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Trump Blurts Out the Truth About US Killings, the Media Goes Wild

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 9:28
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Trump Monde


By Bill Van Auken  /

The furor unleashed by the remarks of President Donald Trump in response to Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly’s calling Russian President Vladimir Putin “a killer” during an interview broadcast Sunday has continued to reverberate, drawing hypocritical condemnations from leading figures in both the Republican and Democratic parities.

In response to O’Reilly’s denunciation of Putin, Trump stated: “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country’s so innocent?”

Trump went on to cite Iraq in support of his statement. O’Reilly’s face went slack. He clearly did not know what to say. The new leader of the “Free World” had wandered seriously off message.

As far as the capitalist politicians of both parties and the media are concerned, Trump committed an unpardonable offense: he—in this one instance, and for purely pragmatic reasons related to his immediate political needs—had said something true about US imperialism’s role in the world.

The official posture of outrage over Trump’s off-hand comment will have little effect on the broader public. Do the politicians and media really believe that the public is so naïve and its memory so short? The United States is a country where The Bourne Identity­ and its innumerable sequels–whose basic premise is that the US government is run by murderers–are among the most popular movies of the last twenty years. This premise is well grounded in fact. Over the past 70 years, presidents and other high government officials have been implicated in the authorization and implementation of countless atrocities. Many of these crimes have been substantiated in official government reports and congressional hearings.

In a review of Joshua Kurlantzick’s A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of the Military CIA, reviewer Scott Shane wrote in the February 3 edition of The New York Times :

“Speaking last September in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, Barack Obama mentioned a staggering fact: that the United States had between 1963 and 1974 dropped two million tons of bombs on the country, more than the total loosed on Germany and Japan together during World War II. That made Laos, which is slightly smaller than Michigan, the most heavily bombed nation in history, the president said. More than four decades after the end of the war, unexploded ordnance is still killing and maiming Laotians, and Obama announced that he was doubling American funding to remove it.”

Calling attention to information in Kurlantzick’s book, Shane noted:

“In his first presidential term, Richard M. Nixon escalated the bombing from about 15 sorties per day to 300 per day. ‘How many did we kill in Laos?’ Nixon asked Henry Kissinger one day in a conversation caught on tape. Kissinger replied: ‘In the Laotian thing, we killed about 10, 15’–10,000 or 15,000 people, he meant. The eventual death toll would be 200,000.”

When it comes to killing, the US Government is without equal. In multiple wars of aggression, from Korea to Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the proxy war for regime-change in Syria, US imperialism has killed and maimed tens of millions.

The chief accusation being leveled against Trump–by both supposed liberals in the Democratic Party and right-wing Republicans–is that he implied a “moral equivalence” between Russia and the US. This was a phrase used during the Cold War to justify every crime committed by the US and its allies, from Latin America’s bloody dictatorships to the Apartheid regime in South Africa, on the grounds that there could be no “moral equivalence” between the leader of the “Free World” and the Soviet “Evil Empire.”

There is, in fact, no equivalence. When it comes to killing and global thuggery, Putin is a small fry compared to the leaders of the United States.

That the Democratic Party jumps on this reactionary bandwagon only proves that there is nothing progressive whatsoever in its purported opposition to Trump. This was exemplified Monday by the remarks of California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a supposed “left” Democrat and leading member of the Congressional Black Caucus, who suggested that Trump should be impeached for “wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea [sic].”

Underlying the furor over Trump’s remarks are fierce divisions over US imperialist strategy and Washington’s preparations for war that have been brought into the open with the change of administrations.

These differences have been exacerbated by recent events in Syria. The Syrian government’s retaking in December of eastern Aleppo, the last urban stronghold of the US-backed “rebels,” represented a colossal setback for US policy in the Middle East.

There are bitter recriminations within the foreign policy establishment over the Obama administration’s backing off of its “red line” in 2013, when it nearly went to war over false charges of Syrian government use of chemical weapons. Within these circles, there are many who feel that a military intervention would have been better for US interests, no matter what new catastrophe it unleashed.

An article published in the Washington Post Monday, warning that the US faces “a far stronger Iran” after “years of turmoil in the Arab world,” spelled out the situation that Washington now confronts in stark terms:

“Iran and Russia together have fought to ensure the survival of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and they are now pursuing a peace settlement in alliance with Turkey that excludes a role for the United States. America has been left with few friends and little leverage, apart from the Kurds in the northeast of the country.

“Russia controls the skies over Syria, and Turkey wields influence over the rebels, but Iran holds sway on the ground …”

Talk of “respecting” Putin, possible collaboration with Russia against ISIS in Syria, and an easing of sanctions is not, as the Democrats have suggested, evidence of some secret control exercised by the Kremlin over Trump. It is, rather, part of a definite strategy of peeling Russia off from Iran in order to pave the way for a new war in the Middle East, while sharply escalating provocations against China.

Citing unnamed administration officials, the Wall Street Journal spelled this policy out on Monday: “The administration is exploring ways to break Russia’s military and diplomatic alliance with Iran… The emerging strategy seeks to reconcile President Donald Trump’s seemingly contradictory vows to improve relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and to aggressively challenge the military presence of Iran.”

Trump’s chief White House strategist and adviser, Stephen Bannon, a student and admirer of Adolf Hitler, no doubt views the administration’s pivot toward Moscow through the historical prism of the Stalin-Hitler pact, which set the stage for the Second World War, a war that ultimately claimed 20 million Soviet lives.

Putin’s government is susceptible to such maneuvers. It shares all of the stupidity, backwardness and shortsightedness of the counterrevolutionary bureaucracy headed by Stalin. Putin sits atop a regime that represents a rapacious clique of oligarchs who enriched themselves through theft of state property and the extraction and sale of the resources of the former Soviet Union. They are anxious to see US sanctions lifted so that they can accelerate their accumulation of wealth at the expense of the Russian working class.

Within the US political establishment and Washington’s vast military and intelligence apparatus, there exists sharp opposition to Trump’s turn in foreign policy. Immense political, military and financial resources have been invested in the buildup against Russia, from the coup in Ukraine to the deployment of thousands of US and NATO troops on Russia’s western border. There are concerns within ruling circles that a shift in imperialist strategy is reckless and poses serious dangers.

While popular attention and outrage have been focused on Trump’s anti-democratic executive orders imposing a ban on Muslims and refugees, ordering a wall built on the southern border, and laying the groundwork for a mass dragnet against undocumented immigrant workers, within the ruling class a serious fight is being waged over global imperialist strategy.

This fight over policy is between two bands of cutthroats, each of which is committed to an escalation of US militarism to further the profit interests of the US-based banks and transnational corporations. Whichever one wins out, the threat of world war, rooted in the crisis of global capitalism, will only grow.

The original source of this article is World Socialist Web Site
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  • Just me

    It’s remarks like this that REDUCE our credibility – not make us great. I shudder to think that we would be comparing our government and morality with Russia’s. Although that’s where Bush, Obama and Trump are quickly taking us.

    • tonyw

      you made yourself “not great” by your heavy handedness all over the do not care about anybody but yourselves (which you have an extremely poor record of equality within) so do not go bleating to the rest of the world because you have lost your dummy

      • Just me

        English is obviously not your first language. And thinking is not one of your strong points. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

        • Amuzza

          Read the Wise Old Lady below and get insight to what TonyW is saying.
          Peace and good will

    • Rockledge

      This is absurd rhetoric that has no basis in fact.
      The reagan/cheney/bush cabal took us down a very ugly road and made america the enemy of the free world.
      There is no connection between President Trump and those assholes.
      President Trump is obviously trying to rectify the problems our bought and paid for puppet politicians have fucked up.
      President Trump is obviously a concerned citizen, not just another self absorbed statue seeking
      rich kid.
      President Trump obviously cares about our young people enough not to want to see them conned into going overseas to destroy their lives by fighting for the wealth of kings and lords.

      The united states has become everything I was taught as a child to fear about the “reds” and the “commies”.
      Russia has become what the founding fathers intended.

      The day of reckoning has come, american citizens are no longer blaming the rest of the world for the evil we do , and are not buying into the medias attempt to lead us down that path.

  • Boo

    Socialists may not have an in-depth list of military wars to cite, but why would they, they kill off their own via, poverty, starvation, poor health care and the educationally skilled. Socialism is the last stage of any country’s de-evolution before it becomes a footnote in the history books. A belief system, like Socialism, that’s in total denial of it’s corrosive effects on any society who went down that road, got check off the realistic viable options list years ago. Love the stats but not dumbed down enough to fall for socialism as being the answer.

    • Rockledge

      It is those like you who buy into every piece of propaganda coming from “our side” without questioning it who have caused this country to be in such a horribly dangerous situation.

  • wiseoldlady

    Trump speaks the truth. Most other countries are very aware of the carnage caused by the MIC…. The very reason why America is so despised in the world. Yet the rest of the world does not understand why Americans have been so blind to the atrocities. Sadly it is because the North American continent is far from the museums exposing light bulbs of evidence and peoples/nations whom have suffered….plus the false media. Unless you are a world traveler it takes much longer to see the truth. Europeans are very aware because they have been amongst those atrocities. Look what the United States did to the American Indians. Then they went on the big screen to indoctrinate American citizens into believing the Indians were the evil doers when it was the United States that was evil. Now much of the beautiful wisdom of those Indians is lost forever. Ditto with many other cultures. Trump understands this….BUT….so does O’Reilly the puppet.

  • Anonymous

    We killed 2.3 million Iraquis so Israel could steal its oil via an expanded Kirkuk to Haifa pipeline.
    We killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians to help make Greater Israel.

  • wbb

    The US overthrew Iran’s gov’t. in 1953 and has been involved in countless others. Did no one get killed in all these coups? Once again, Trump spoke the truth. Quit being a cheerleader for the empire.

  • Takealook

    No truth is allowed in the Jew owned corporate lying media. If it were 911 would have kicked off a massive
    attack on Israel who obviously pulled it off with traitors in the Bush/Cheney regime and subsequently covered
    up by Obama and a traitor-filled congress. The media is owned by those that commit the most atrocities and
    will never divulge the truth.To do so would implicate the six Zionist run corporations that make up 96% of all
    new in print or on the air. O’Reilly and his co-scum of the corporate criminal propaganda are not going to ever
    tell the truth thereby killing the “Goose” that lays their golden eggs. You can not control the story line until
    you have taken over the media which Rothchild did years ago…… Onward to more wars courtesy of the lying

  • Joseph-C-Moore

    Why would Trump go on that blowhard, fake conservative O’Reilly’s forum? Blathering Bill states against all evident proof, that the NWO puppet occupier of the White House for two terms was a LEGITIMATE citizen, president. If he can believe such blatant nonsense with falsified documentation, O’Reilly is not worth a moments time of any constitutionalist.

    • Gryphon

      Yes well said.

    • Rockledge

      The obvious answer is that he did it for the same reason he ran for President.
      That answer being so that he could cut through all the bullshit and for once say the bottom line
      plain truth.

  • Joseph-C-Moore

    To “blurt” out something implies an accidental slip of the tongue telling something that is meant to be secret. Well, Trump did not reveal something about our government by accident, but simply stated what most government insiders KNOW, that our government (CIA & military) has eliminated (murdered) heads of state and civilians (collateral damage). This is well known by ALL world governments, which have their own forces for overthrow of competing countries. Wake Up! Trump just tells the truth, but the disingenuous (lying) left and media “can’t handle the truth”.


    The crux of Trumps issue is IRAN, he removes their nuclear capability he has excuse to remove or push nato to back up, so far as he May see it, the ultimate issue is that Iran is a secular government with ideology that is as extreme as other of the US allies in the region for one being Israel and the elements of his attempting to re-balance the powers that be are to say the least is going to be a difficult one to solve, had the Nazi based previous presidents performed coup de at in Libya, Egypt, Iraq and set up genuine democratically oriented governments the US would have some credibility nowadays but they were smash and grab operations designed to leave the country a hotbed of further US ops radicalization and recruitment for the US op ISIS to steer them for US purposes for one of taking syria and laying a pipeline across it to the EU. The truth that Trump spoke was minimal as to the immorality of the US foreign policy, that policy is geared to further interests at the sacrifice of genuine humanitarian planning, bereft of any sense of moral guidance and mere politic for further and endless military adventurism, equivalent to England’s historical record in some ways the English invaded 9 out of 10 countries in the world. Bill Oreilys sin is to forget the people that are killed, murdered for their being good for pawns in the goal of conquest and oppression. The world has in ways you will regret gone mad, the cheerleaders of more of the same will likely have their families vaporized in a nuclear exchange, what should be being talked about is what all sides want to adopt a no nuke policy and stick to some agreement, remember nuclear weapons are not the only weapon on the horizon that a country might develop. However to tangent for good reason consider thie following, one thing is for certain here going on right now and it is not a nuclear exchange but a certain death of the cheerleaders families like Bill Oreliey and that is going to be from the ever spreading radiation of Japan’s Fukshemia pronounced Fuk-US-Ma, the Japanese government is killing you Billy boy as we speak together with your family and friends and every high politician’s family will eventually feel the effects of the reactors spewing radiation into the water and atmosphere, the Japanese should be sued by all pacific countries under maritime law to build a dam between the ocean and the reactor area and open pit mine the area and smelt the raw material of plutonium into ingots or you will all surely be very sorry you did not push them to do so, ridiculously the Japanese want to clean the earths orbit of debris from broken satellites and such, it failed miserably last week this Jan 2017, they don’t care about the world they care about space it is absurd, they cannot clean their own mess that is contaminating everything, So next time you want to cover things for the secretly controlled media assignment, why not make the ultimate sacrifice and quit on the air and champion something to redeem yourself your soul and go out there bill with your big mouth and scream to the world JAPAN CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM YOUR KILLING MY FAMILY. Of course Bill your a coward like the rest of the talking heads who shut their mouths to enjoy the bucks at the expense of the public good, but hey bill we knew that.

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