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David Wilcock: Secret Blockade Of Our Solar System By “Blue Avians” (Video)

Sunday, October 4, 2015 22:41
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David Wilcock discusses new information revealing a blockade of our solar system by the space aliens group the “Blue Avian” who are associated with the Blue Sphere Alliance and how they began to arrive into our solar system since 1999.

According to contactee Corey Goode, there are over 100 Blue Spheres helping our planet to push for complete disclosure and the release of suppressed technology.

The Sphere Alliance is cooperating with an alliance of secret space programs indigenous to Earth.



There are five secret space programs belonging to our current Earth civilization.
Corey described the five secret space programs as follows: 

Solar Warden – Established early and is the most aging fleet (though it has gone through many upgrades over the decades). They have a R&D/Scientific focused fleet and a Military Offensive/Defensive focused fleet that is mainly focused on policing the Solar System and surrounding Star Clusters and keeping track of “Intruders” and Visitors” as well as locate and remove unauthorized “Visitors” on the Earth and other planetary bodies. Their program name describes their function pretty well.

The Solar Warden Program along with the other programs belonging to the SSP Alliance have been given advanced technologies to neutralize the prior technological advantage of “negative” or “service-to-self” groups described as the Cabal/Illuminati, Draco Reptilians, etc.

Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) – Focused mainly on development and aquisition of technology by any means. Develop and Produce Technology for Commerce with Earth and Off World Groups in a Barter System and left nothing off the table that they were willing to trade. Very powerful, very classified, and Always had all of the latest technology and “Toys” at their disposal.

Dark Fleet – Worked almost entirely outside the Sol System, Very Military (Offensive), Extremely Classified above the others and were large fleets (similar looking Carrier Craft that looked like the Star Wars Wedge Shaped craft in the movies). They worked alongside the Draco Alliance and are speculated to fight alongside them in their affairs in other systems.

“NATO TYPE SSP” – Recently in Alliance Conferences they were referred to as the “League of Nations Program.” Apparently this was the one where I arrived and all of the people were relaxed in another Sol System and were from MANY different countries. There were literally more flags on their shoulders than I could identify (countries like Estonia etc…). This group was based almost entirely outside of the Sol System and was a relatively newer SSP that was created for all countries to participate in, have exchange of information and technology and to encourage the countries to keep silent on the SSP Programs.

Various Special Access Program SSP’s that were small, usually had the newer technology, very secretive and worked for some of the Secret Earth Governments, Syndicates and World Military Forces (there could be several independent groups in this category).

The various Secret Space Programs of our current era and break away civilization are all aligned with different (sometimes multiple) groups of off world groups.

Several of these secret space programs indigenous to Earth make up the Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance, which should not be confused with the Sphere Alliance which comprise five different extraterrestrials races that are here to assist humanity deal with an upcoming “Event” that will change life dramatically on the planet.

The Sphere Beings Quarantine around both the Earth and the Entire Solar System has also further complicated things for some of the “Off World Beings” and the plans of the “Secret Earth Government Elite” who had planned on “Not Being Here” when all of this went down.

They are all stuck here for the “Duration” by these new arrivals who have been termed by the “SSP Alliance” as “The Sphere Alliance”.

ET/ED Beings” that had been in control of this Solar System for many thousands of years have absolutely no recourse against these “New Arrivals”.

Their agenda’s have been thwarted and they are now locked inside this Solar System with us until these “Events” pay out.

These will certainly be interesting times indeed for those of us who are at various stages of being awake as well as the masses who are firmly asleep.

By Exopolitics – Dr. Michael Salla.
Read full articles: Secret space programs more complex than previously revealed and Extraterrestrial alliance helps secret space program overcome opposition to full disclosure.

Below video: David Wilcock on the blockade of our solar system by the space aliens group the “Blue Avian”.



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  • RationalSkeptic

    Blocking what? We’re not even able to send a manned ship out of the solar system.

    • Problem, Reaction, Solution

      Humans stopped using fossil fuels for space travel decades ago, all new technology have been suppressed to the public.

  • VirusGuard

    David Wilcock is a story teller of fiction that he dreams up in his mind, nothing more unless you take into account that he is a fruit and nut case.

    • Julie Bucker

      You just need to wake up. Give it time. This will be on mainstream media. Start little, start with the secret groups, and go from there. It takes a while to wake up to stuff so out there. Look at the animals. Why do we have animals? It is to teach us.

      • igot1thatcansee

        Lol. How much more sugary frosted bull$h!t are you going to eat up that’s being spoon-fed to your pea brain?

      • VirusGuard

        Hi J

        I am much more awake than most people and all that reseach allows me to quickly see whats BS and whats not.

        We live in a compter simulation of a type, ET and anything else is possible but Wilcock dreams up visions and then fools people in to thinking he knows more than the rest of us when he does not.

        Logic is always a good guide

  • Beanlets

    Will O Cuck is useless. He should start = by talking as a Man, he talks as a boy, thus useless.

  • Beanlets

    Forget the secret blockade, front up! We’re waiting.

  • unidentified

    he might be an alien in disguise, most humans do not have that type of secret knowledge

    • AnAxiomDarkly

      Secret knowledge? You mean complete rubbish?

    • doggy do

      ohhh, scarrrry! in time for hallow’s eve, when all aliens in disguise take to the streets and demand ransom or they will attack? Seems they are addicted to candy of all types, but not apples!

  • sheepwaker

    Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • doggy do

      blah blah. i thought the Hulkster was the chief wrestler in charge, wrestling against Vince McMahon and his looney alien wife!

  • SuperMario

    Corey Goode is a victim of MK Ultra and has made up this “Blue Avian” story. The elite are laughing their butts off that some people in the alternative community actually believe this joke. If you have a “souvenir shop” on your “disclosure” sight, you are not a truth teller.

    • The Clucker

      Well said. I was about to award this a minute amount of OBB points just because of the fear of the Blue Avians taking our jobs like Goobacks but then I realized that only a complete moronic pleb would believe that Blue Avians exist.

  • doggy do

    why do aliens always have such tiny mouths? perhaps their diet has caused that blockage. time for some ruffage.

  • You People Are Nuts

    He might have something here…I remember when Herman Munster discovered a spaceship with 2 little martians in his neighbirhood….that was scarrrry….

  • doggy do

    The author is sending a secret message…Avians are birds. therefore all birds are actually alien messengers. Time to have a face-to-face chat with that pesky chickadee out front to let them know that, we come to serve avians, oh yes, and halloweeners.

  • Flaming_Barricade

    All the Alien watching is’nt going to help solve the main problems here, The root causes need to be addressed.

    The answer for humanity is to transition to a resource based economy as proposed by Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. Otherwise, Agenda 21/2030 and a stamped barcode is all you and your kin will have to look forward to.

  • Kel Ra Magnon

    ROFL what a load of junk. lets take a look shall we? hmm none of those groups that you mention has manned intra-system abilities. Next thing is no spacecraft from outside the system can pass by the weapons of Gul’Dun. The same can be said about the great and glorious Federation of Light also. Now the question is who do I represent? the answer to that is simple I am of the same race as Gul’Dun. We are ancient and we originated here on this planet the one we call Atl’. Hmm getting the hint yet? We are watching (and laughing our collective butts off) all the antics of “humanity” that is going on. And yes we will return in force in due time.

  • magusincognito

    All things are possible…

  • wreakhavoc

    What’s the different between a lying politicans and Willcock ? there’s none.

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    Oh yeah- the ‘Avian’ bottled water people.

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