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Grey Aliens Caught on Tape. Spine-Chilling Footage!

Thursday, December 26, 2013 22:56
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The masses have been conditioned to call the fallen watcher angels of the Book of Enoch and the Nephilim of Genesis chapter 6 by another new name, “grey aliens.” These so called “aliens” have been believed to have been watching us from the skies for thousands of years and finally we have documented proof of their existence.

But will this evidence be enough? Is the evidence in the video clips below worthy enough to claim even the skeptics acceptance? We’ll, you’ll have to watch it to find out… 


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  • angelfood

    The world calls them aliens. Believers call them demons.


      🌐bO!y… I’m Really TAKEN back/Buy how Much Old News iStill in the BINews
      🌐Man’s enemies are not demons, but human beings like himself. – Lao Tzu
      🌐Ezekiel 28:17/Maybe Be The MORE Fake & Vain beLIEver’s are The Real aLIEn’s :razz:

      • INSIGNIA777

        Some of us have never seen this before.
        Why are you so full of venom?


        🌐Who Gemini 7 Me :?: /WHAT-A-Bot-Bogrey/Ip wonder Wonder WONDERing… AGAIN
        🌐Y would U Disliked▼my commenTing enough to Care/RogerRoger That back at ☝U :razz:

      • Anonymous

        Yep, you are all hateful, how come? if it is Old news who cares, take your badge off and leave posters and responders alone, the level some go to to discredit or poke fun at is boring

      • INSIGNIA777

        It is apparent that the “Control-Wars” entity clearly exhibits all of the characteristic of being no more (and even less than) a “mass of conflicting impulses.” A thing of pity, as it were.

        Despair not oh “Control-Wars” entity as you, despite all of your faults, are indeed a valuable asset to humanity, … such being as a reminder of that which we should avoid, and that which should not become.

        Thank you for your service to human kind.

      • GuitarLots

        I dig the music … I want one of those aliens as a pet … I will train it to do housework and cook

    • resonator

      And those that ‘know’ call them the Star Nation

      I’m beginning to believe that the good little ‘c’ christians are the real demons or at best zealous wig nuts.

      • GuitarLots

        Grey Goose in my orange juice … Please … Then I might be able to tolerate this ridiculous article :razz:

    • explore

      Totally agree with you.
      They’re not aliens from deep space, they’re from this Earth and they’re here longer then us humans.
      They’re created first and then us.

      ‘The jinn are of three types: a types that has wings, and they fly through the air; a type that looks like snakes and dogs; and a type that stops for a rest then resumes its journey.

      • NotSure

        Islam? they were here before us? you know that’s ridiculous, plus deep space travelers is possible and just stayed here till we evolved then noticed us and boom there you go religion got made off people seeing something higher on the evolutionary chain and we believe it.

      • Bronson

        Are you allowed to speak of Islam? someone may take it the wrong way, and then wave the dirty hand at you…wewww not good

      • Anonymous

        Not Sure

        I have only one thing to say, Islam is a Mental Disorder

  • Freeamerican

    My Halloween costume looked more real than this trash…hahahaha LOL at the freak reporter!

  • Dregone

    I am not a skeptic, and I will admit I am the first to believe and be gullible sometimes but you know what? That was some fake crap! Especially 3 and 4, I think my PS2 has better CGI ahaha! What a joke! Thanks for wrecking the Alien community with this garbage.

    • Freeamerican

      It has been speculated that these people “reporters” are plants trying to do exactly that…discredit the communities by appearing stupid.

  • Don't be hating!

    How many time these clips are going to be shown. Garbage

  • BarbieDancerx3

    The bottom picture is from a video game called Resistance. It was proven fake years ago. And, most of the video is CGI. :)

    • Neo

      The bottom image was taken from a TV news segment. Without sources, I can’t verify your claim that this is fake, is true. Please put up or shut up, no disrespect :smile:

    • W. Willow

      Yup, the squatting ‘grey’ in a room is easy to spot as CGI — even with the second clip showing a human shadow in a lighted doorway. All the rest looks like photo negs.

  • Hayduke

    Lisa, find another job. QUICK!

  • Mayhem

    Does the video reference the Roswell Incident? Your commentary sure doesn’t and i wonder if that’s out of a sense of embarrassment? Have you stumbled on the “Giants walk among us” conspiracy yet, Lisa? Do you know the one i mean? It’s been reported on B4IN many times, same as this Grey’s silliness.

    Anyway, point is, you’ll find the photographic evidence for these, supposed, giants originated in a digital photography competition on who could make the best hoax images. Hmm.

    A simple hover/right click combo and hey presto i can find out all i want to know about anything i see on the internets.

    Don’t be overly embarrassed, Lisa, as you’re not the first, around here, to be overwhelmed by all these truths. Just remember to believe nothing you hear and very little of what you see and you’ll do fine.


      Mayhem wrote:

      “Anyway, point is, you’ll find the photographic evidence for these, supposed, giants originated in a digital photography competition on who could make the best hoax images.”

      Or… we could all stop being lazy and DRIVE (or walk) to the nearest library — get our hands on the microfilms from early 20th century newspapers (1920 to about 1940) and see for ourselves photographic evidence of giants, preserved in the historical record, well beyond the reach of photoshop or other altering or computer-generated technology of any kind.

      The photos are real (at least some of them). So is the subject material.

      • Mayhem

        I might need to do just such a thing, Beef Supreme, because i can find no credible evidence for Grey Aliens being caught on tape.

        Thank you for the opportunity to clarify myself. It was the picture of the giant skeleton in the ground, now expunged, that i claim as a hoax.

        As for the Roswell incident i thought that nonsense had been well debunked and by smarter folk than myself. Lots to learn perhaps.

      • SHARK-GULL

        The smartest thing I have ever seen you write here on BIN, Beef Supreme!
        Oh, yes, the evidence is there! Not so sure about “accurate images” taken by picture or video, though.

        Back in the “old days”, it was MUCH harder to “suppress” information that appeared outside of the “accepted norm” of “society”. That “society” was tightly controlled at the intellectual levels (University Level learning) by different organizations espousing different “christian” dogma.

        If the “information” was NOT in their “accepted norms”, it and those individuals associated with it would be publicly ridiculed, humiliated, financially ruined, and most importantly, NO FUNDING FROM ANY “UNIVERSITY OR GOVERNMENT source would be forthcoming to learn further details about “what was NOT going to be accepted as truth”, EVEN IF IT WAS A TRUTH!

        Sorry I had to bring “religion” into this discussion, but, it IS TRUE!
        The GREATEST “governor” on revealing “truth” is those that seek to control “it”, in the MOST RUTHLESS OF WAYS!

        As far as the “Grays” go, how far have you taken your research?

        I recommend the following “Fiction” classified book, published in 2008 by a Lawrence R. Spencer (author of the “Oz Factor”).
        Titled “Alien Interview”.
        My advice, go right to pg. 27, to “The Transcripts”, and Read the personal notes, and “Official U.S. Military Transcripts” as smuggled out by Ms. MATILDA O’DONNELL MACELROY, an Army nurse who was chosen as the ONLY human communication point (using mental telepathy, only) by the “Alien” that was “captured” after the space craft had crashed at Roswell, N.M.
        July 8th through August 12th, 1947, is the time period that “The Interview” was conducted.

        Beef Supreme, a special warning to you, as, what is revealed in this interview WILL SHAKE YOU TO THE VERY CORE OF YOUR BEING!

        You might think twice before reading this.

        Mr. Mayhem, you will enjoy this immensely!

        For the truth is…………….. Earth IS A PRISON PLANET for immortal beings who have had their “eternal memories” WIPED CLEAN by a machine, after every “lifetime” experienced on the “Prison Planet” or “HELL” called Earth!
        And, there is NO END IN SIGHT!

        Mayhem, consider that many times PROOF is right in front of your eyes, but those ‘conducting the dialogue” of “what” you are seeing definitely affect your “belief” through their “speech” and punitive actions, if their “explanation” is questioned.

        Example: One of the Egyptian Pyramids when broke open by some “christian” dogma” society had literally, thousands of “dishes, plates, and utensils” for humans to eat food with.
        The university “christian” dogma society declared these artifacts as “being in the tomb, to accompany the many slaves to the afterlife with the King (or Queen)”. The university “christian” dogma society would just “pound” into young, impressionable minds relentlessly that “The pyramids were tombs”, and everything related to them, in any way, had to do with “The pyramids were tombs”. If a young student thought otherwise, they were “discarded” in a number of different ways, as outlined above.

        Consider the obvious facts, the pyramids generated power, but more than that were HUGE Faraday Cages, for the protection of Humans, who would LIVE INSIDE THEM for extended periods of time (hence all the eating utensils found inside of the pyramids), when the SUN, AT THAT POINT IN TIME, would produce such massive CME’s (coronal mass ejections), which included very hot gas itself that would ignite, on contact, anything in it’s path on the surface of the earth it struck, that EMP (electro magnetic pulse) and CME WOULD KILL TENS OF THOUSANDS of human beings, then slaves, that were CREATED TO MINE GOLD for their “gods”!

        Now, that could not be allowed to happen, because the production of “gold” is (and was) that important to the “creators of humans” on this planet HELL.

      • Mayhem

        @Black Hole: I did enjoy that immensely and you put it quite well. Are we talking about the Annunaki as mentioned in the Sumerian tablets? I have read all i can find on these subjects and find it fascinating. It is credible evidence that i question not the existence of possibility. Should aliens arrive in spaceships they will not be our friends.

        Your argument re the pyramids makes some sense but wouldn’t burrowing into the ground be more efficient and effectual in attenuating the effects of a CME? Dummies didn’t build them that’s for sure.

      • SHARK-GULL

        Two different subjects; have you read “Alien Interview”?
        And pyramids was given as an example of “Thought Control”

        Question answered:
        Their main purpose for being constructed on the surface was, the Egyptian pyramids also acted as “Docking for Off-World Ships” and “Custom Houses” for arriving off world ships to unload and load their cargo in a way where proper accounting for the goods could be conducted.
        But, you are very right about “under the earth”, also, as THE BEST, safest place to store goods, materials, technology and living quarters. Because of advances in satellite based ground penetrating imaging, there are hundreds of NEW sites to be unearthed in Egypt alone.

        A “Customs House” to receive “Off-World” shipments could also be constructed in a very “Stealth” type fashion, also.
        For example: view,_Lalibela
        Lalibela, King of Ethiopia, ordered the construction, said to be completed at night in 11 days by an “army” of “angels”.
        It sure as HELL was NOT created with hammers and chisels! Made by Coptic Christians, the then MANDATED State religion of that region of the world. Constructed when Caucasians in Europe were “Barbarians”, and did NOT know at all about ‘Christianity”!

        Carved from solid red volcanic rock in the 12th century, it is the best known and last built of the eleven churches in the Lalibela area, and has been referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World

        Only the top is visible from the air, only. Carved into solid rock, note the “Iron Cross” design on the top of this “Church”. A perfect landing pad for the off-loading of ships, and loading of goods for off world transit.

      • Mayhem

        No i haven’t read that essay and i’m frankly a little afraid to do so. About those Pyramids though; if my race had mastered inter galactic travel i’d think those piles of rocks somewhat crude but maybe that’s just me. They don’t seem to be dock shaped to me; as far as my limited perception allows, that is. We are 8,000 miles in diameter, how hard could it be finding our way around in our, flash as, spaceship. What our Nav/Sys got us here then let us down big time?

        I’m kidding about being afeared of reading “Alien Interview” but if at any point i’m required to accept an opinion at more than face value i’ll often go no further. You might well peak my interest should you argue the credibility of said material.


        BUTT HOLE net SURFER

        THAT”S the hand you’ve been holding? recycled L RON HUBBARD??? HAH!
        selling the wares of the scientology CHURCH, through middleman lawrence r. spencer.

        ……………………………………AIRL LIAR………………………………………

        follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road!

      • Mayhem

        Yeah i thought that was about all the credibility, Black Hole, could offer. You beat me to the punch again, rain.


        HAH! Black Hole. never forget.. I am YOUR Master. i can summon you at will with a simple phrase and you come running like the wind to serve my interests. silly little runt of the litter box.

        remember GOTT IST TOT? haha, that was for you, like ringing a bell, you came to feed!

        BAD WOLF ie. NO BISCUIT!

        btw, how is ol’ AIRL???

  • Synickel

    Old, old and older.

  • am123

    “The masses have been conditioned to call the fallen watcher angels of the Book of Enoch and the Nephilim of Genesis chapter 6 by another new name, “grey aliens.””

    That is because the masses have been misled with a lot of false information regarding the Nephilim, especially on BIN. The Nephilim are not little grey aliens—the Nephilim were giants!

    And the footage is not spine-chilling or scary at all. The footage looks totally fake and they’re tiny little fellows—nothing a good whack to the head with a baseball bat wouldn’t take care of :lol: .


      🌐SO what Ya ThinKing about Joeel Osteen/A Shape/Shifting/Reptilian mayBe :mrgreen:

      • The Real Deal

        No, but he certainly is a false preacher. He teaches pantheism; Basically, anything goes, it’s all good with god. Also he is very wealthy. And though I’m not religious, doesn’t Jesus say that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven?

    • Neo

      Presuming you’re still capable of movement at that stage….

  • FaSolLa

    Lisa – Next time you write a story, please give new information rather than information and pictures that have been circulating the Internet for years.

    • W. Willow

      Check the BIN archives to see how many articles have already been posted on any subject.

  • Fisherman

    One of those were Obama. I’m so freakin sure of it!

  • westside prepper

    those look like the ones in married with children series.
    they are looking for al bundys socks,they are peaceful and only need his socks for fuel.
    may the force be with you

  • Numpty

    As old as it is fake

  • billy bob


  • Freeamerican

    I catch aliens on tape all the time…best tape is double-sided…their little feet stick to it and they fall down and get stuck more, it’s so funny to watch. When we catch one we invite the neighbors over and then make a game and throw things at the stuck aliens, they get really mad and curse in their dumb little alien voices. Sometimes they have little baby aliens with the and be warned if they get stuck they poop all over and it gets real messy so try just to not catch the little ones.


    NO NO NO
    All wrong. This article gives the impression there is only one type of grey.
    1) They do NOT ingest via the mouth, most anoint themselves with oil substances
    a very few do so with a sea weed derivitive (they are female)
    2) Even looking at the various different types in the video here one can see different heads, eyes, limbs, mouths, ears and so on.
    3) The illustration at the very top is an ”elder” of the LyRans, a member of the Elo’im
    4) of the 84 Other Worlders which have contact with Earth, 33 of them are greys, most performing tasks for others. One of these are the hive mind intellect, the Zeta 45s.
    5) They are ‘made’ in many different ways, some procreating just like humans do, with two and sometimes three differing genders. Others being ‘spun’.
    6) There are Biobics, Ebens with no anus, Extra Terrestrial Noetic Entities (with two brains, the mummy in the Senusret II tomb is one of these) who call themselves ‘J-Rods’ four fingers and a thumb . There is the Chimera, Insectoids, reptoids, non human entities, the ‘Nevus’/warty type. Clones (male), Grayles (tall whites of Tom Hall from Pegasus and Al Kaid in Ursa Major)… Drones (round eyes three fingers), also a form of Men In Black, Large Nosed Naga, Red eyed Dog faced from Perseus (in South America). The Roswell ‘Albi/silver’ braille users. One J-Rod was with them. The J-Rods are camped at Gliese 876C at the moment. Then there are the Synthetics. Another type of grey has little hooves for feet.
    7) The Mantids are not greys.
    8) Then there is the ”Monstre d’ABUS” from Ophiuchus. A little known manuscript by this name is in a private collection. One of the lines within this documents says ALL 84 MUST GO
    A full list of Other Worlders is on page 14 of

  • Triggernl

    Why Cristians calls all aliens demons????
    God is an alien to!!
    It is proving they dont use their brains and are only fearmongering for the real demons on this planet.

  • redchakura

    so old news… why are you showing us this? if you got footage wouldnt the aliens have got to you already? lol

  • Project Spacebook

    um those are all fake?????? you need to wake up!!!

  • JohnDave

    Sorry, but a little fakey.

  • NotSure

    At 3:50 in the video is actually a real alien from research iv’e done on it same with the Russian meeting with Greys,( reason being why is we broke the treaty filming them because we were not suppose to film them until the world was ready, why they haven’t made contact with us) other than that most videos are fake and mermaids are real to you just gotta remember these thing will look not right at first because it’s something to the brain that won’t recognize it and tell u it’s fake but it’s not. Also the Vatican and many scientist were called upon to a meeting were they met 2 species that wanted to take us with them but we said no because “..Why are you taking us away from our home.. how can we trust you or believe you’ll do this for the great or good” it was so we can take the entire earth away and save us but we messed up and Russia is now trying to re-contact them to leav because G-1.9 is coming soon people.

  • criss2002r1


  • MG

    Come closer…

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