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Werewolves Terrorize Wisconsin

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 1:57
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Werewolves, wolfmen, lycanthropyit’s the stuff of spooky novels and Hollywood films, right? After all, people can’t shapeshift and change into bats or snakes or birds or wolvesor can they? Maybe they did once. Maybe the accursed really did turn into werewolves once upon a time in Eastern Europe where so many myths about monsters still linger like morning mists on the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. But that was centuries ago, none can possibly exist in the high tech world of the 21st Century, can they? Well, yes, according to many witnessesand the werewolves are not lurking around the haunted forests of Romania but right in the good old, USA in Wisconsin, as a matter of fact.

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Land of cheeeseheads, Green Bay Packers…and werewolves?

The earliest sightings of a werewolf in Wisconsin go back to the last century during the year 1936.

A strange creature was spotted near a country road east of Jefferson, Wisconsin. According to the witness, Mark Schackelman, he saw a man-wolf digging in what he thought was an old Indian grave. Fearing for his life, Schackelman watched the beast briefly, and then quietly fled.

Reportedly, intrigued by what he had seen, Schackelman returned to the same area the next night hoping for another glimpse of the beast. Imagine his surprise when he not only saw the creature again, but also heard it speak a bizarre, gutteral language.

Did witness Mark Schackelman see a werewolf?

Later, Schackelman shared his experience with friends and described the man-wolf he twice encountered as tall—about six feet—with a muzzled face, long curved fingers, and a sickening odor reminiscent of decaying beef.

The Bray Road Beast

Another report from southern Wisconsin emerged during the closing weeks of 1939.

A young couple reported their terror-filled encounter to the local police, describing a shaggy, wolf-like man walking along the highway on its hind legs. They claimed the creature was extremely muscular and had long grey hair hanging from its body. When the lights from their car lit up the beast it turned, snarled, and then ran into the shadows farther away from the shoulder of the road.

The couple’s description is very similar to Schackelman’s and all other sightings since. The last reported sighting of The Bray Road Beast occurred during 2011.

Between 1939 and the present hundreds of werewolf sightings were reported. One of the most spectacular involved Doristine Gibson, an 18-year-old resident of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Mysterious Bray Road, the dark lair of the werewolves?

According to Troy Taylor of Prarie Ghosts, while driving along Bray Road near Delvan on October 31, 1999, Gibson thought she ran over something on the road. Then…

“She stopped the car and peered into the darkness to see a dark, hairy form racing toward her. She jumped back into the car and was attempting to drive away when the beast jumped onto her trunk. Luckily, it was too wet for the creature to hang on and it fell off onto the pavement. Doristine returned to the site later on that evening with a young girl that she was taking out trick-or-treating and saw a large form on the side of the road.”

The sighting ignited a firestorm of reaction within the community. Taylor writes that “She told about her encounter the next day and as word spread, more local people began to step forward with their own encounters with the beast, dating back to 1989.”

Not long after Gibson’s encounter, a woman named Lorianne Endrizzi—again driving at night on Bray Road—reduced her speed when she saw a figure crouching by the side of the road. Thinking it might be an injured person, she steered towards the shoulder to stop and offer assistance. But then…“When she slowed down, she took a closer look at the figure on the passenger side of the car. She was no more than six feet away from it at the time. The sighting lasted for about 45 seconds and she stated that she clearly saw a beast with grayish, brown hair, fangs and pointed ears. ‘His face was…long and snouty, like a wolf,’ she claimed.”

The beast had bright, glowing yellow eyes and stared right at her. Later, recalling old books and films she had seen as a child, she became convinced that what she stumbled upon was a werewolf.

The damned: A man-wolf depicted in art

Werewolves seen gnawing on bloody prey

From the descriptions of witnesses, some who later needed sedatives, the beast appears very much like the classic descriptions of a werewolf or wolfman.

It has been seen running on four legs, walking and running upright on two, or crouching in a hunched postion gnawing on bloody prey at the side of the road. According to some witnesses the creature looks very much like a man with a wolf, or German shepherd, shaped head. The snout is long and pronounced and bristling with sharp teeth and noriceable fangs.

The creature stands about six feet high and has distinctly pointed ears.

Some witnesses’ descriptionscorroborated over decadesdescribe most of the thing’s fingers as long, curving claws.

Most werewolf encounters occur during the night

Almost all encounters with the nocturnal creature occur at night. People driving down the road spot the beast as it’s crouching or standing by the side of the road with their headlights.

Some witnesses insist that the werewolf stared at them. Those shaken people swear the man-wolf’s hungry, primitive gaze is enough to freeze the heart.

A few testify that the thing’s eyes are deep red, but most witnesses report that headlight beams reflect back glowing yellow-colored eyes.

Many of the witnesses insist that what they encountered was not imagined or a trick of the shadows at night, but a real living and breathing werewolf.

Linda Godfrey, werewolf hunter

Perhaps the most famous hunter of werewolves in modern timesat least in Wisconsinis Linda Godfrey.

Godfrey’s book chronicles real werewolf encounters

Linda Godfrey has been tracking the man-wolf for about two decades. She told her story in the 2003 book, “The Beast of Bray Road Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf.

Godfrey, who’s appeared on many radio shows across the United States, is convinced that the Bay Road Beast is real. Whether it’s truly paranormal, or people who’ve been cursed, or even individuals that may be afflicted with a rare medical condition, remains unknown.

For those thinking they can avoid running into a werewolf by simply staying away from Wisconsin, the bad news is that during the past century werewolves have been reported in Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Georgia.

Native Americans also have tales of man-wolves that were sometimes seen cavorting with wolf packs, loping across the Great Plains, even turning up in the Southwestern states.

More bad news: despite the myth, the appearance of werewolves is not governed by full moons. The hideous creatures have been spotted in Wisconsin on moonless nights and even several times during daylight hours.

During 2009 FOX News reported on the Wisconsin werewolf. [Video]

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  • Tierney O\'Hara

    Excellent Terrence!

  • pigsdofly

    Is EdGein still alive??? haha We know Wisconites get crazy when they drink too much-but this is ……………….haha

  • Archie1954

    I always wondered what Scott Walker did at night.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing really concrete. If they exist, with all of the advanced, espionage technology why are there no real evidences?

  • Bill

    Quick Open a golf course on Bray Road near Delvan in Wisconsin and send free passes to obummer, we may get lucky! This may be the salvation of America, if so give the dam wolf a Medal and free eats for life.

  • Mort Amsel

    you under estimate how big the world is, how easy it is to hide and where your taxpayers money goes. (as they don’t send drones out to find werewolves hence why they don’t find werewolves… makes sense right)

    “Penetrating so many secrets, we cease to believe in the unknowable. But there it sits nevertheless, calmly licking its chops” ― H.L. Mencken

  • Pix

    Hmmm, velociraptors would be far more efficent at getting rid of our surplus of morons than werewolves. :D

  • HIStoryIndeed

    I’m not saying I believe they’re out there but there has to be something to these persistent memes we as a species keep perpetuating.

    Lloyd Pye had an interesting take on panda’s so I’m going to use some of his words and apply them to this werewolf scenario.

    A couple of guys traveling in China see the first pelt on some rural shopkeepers wall. Prior to the discovery of the pelt the creature was considered mythical to all but the locals. The guys decide to go out and find more, but their trips come up short. They continue to go out and come back empty handed for over 30 years!

    Now think about how difficult it was to find a panda in the wild. It isn’t camouflaged at all, has a very restrictive diet and moves at almost sloth like speed.

    Compare that to werewolves for a second. They are highly camouflaged, their choice prey is abundant, their keen senses are said to be on par with their four legged counterparts and on top of all of that they only come out for a few hours each month when the moon is full!

    I’m thinking it’s gonna be easier to find bigfoot than werewolves, at least Squatch’s stay Squatch’s.

  • Anonymous

    i have a special rock in my house that stops lion and tiger attacks , i live in australia and so far the rock is working beautifully. no attacks so far , i recommend alL people who value their families safety to get a magic lion / tiger defence rock …THEY REALLY WORK!!!

  • Ozzie_Thinker

    The accounts are so strikingly similar it is unlikely this creature is “made up”. The question is “what the hell is it”? I agree with HistoryIndeed. It appears to be some non or sub-human biped than man or may not be related to Cro Magnon.

  • Anonymous

    Have heard that the hard core occultist have that power.


    ah, hahaha… still trying to sell books huh.. go wolverines…


    for all you lycanthropy phobes out there, WOLFBANE!

  • muscltory

    This is awesome Terrence Aym!! I applaud your bravery in sharing information with your Benevolent Intent. I first learned about shapeshifting from David Icke. I have had real, physical experiences with shapshifters, and in the beginning I was terrified. Thanks to people like you, when we understand the technology behind what they do, we can take steps to protect our selves.
    I create “bubbles” of Benevolent Energy around me, that only Benevolent Energy and Intent may exist in.


    “werewolf! werewolf? there! what? there wolf.. there castle! why are you talking this way? i thought you wanted to! no….” – Young Frankenstein

  • muckracker1

    I think the main werewolf is in the Governor’s mansion.

  • Lliam

    Its The Amish again

  • Anonymous

    Oooooh nooo! Now who left the door open on the lower fourth dimension? Will that person please return and correct the problem it is causing over here in the third? LOL

  • Army Veteran

    I spent many years in the Army, and for the most part never witnessed or saw anything of any relevance, however, during some Field Training Exercises, I and a few fellow soldiers DID see things we could not explain or verify. One of the comments below is very true, the world is much bigger than you can possibly imagine. I think that a globe, or the idea of a little globe sitting in someones office, does an in-justice to the size of the planet. Some places, like the Congo, have new animals, insects, and even plants identified YEARLY. Same with the Ocean Deep, nearly every deep dive of 5k+ results in a new discovery of a species. Wisconsin, is ENORMOUS. And trust me, there tons of square miles that I’m sure no one has ever really set foot on. So in closing, we don’t know whats out there, in our arrogance whilst browsing (Facebook) MySpace, Twitter, and all the other BS we concern ourselves with we think we know everything, and if we cannot google it then it must not be true nor exist. That train of thought is hogwash and only something I would expect from an uneducated child in kindergarten.

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