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A Silent U.S. Invasion Undercover Over Time?

Thursday, August 22, 2013 13:30
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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: doug
Date: Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 9:32 AM
Subject: snake oil and B.S. ??????????????

At a commercial Minnesota Airport suspicious planes were seen unloading what appears
to be Russian military special troops SPETSNAZ under the cover of darkness. No, this is
not normal as they were seen unloading with what appeared to be duffel bags behind a
berm. Could it be the U.S. is being silently invaded by English speaking Russian troops?


Russian’s Would Soon Be Taking Over America, Bursting Into People’s Homes & Killing Them – 8/22/13

RUSSIAN Troops, FEMA & DHS Drills, Illegal Orders & Programing – Video

FEMA Drivers Expose Mass Shipments Bullets Coffins – Extermination NOW – Videos

More Proof Russian Troops In America! Russian Book Salesmen In Texas: A Letter From A Beforeitsnews Reader





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  • Anonymous

    Does this picture look like an airport to you? And notice that he doesn’t even name the airport.
    We need to return to vigilante justice and take these hoaxers out to a nice tall tree like the old days.

    • TimOsman

      RT is NOT our friend

      They are pushing US gun grab with Feinstein.

  • Chuck Wheeler

    Thats the problem with people now days / Full of crap / cant keep their word / can’t walk the talk/ and say they have information of importance and its false, attention grabbers.. jerks ! :razz:

  • pianooman

    There in western Colorado too

    • Who_Dat_Say_Who_Dat_When_I_Say_Who_Dat

      What’s there in western CO.?

    • greyfox

      Hi, where are they and what is going on? This came off Steve Quayle and he is normally trustworthy. But given they have been seen elsewhere for sure wonder not what, but now when.

      • Earl Scheib

        I find Steve Quayle to be worthless. The typical SQ alert is that some person just sent him info about this and that, and the sky is about to fall!!!!!

  • Neil Armstrong

    US military armor is useless against the average American hunting calibers. Russian armor is far less superior. After maybe 2 weeks the only thing that would come out of a Russian ground invasion would be that American citizens would be well armed with Russian military equipment, and there would be a lot of dead Russians. Nukes, and chemical/biological warfare agents would have to be used on our general population first, otherwise we would end up winning another world war with seized foreign military assets.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry about Russian troops!
      Just watch the schwartza & the latino gangs!
      Tell me how many white Americans were killed by Russians? Then have a look how many white Americans were & are killed by schwartza & latinos!
      So stop smoking celery leaves wrapped up in cabbage leaves! Stop drinking fluoridated water! :wink:

    • Rufus Juice

      USA – Back to back World War Champs.

      who wants to three-peat?

    • Dolores

      Get your deer hunting rifles ready boys.
      Won’t it be grand to bag a few hundred foreign troops this season? I mean each of us bag a few hundred.
      Good place to put our rage…….just for starters.

      • V for Vendetta

        Then after we are through with them we move on to Odumbass and his whole democrapic traitor party.

  • Ralph39

    I’ve seen a few odd, out if place Russians in gun stores acting as if the know nothing about guns, yet they both had the look and builds and mannerisms os special forces. I’ve been around many in my life.

  • Dolores

    Name the airport, John Rolls, or STFU!

  • Freeamerican

    Anonymous is right. The only silent invasion is immigration, nearing a hundred million now. They will use immigrants to starve and kill white people. Forget the russians dummies, they’re coming through the front door. Know who really is behind immigration and why. Read down page, caption at top and side pages.
    More on the invasion at this site for independent thinkers. The pages are short and clear. They know people are getting educated and want it stopped. They control the web, they will cut these and other sites then try to wipe your computer so archive pages on a separate drive.

  • The Secret Behind Communism

    We were silently invaded by Israel around 1963, subverted by them even earlier.

    Write about that.

    • Freeamerican

      Yep. I should have said silent invasion by zionists who force immigration on us to destroy whites and install zionist communism slavery. redpillfactory has an israel page I think but if not it’s easily searched. see that enslavedmankind site it’s what used to be american thinking before we were invaded and brainwashed.

  • Anonymouse

    Just a bunch of pictures. No location, time, etc. Anyone can do that and write something spooky. Are you a Demoncrap by any chance?

  • Trackerz

    So you think its all hype? How is an agency allowed to make agreements without congress involved?

  • wizard

    Sorry… did you say some thing…. :twisted:

  • ichabodcrane

    And the US military is going to not only allow this but be a big part of it! They are already killing and raping like the nazi’s!

  • AnotherSorryGuy

    This is fear porn. In the South the idea of Russian invasion is a dream for most of us, like winning the lottery. Bring it on PLEASE!

  • Bugs

    Complete nonsense. Just like the time a caller to Art Bell radio show (early 90s) called in and exclaimed that we were training Russians at Ft Polk Louisiana (I can see them from the road!! he shouted). Yup. That was us with Russian hardware role-playing as bad guys. So, no we are not training Russian troops to take over America. The communist professors in our universities have that role and are doing a spectacular job.

  • Hayduke

    I just saw five Russian tanks drive by my back deck!!! They are here!! They told me to pack for a vacation!! Ummm…this doesn’t look too bad, they say not to worry, there is plenty of chilled vodka at the FEMA camp. No need to be as paranoid as the average BIN reader.

  • anonymous

    It is a pure fact Chi-com troops are in Mexico directing Mexican nationals north to the border of Texas for the future takedown of that State. Could the Russian thing be a diversion from the truth about Texas being the come on to clean up Patriots nationwide? The fact that the Texas problem is concocted to draw from the other States the Davy Crockett types to be swooped up by Luciferian tools (cops) Nationwide is a well known fact from at least last winter. I hope the dummies didn’t kill Micheal Hastings for no reason. Using ‘Remember the Alamo’ type of idiocy to pull idiots (like termites) out of the woodwork of their Luciferian construct.

  • Drew Bourdain

    Russians are NOT secretly invading the USA, if they were, they would be a little more discreet than this, trust me, they would have planted suitcases over the main economical regions a long time ago, they dont have to invade! but if they were too then they would give the USA an overdue & serious lessons in “DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM” campaign!!!

  • Anonymous

    My kids were living in Brownwood Texas and a friend of theirs stopped at a 7-11 type store and he tried to be nice to troops that were there but they ignored him. When he was leaving the store a Female Officer told him that the soldiers did not understand him because they were foreign troops that were going to the base in Brownwood Texas for training.
    WHY DON”T THEY TRAIN IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY ? This does not make any sense at all.

  • MrAnthony

    What a bunch of BS. The photos date back to November 2009, during a Russian training exercise in Russia. What’s hilarious is that the e-mail says that it’s a commercial MN under cover of night. It’s clearly daytime, not MN, and not an airport. Posting it here as though it’s true is just stupid.

  • RJ

    These videos and photos have been debunked over and over again.

    If you want to talk about invasion, you should be worried about the OTHER THAN MEXICANS who are flooding over our borders. They have been coming over for decades.

    You can bet they are not here for the coffee.

    • Freeamerican

      -other than mexicans. You must be an illegal mexican. Fifty million illegal welfare communist mexicans and their gangs are part of the zionist / zog plan to rip off whites through welfare and crimes. There’s other terrorists but don’t pretend mexicans are not a giant problem. All immigration is a problem, all illegals and non citizens and their crimes need to get the hell out now and go back to their own countries.

  • Tricky Micky

    Are you sure the guys in the blue are not the Russian football team getting a bit fitness training from the army PE dudes because their coach is on holiday


    Lets see, Putin or Obama……ill take Putin.

  • patriot156

    The bible foretells of a time when were invaded and taken into captivity so nows the time to repent. Like I said if the bibles fake keep head in the sand. but if real and I suspect it to be true might want to repent as noted and prepare.
    Were so far from what God considers good it’s scary.

  • Never_Gets_Old

    The picture above is the Russian invasion of South Ossetia in the country of Georgia. The photo was taken in 2008 as the column of russian tanks was crossing the border into Georgia to back the South Ossetia newly formed parliament. I will agree that there are foreign troops and bases in the US but are considered allied forces. We do good will training with other non allied forces such as Russia and China in the aspect of search and rescue and other non combat roles. Just my thought.

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