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Matt Drudge Pushes Dangerous Conspiracy Theory That the Government Is Lying About the Strength of Hurricane Matthew

Thursday, October 6, 2016 14:55
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By all accounts Hurricane Matthew is going to be a monster storm with winds up to 140 mph, and the governor of Florida is strongly urging people to evacuate coastal regions as soon as possible. More than 100 people have already been killed by the storm, and warnings are in effect along the entire east coast of Florida.

But Matt Drudge (who has a permanent link to Alex Jones’s sites on Drudge Report) is on Twitter today telling his followers that the government is lying to them about the strength of the hurricane to hype climate change.

It’s difficult to overstate how irresponsible and dangerous this sort of rhetoric is; Drudge is actually risking people’s lives to push an anti-science, anti-government conspiracy theory, because there may be some people who’ll believe his statements and refuse to evacuate.

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    I don’t know the truth about this hurricane, and neither do you. My 64 years have taught me the climatologist will exaggerate, and flat out lie. This is of course for our own good. The Government also lies on a regular basis. In most cases weather events are presented as a worse case scenario, because people have learned that the government sponsored weather information would rather have people err on the side of safety. The problem with this, is sometimes the weather event, really is as bad as they say it is.

    • krew09

      well if you found a NEXRAD site with a National Loop,then you would know the truth… a child can see what is going on


        Yes we can see a picture on the screen that shows a hurricane. While I tend to believe the picture shown, I don’t know if it is accurate. Knowing a hurricane is there, is different from knowing exactly how powerful it is. It comes down to trust. I was merely pointing out that for a very large number of people, anything, and everything our Government tells us is now under suspicion, and open to questioning. It is simply the result of a lawless Government that is more interested in social engineering, than giving us facts.

        • Anonymous

          The picture that they show you is computer generated. They always show these storms to be massive, covering something like 3000 sq miles where in reality the storm really is no bigger than about 50-60 miles.
          Don’t look at the headlines. These people lie and sensationalize. Instead look at the individual towns hourly forecast and local radar. While the headlines are screaming 120mph winds, the reality is about 21mph.
          This is coming from someone who has lived on the SE coast for over 40 years and have watched these lying terrorists putting on their ridiculous show again and again.

    • deano

      Gday DISPENSER. ……”I don’t know the truth…”……and that IS the reason we are all here.

      The thought that govts are capable of “Weather Control” is unfathomable to most….and therefore must be a “Lunatic Conspiracy Theory”……but does the US have a machine capable of this?

      @ SBX-1 ~ the Sea Based X-band Radar……last reported in 2006. Where is this FALSE FLAGSHIP?

      @ USAAF Doc ” Owning the Weather by 2025″……..using HAARP + Chemtrails (HAARP=X-band waves)

      @ HAARP Scientist ” Give me an Oil-rig , and I can cause Earthquakes in Iran” (Popodapolous)

      @ IRAN NEWS **** Dolphins COOKED in the Persian Gulf***** (What can “cook” in a sea?)

      ## A few years back they used to show the weather as “Radar”, until these “random cloud formations” started showing symmetrical shapes like rings, circles, wedges, spoked spirals etc.(HAARP anomolies)
      Now its back too sat images of clouds or smiley faced suns :lol:


        I know it is safer to be in a “safe” space, than to just sit at home. Where I live we have tornadoes now and then. We are almost always told it is worse than it turns out to be. It probably does save lives, to overstate the situation, right up, until everybody stops paying attention to the sirens. You have to make the decision of what you believe, and how you respond. Nobody can make it for you. You will have to live, or die, by your decision.
        I assume you are down under? I always wished I could visit Australia, and New Zealand.

        • Mayhem

          I’m from New Zealand and some years back we had a school camp instructor decide crossing an obviously swollen river with a bunch of children was a good idea because the news said the storm wasn’t that bad.

          Some chilluns drowned so now whenever a cloud appears we get heavy rain warnings and yet so often there’s not enough moisture to dampen the dust.

  • Eggzactly

    Barry met with Leonardo the other day when Leo flew in on his Gulfstream5 to get his award. And did I mention he flew in on a private jet? The climate has to be changing. :wink: :wink: :wink:

  • eXChroma

    I can tell ya assuming I survive haha. Storm center is passing right over our area down here and we have the house all armored up as much as we can. Winds and Rain just started here, and we have a concrete structure close by to evacuate to if the house isn’t holding up well. So if I remember/live, I’ll comment back- though measurements will not be provided.

    • Eggzactly

      CYA my friend and stay safe!

  • Detergent

    I saw this earlier on Drudge and it is concerning. He may be giving people false rationale for remaining in areas that are in severe danger.

    My preferred place to track hurricanes is this site at Florida State U. It aggregates the results of different models from many different sources. My guess is they don’t have much reason to lie. They paint the picture of hurricane Matthew even worse than the National Weather Service. Every model shows this hurricane hitting mid-coast Florida at category 4 and tracking the coastline along Northern Florida, Georgia, and partway up the coast of South Carolina.

    If you’re close to the coast in those areas, GET OUT.

    • Detergent

      I’ve been reading some of the accumulating comments below. My reaction: Not every person who works for a government agency is an evil teller of lies. Some of them are actually honest decent people who, in this case, are trying to save your skins by alerting you to real danger.

      One thing about computer models is that they’re always wrong, more or less. When a lot of different models closely agree then that narrows the odds. This storm could track 50 to 75 miles offshore in which case damage will be minimal. If it tracks 50 or 75 miles the other direction it will be horrendous. Which way makes sense to bet?

  • unidentified

    they might lose power internet social media television for a few days if wind and tides get out of control


    DRUDGE links to a multitude of sites and news organizations. The fact that he usually has an Alex Jones link is no more pertinent than the fact that he always has a link to the Washington Post or the NYTimes. You’re twisting data to smear the man and his site. And what’s wrong with Infowars anyway? Drudge has not endangered anyone. This is more left-wing propaganda with the agenda of convincing everyone that any right-wing or non-leftist points of view are dangerous. It’s a falsehood intended to silence dissent. You should question hurricane data. I lived through Hurricane Rita which we were told was far weaker than it was, because they didn’t want to divert attention and resources from Katrina and New Orleans. Rita was a cat-4 when she came ashore. Our local weathermen reported that they detected and logged 140-160 mph winds 40 miles inland at the time. Official records dispute that but I was there. I lived through it. And seriously did anyone buy into that skull face thing? C’mon…could that have been anymore silly and photoshopped?

    So in a nut-shell, shut up and go spew your leftist-crap elsewhere. No one here is going to buy into it.

  • ElOregonian

    What a maroon… Progressive hack supposed “Reporter”… Go back to Air America (formerly Air America Radio and Air America Media)… OH, that’s RIGHT! They’re defunct… Like you Little Green Looseballs… Bonehead.

  • Anonymous

    I have lived on the East coast for over 40 years and can tell you that they have a lucrative scam going. For the past decade every storm has been hyped beyond belief. The idea is to brainwash the lemmings into spending money that they don’t have to waste. All the stores are then stripped like locusts in a cornfield and there a re fat profits made.
    The MO is to forecast these things to hit every city along the coast and get everybody to buy buy buy. It is pathetic and will lead to a real tragedy when we have a real storm and people have had Wolf played on them once too often.

  • allendaves

    Pointing out that a Government that is proven to lie to get its agenda pushed forward is in fact making statements that do not reflect reality is not anti-science, anti-government conspiracy theory…the only one putting lives at risk is folks who write articles likes this who want everyone to just trust everything the government and self appointed authorities of science tell you so they can experiment on you and control you and kill you as easily as possible when they so desire with GMO, vaccines, FEMA ( continuity of government aka Marshall law without using those words et al ( it is all safe and benign because they say so and your an idiot if you do not take their word for it) and all the lies they tell everyone to push wars et al ad fin………..No folks like this are traitors and liars who should be called out for what they are …Wicked, who pretend to care about you using “buz words” of science and trust and “conspiracy theory” while putting their arm around you leading you to the prison cells, houses of horror and execution chambers…

  • truck driver

    This will restore the economy and Hillary Clinton can make money on cattle futures again. Remember Rush Limbaugh said Hillary Clinton bought cattle futures during the Bundy standoff. Then made money when the BLM killed his cattle.

  • Anonymous

    Matt Drudge is a zio-shill. As is Haven, Jones, Hodges and more than likely, me thinks, they got to him, Jim Stone. TBBP. DGIT.

  • Pink Slime

    Yeah, the DEPLORABLE LEFT LYING again. Pushing climate change instead of tobacco causes cancer to raise taxes on the air we breathe. :twisted:


    Here’s a rant
    1970′s “oh no global cooling -New Ice Age”
    1990′s Al gores global warming or clube of romes blame humans for all things

    Al gores hockey stick fell short so
    let’s change it to climate change
    well for those who don’t live near the equator we get 4 climate changes in the form of seasons

    do i think pollution is a good idea? hell no!
    blaming citizens in a consumerist society isn’t a bright alternative either.
    Since charles johnson here wants to make it a left right issue
    Focus on China … a communist enterprise with a capatilist money system overlay
    Those at the top of their government could mandate a windsolarrenewable energy system and be leaders of that field … instead they goto cheap coal and cause massive pollution that drifts into the northern hemisphere and causes more ice cap degredation.
    So it’s socialism for the masses and privatized profits for the leaders in china, just like every other commie hell hole. Crony capatalism or crapatalism made possible by government regulations that shut down freemarket ideas and get bail outs when their shitty plans go awry.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    It’s already downgraded to a category 2.

    So he was right.

    • Anonymous

      It is all Bullshit. I am right on the Carolina coast. Our winds at best feel like maybe 14mph and my barometer says 29.55mb. That is no hurricane folks, just more BS from the real terrorists. It will flood some areas because we have already had so much rain all summer.

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