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Jill Stein, Working for Neocon Team Hillary, Is Pushing for Recount in 3 Key States to Make Killary Our President (or to Kick Off Civil War)

Thursday, November 24, 2016 14:33
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by Scott Creighton

Jill Stein polled regularly at between 1% and 3% across the country in the run-up to the general election in 2016. The closer it got to election day, the smaller her numbers. You can check Real Clear Politics if you don’t believe me.

Nationwide, Stein finished 4th in the presidential election with 1.02% of the votes. She wasn’t even on the ballot in all 50 states (44 + D.C.) and she lost in a big way to that idiot Libertarian, Gary Johnson who more than tripled her numbers. Plus, they were competent enough with their farce of a campaign to get on the ballot in all 50 states.

The Stein team of the Green Party has come out over the past couple of days with a plan to raise enough money to contest the election results in 3 key states: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Stein supposedly thinks her numbers were low in those three states and wants a recount.

In Michigan she came in 4th with 1.07% of the vote. In Pennsylvania she came in 4th as well with .82% of the vote. And finally, in Wisconsin, Jill Stein came in 4th with 1.01% of the vote.

Historically, the Green Party has only gotten more than 1% of the votes once and that was when Ralph Nader ran in 2000.

So what is the big controversy? Am I missing something Dr. Stein?

Were Jill Stein’s numbers really that low in comparison with her overall national results? No.

Will the recount make any difference at all to Jill Stein’s campaign? No.

Why those three states in particular? Why not any others where the results weren’t super close? Why not states won by Hillary Clinton?

I’ll tell you why, because those states are close between the  candidates who finished number 1 and number 2 in the voting, Donald Trump won them all in a surprise result and the combined Electoral College votes from just those three states if flipped, would make all the neocons and the establishment Dems and Republicans very happy by making Hillary Clinton the president of the United States of America.

Currently, Clinton is more than 2 million votes ahead of Trump in the popular vote but trails Trump, 232 to 306, in all-important electoral votes. If Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), Michigan (16 electoral votes) and Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) flipped in a recount, Clinton would win in the electoral count, 278-260 ”

Jill Stein is running around doing interviews for MSM “news” sites like she’s been named the next pope or something.

Somehow or another, this year all the MSM outlets are very interested in the possibility of election rigging on a systemic level. Funny, they have never been interested in that before. Not in Ohio back in 2004, not in South Carolina back in 2010 and not all across the country during the unDemocratic Primary of 2016.

In fact, it was downright unAmerican to even suggest such a thing was possible in the month leading up to the election. That is of course if you weren’t saying Russia was going to do it. That was fine.

But now, somehow, the complicit media is giving “progressive” Jill Stein a pulpit from which to decry our election system as potentially hack-able from the base level and Jill doesn’t seem to smell a rat as she happily runs around enjoying all the attention.

And her party has raised a shit-load of money doing this little project of theirs.

Stein’s website shows they have raised over 4 MILLION DOLLARS in just over 24 HOURS to fund the recount process. She is on track to collect 4.5 million very soon (in a matter of hours)

FOUR MILLION DOLLARS IN JUST OVER TWENTY FOUR HOURS. And the number is rising with every MSM promo they give her.

Let’s put that into perspective shall we?

Throughout her entire campaign this season, Jill Stein and the Green Party collected a total of 3.5 million dollars to make her president.

And now her fan base blows that out of the water by ONE MILLION MORE BUCKS… in a day?

Funny isn’t it? Jill Stein’s people KNOW SHE’S NOT GOING TO BE MADE PRESIDENT BY THIS RECOUNT IN 3 MEANINGLESS STATES TO HER… and yet they contribute at a breathless pace.

Obviously, Hillary Clinton’s people are funding this effort because quite frankly HILLARY CLINTON AND HER NEOCON BACKERS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM IT.

Jill Stein supporters dont’ care. She’s not going to win anything out of this. And she’s not going to get enough votes in these three states to push the Green Party over 5% nationwide which would give them critical funding help next election cycle. So they get nothing from this.

But Hillary’s people. They get everything from it. That’s why they are using Jill Stein as their little patsy to push for the recount.

There are currently two schools of thought in the great stolen election debate of 2016. Some say Hillary’s team tried their best to steal it but failed due to unexpected turnout in key states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Others believe the establishment that hated Trump and promoted Hillary like there was no tomorrow decided for reasons unknown to put their fingers on the scale on his behalf.

I would probably be considered a proponent of the former if I had to make a choice. I kinda believe it didn’t really matter to TPTB and as a result, all stock market indicators have reached record highs, all-time record highs, since neoliberal Trump beat neoliberal Clinton.

This could be all being done to create more panic and chaos in the country and that is something that has to be considered. Just imagine what happens after all these anti-Trump protests were staged after the election, if they were suddenly to come back and say, “no wait. Hillary actually won. Don’t change the drapes. Obama’s girl is taking over”

This country would implode and might just be what the doctor ordered in order to get that purely authoritarian state they want for the next neoliberal dictatorship in the Shining City on the Hill”

Either Jill Stein is a useful idiot or she decided to jump on board with the winning team and ride in for the big score. And she will get a big score for this one.

What a disappointment she is.


BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.


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Total 7 comments
  • Fokofpoes

    Yeah, I almost figured Jill Stein to be reasonable, that is until I noticed that she’s probably another sellout. I can hope I’m mistaken though.

    • LifeIs

      You’re not mistaken. She was running to draw votes away from Trump. She said anti-Hillary things, like, electing Hillary would lead to World War Three.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    Hillary has already stated she doesn’t want any part of a recount. It probably isn’t going to happen; it could be she doesn’t want a recount in those states because then Trump could ask for recounts in other states, which could reveal that things were rigged in her favor in other areas. Who knows.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      It seems to me that she just wants to be done with it all at this point, and who could blame her?

      • LifeIs

        Oh, come on. Only ONE candidate benefits from re-counting and changing the results.

        Hillary doesn’t want HER FINGERPRINTS on the recount.

        She tried to steal the election with illegal alien voters and other ineligible voters. And with voting machines that use the GEMS system. And the votes she planned to steal were not enough.

        Plan B is: Hired protesters and the media create the illusion of popular support. Support for someone who could not win her own party’s nomination, without cheating and fraud.

        We tell Hillary’s supporters that Russia somehow hacked the machines. (That has to be done in person at the location, but I’m hearing from psychos who believe Russia could and did hack the machines.)

        Threats to electors are being made, and publicized, to mask actual serious threats. Like, take the bribe or we kill you. And finally:

        We just found all these new votes.

        The millions of dollars out of nowhere tell you, this IS the Clinton crime family in action.

  • jdpent01

    jdp…Guess what is going to happen if by hook and crook the Fems Dems over turn the count?, Trump can still lose 30 points and still win with 303-30 273, Hillary even if she got WI its only 10 points not enough, MI already said Trump won no recount needed. PA IS 20 POINTS 303-30 273 HE STILL WINS. THIS IS A LOT OF WASTED MONEY AND TIME WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IF THE DEMS CAN’T RECLAIM THE ELECTION BY RECOUNT? WAR?

  • Mayhem

    In a clear statement of just how stupid the Lefties think the sheeple are…

    … the goalpost has now been moved twice.

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