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Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 18:20
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle



Edward Snowden, reported on the facts known to it concerning UFOs. According to the documents, which Snowden copied to the CIA, the U.S. government has long known that UFOs exist and are managed species more advanced than humanity. These species are not alien, and our earth, only more advanced. They live here for billions of years, and far ahead of us in development.
The CIA stores data tracking systems and deep-sea sonar, but they have the status of state secrets, and even the scientists do not have access to this data about these objects. This kind of intelligent Homo sapiens and lived in the Earth’s mantle. This is the only place where conditions were more or less stable for billions of years. Extremophiles can live at different temperatures, they have been able to flourish and develop intelligence at an accelerated pace. Homo sapaens and they have evolved at the same rate, but their living conditions in the Earth’s mantle defended their civilization from the many disasters that have occurred on the surface of the earth. . .
The general consensus is that we’re just ants from their point of view and there is a small chance that they will not continue to pay attention to us. But the military and are considering the possibility of aggression and the current plan of action in emergencies includes a plan – detonate a nuclear weapon in the deep caves to “seal” the enemy in the hope of destroying their communications that will prevent further attacks from the bowels of the earth. “

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  • truthlovingsoul

    snowden is a mossad agent. he is disinfo.

    • Norry

      More like you and the ferret are the mossad plants.

      This BS did not come from Snowden.

      And your handle truthlovingsoul, should be changed to lyingAhole.

      • Please Wake Up

        I find it hilarious that you are defending this article as being true. I read the title and knew it was, more or less, bullshi*.

        Where is the proof that Snowden said any of this? How can anyone even believe that he said something like this?

        Also, the author either didn’t write this story, or he has unbelievably poorly educated. Do you know how to spell, use proper grammar, stay in the same verb tense? Jesus, this might as well be a 12 year old writing this BS disinfo. I hate articles like this, complete waste of the world’s time. I hope Chris will filter these out eventually.

      • Gil Carlson

        Finally, a book that answers the question why the aliens are so interested in us!

  • The Ferrett

    Absolutely, and this is proof beyond doubt . .

  • Antique White

    i need to see your proof truthlovingsoul with respect to snowden being a mosad spy?

    • truthlovingsoul

      antique white,

      veteran’s today has stated this info on many shows and articles, also see here for one source….

      • truthlovingsoul

        allegedly, there is a fake alien invasion attempt planned. project blue beam, which would fit into this latest snowden jibber jabber.

      • NWO for Dummies.

        Actually he asked for proof. Veterans Today is the mossad.

      • truthlovingsoul


        i gave another link also. what makes you say vt is mossad?

      • torri sepi

        Veterans Today is an anti-sematic site.

      • truthlovingsoul


        the truth is anti-semitic. the truth points to them, so the truth is anti-semitic. sorry, but where the blame lies is with them. look at all the false flags they have committed, there are hundreds and hundreds.
        funny because they are not even semites.
        why didn’t we let hitler off? he claimed the world was anti-german.
        why didn’t we let the japanese off? (internment camps) they claimed we were anti-japan.
        etc etc etc
        one can’t escape justice forever by whining and crying that the reason people kick you out of OVER 100 COUNTRIES!!!! is because they hate your religion!!!!!!!!

        utter horsesh*t!!!
        the only ones on the face of the planet who have made it illegal to question them are jews. over 17 countries can now imprison you for questioning the official narratives on ww2 and other touchy jewish issues. IN JAIL!!!!

        to learn who rules OVER YOU simply learn who you are NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE. voltaire

  • miles

    Ok, so this is starting to sound a lot like Emergence Day… Where are Marcus, Cole and Baird?? Seriously….?

  • Andor

    Snowden has lost the plot!
    Any “alien” is a demon but obviously they can’t see that!

  • a LIGHT in the DARKNESS.....

    What makes mankind better then them ? Only one lacking in light / knowledge would label them as demons. TheyVe always been here. To them we could be the e.t.s. Flip your coin can you look from the view of another?

  • NWO for Dummies.

    :shock: :shock: :shock: All very titillating……….. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Lisa, I hope I’m not being rude when I ask this but could you do the post you would do if you were not after $’s

    • NWO for Dummies.

      sorry that was meant for another post….you know the one about pastors rounding up sheep to put in Fema cmps….

    • Norry

      You stated VT is mossad, you were asked to elaborate and you cowardly went silent.

      State some facts you gutless wonder or shut the f….up !

  • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

    :lol: Cow can fly and end up missing organs.

    • jesuisCharlie

      Well my dear at least you won’t need gastric band surgery to maintain that svelte figure of yours dear cow…

  • Mark

    If this BS came really from Snowden, this clearly proves that he is a disinfo agent or a retarded guy trying to continue in the media. Next job… at Mcdonalds as a new clown.

    • jesuisCharlie

      Mark, no way did this come from him. Snowden is in Russia, he can’t leave, not as he is now, he’s in the same situation as Assange.

  • spaniel

    This BS did not come from Edward Snowden, it came from a disinfo troll.

    • jesuisCharlie

      TA DA Round of applause please!!! It’s complete nonsense – no-one at his level would have access to that much information, seriously.

      Anyone and everyone can post a story here, they can create a video with dramatic music and alien type pictures. Superimpose a picture Snowden for good measure – for all we know it could have been leaked by Mickey Mouse!

      At some point I could create a completely fake story and some people would believe it because I would claim it came from ES, and there is no way of disproving it.

      I could say that they are planning to add Lithium into the water supply in Scotland – and some of you might believe me, if I said that this was in a document by ES, it’s gospel. It happens to be from a Daily Mail article from 10 February 2015.

      Thank you Spaniel – you have hit the nail on the head.

  • medtes

    Partially true, I think. These beings, referred to as Gog and Magog in religious texts are genetically relative to humans, but made a different path in evolution, inside the earth, since the conditions were very different than on the surface.They were locked inside earth by our atlantean ancestors,( particularly by Dhul quarnayn) with a very advanced device working by electomagnetic power and making earth’s space shield extend inside earth. We are protected from inside earth and from outside earth by the same shield. the two openings of the shield, or let’s say; the two vulnerable spots are in the earth’s poles.That’s why these discs are often spotted around these regions, and that’s why the theory of “the hollow earth ” has developped.These beings made a lot of harm to the common homosapian (they stole water, kill people, harm agriculture…) and were locked to allow humans to develop.our shield is weakening and these beings are seen more and more…These beings hate humans and consider themselves as the ones who deserve earth, they will help an evil dictator who will govern the entire earth one day(the antichrist) according to the three monotheist religions’ prophecies. And that’s true too, unfolding in front of our eyes now…P.S: allegedly the American army found a device in Afganistan Cave, which made some solders disappear…it’s very possible that this device is the Shield maker, and that’s why the Americans will never leave Afganistan.I hope that the irregularities in earth’s shield aren’t related to some errors in the manipulation of this device, made by scientists too silly to understand a technology beyond their comprehension.

  • jesuisCharlie

    There is far too much being attributed to Snowden. People love to spread rumours and lies, especially when the individual who is the subject can’t defend themselves – unless Snowden states this himself on video – I wouldn’t believe this for one moment. Notice there is no actual voice over or documentation shown as proof.

    • Neo

      I wouldn’t dismiss everything in this video however this attempt at achieving credibility by association does tend to have the opposite effect.

  • Big Bob Lovejoy

    stick a Dewalt Masonry Drill through the Ocean floor, viola! flooded mantle. :grin:

  • Trex

    This is complete B.S

    How could they possibly live below the crust , with no sun , no vegetation . earthquakes would crack their foundations , plus for every 100m you descend the heat rises 1 degree Celcius , so if the are even 20 km below , that would be an extra 200 degrees Celsius , impossible !!

    No wind , no Oxygen , no water = NO LIFE !!

    I call complete B.S on this story !

    • Neo

      Have you been down 20Km to see what the conditions are like? No? I call complete B.S on your pseudo-scientific explanation. Outside the box your mind is in lies the ‘impossible’ and it’s much larger than you think.
      Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting this story is entirely true either.

  • Black Peacock

    Snowden never said this

  • twodads

    Confuses say, “he who goes to bed with itchy bottom, wake up with a brown finger”!

  • Don't be hating!

    Yeah ok, the mantle. This guy gives me gas!

  • Human Shield

    What about the seal people. You must talk about the seal people. :mrgreen:

  • youpeopleareinsane

    Hey Billy, STOP bogarting whatever it is you’re smoking!

  • Syco247

    You been hanging around with LSC and KOS again haven’t you? How many times have the doctors told you 3 to stay away from each other? :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

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