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Are Alien Grays Ushering In New World Order?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 6:56
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Interview with Ed Komarek 

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1. In your new book “UFOs Exopolitics and New World Disorder” what is the inspiration behind it and could you explain what you mean by New World Disorder?

This book represents the extent of my external knowledge up to this point, and will hopefully be followed by a second book that will summarize the inner knowledge I have accumulated in this life. I used the term New World Disorder in the title because I wanted to point out that the so called, Orwellian “New World Order” being touted by the global elite, the Bilderberg Mafia, is nothing but the old world feudalistic order repackaged in modern attire.Ed Komarek: The reason I wrote this book is to pull together and summarize all that I have learned in my 40+ years researching in the UFO/ET arena. The book is a compilation of the best credible whistleblower and contactee testimony and experiences that I have been exposed to over many years. I am one of several founders of the emerging field of Exopolitics, so I wanted to clarify and define as best I can this new field, now barely over a decade old.

Feudalism, autocratic rule, maintains a constant state of disorder and instability, causing the rise and fall of societies and civilizations. I point out in the book that there is a better social structure evolving that is much more stable, fair and equalitarian, patterned after the way our bodies are organized.

The inspiration for this book is to leave the world a little better place than when I entered it. I appreciate very much the people who wrote down their thoughts, concepts and experiences for posterity. Life is short and as a young man I built upon the knowledge and wisdom of those that came before me. Because of our still short lifespans as compared to those of extraterrestrials, we can be considered the fruit flies of the Galaxy so to speak. We are very adaptable because of these short lifespans, but short lifespans have the downside in that information is lost between generations. Therefore we must work diligently to pass on quality information to the young to build upon, so that civilization can evolve forward.

2. What is the Gray Extraterrestrial Collective and how are they trying to assimilate mankind?

Ed Komarek: In the book I provide and discuss cases of conflict between what I call the Human Extraterrestrial Collective that includes many different types of human or humanoid extraterrestrial beings, and this other type of collective I call the Gray Extraterrestrial Collective, which seem to be a product of artificial evolution. Earth seems to be like a small country surrounded by superpowers messing in its affairs, but where no one superpower gets the upper hand, because of actions by other superpowers.

Some types of Greys seem to think of us as property, as their cattle, to do with as they wish, and I believe are responsible for human abductions and genetic experimentation on earth humans. They seem to be covertly trying to assimilate mankind into their sophisticated Orwellian autocratic collective by infiltrating and manipulating the global elite. They are using technology transfers as bait making the wealthy even wealthier, while at the same time threating the elite into buying into their predatory agenda. The alien invasion is coming from within, not without, as portrayed in science fiction movies and stories.

3. Why do you think the government refuses to come clean about the Extraterrestrial reality on our planet Earth?

Ed Komarek: There are two major reasons and many minor ones as to why there is a worldwide global UFO/ET cover-up. In order to answer this question it is important to point out that governments are not run by ordinary people, but people of power and privilege. Democracy exists more or less as a sham, to fool the public into thinking that they are really in control of governments, when they are not. Western governments are run by Oligarchs, powerful banking and industrial families like the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers, as well as a still covertly powerful European Royalty.

The Bilderberg group now being exposed to the light of day, has a powerful dangerous fascist core, and it is this core that seems to be responsible for control of Western governments, and subsequently the UFO/ET cover-up as well. This Group has strong special interests in all of societies’ institutions. If one really thinks about it, the new exotic technologies in energy, transportation, and medicine, if released to the public would revolutionize all the institutions on this planet, making most obsolete overnight, just like what happened to the gas light corporations when the electric light bulb was invented. Gas light stock prices went from 100 dollars a share to 1 dollar a share almost overnight, just with the invention of the light bulb. The fossil fuels industry would disappear in the face of cheap exotic energy technologies. The transportation infrastructure, roads bridges etc. would disappear with a cheap electrogravitic air car. The pharmaceutical industry would disintegrate, if cheap exotic cures for cancer etc. were released.

The second major reason for the cover-up and suppression of extraterrestrial knowledge was pointed out very well in a little Internet book I just read. The ET said that their acclimation program was gradual because they wanted to prevent a global civil war that would erupt if people became aware of their advanced societies quickly. Once the common person saw how well off and how well run these enlightened societies were, most people would become even more disillusioned with their current leaders and try to replace them. As we can see in countries like Syria, the privileged class is in a fight to the death in order to stay in power. Just imagine what would happen all over the earth if people suddenly knew there was a better way of living right before their eyes! The advanced ETs want to prevent such a catastrophe, because they would be forced to intervene, and they don’t want to do that out of respect for individual and collective sovereignty.

4. Will you tell us a bit about some of your personal experiences with UFOS and ET Ed and how that came about?

Ed Komarek: As I pointed out at in the beginning of the book, I was first exposed to all kinds of paranormal experiences when I stumbled into a small little metaphysical book store on a side street of Fairbanks Alaska. I had decided to leave the Deep South and go to college at the University of Alaska majoring in Wildlife Management. In the dark and cold of an Alaskan winter I stepped into another world when I entered the bookstore with its crystals, incense and books on UFOs, OBEs, NDEs, the paranormal in all its diversity. Reading this material soon precipitated an existential crisis and a struggle to know the truth. I soon emerged out of the crisis and never looked back, creating a simple lifestyle where my life was my own to live as I saw fit.

Later in life I tended to concentrate on UFOs because you could kick the tires so to speak, because there was something solid and material here. I saw my first extraterrestrial spacecraft north of Cairo Georgia, when I stumbled into a case of ET contact, while researching sightings in my area. I had built up my own intelligence network where people were reporting to me at least twice a week, sightings within a 50 mile radius of Cairo.

5. I had my experiences in Georgia in the beginning. Something is definitely happening down in Georgia. The Devil went down to Georgia alrighty for sure! Ha. Did your experiences all happen there or also other places and what do you think is happening in Georgia UFO wise and why? How about some other hotspots in the South?

Ed Komarek: The thing I learned from researching my own area was that ET activity is everywhere. There just seem to be hotspots, either because ET is being a little more open in those areas letting their craft be sighted as part of their acclimation program, or somebody is researching the area and making the information public. Normally people don’t talk about their experiences because of the wall of denial and ridicule built around the subject by governments and their intelligence agencies. But once investigators get interested in an area, they get people talking and publicize these experiences making it seem as if there is a hotspot there.

6. Who are The Tall Whites mentioned in your book? And what is their agenda?

Ed Komarek: I devoted a whole chapter to the Tall White ETs because many people independent of Charles Hall, have come forth with their experiences backing up parts of Charles Hall’s detailed experiences with the TW when a weatherman at Nellis AFB in the early 1960s. Charles wrote four books and gave several interviews, all with much detail of the social and personal lives of this human type ET. There is a good article and links at the Open Seti website, just scroll down to the article on the left of the page for basic information on the TW and their agendas.

I got so interested in this case that I traveled to Indian Springs next to Nellis to find even more witnesses there and in Las Vegas. I am wary of contact cases that don’t have back up witnesses because there are so many contactee and whistleblower frauds in the UFO/ET field trashing up the field. Anybody getting into Exopolitics, the politics of the Universe, are bound to be taken in by these frauds, before they can learn enough to discriminate between the fraudulent scamming contactees, whistleblowers, promoters and the real thing. I hope my book helps newcomers as well as those experienced in the UFO field by focusing on the best mostly time tested cases that I have found over the years.

7. You have a chapter about paranormal phenomenon that uses ETs and UFOs and impersonates them for some sort of agenda. What can you tell us about that?

Ed Komarek: This is not really my area of expertise, so I mostly use other researcher’s material in this chapter, like the paranormal experiences of scientists with intelligence connections at the Skinwalker Ranch, where portals into other dimensions seem to open up and scary dangerous creatures emerge.

8. Are there good aliens surely they all don’t want to assimilate us? What is the plan of the aliens aligned to the source and of the light?

Ed Komarek: I think I have pretty much already gone over this in this interview. The way I understand it is that the more ethically advanced extraterrestrial humans and other types want a gradual acclimation to give us time to adjust and try to prevent a global civil war erupting between the privileged and ordinary classes of people. It’s up to us to understand and remove the obstacles to open direct extraterrestrial contact, like getting down on the Bilderberg Western Mafia now in control of contact who I and others believe have made Faustian technological agreements with the Greys. They have sold the Abductees down the river, and have created the most severe security threat of all time, by facilitating a covert Gray takeover of this planet! The invasion comes from within, not without as the elite under their control would have the people believe. I provide up plenty of cases in my book UFOs, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder to back all this up.

9. What can you tell us about Military interaction with ETs?

Ed Komarek: It really started around 1954 when the Eisenhower administration and its Generals first officially met with benevolent human ETs, but would not concede to their conditions of contact. Those conditions included the stopping of atomic testing and the getting rid of such weapons of mass destruction that threatened to destroy humanity on earth. Instead it was decided to get involved with less ethical ETs, the Greys, that did not have such conditions, and so the more advanced ETs backed off and let our leaders exercise their right to choose for better or worse.

This was a very bad mistake in my opinion for our leaders chose the path of darkness out of fear, setting us down a dangerous and painful path. The Bilderberg group was formed in 1954 and pretty much took over control of the official contact experience at the great expense of the general public. People interested in the cases backing up this can search Eisenhower UFO Extraterrestrial, for witness testimony to these official contacts. I also have plenty of material in my book and on my Exopolitics blog:

I have a couple of chapters of case material on military and corporate interactions with ETs. I call the group of corporations controlling access to extraterrestrial technologies the Alien Resource Cartel. They developed a monopoly on the technology right from the beginning and don’t want disclosure because they would lose that monopoly. They are closely integrated with the military and this is what Eisenhower warned about too late, The Military Industrial Complex.

10. What is a positive future you see when it comes to our galactic heritage and Exopolitics? Things seem so bleak in our world right now. Will we ever overcome and if so will it take assistance by the ETs?

Ed Komarek: It always pays to keep a positive attitude especially in the face of adversity. Think of life as the teacher or school where we come time and time again to grow and evolve our character. If we fault the lessons being offered we suffer accordingly and keep repeating the lessons until we learn them, but if we learn the lessons we evolve on the path to enlightment and love. This first book provides folks with where we really are, and the second book to come will help take folks to where we want to go.

Before we can go someplace we first have to understand our position, then once that is known we develop an objective and plot a course to it. Our individual and collective objective is to evolve and become a more enlightened and loving people, and the advanced ethical ETs are here to advise us, but not pull the wagon for us from all the evidence I have seen. They can provide us with an idea of what can be our future, but not walk the walk for us. We have to do that.

Part of our task is to help the very clever, but not so intelligent privileged class understand, that it’s much better to sit at a feast as equals, than be the privileged on the top of the dung heap. J In order for that to happen, we have to have compassion and love for those that oppress us by following the compassionate and loving teachings of the masters. It’s not easy, but we can do this and advance our society into the domain of the ethically advanced extraterrestrial races just waiting to give us a hand, if we work hard toward these ends.

UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder, is available on Amazon, in print and on Kindle. Link

Neil Gould just released his production of my interview with UFO/ET whistleblower Clifford Stone.Link

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  • Mark Brander

    Read about the events of Revelation 12.

  • Don't be hating!

    Burp…Disinfo for sheep minded

  • Mohsen Samii

    No the so called Aliens are not wanting to inherent this pile of rubbish called earth. But the LAST CARD to be played will be a false flag operation staging a false Alien attack so that to fool the great majority in thinking that it is the case in order to usher in a NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT. Various Aliens have come and gone, some stayed on and all of them were far more advanced in science and technology than we but lacked many unique features of Man such as sense of humor, Artists, Designers, Architects, Actors, etc. etc.. Yes one of the Extraterrestrial Races did create us and the experiment though far from perfect is going ahead if Man does not destroy itself first.

  • Anonymous

    Syria was invaded by an outside arrny made up of Al-Qaida & Bosnian Muslims, they are the vary same army that toppled Qaddafi. They are armed, financed and supported by those Wahhabi Sunni radicals in Saudi Arabia, the UAE & Kuwait. Just fixing some of your facts.

  • wunmansho

    Irans got its hands all over Egypt. Ittl have nothing to do with middle eastern American Lackeys. I guess bigger bombs really don’t make you smart after all…

  • wunmansho

    No of course not. If you knew the truth and new something about the relationship that Lucifer has to heaven…what you’d realize is that the men (and yes they are men) that are running (or should we say ruining) the affairs of this planet are the literal manifestation of Lucifer…they match perfectly his point of view regarding men and what should be done with them. And they are completely oblivious to it because theyve utterly discounted they affairs of God among men.

  • Apollon

    I wonder are ailens safe to eat

  • Ladyjo

    The Allies of Humanity who have been monitoring the Alien Presence in our World for over 20 years. They have given a set of Briefings, 3 books, to Alert, Warn and Prepare Humanity for the Alien Intervention into our World. YES, there are Aliens influencing some governments, and their officials, there is also so much more to the Story.

    Humanity is in a Great Evolutionary shift. A shift to global awareness of other races visiting our world. This is called a Greater Community. which is the Universe around us. Their are actually four groups visiting our world. They do not come with military mite but are strong in the Mental Field and are Influencing Humanity at this time. The Allies want Humanity to know what is going on as their Worlds have undergone Intervention from other forces. It is an Amazing Read, and gives the PROTECTION for our Race.

    ., this Declaration given by the Allies Protects Humanity from the Intervention! There is a way to get them gone from our Sky’s..Investigate this set of is an Amazing Read

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