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The Clinton-Weiner Halloween Surprise Continues to Rear It’s Ugly Head

Monday, October 31, 2016 6:23
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by Scott Creighton

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(Okay. No more bad wienie puns.)

How fitting is it that another story about another wiener is about to wreck the political aspirations of yet another Clinton?

(Okay. No more after that one.)

I guess the fates have a sense of humor after all. Either that or the Clintons and everyone around them are just depraved, power-hungry jackals born without a moral center who will do anything to satisfy their baser cravings. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Earlier this weekend I, like so many others, wrote about the then breaking story about FBI Director James Comey sending a letter to the heads of several congressional committees informing them that they had found new information that “may” be pertinent to the previous Clinton email server investigation and that as a result he had authorized agents to look into it to see if there was any “there” there.

I concluded, based on faulty information, that there would probably be nothing to this investigation and it wouldn’t go anywhere, hence I came to the opinion that James Comey in a backhanded way was doing this in order to support the Clinton campaign by deliberately feeding the press mill some red meat to chew on so they wouldn’t have to cover President Peace Prize’s brutal assault on the civilian population of Mosul and his open support for al-Qaeda and “ISIS”-linked terror groups in Syria.

Though I still think it serves the interests of the administration and the war-party they serve, having learned a little more about how this event unfolded, I have to say it seems like there might really be a “there” there.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there are roughly 650,000 emails involved in this latest revelation. That seems a bit high to me but it could be possible since the latest version of the story is that Huma Abedin (Hillary’s closet aide) and Anthony Weiner (pedophile) shared a laptop for a couple years as their home base of operations and Huma frequently CCed or forwarded work related communications from her account to that computer. The WSJ reports the metadata suggests there may be thousands of work related emails tracking back to Hillary’s illegal private email server.

As federal agents prepare to scour roughly 650,000 emails to see how many relate to a prior probe of Hillary Clinton’s email use, the surprise disclosure that investigators were pursuing the potential new evidence lays bare tensions inside the bureau and the Justice Department over how to investigate the Democratic presidential nominee.

Metadata found on the laptop used by former Rep. Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife Huma Abedin, a close Clinton aide, suggests there may be thousands of emails sent to or from the private server that Mrs. Clinton used while she was secretary of state, according to people familiar with the matter. It will take weeks, at a minimum, to determine whether those messages are work-related from the time Ms. Abedin served with Mrs. Clinton at the State Department; how many are duplicates of emails already reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and whether they include either classified information or important new evidence in the Clinton email probe.” WSJ

There was a wave of disinformation surrounding this development very early on. Some said there were only three emails involved while others suggested it was only Weiner’s emails to Huma which led me to conclude there was very little chance that she had sent anything of any import to her sexting/discredited husband. The fact is the system was used by both parties in the household which opens up a whole new can of worms.

According to the WSJ article, Weiner turned over the laptop back on Oct. 3rd of this year as part of the investigation into his reported online relationship with an under-aged girl. He turned it over along with his Iphone and his Ipad. Investigators working on that case soon discovered there were emails from an account owned by Huma Abedin on the system as well and they quickly reported that news to their superiors.

“The latest development began in early October when New York-based FBI officials notified Andrew McCabe, the bureau’s second-in-command, that while investigating Mr. Weiner for possibly sending sexually charged messages to a minor, they had recovered a laptop with 650,000 emails. Many, they said, were from the accounts of Ms. Abedin, according to people familiar with the matter.” WSJ

At first I thought it was odd that Comey’s letter to congress was so cryptic and light on details but now I understand why that was. He couldn’t admit the FBI had already read several of them because they had not over the course of the month of October, obtained a warrant which would allow them to do so. Had Comey told congress he had read the emails, it would immediately have provided an out for a future Clinton defense team as they could argue all the emails must be thrown out because the search of the laptop was conducted illegally.

That’s why the Clinton surrogates and their campaign staff came out on Saturday trying to convince the FBI to release specific information on what they found in the new batch of emails. Had they done so, they would have crippled any future prosecution.

The FBI obtained a warrant on Sunday which will now allow them to legally search the pile of emails and eventually release some more info to the public, once enough time passes to provide them with a plausible story.

“Federal investigators have obtained a warrant to begin searching a large cache of emails belonging to a top aide to Hillary Clinton, law enforcement officials said on Sunday, as prosecutors and F.B.I. agents scrambled under intense public pressure to assess their significance before Election Day.” New York Times

I want to make this point very clear though: the FBI has already read some of the emails. That’s a fact. We wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t and if they only contain Huma communications with Hillary relating to golfing and grandchildren, we also wouldn’t be here.

For those out there saying the FBI didn’t already know at least some of these emails would be damning before Comey sent that letter, you need to get out of candyland and start paying attention to what’s happening in the real world.


The question becomes “why did it take so long for Comey to send the letter” not whether or not he should have prior to the election.

And that’s a good question.

According to the WSJ, Director Comey was only made aware of this situation on Thursday, three weeks after Weiner’s laptop was handed over to investigators. But I doubt that very seriously.

Some suggest that an internal struggle within the FBI forced his hand and that he was concerned that someone within the FBI with access to the investigation would leak the story which would not only make him look bad, but it would also play right into the corruption narrative that Trump and many others have been crafting about the agency since Comey himself declined to convene a grand jury a couple months ago with respect to their investigation into Hillary’s illegal use of a private email server. Not only would that have been damaging to Comey’s future career, but it also would have cast a pall on the whole of the FBI, something many agents and directors would not wish to see happen.

This is a legitimate consideration in my opinion as we know there has been an ongoing mutiny in the rank and file of the agency ever since Comey did his original service to the Clinton machine a couple months ago. It’s understandable that agents are tired of being tarred and feathered in the realm of public discourse due to Comey’s lack of integrity.

But there is another possibility here.

We know for a fact, those of us with eyes to see and brains to analyze, that the “ebil Ruskies” aren’t behind the Wikileaks email dumps. And it wasn’t Guccifer 2.0 or whatever that may be.

The only ones who could have and would have hacked emails from John Podesta or the DNC are the various alphabet agencies who have been raking up every communication that travels the “interwebs” for decades now. That’s not an outrageous conclusion to come to and indeed several former intelligence service operators have come out recently and made that perfectly clear.

The question is “why?”

Seems to me, and I have written about this recently, is there is an ongoing war in the for-profit/government intelligence world the likes of which we haven’t seen for a while and I have to wonder if this sudden announcement by James Comey, this “mia culpa” of sorts, isn’t part and parcel of that conflict. After all, you don’t think the NSA spies on everyone EXCEPT the FBI do you?

Perhaps Comey wasn’t worried about some random FBI agent committing career suicide by leaking details of these new emails… perhaps he was worried the “ebil Ruskies” or “Guccifer 2.0” or the NSA would and THAT is why he suddenly came out this past Friday with that letter to congress.

But that is speculation of course.

Right now, what we know or at least what we think we know is there is a “there” there to this story and that is a little different than my first take on it Saturday so if this is my mia culpa, so be it.

After all, when you got Mika B. on Morning Joe doing a “what was I thinking ignoring all these investigations into Hillary” mia culpa in the wake of this new development, you gotta admit something is going on.

We have to wait and see how all of this shakes out over the next few days but considering the FBI got their warrant yesterday I have to imagine something is going to be coming out in the next few days from this pile of Huma/Weiner computer files. I am sure we can also expect the establishment left to turn up the heat on James Comey like they’ve already started doing. Unfortunately for them, just a month ago Comey was a man of integrity according to nearly every one of the leading Hillary surrogates, so their sudden flip-flop has all the credibility of a Bill Clinton video denying he had “sexual relations with that woman”

The Clinton brownshirts got out there quickly this weekend sending letters to former and current AGs asking them to sign onto a letter condemning Comey’s action and suggesting he keep his big mouth shut until after the election. Harry Reid seemed to suggest Comey might be charged with a crime for doing this. Of course it wasn’t that long ago that Reid was praising Comey for not indicting his candidate of choice when he had every reason to do so.

Judging by the general panic they seem to be operating under, I wonder how long it will be before the Clinton camp tries to connect James Comey to Vladamir Putin.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can. My situation has changed a bit. I now have legal representation and I plan to fight this wrongful SSD decision tooth and nail.

But I am still receiving no support from disability. Anything you can do to help with my desperate situation would be appreciated. Hopefully next month I will get a favorable decision from the review board and it doesn’t go back to this reactionary activist Administrative Law Judge who rendered this decision in the first place.

Thank you all so much

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