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Obama Admin, State Dept Allies Intentionally Undermine Structural “Trump Peace Alliance” with Leak to Reuters of Secret 2016 Meeting….

Thursday, February 23, 2017 11:52
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"home" title="The Last Refuge">The Last Refuge

When we shared the ""
target="_blank"> last research outline
 of what is
being assembled by a quiet coalition of President Trump (U.S.A),
Prime Minister Netanyahu (Israel), President Fattah Abdel el-Sisi
(Egypt), King Abdullah III (Jordan), King Salman (Saudi Arabia),
President Mahmoud Abbas (PA) – and less visibly President Vladimir
Putin (Russia) and President Bashar Assad (Syria) –  "nofollow" href=
target="_blank">we warned
 that a consortium of globalist
elements would seek to undermine the extraordinary

Evidence of that undermining effort surfaces today as "nofollow" href=
target="_blank"> leaks to Reuters
 of a secret summit
that took place in 2016 between Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the
insufferable John Kerry.

While  ""
target="_blank">the article
 doesn’t name the sources,
anyone who has followed recent events closely will quickly identify
the fingerprints of U.S. State Department officials (7th floor
globalists, leftists) who have been shut-out, fired or long-armed
from the changing more nationalist policy constructs of the Trump
administration, which have a very good likelihood of success.

Again, if you’ve followed the  ""
target="_blank">internal dynamics
 of the players, and
their ideological intentions over time, you can see a clear motive
to undermine King Abdullah (Jordan), al-Sisi (Egypt), Netanyahu
(Israel) and President Trump – by stirring up domestic
oppositional extremists
 (ie. The Muslim
Brotherhood) within each nation.

( ""
) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met
secretly a year ago with the leaders of Egypt and Jordan in a
failed attempt by the Obama administration to convene a wider
regional summit on Israeli-Palestinian peace, Israel’s Haaretz
daily said on Sunday.

The first paragraph of the article seeks to create a false
foundation that President Obama was framing a mutually beneficial
peace alliance.  Anyone who has followed actual U.S. stated
foreign policy under the Obama administration knows this is
factually false.

Obama ""
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 […]  Citing unidentified
senior officials in former U.S. President Barack Obama’s
administration, Haaretz said Netanyahu, Egyptian President Abdel
Fattah al-Sisi, Jordan’s King Abdullah and U.S. Secretary of State
John Kerry convened on Feb. 21, 2016 in the Jordanian Red Sea
resort of Aqaba.

But the initiative to involve other Arab states in the pursuit
of peace with the Palestinians ultimately fizzled out, the
newspaper said, after Netanyahu withdrew his initial support,
pointing to opposition within his right-wing government.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas did not attend the Aqaba
meeting but was updated by Kerry, Haaretz said.  ( "nofollow" href=

The timing of the “leaked expose’” appears to structured to
catch the majority of participants off-guard and expose them to
questioning at the Munich Security Conference.  The remainder
of the article goes on to outline their tenuous diplomatic
responses to the questioning.

Go figure.

Political followers should be keenly aware of this Obama led
scheme/effort to undermine any Trump foreign policy – because it’s
not only transparent in motive, but if successful the
global-leftist efforts can create severe crisis and trouble.

So what is it they fear?

Here’s where understanding the  ""
target="_blank">current confluence of events

What they fear is President Trump’s

trump-netanyahu-10 ""
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We are living in a time of remarkable possibilities.

The reality of President Obama’s expressed foreign policy of
regime change -regardless of cost or consequence- has left millions
of Mid-East communities in peril; far worse off today than they
were nine years ago.

The Egyptian people, in no way a populist entity favorable to
Israel, suffered through two years of brutal dictatorship from the
Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi.  Their very survival
only due to a successful return of cultural and economic stability
at the hands of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The Syrian people, again holding no favorable disposition toward
Israel writ large, only just now coming out of the shadows of a
horrific five-year civil war and seeing sunlight for the first time
in half a decade.  Breathing room.

The Libyan people, caught amid an ongoing crisis of regional and
tribal strife suffering through ongoing extremist violence that has
taken them into the depths of economic and social chaos.  And
before the fighting is even over, Europe is outlining demands of
the North African gates.

The Saudi Arabian people, caught amid embedded proxy extremists
in their midst and simultaneously trying to keep out those who are
engaged in extremist violence in Yemen; like Libya, Yemen is a
vulnerable failed state.

The Jordanian people, again a tenuous and precarious Muslim
nation, who has watched the most barbaric and horrific consequences
from extremist violence in their lifetimes.

At no moment in history has the choking consequence of a
decade-long ideological war left a larger population of people so
exhausted than at this very moment.

Think of the nationalist possibility:  ♦ Fattah al-Sisi
(Egypt), ♦ King Abdullah III (Jordan), ♦ Benjamin Netanyahu
(Israel), ♦ Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Authority), ♦ King Salman
(Saudi Arabia), and ♦ U.S. President Donald Trump have
a remarkable canvas

Egypt’s al-Sisi has already secured the Sinai border
region.  Under-reported in Western media, during
the  ""
target="_blank">fall/winter of 2014
 and  "nofollow" href=
 of 2015 al-Sisi removed
every Hamas tunnel and relocated thousands of homes to create a
miles-wide buffer zone no longer useful by terrorists.

gaza border sinai 2 ""
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Netanyahu-and-General-el-Sisi-of-Egypt-333-x-248 "" src=
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scope of  ""
target="_blank">what Egypt did
 to secure the Southern and
Eastern border of Israel/Gaza is quite remarkable, and they have
paid a high price battling extremists every inch of the way.

Simultaneously, as his Egyptian forces were removing the most
significant security threat, al-Sisi brokered a peace deal between
Abbas and Netanyahu and forced the Palestinian Authority to speak
with one voice.    ""
target="_blank">That’s why
 Egypt was so furious when John
Kerry insisted on  ""
target="_blank">poking his nose
 into the agreement.

After the peace deal, and after he constructed the border
security zone, Fattah al-Sisi then set up the construct for
target="_blank">Joint Arab Intervention Force

♦ Three weeks ago, President
Trump  ""
target="_blank">spoke to
 Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and
gained his ideological and financial support for  "nofollow" href=
target="_blank">building a safe zone
 for Syrian’s as they

♦ Two weeks ago, President Trump spoke to
Egypt’s Fattah al-Sisi about their efforts.

♦ Last week King Abdullah III of
Jordan  ""
target="_blank">traveled to Washington
 to meet with
Vice-President Mike Pence and discuss aide and assistance for
regional security.   In November King
Abdullah  ""
target="_blank">spoke to President-elect Trump

♦ Last Week, Benjamin Netanyahu is in
Washington DC meeting with President Trump for talks on regional

♦ Next Month, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
is  ""
target="_blank">coming to Washington
 for a state

[…]  Informed sources said that the presidency is currently
coordinating with the US to arrange a visit next month. The sources
referred to the visit as the first official one for an Egyptian
president to Washington since 2009, as the last visit since then
was paid by former President Hosni Mubarak.

Meanwhile, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will leave Washington
next Monday going back to Tel Aviv. Israeli TV reported on Sunday
that Netanyahu is planning to form the
‘Israeli-Saudi-Egyptian’ axis
.  ( href=
target="_blank">read more

trump-netanyahu-11 ""
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On January 19th 2015, three days before Saudi King Abdullah bin
Abdulaziz died from a lung infection, Egypt’s President Fattah
al-Sisi  ""
target="_blank">was urgently summoned
 to met with him.

It was only a few weeks earlier (New Years Day 2015) when
al-Sisi delivered an impassioned speech to a scholarly audience in
Al-Azhar University in Cairo comprised of Islam’s most important
religious leaders.

As the most notable  ""
target="_blank">and visible reformer
 (<- important
) President Fattah al-Sisi made the case for “a
religious revolution in Islam that would displace violent jihad
from the center of Muslim discourse

“The corpus of texts and ideas that we have made sacred over the
years, to the point that departing from them has become almost
impossible, is antagonizing the entire world. You cannot feel it if
you remain trapped within this mindset. You must step outside
yourselves and reflect on it from a more enlightened perspective.”

el-sisi in Saudi ""
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al-Sisi’s visit to Saudi Arabia to visit with King Abdullah bin
Abdulaziz was a meeting specifically requested by an aging
90-year-old Saudi King to recognize Sisi for his courage and

King Abdulaziz was intent on  "" target=
"_blank">honoring his friend

Saudi Arabia had been coping with the same internal conflict as
all other Muslim nations who were caught between the internal

President Sisi left Saudi Arabia with the full support of King
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, and upon his death a few days later the new
Saudi King Salman; who   "" target=
"_blank">honored Sisi
 in a similar fashion as did his

With the  ""
target="_blank">support of Saudi Arabia
, the demands of al-Sisi
to remove the extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood gained traction.
The Gulf States finally, and collectively, pressured Qatar to stop
aiding/financing extremism.

Under pressure Qatar conceded and  ""
target="_blank">expelled The Brotherhood
 along with the
five leading voices of leadership within the  href=
target="_blank">Muslim Brotherhood
. Recep Erdogan gave
them  ""
target="_blank">refuge in Turkey

This was the origin of  ""
target="_blank">the turning tide
, when the Reform Agents began
to stabilize and reassert their politics and internal domestic
economies – the underlying wedge issue used by The Brotherhood to
stir turmoil.

Unstable Yemen is to Saudi Arabia -> as unstable
Libya is to Egypt -> as unstable Syria is to Jordan… and so it

Each unstable nation being stirred by the extremist voices of
various agents operating under the umbrella of the destabilizing
politics expressed by  ""
target="_blank">The Muslim Brotherhood

Remove the destabilizing agents and the Reformers believe they
will be able to stop the extremists. This is the longer-term
objective of those within the fight inside political Islam.

Now look again at the nations of Trump’s visa restrictions and
you’ll note the presence of the destabilizing
agents: LibyaSyriaYemenIraqIran [and
Sudan, Somalia].

This is the necessary backdrop to understand events as they
unfold and relate to President Donald Trump and his own foreign
policy objectives and engagements.

It is not accidental that newly appointed CIA Director Mike
Pompeo traveled to meet with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Muhammad
bin Nayef, after a phone call between Saudi King Salman and
President Trump took place.

trump-phone-banner ""
"background:transparent;border:none;clear:both;height:auto;margin:0px auto 12px;padding:0px;vertical-align:baseline;width:640px" />

Director Pompeo’s visit was to recognize the efforts of Saudi
Arabia in the larger fight against Islamic
extremism/terrorism.  However, based on internal consumption,
Pompeo could not be seen publicly in this regard with King Salman
himself.  The visible face of Saudi Reform is the crown

By all appearances it seems the Trump administration was given a
head’s up of sorts as to specific [ ""
target="_blank">Muslim Brotherhood
] agents within the U.S.
State Department. And also with key Democrat staffers, in highly
sensitive intelligence positions, amid Congress.


To wit, Egyptian  ""
target="_blank">media announce 
that Fattah el-Sisi will be
traveling to Washington DC to meet with President Trump:

[…]  Informed sources said that the presidency is
currently coordinating with the US to arrange a visit next month.
The sources referred to the visit as the first official one for an
Egyptian president to Washington since 2009, as the last visit
since then was paid by former President Hosni Mubarak.

Meanwhile, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will leave Washington
next Monday going back to Tel Aviv. Israeli TV reported on Sunday
that Netanyahu is planning to form
the ‘Israeli-Saudi-Egyptian’ axis. 
( ""
target="_blank">read more

dawn-of-the-muslim-brotherhood ""
"background:transparent;border:none;float:left;height:191px;margin:4px 24px 12px 0px;padding:0px;vertical-align:baseline;width:340px" />
is ironic, but not coincidental, that no official Egyptian
delegation has visited the United States since President Obama
traveled to Cairo and intentionally started “The Islamist Spring”
which led to the uprising of the Muslim Brotherhood extremism in

Irony, because now the Trump administration is facing the
internal extremist purging of the Muslim Brotherhood embeds
remaining within the U.S.
 leftover from President Obama’s
aftermath…. and now, President Fattah el-Sisi,  "nofollow" href=
target="_blank">the destroyer of the Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt comes to officially visit President Trump in Washington.

I hope everyone can clearly see what’s going on in the bigger

After eight years of Obama’s intense political embedding
of  ""
target="_blank">extremist sympathy
 in every aspect of his
foreign policy, governance, and influence of culture – President
Trump is now tasked with removing it, all of it; and finding allies
amid those who have already mounted the same effort.

These  ""
target="_blank">leaks to Reuters
 today by President
Obama’s former administration officials, is an effort to undermine
the alliance of allies that is favorable to President Trump’s
change in direction.

Eyes Wide Open…..

…Because the freedom alliance will have many voices who are
indirect opposition to their efforts: the Obama administration, the
left-overs in the Dept. of State, those who benefit from Deep
State, those who support the Muslim Brotherhood, those who oil the
machinery of war (McCain, Graham, etc), and those who sell the
messaging of all the aforementioned – will each work exhaustively
to undermine the peace-makers.

“The Freedom Alliance”

mid-east-alliance "" />


More great articles here:  "">

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