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Demonic Attack At The Vatican! Vatican “Peace Doves Attacked By Black Crow” (Video) (Video) (Video)

Sunday, January 26, 2014 12:41
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BREAKING: Vatican “Peace Doves Attacked By Black Crow”

January 26 2014

INCREDIBLE! As two doves were released while the pope waas declaring peace, one was attacked by a seagull, another attched by a black crow! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Doves have been symbolic of peace and also of the Holy Spirit since the beginning of time (maybe even before).

Like Paul says, something Biblical is going on here!!

Are you prepared?

Prophetic Sign? Pope Francis Releases Peace Dove and Black Crow Attacks Instantly!

Bad Omen? Pope’s Doves of Peace Attacked by Angry Birds


CERTAIN CHANGES ARE COMING OUR WAY. ARE YOU READY, ARE YOU PREPARED? PLEASE DO NOT STAY STUCK IN DENIAL! Our time truly is limited. Sure, people have been saying that they are in the “end times” for ages now, saying that “Jesus is coming soon”. Seriously these Jesus freaks keep on saying the same thing and nothing ever really happens.  In fact, it is such an old “war cry” that you have tuned it out which in turn has hardened your heart to the warnings. Please just take a quick glance at the news headlines and put the pieces together. There is no denying the signs, the “labor pains” and symptoms any longer. And labor pains progress, they do not diminish.

Are you prepared? Are you protected?

If you are scoffing at the warnings, guess what? You are fulfilling prophecy and you are only hurting yourself and any of those who may be listening to you. Check it out, I’m not putting you on: 2 Peter 3:3, 4 and also in Jude 1:18,19  both are in the New Testament. Get saved; you are going to need His protection. More importantly, you will definitely need your salvation for all of eternity. I don’t know you, but I certainly care about you and your eternity. This is not a gimmick; the only thing I gain from you trusting God is another brother or sister in the Lord.

The ULTIMATE Preparation Right Here: God, Please remove any deception that I may have listened to, believed or embraced that is hindering me from knowing the truth. Because I am not perfect, I am a sinner that needs forgiveness and I ask You to forgive me. I believe You are Savior and Lord Who shed Your Holy, Sinless Blood and died for my sins to be forgiven, and rose from the dead; You live forever. I want to turn away from (repent) my sins. I invite You, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God the Messiah to come into my heart and life as Savior and Lord. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and personal Savior. In the all powerful Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray. Amen. 


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  • Alan

    The church was st peters, the date was 888, and the age was 31.

    The duty Jancro :twisted: its all in the grey… era

    • livefreely2survive

      , what a fantastic story, why oh why did the author ruin this with that God awful video? who the hell is that freakshow man, screaming threw out that video, I seen that nut job post videos on Disclose, he is so dam annoying!!!!!!!!

  • Louis




  • Mirabolin

    Obama would be the gray pigeon. He isn’t really black you know!

    • Intelharvest


  • A Patriot

    Wow… A pic of a black bird chasing a white bird. You’re nuts. Is it possible for a human to be more annoying than the knucklehead in this video?

    Birds, like many animals in the wild, are very territorial. The parrots that live in the top of the gothic entrance to greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn do nOT allow pigeons up there. On my block in madhattan, the brown birds run a tight ship. All strangers are picked on, except the hawk.

    • kprofscrts

      you are the type that needs binoculars or a microscope to see that nanoorganisms exist. you realize that dont you?

      it’s a blatant statement you made and has nothing to do with the pineapples in hawaii.

  • Jarheadusmc

    In 2000 Cardinal Bertone read what was suppose to be the entire message of Fatima given by Our Lady to the little Lucia in 1917:

    Shortly after that release or reading of the entire message a one Father Bollinger, German Theologian and Seminary Professor, personal friend of then Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope JPII, who was a frequent guest and well respected in the Vatican, was concelebrating a Mass with Cardinal Ratzinger and asked him point blank if that was all that was in the 3rd Secret of Fatima given to Lucia in Portugal in 1917; to which Cardinal Ratzinger replied:

    ‘ Our Lady specifically warned not to touch the sacraments or the Mass, that an “evil” council (Vatican II) would come’ – Fatima Crusader #80 and #92.

    Catholic mystics have warned that soon, very soon, God will severely punish the Church (the hierarchy and peoples) for the sins of homosexuality, abortion, divorce, contraception, drugs, pornography, etc, but most of all for the massive “apostasy” now happening in the Church since Vatican II, the abandonment of the true doctrines and faith for a modenrist, satanic worship of man. Presently this is the worse Pope in the history of the Church with Popes Paul VI, Benedict XVI and John Paul II all coming a close second as will be realized in the very near future.

    God will intervene but not before He chastises the entire world but especially the hierarchy and peoples of the Church for their apostasy. Soon this pope will die and a new pope elected in the spring (year??? but I strongly suspect it is this spring or next at the most) who will shock the entire Church and world. He will condemn Vatican II and all its aftermath, he will condemn all the popes since Vatican II for their part in the wholesale destruction of the faith they have brought on the world and the millions of souls that have been lost as a result. All the evils of the world will be condemned by name and persons, all this with the “full authority” of the papacy he will do this, he will immediately excommunicate and expunge all the “traitors” within the hierachy – you will see many Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and high episcopal dignataries excommunicated and condemned for all eternity for their part in this treachery against God and His Church. All this has been warned for some time now and the resulting civil war and revolutions that are soon to break out in America and Western Europe followed immediately by WWIII.


    JR Nyquist: For Patriots Who Think
    WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe.
    The Prophecies of Alois Irimaier
    The Prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello
    The Three Days Darkness – which will force and end to WWIII.

    Lucia of Fatima said in 1990: “Russia because it was not converted (to Catholicism) attacks America.
    Blessed Elena Aiello said in 1959: “Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her secret armies”

    Many Catholic mystics have warned that all this is to happen very very soon and when all seems lost, when both the Church and world seem doomed, when God’s justice has been appeased, then and only then He will at the last moment intervene and turn the tide – we – the just and faithful win totally in the end and all the enemies of God and His Church, both within and without will be totally annihilated. Be prepared for the worst civil war and revolution in history in America, the most violent ever seen or imagined followed not long after a few months by Russia and China attacking America.

    No electricity, gas, food, water, stores, transportation, etc for near two years of this four year war, just killing, mobs, gangs, and then foreign invasion (with help from within our own “Marxist” government) Obama’s mission was to prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship and to turn this country over to the Russians and Chinese.

    God, at first will seem to be no where, standing back, so to speak and saying, now see what happens when you abandon Me – then when hope seems to be pressed God will intervene, this time it will be plain and public to all that this was a war between Lucifer and God.

    I feel so sorry for Catholics who voted for Obama who publicly, with the Democratic Party, both supported and promoted homosexuality, abortion, contraception, etc – all those Catholics are guilty of all those sins either directly or indirectly by voting for a party and person who were publicaly on the side of Lucifer. However all the party’s and people of this country for these and man y other reasons will shortly pay a very dear price for their sins. Don’t believe me – you have not long to see how right I was.

    • CastleFRC

      You might be VERY interested in knowing who the Last, TRUE Pope is of this Era is. NOT Antipope Francis. His name is Pope Peter. The name was given to him, by Jesus Christ the Lord. (Imagine that! Pope Peter the First was given HIS name too!) You can find him at

    • plsnogod

      please try and get a grip man.

      there are no gods/demons/satans/angels/allahs/buddas/shrivas/hathors/. also i have to break it to you that gandalf the grey does not exist.

      how can we move on as a species if supposedly educated,modern human beings,with all the educational resourses at their disposal keep believing in this superstitious nonsense?

      you can almost excuse it in a third world,over-indoctrinated country,but surely not in the western world.

      i can quote from ‘lord of the rings’ or grimms fairy tales which will sound equally convincing as from the latest set of religious garbage.

      it makes me despair,and not a little ashamed.

      • Neo

        You should be ashamed

      • Anonymous

        @ neo – you should be institutionalised


      I’m Catholic and I don’t care what you say.Get with the 21st century!

      • plsnogod

        you are catholic AND free from rigid thinking???? :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  • Mayhem

    Did anyone else notice? Ill Papa said “I pray for Syria, especially TO the dead” not “for” the dead.

    … or… should i just lay off the meds a little?

    It would be difficult for the pope not to take offense; he and the children who released the doves, along with the throng, witnessed the attacks first hand.

  • Jacksdad

    Same week Jesus lost a couple fingers in a Rio lightning storm. Followed by the Popes peace being eaten in front of thousands………… :eek:

  • The Marian Catechist

    Seriously? Let’s not over-think this. All animals can be territorial. Crows are naturally nasty and will attack smaller birds, while seagulls are pesky and brazen. Such things occur all the time. You are just using this one incident as an excuse to attack the Vicar of Christ. It is a poor attack, I must say.

    • Mayhem

      Okay then; forget the doves, it’s abba i have a problem with. I’ll tell you this for naught; he wouldn’t want to have to sit in the same room for a weekend with a decent apologist, eg Beef Supreme, am123, truthseeker et al. Tell him to bring a Strong’s an Interlinear and ears to hear. Heck i reckon i could give him a half decent roasting; me, the proselyte and hopeless sinner.

      Our Father, YHWH, is Elohim unto the living, not the dead. Why theretofore did he, that you call father, sayeth thus “I pray TO the dead Syrians”?

      Slip of the tongue? From the most catholic of catholics? Maybe, hardly likely.

      ps, reply if you so choose, Servus Mariae, but i’m out of time right now.

      • Mayhem

        Oops: that would read more like i intended with a ‘your’ inserted in my first sentence.

  • WhyHurtPeople

    Give me a break with all this demonic crap. ENOUGH already. My cat brought home a dead mole. Is that demonic too? Or is that what cats do?

    • Anonymous

      the cat is feeding you.


    🌐_Holy-Dove-Drone / The Black Crow must Of ALL^SEEN righThrew iT :lol:

  • UberNuts

    This kind of article makes Christian people an easy target.
    Anyone can find a ‘sign’ in anything. What’s demonic about this?
    As has been mentioned above, birds are territorial.
    Newly released Doves will be pursued by other birds already occupying that space.
    I see it on my farm everyday, Magpies chasing a Tui, chasing a Blackbird – and so it goes on.


    …it’s true. But in the end the dove wins.

  • MSG Chicken

    Yeah, that was strange. If it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious!

    As I tell people too many signs being given. One big one was the illegal sodomite negro as president. You voted him in twice.

    That is a sign to God that you have affirmed your disobedience! Very well then….

    • Anonymous

      do you think your christian god hates black people as much as you do?

      • Mayhem

        Where’s the hate? Are you talking about the descriptors used? Obama is arguably the first two and is definitely the third. I’s mus have miss sumfing.

      • Anonymous

        wheres the hate? perhaps you should familiarise yourself with a few of the msgchickens other postings, where his racism is on blatant display, or simply ask him yourself..

        the very mention of the wod negro here, speaks volumes of his bigotry, but then of course, youre a moron yourself, so its understandable you not as cognisant as others

      • Mayhem

        You could have given us a clue it was about, you, having your panties all up in a wad over some other thread/blog. The chicken with the extra glossy additive is what he is and in this post i thought rather restrained. Compared to his usual outbursts anyway; i agree with you on that.

        Hey thanks for calling me a moron; very thought filled, not. Anyway it’s received with disdain from an inconsequential tosspot who has trouble understanding how words work. Have you the mental age of a 7-12 year old and a mild mental retardation or are you a stupid person; a dolt?

        Bite me, Anonymous fool.

      • Anonymous

        lick me mayhem wannabe

      • CrowPie

        @Mayhem- I take a little sabbatical and I return to find the emotional atmosphere unchanged here at B4IN. While this is the first sexual favor I’ve seen anyone offer you….I have to admit I am surprised that you actually engaged in a verbal exchange with “Chicken Little”….since he has such a racist bent.

        It’s nice to be home though and to see your lovely blue AVI.

      • Mayhem

        Hello CrowPie, yes it’s fairly easy to make that distinction about the Colonel’s Favourite Cuisine. Give credit where due, though, as the post in question was lacking chicken man’s normal vile invective. I made the point that those three nouns were in no way racist, in and of themselves, and they aren’t.

        Three of us, at least, stopped to have a little think, well worth the effort, and that’s what it’s all about. Just in case you hadn’t cottoned, Bia, that is my thing.

        I don’t teach i opinion-ate, as is my right, and i do so in order that people will see even the miserably educated questioning those who reckon they need a pedestal. And what do i get in return? An offer to lick, hilarious. The old “no i’m not, you are” line, witty and thoughtful :roll:

    • MSG Chicken

      I do not call Negroes “black” because black is not a race but a chosen epitaph of a negative adjective.

      Look up Negroes than look up black and see which one does not have an elegant description while the other one is filled with the most vile of adjectives.

      You have been FOOLED by liberals again who still keep you chains and laff all the way out of the barn and into the bank. Fooled over and over by your white racist handlers.

      And calling one what Barry wants to be known as is obliging the gentlemen. The negro wanted to be known as negro and negro he shall be known. If you do not like that, take it up with Barry.

      • Anonymous

        i didnt say if i liked it or not.. i was just pointing out that you have issues with blacks obviously.

        not all blacks are negro, so its not an interchangeable term, but you use it in a derogatory fashion, needlessly if youre trying to make an actual valid point.

        and an epitaph is an inscription on a tombstone or monument in memory of the person buried there.. doesnt seem to fit in the context here..

  • Louis

    Being led in prayer by DUE DILIGENCE is like being fed a poisoned apple by a witch.

  • Don't be hating!

    It was the Black Pope who released the crow…

  • Geeper

    These are all gods’ creatures, folks.

    • Merkin

      Black crows are universally false Christs. Very demonical.

      • COCONUT

        For Christ’s sake – crows are extremely intelligent – they’re excellent problem-solvers.

      • Merkin

        Exactly my point Brother

        Who do you think gave them those elite skills?

      • Anonymous

        “Who do you think gave them those elite skills?”

        if this isnt a trick question, im going with the chicken!

  • sten

    I knew that someone would take a perfectly natural act by many animals including birds that are territorial will attack any “foreigner” that comes into their midst and turn it into a “demonic attack”. Only the most truly mentally ill religious extremists would consider a natural thing as “evil”. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • chefjim

    The blasphemous “vicar of Christ” releases some doves, they get attacked by other birds and this is a sign that Satan is at work thwarting the efforts of God? The RCC is heretical and is not Christian, as a matter of fact, it is the seat of antichrist so how can we look at this as metaphorically being “God against Satan?”

    The man releasing the doves is the farthest thing from Jesus Christ that exists in this world right now albeit, a billion people (because of bible illiteracy, i.e. lack of knowledge) think that he is succeeded from the Apostle Peter. The idea of any man being infallible at any time in the history of earth (except One) is completely contrary to Scripture and flies in the face of the whole Gospel message.

    Here is a question that just occurred to me. Is the pope a sinner? Does he need the salvation that Christ accomplished for anyone who will accept it? If yes, then why does the RCC call him the vicar of Christ? If no then we have a biblical contradiction “for ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

    The RCC and the rest of Christendom are melding together in these last days and the result (after the true Born Again Christians disappear) will be a one world religion under the rule of antichrist and that one world religion will be centered at THE VATICAN.

  • Ryan

    I get a couple different observations from this event. First , You need to realize the Symbolism as We that Have Eyes to See a Heart To Understand and Ears to Hear Do, as we have accepted Jesus as Our Lord and Savior and Have Gift of Discernment from the Holy Spirit for that filters out the Evil so that we see the truth of the Seen and Unseen Through the Word of God. Anyone that has accepted Jesus as Their Lord and Savior can have this Precious Gift also.

    1) This TYPE of Gull- It woud seem that given the Area and continent that it woud be a Great Black-backed Gull Given the characteristics of that certain Type , That woud Fit ., But for a symbolic View of this Event, The SeaGull in the Video ( to Me- I Don’t claim to be an expert on this subject, just my observations ) looks like a *Common Western Gull…..

    If it Just happened to be a Western Gull , first, That woud be VERY RARE but Somewhat Significant to this Observation, I see the Attack 2-Fold,

    1) The seagull is perhaps best known as being a SCAVENGER, Seagulls are birds in the family Laridae / ( ). , Most gulls belong to the large family named Larus. The word Larus is from the Greek word meaning “ravenous sea bird.”


    ~~~~~The Feigned Peace~~~~~
    The Seagull in the Video Seems to represent The ‘Spirit’ of AC ,as Obama, ( Who is Representing the West / USA – This woud be a Conformation if that actually is a *Common Western Gull . He ( Obama ) is Backed with Full Authority of Satan (The Raven) is a Clear representation. With Obama going to the Vatican in March, This could be a clear sign of Satans intentions of Using Obama to Attack and Destroy Peace ,* This is an event that many think may happen.

    As Paul quoted Thessalonians from Scripture in his Video, ‘Peace and Sudden Destruction’
    ~~~~~ The Sudden Destruction~~~~~
    2) The Birds Attacked sequentially one then the other, or a 1-2 punch , The First was From the SEA and The Second was from the LAND.

    I had a Dream of an Event in October of 2012 .,
    The West Coast was Suddenly Hit by a Massive Catastrophe that seemed like a HUGE Volcanic Eruption and Massive Tsunami with The GROUND being OVERTURNED Violently in the LA / HollyWood / Santa Monica Area During much Chaos and Civil Unrest Happening in the USA, ……One Thing in the Dream, was Seeing a Gigantic EAGLE (USA) sitting on top of a (SUB)-way rest. I interpet it as ‘By Way of the Sub’ ( a Sub-Launched Attack ?? )
    This Eagle Took me and My Son into the Upper Atmosphere on its Back, and as it Did, it Transformed into a Dragon (CHINA)…………………

    The SEA Attack ? ~~~RUSSIA and /or CHINA ~~~( SeaGull )
    The LAND Attack? Invasion from our South ( Mexico ) or North ( Alaska ) or Both, ~~~RUSSIA and /or CHINA ~~~ and Guerilla Infiltrators ( Raven )

    Whether or Not you have heard these Observations from multiple Sources B4 , That is the point . THIS is the way God CONFIRMS, Heed the Warnings and Get Right With JESUS NOW!! GBU

  • Sunshine

    Everyone…keep your eyes on GERMANY. Do NOT be distracted. SEEK.

  • Anonymous

    its gods will, obviously

  • worldordernews

    so dumb

  • Intelharvest

    Given the dark period we are in, this symbolism isn’t at all surprising.

  • Hooter

    The black bastard…..

  • Angelious

    If it was really the end. We would be prospering better than ever before and would be all united under one banner of a single man (the anti-Christ) that hasn’t happened yet, nor is it something that is on the horizon. If it means anything, which is probably doesn’t, it would have something to do with the Ukraine only.


    Kenneth Chamberland Kenneth Chamberland



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