun. The clouds and chemtrails may very well be a “veiled” attempt to protect our grid from “hyper activity” of the Sun. A lot still gets through. Are we failing? Who knows…what was the goal? The 60 ft fibers falling from the sky with “free” aluminum ( hard to come by) and barium are not naturally occurring at all.So why are we doing it? Look to these. see the article on beforeitsnews… about Scientists speaking out about chemtrails. Is this an air born grid to try to defend us? God Bless C.C. author of the Christian book of arguments w/666 decoded in 9 languages and 5 alphabets (what are those odds?) there is a whole section of Science in the book titled “SIGH-ENCE” go to see “MAN UP APE MAN” for starters.

  • chefjim

    If you look closely at the map in the link above, at the southern tip of Indiana, you can see radial lines in a concentric circle. This is also a man made pattern and the telltale signature of HAARP in which they “steer” weather patterns by heating up the ionosphere and changing the Jet Stream patterns at will. The weather is being controlled by the Military Industrial Complex WITHOUT the consent or knowledge of WE THE PEOPLE! The weather isn’t the only thing being controlled by the way… EVERYTHING you think you know by watching TV (or the periodicals, movies, music, even video games) is controlled propaganda to manipulate the population into a state of complacent antipathy as it relates to everyday topics and outright VIOLENCE and hatred when it comes to speaking out against it. Anyone like myself who searches out truth and speaks out against this system of control and deception, that is to say that anyone who learns the fact, for example, that the Federal Reserve is not owned by the USA but is owned by PRIVATE BANKERS and the money this country uses is loaned out at interest to the government, is called a CONSPIRACY THEORIST and all sorts of other derogatory names making people FEARFUL of being castigated or labeled as one who is “outside the norm” for simply questioning what they are told. Wake up! Things are not as they seem to be. Start your search for truth in the ONLY source of truth available on this earth today! The KING JAMES BIBLE. Get one and start reading in the book of Romans and ask God for guidance in learning the truth about how God sent His Only Begotten Son in the flesh of a man for the purpose of giving Himself up as a PROPITIATION for the sins of all of mankind and whoever believes in Him will have eternal life with the Father in Heaven. Learn about God’s plan for mankind and how to be SAVED and do it quickly because time is running out. Soon, that choice will be made for you if you haven’t made it for yourself and you will be in a time period called the Time of Jacob’s Trouble in which God will turn the world upside down and pour out His Wrath on it. (see Isaiah 24 and Revelation 8-10) You don’t want to be around for that! Get saved! Read the KJB, it’s the only bible approved of God Himself, all others have been corrupted and are sold in this evil system of fiat (unbacked) paper money for THINGS. Stop taking the world’s view of the bible, that it is an out-dated, archaic book of fairy tales written by sheep herders and has no application for “enlightened”, scientific mankind because if you choose to believe that, you will find yourself either dead outright and in agony (billions will soon die) or left behind to suffer the Wrath of the Lamb, coming soon to a city near you!

  • Mad Mex

    No.. not at all dangerous.. Tesla demonstrated his High Voltage generators with millions of Volts of sparking electricity around him.. No problem.. Why.. because it has almost zero current.. have you never seen the videos of people touching a Van Der Graffe Generator. and their hair rises straight up ?.. Thats Tesla type electricity.. essentially Static electricity..
    Microwave energy is entirely different… there is no high voltage.. its High Power Radio waves at a UHF frequency.. This is VERY dangerous.. stick your head in a Microwave oven for 5 Mins.. you will be dead.

    These towers ( Allegedly ) emit High Power Microwave Radiation and have the ability to fry anything within their range.. any living organism.. Plant or Animal would die.

    I would be moving far far away from any of those towers..
    It was probably a test run of a few seconds burst to check operations I would say..
    Wonderful government you have there in the USSA..

  • BungalowBud

    Don’t sweat this too much. Notice that with no rain in the area and especially at night, we have what is called ground clutter. Its all the time around the radar centers. Notice, check those locations and they are the radar centers. Night time after most scattered daytime summer showers have gone, you will see this night after night.

    • You People Are Nuts

      Smart dude.


      Other objects within radar imagery include.
      Thin metal strips (chaff) dropped by military aircraft to fool enemies.
      Solid obstacles such as mountains, buildings, and aircraft.
      Ground and sea clutter.
      Reflections from nearby buildings (“urban spikes”).


      • ExLibris

        You left out

        Insects in large groups (as they sweep across the area moving to new crops to eat)

        Flying animals in large groups (such as bats as they head out each night from their homes, and back in later on)

        Computer processing of the data eliminates some of the clutter, but not all of it.

        • TuffENuff

          Bat and insect clutter hundreds of miles wide? Yep, I’m sure that’s it, a lot of bats and insects. Yep.

          • ExLibris

            I was pointing out what ALSO shows up on weather radar…not making any statement as to whether insects or bats create the large circles (generally caused by atmospheric conditions…do your own research).

            However, swaths of bats and insects have shown up that are miles wide and miles long, creating lines, doughnuts, and “blobs” (depends on altitude and radar type). ONE source of bats is Brackett Cave with 20 MILLION bats that fly out each evening.

   (about the 1:30 mark, this video also shows that non-rain atmospheric conditions along the Texas shore appear on radar as well)
   (has videos, but also suggested reading re weather radar operation)
   (extracted image from the “…bats-smoke-20130506″ article, has MULTIPLE bat clusters)

      • ExLibris

        I should also point out that weather radar also operates at multiple frequencies, phasing, and at different angles from the horizon (aka elevations).

        Depending on which mode the radar is operating, and what elevation it is directed to scan, the results can GREATLY reduce or magnify ground clutter and other non-precipitate atmospheric elements.

  • Deputy Dawg

    “What the Hell Is This? Microwave Bursts in Most Major US Population Centers Showing up on Weather Radar!” the answer to that important question is actually quite simple for those who have been paying attention. This technology is not at all new, it’s updated and revised Tesla discoveries. It is being used by the lunatics who are calling the shots to modify weather, harass and kill targeted individuals, and create untraceable military applications. Weapons like the directed energy laser currently used to knock threatening missiles out of the sky are used to heat aerial plasma affecting the intensity and direction of targeted weather systems or the jet-stream. HAARP is the science or physics behind such amazing phenomenon and the potentially destructive devices it’s associated with.

    Dutchsince is a website dedicated to the accurate forecasting of earthquakes. The administrator is a down to earth scientist who is one of the best authorities out there on HAARP, what they use it for and monitoring it’s ongoing activity. As you see a lot of the so called weather induced natural disasters are in fact man made superstorms created using HAARP. He provides indisputable evidence proving his claims. Watch and learn a little, if you are one of those who remain oblivious to this mind blowing technology.

    A Student of the Word

  • rocorollo

    Just so you know it. We goin’ tamanna.

  • propel7

    “Microwave warfare” is highly documented. Barry Trower is a leading expert that explains what is being done, ikn many youtube videos. It is likely that overlapping “waves” of microwave transmissions are harmonically overlapping to create a much larger “rogue wave” effect, which intensifies the smaller power into a much greater state of energy, using the various cell towers, maybe in conjunction with the HARP devices. Playing them like music to the People’s brains. An EVIL music of destruction. It is likely intentional, in light of the BANKER NAZIS that have taken control of America. Being done to “apathize” the People, or some other GLOBALIST agenda to sterilize, murder and lobotomize the population. After so long with these microwaves entrainment of the brain, they will render it mush, probably turning people into zombies or creating anger and intolerance (mind control) where People will turn against each other. No? Crazy?…What do microwaves do to your dinner, fools? JFK said there was a conspiracy by “secret” orders (Rothchild/Jesuit satanist Bankers) to enslave and subvert the Nations. That means there IS and always WAS a CONSPIRACY. Time to wake up from Lala land.

  • trigger

    I have seen these before and they are volcanic out gassing , happens all to frequent over all old volcanic or dormant volcanoes out in western states you just have to look it up ,weather channel recorded some earlier this year.

  • Farmer

    It is called back scatter. A natural phenomenon of high powered RADARs.

  • Anonymous

    This is the new 5G cellular network. We will all be fried!

  • Colonel Doctor

    These are nexrad radar pulses guys. I’m guessing these were taken several days ago when hurricane Hermine was tracking up the east coast. Hurricanes don’t naturally turn at right angles. So some entity has to be steering it. Another entity was apparently using nexrad to keep the storm from turing inland along the east coast. Watch this starting at the 1.25 mark. and see if you can connect the dots.

  • Gil Carlson

    Are there really aliens on Earth in hidden underground bases? Secret files reveal many locations long suspected of being a joint alien/human bases! See the Complete Guide to Extraterrestrial Bases on Earth – Hundreds of strange and mysterious locations and photos revealing amazing, bizarre technology:

    • Neo

      No-one here is interested in your spam Gil, you’re just pissing into the wind.

  • Bonnie Ember

    Traveling up Interstate 5 from Sacramento, to Eugune Or., last week, was microwave hell.

    All of the Microwave towers, along the freeway, were active.

    By the time I got off of the freeway at 138, I was shaking from the electrocution.

    To me, it looks like the Globalists, The Satanists, are making a practice run, for a Rwanda Genocide.

    To quote H.G. Wells, “…if those towers, can MKUltra you, to death, you better destroy them, before they destroy you.”

    No one is coming to MKUltra, California for tourism. Anther nail, in her coffin.

  • Everette

    Microwaves cause cancer ! The NWO , Vatican , luciferian , natzi , Edomite , Esau and The UN , meteorite worshipping , Muslim , Ishmaelites have created a way to kill 100′s of millions of people . Georgia Guide Stones created by them calls for 90 % to 95% of the worlds population to be killed . They say we are over populated . The idiots have not done the math ! Each person living in the world today could be given 2 areas in Australia and there would still be land in Australia for more unborn people to have . But the rest of the contintants would be empty awaiting future people to be born . This would take over 1,000,000 years to even come close to start filling up the rest of the contintants . Idiots ! Or is this control ? I believe it it is control and greed along with ignorance and defiance of GOD !

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