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Accessory After the Fact James Comey Refuses to Answer Questions in Congress About Surveillance of Trump Campaign (as good as a confession at this point)

Thursday, March 16, 2017 7:33
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by Scott Creighton

When the story first broke via the dreaded “Saturday morning tweets” from President Trump (here’s an idea Donald: watch cartoons until your handlers wake from their alcohol induced commas) the complicit media launched into a breathless attack on the current administration because he dared to suggest his predecessor “wiretapped” Trump Tower in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Forgotten is the fact that then President Obama and First Lady Michelle were running around doing campaign events for Killary like their lives and his legacy depended on it. Her holiness didn’t show up for the events, but the seated president did, repeatedly, like he had nothing else to do other than make sure her coronation went off on schedule. It was an embarrassing segment of President Peace Prize’s reign and a historic one. Never before has a seated president spent so much of the people’s time campaigning for a candidate for his replacement. They did that because Killary was unwatchable at the time and folks simply didn’t show up for her events at all.

Is it so shocking that given that, the administration would do whatever they could to influence the outcome of the election and make sure Hillary Clinton took office? We know that the congress was illegally “wiretapped” and that millions upon millions of people in the country have been as well. We know journalists and government employees were spied on with regularity.

And we also know Clapper and Brennan lied about these things to congress and were exposed for doing so afterward.

I don’t even need to provide links to ANY of these claims I just made because it’s common knowledge in America these days. All of it is.

So after the president’s tweet, James Clapper came out and said his agency didn’t “wiretap” the Trump campaign and he was unaware if there were any programs at the time of any other agency doing so. The inference there being the FBI of course.

The media ran with that and demanded Trump stop “threatening the core of our democracy” and retract his Saturday morning tweet. That non-denial was enough for them to jump to a hasty conclusion apparently.

Then some “unnamed source” came out and told a “journalist” that Comey said they didn’t “wiretap” the Trump campaign and he wanted an investigation into the facts of the story. Aside from the fact that Comey himself didn’t actually go on record saying it, the complicit media was off and running with the secret source’s supposed statement (you like that?) and they again DEMANDED Trump apologize to poor little mistreated President Peace Prize who now lives 2 minutes from the White House in his 12 million dollar mansion in D.C. reports Barack Obama’s current net worth as $12.2 million and Michelle Obama’s net worth as $11.8 million. According to data collected by Analytics@American, the online business analytics degree from American University, the Obamas could make as much as $242 million post-presidency.” Mar 1, 2017

The Obamas were worth just over a million bucks before entering the White House. Now they are worth 24 million and bought one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in D.C. to prove it. Funny how that works, ain’t it?

Anyway, back to the story.

FBI Director Comey gave a little speech last week after avoiding the press and any discussion about the veracity of Trump’s tweet. In that speech he said Americans don’t have the right to the expectation of absolute privacy anywhere… anytime. He was absolutely wrong and I called him out on it. We do have a right to the expectation of privacy as American citizens. Our constitution gives us that right of expectation.

Comey also said he wouldn’t address any questions about the Trump tweet meaning, he wouldn’t say a single word about the possibility that the FBI ordered illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign just prior to the election.

Yesterday was the day congress gave Comey as a deadline to come before them and answer questions about whether or not there was in fact an investigation (if you want to call it that) that included any kind of surveillance of Trump Tower and the Trump campaign prior to the election in Nov.

James Comey did not show up and in fact he said he would be providing all the information that congress wants… sometime in the future… in a classified setting.

Graham said Wednesday afternoon that Comey has offered a classified briefing some time in the future in regards to information related to Trump Tower surveillance.” Raw Story

This is a remarkable moment isn’t it? The head of the FBI refusing to answer questions about his using illegal surveillance on a political candidate’s campaign in order to aid another candidate’s campaign. This is 3rd world tin-pot dictator kind of stuff when you think about it. I guess that’s why he refuses to go on the record with an answer.

At this point the only conclusion one can reasonably draw is that James Comey broke the law in favor of Barack Obama’s candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton and now he is doing everything he can to prevent that knowledge from going public. Of course, had Hillary won, he wouldn’t have had to worry about it.

FBI director Comey has a history of Killary support. One might actually make a case that he could be charged as an accessory after the fact, in fact, to her many crimes while serving as Secretary as State.

After all, it was Comey who took the unusual step to make an announcement during her campaign that he wasn’t going to pursue charges against her for 1. using an illegal private server to conduct official State Department business so she couldn’t be exposed for many of the illegal things she did while serving as Secretary and 2. destroying thousands of emails after being required by law to turn them over to the State Department. In that announcement he also made the statement that had anyone else done what she did, they would prosecute.

And folks often misinterpret that statement Comey made right before the election when he said he was considering reopening the case against Hillary. They believe, wrongly, that Comey did that in order to harm her chances at becoming president. This is a naive interpretation of the facts of what happened.

Anthony Weiner had finally been dumped by his wife Huma Abedin for sexting under-aged girls and showing them his weener. He was in deep trouble and Huma had finally had enough of the pedophile so he was going to get raked over the coals for this one. His connection to the glorious Clinton family had protected his thus far, but this final malfeasance looked like the end of his Killary life-line.

You see, Huma was Killary’s best friend and personal assistant so what hurt Weiner hurt Huma and Hillary couldn’t let that happen.

When Anthony got busted showing another child his junk with his phone (cus he’s a soulless piece of crap like all of em) Huma dumped him and thus his skinny little coke-sniffin ass was left hanging out in the wind to twist itself right to federal prison where he would have met many big individuals who don’t like little privileged assholes who diddle with little girls.

Weiner couldn’t let that happen so he produced something he thought the FBI would jump at. It was his “get out of ass-raping free” card.

What he gave the NYPD investigators was a laptop. Now everyone ties too say it was a laptop he was sexting on but that’s BS. This laptop contained emails from Hillary Clinton from way back when she was Secretary of State. It had THOUSANDS of emails on it and Comey said in his statement they had to commit dozens of agents to pour over all the emails to see what they were.

Do you really think Weiner would be using the same laptop Killary had while running around “humanitarian interventioning” the world? Do you think Huma would just hand over her personal laptop to Weiner after Anthony had ALREADY been caught sending dick pics to bimbos in the past? Don’t be stupid.

As I discovered a while ago, Hillary Clinton and Huma got their tech company that set up her illegal private server to burn a copy of ALL of her emails onto a device just after she left the State Department. The reason they gave was that Hillary wanted a record of her work so she could eventually write a book about her time as Secretary.

That device was a laptop which Huma took possession of before the shit hit the fan.

And that laptop is what pervert Weiner gave the investigators to keep his cowardly ass out of prison.

When Comey made his statement just prior to the election he said he might reopen the investigation because new evidence had presented itself.

Comey HAD to make that statement. He had no choice. He was looking at all the missing emails Hillary Clinton had deleted from her illegal server. He saw the big picture of her criminality. God knows what he saw but whatever it was, the story which should have been the biggest story since … ever… was pushed to the back burner and everyone focused instead on him undermining glorious Killary’s campaign.

In the end, James Comey turned out to be exactly what we already knew he was: an accessory after the fact.

He buried the case and probably the laptop as well. Somewhere in a deep hole in the sands outside of Vegas like all the other victims whacked out by the mob that runs our country these days.

Given this history is it really so surprising that FBI director Comey is ducking any questions about him using his access to surveillance apparatus to aid the Clinton campaign before the election? He had done everything he could, including tarnish his image and the image of the FBI, for Killary at that point. And in the end, he even covered up for her after looking himself directly at the holy grail of erased State Department emails… a crime, by the way.

Had Clinton’s people or Clinton herself come to him to ask him to do this looking for an October Surprise, maybe a phone call from a Russian someplace they could use to derail Trump’s candidacy, do you actually think Comey wouldn’t comply? Had the request come from Obama’s administration off the record, do you really think someone that far in the tank for Clinton’s continuation of Obama’s administration wouldn’t do it?

Don’t be absurd. Of course he did it. That’s why he wont comment publicly about the charge.

If James Comey didn’t “wiretap” the Trump campaign prior to the election, he would come right out and say it. The fact that he wont, that he ignored calls from congress to testify on the record about this subject, the fact that he promises to provide answers “sometime in the future” and “in a classified setting” tells you everything you need to know about James Comey.

Not only is he an accessory after the fact to Hillary’s crimes, not only did he violate his charge as Director of the FBI, but he also “Watergated” Trump Tower. At this point a refusal to answer the question has become a confession and there is no other way to look at it.

The media’s overblown reaction to this story has an explanation as well.

What Trump did was a violation of an unspoken rule for all new occupants of the Oval Office. You aren’t supposed to prosecute or even accuse previous presidents of criminal activity.

When Obama the sellout neoliberal fake “progressive” took office, with relation to the Bush/Cheney war crimes and crimes against humanity, Obama declared “we are looking forward not back” which would be great for any other criminal in history because all prosecutions look back and not forward.

This is the expected behavior of new presidents because they are expected to respect the golden rule so that it will be respected by whomever follows them to the White House four years later.

And you have to understand… immunity is a vital part of the presidency. The masters of the universe fully expect their American puppets to commit crimes at their bidding just like their puppets in other countries. If a president takes office and immediately starts tweeting about the previous administrations crimes it either means he isn’t bright enough to understand the nuance  of the golden rule… or… more troubling.. he doesn’t anticipate following orders and committing the crimes the masters of the universe expect him to.

I’m not saying it’s one or the other. You can judge for yourself.

What I am saying is this major faux pas from Trump has set the world of ladder-climbing Mockingbirds ablaze. They are demanding a mia culpa from the Trumpster and a promise that he will play nice (and dirty?) for the rest of his time in office. They are demanding this still today in spite of the fact that Comey just basically confessed to Watergating the Trump campaign.

And I’m the one on the “fake news” list.


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