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Liberal Elites Are Determined Their Base Learn NOTHING from this Loss – I Want the Left to See it. Please just See it

Thursday, November 10, 2016 13:57
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by Scott Creighton

Liberal Americans of the real left are rejecting the corporatist neo-liberalism of the republican Democratic Party and their elite apologists don’t want them to know it.

So why did Donald Trump win the other night? It’s a good question. The KKK? Vladamir Putin? The monstrous “uneducated white male voter”?

The answer is simple. It stares you in the face like the bitter truth of a junkie’s own reflection in a pawn shop window at 8am. It is unavoidable and painfully clear yet you can’t admit it no matter how obvious it is so yo look away.

Donald Trump is going to be your president (accept it or not) because the Democratic Party is rife with cronyism, corporatism and corruption and they simply don’t care enough to fix it. They have become an extension of the establishment Republican Party and they did that by design starting with Bill Clinton and the “centrist” republican-leaning branch of the party, the DLC. When you think about it in those terms, why should the conservative republican Democrats care if the party of the liberals crashes and burns? Why should they care if the whole of the liberal left is weeping in sorrow today? They’re republicans.

The Numbers Don’t Lie:

Donald Trump received 59,769,980 votes (so far) in the 2016 election. In 2012 Mitt Romney received 60,933,504. That’s about a 1.1 million vote difference in favor of Romney. If you recall, Romney was picked to run against Obama because the people of the country were furious with the Wall Street financiers and thieves who stole the livelihood right out from under us in 2008 and Romney was a Wall Street financier… who just also happened to be Mormon, so the religious right wouldn’t back him either. All of that and he still beat Donald Trump’s numbers by 1.1 million votes.

In 2008, when the country was sick of the wars, they picked a warmongering Republican, John “bomb bomb bomb Iran” McCain to run against the chosen one. McCain received 59,948,323 votes back then, beating Trump’s 2016 numbers by a cool 150,000 votes.

Even George W. Bush in his second presidential election, after he was widely disparaged by Republicans and Democrats alike, got more votes than Trump did in his “movement” election this time around. He got 62,040,610.

You have to go back to 2000 to find a Republican presidential candidate that got less votes than Donald Trump did this year… and that guy “won” the election… but not the popular vote.

That is what Hillary Clinton lost to. The lowest Republican turnout in 16 years. It had nothing to do with racists. It had nothing to do with Islamaphobes or wife-beaters or the dreaded “uneducated white male voter”

Hillary Clinton received 60,028,562 in 2016. In 2012 Obama received 65,915,795 his second time around after Dems realized he had lied to them in 2008 and he continued one Bush policy after the next. One betrayal after the next. Remember back when the liberal media used to keep track of such things? I do.

A weakened and exposed Obama beat Hillary by 6 million votes. A strong Obama beat her by nearly 10 million in 2008 (69,498,516) back when he promised real change from the war-mongering neo-liberalism of the Bush/Cheney days.

You cannot deny this. Hillary Clinton lost because she is the embodiment of the corporatist republican Democratic Party right now and she more than any other candidate in recent history represents the neo-liberal establishment at a time when voters on all sides of the political divide are demanding something else. Running her, allowing her and her campaign of sleaze and graft to represent the people of the left was political suicide. Pure and simple.

Hillary was poison. But she was establishment royalty so they dutifully sculpted a campaign for her even when she couldn’t take questions from the press for a year, even when she was too sick to walk, even when her own candidacy was so tattered and worn they had to roll out the President and the First Lady to campaign for her.

When things got really bad they brought in 65 media “journalists” to buy them off and turned to race-baiting, fear-mongering, identity politics and poll-fixing to stay in the race. They figured they could manufacture consent from the left because, in the end, they had no where else to go.

But that didn’t work either and in the end, Lady Clinton was denied her coronation.

It had nothing to do with the KKK or Nazis or the Red Menace (as the New McCarthyism of the left would have you believe) or wife beaters or the dreaded “uneducated white working man”

Hillary simply couldn’t pull in the votes because the left is tired of her DLC bullshit. Its’ that simple.

For God’s Sake Don’t Look at the Real Reason:

Across the fake-left apoligencia they are spinning whatever bullshit theories they can to explain this election with the dreaded “uneducated white working man” presented as the main culprit. They do this for the purpose of keeping the left beholden to their neo-liberal masters at the helm of the Democratic Party. Keeping them from seeing the junkie staring back at them. And like all junkies, the disaffected left welcome the illusion.

Garrison Keillor, an artist I used to have a great deal of respect for, wrote a rather insulting and totally disingenuous article called “Donald Trump Won. Let the Uneducated Have Their Day

“Alas for the Trump voters, the disasters he will bring on this country will fall more heavily on them than anyone else. The uneducated white males who elected him are the vulnerable ones and they will not like what happens next.” Garrison Keillor

Jimmy Dore points out the fact that the media gave Donald Trump an estimated 2 billion dollars worth of free advertising in terms of endless coverage during the primaries and the general election cycle this year and yet they blame “people with no power and no money” for his victory. The “uneducated white male” theory again. He goes on to talk about Rachel Maddow, a ceaseless Clinton apologist, and how she is blaming Jill Stein and anyone else she can to explain why leftists didn’t come out in numbers and vote for the republican Democrat.

Don’t blame Rachel for being an enthusiastic tool of the DLC establishment. She’s just parroting Paul Krugman. Rachel hasn’t had an original thought since she sold her soul. It’s easier that way. Like a junkie turning tricks in a back alley.

At least Naomi put Paul in his place. Notice the likes and retweets? Notice which one was up longer and has less of both?

The uneducated white man, that monster, that fiend, didn’t cost Hillary Clinton the election the other day. The fact that she’s a Goldwater Girl pretending to be a liberal might have something to do with it. So to does the fact that she’s as corrupt and soulless and desperate for money as a crack-ho on payday. And she’s a lair that most people wouldn’t trust with their 12-year-old niece. These things might all factor in.

But more to the point, the liberal left is reacting quite naturally to what had to be anticipated by the republican Democratic Party: fake-left flight.

Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the nomination. More accurately, his supporters were cheated out of his nomination because Bernie could have challenged the cheating in the primary states and didn’t and he could have run at the top of the Green Party ticket when Jill Stein graciously and selflessly offered him the chance to do it and he flat out refused.Had he done so, he would have won. Ross Perot got nearly 20 million votes in ’92, you think Bernie wouldn’t have tripled that this year? He wouldn’t have had to since he would have pulled millions from Clinton and Trump alike. But he chose not to. So he wasn’t cheated out of anything. His supporters were. By lots of folks. Including Bernie.

But the fake-left Dems did steal the Democratic Party nomination from them and they had to do that. They had to because, even more than the establishment Republicans on the right, they despised the idea of a real leftist taking control of the Democratic Party. All sorts of things could come from that… like winning a presidential election for example… and they would much rather see Donald Trump in the White House than a half-of-a socialist (Bernie’s not a real socialist folks. Sorry to disappoint)

None of the establishment could allow a Sanders nomination because it would give the American people a chance to “vote the wrong way”

We do that in other countries all the time. Keep democracy from happening when the will of the people leans a little too far to the left for our “national interests” to tolerate.

We have fake-left parties all over the world for just that purpose. Just ask France, Canada and Greece about that topic. They’ll tell you.

And we have one here. That’s a fact.

The only problem is, folks in these here parts are starting to figure that out and as a result, no one’s coming out to their little 4-year get-togethers. Even the young folks see through it without a hint of difficulty.

So yes, the over-paid liberal elite apologencia are doing their panicked best to keep the sheep from realizing there is a hole in the fence and just on the other side, there is real tasty grass ripe for the grazing.

To keep them down on the farm, they’ll blame anyone: the alt-right, the Russians and even the demonic “uneducated white male voter” (boo)

The republican Democrats and their apologists will blame anyone and anything just so long as the left-leaning liberals of America don’t start blaming the republican Democratic Party. Can’t have that because as the junkies know The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.”


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