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Jason A: Absolutely Shocking Footage! Must See! More Creepy Clowns Surfacing Nationwide and They Are Not ‘Clowning’ Around! (Video) JasonA

Thursday, October 6, 2016 18:16
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Do you know WHY these creepy clowns are surfacing? Check these videos Out!

 Real Footage of Creepy Clowns Attacking People (Full Video): scary clowns on video creepy clown caught on video creepy clown compilation videos



And WHAT are they pointing at? Yup, This is a sick satanic group and they are NOT clowing around! BEWARE!


The Truth Behind This Growing Cult of Creepy Clowns (Videos) Warning: Disturbing Details, Photos click here





The Bible tells us that every human has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God which is  is a heart-penetrating truth. He has provided a way to cleanse us of our sins since we can never be “good enough” to cleanse ourselves. That avenue to God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness (the cleansing of our sins) is through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who is equally God.


Not one of us are guaranteed a “tomorrow”. Has your time run out? Will you continue to ignore the promptings of God the Holy Spirit or have you awakened to the essential need for God, risking eternal damnation?


God the Holy Father, God the Holy Son and God the Holy Spirit are One God, the true, living, uncreated God Who is ever-present, all knowing, all powerful and all loving. He desires that every single person be forgiven, saved and to live eternally with Him. He is our only real protection and His love for you is unchanging. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, the true Messiah, today.


You can’t take your salvation for a test drive. You’re all-in or not.


Admit to Him that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness, that you are truly sorry for your sins.  Acknowledge that He died for your sins, rose from the dead and lives forevermore. Invite Him into your life and to help you to turn from sin. Rejoice! You just became a Christian! Now trust in Him and get to know Him through the Bible which tells us everything we need to know and through prayer/talking to Him. He eagerly desires relationship with you.

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  • Global Grist

    I saw one of those creepy clowns show up at the VP debate the other night…he was blowing like a hurriKaine.

    • Anonymous

      Sweet. What a creep. TBBP. DGIT.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid PSY-OP. No more, no less. TBBP. DGIT.

  • Geeper

    Ha ha, wondered when this would hit BIN. Satanists. Yes. Sure.

  • sweettoni62

    Demonic possession gone rampant. Someone is going to get hurt really bad


    The creepy clown BS is exploding, because people know they can stage this crap, and it will end up on youtube, and the news. It is the equivalent of streaking in the 70s. Too many bored people, looking for their 15 seconds of fame. Everyone has a story, but are their any facts about some attention whore in a clown costume actually committing a crime? I mean one that wasn’t staged, so it could be “caught” on a camera?

  • dabu

    These are rapists, and molesters, and murderers! Let them reap the whirlwind!

  • dabu

    The saddest thing is that what we really see is how cowardly young men in this country are. In most videos, the are 2, 3, 4 or more “men” screaming, and running for their lives from a single clown, even when they have a car! Except for the black guys that beat a clown with a bat :) I can under stand a woman screaming and running, but a group of guys, is just pathetic!

  • WhiteDawn

    This is CIA Terror plot from 2014 plan.

    • WhiteDawn

      They want to create terror, and yes they are feeding of your fear.

      People of USA, you are in real trouble since almost all aspects of your country is overtaken by human in appearance, but exactly.

      Story goes far beyond imaginable.

      Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to Humanity
      July 7, 2015 by Therese Zumi Sumner

      Before giving you the details about this group I wish that I could magically convey to everyone who has doubts and worries regarding The Event and the Financial Reset that there is absolutely no reason for any doubts or worries whatsoever. I will attempt here to convey to you why there is no need for doubt regarding the question of financial redistribution of wealth to humanity after The Event. The source of this information is of course Cobra as spokesperson for the planetary Resistance Movement which works in total cooperation with the allied forces of Light below surface, on surface and surrounding Gaia now.

      If you do not believe in the existence of people with pure hearts, people who are incorruptible, people whose only goal is to change the situation on this planet to one where every single human being is taken care of lovingly and respectfully, if you doubt that these people actually exist at all then you might as well stop reading here. If your path in life is one that has created within you a distrust of other humans in general, doubts that anyone truly cares about anyone else than themselves deep down, then nothing that I write here, no compiled facts will convince you that this change is really about to take place until it actually does.

      ch23379All my life I have had a close relationship with Spirit. Without that deep trust in the love and support of higher spiritual beings, without having developed my own unique way of communicating with them, without continued evidence when I earlier worked with alternative healing therapies, that ‘Their’ advice on how I should help people was totally reliable, I would not have had the confidence to take on this role of spreading Cobra’s information at this time. If I could not ‘check’ my way that Cobra’s information was reliable then I wouldn’t have dared to risk supporting his word only, because I too like the majority of us on this planet have been misled by other individuals through being too naive and gullible and wanting to believe and trust in the inherent goodness of people. There was a time that I used to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, trusting people too much, but this war between good and evil has truly opened my mind to the sad understanding that there are indeed dark manipulative egoistic humans who have lost touch with their hearts and souls.

      Any of us who are now awake and aware no matter how tired we may be at this point in time, anyone now taking part in the spreading of truth and awareness can see no future for ourselves as individuals until this victory is a fact for the entire planet.

      This victory will very soon be a fact. The outcome is clear. Yesterday we had a new update from Cobra where he described the plasmatic dark octopus type entity surrounding and sucking life from this planet. In his previous update he provided a fascinating link which literally shows in part what this entity looks like. A young female Australian scientist discovered a way to photograph earth’s plasmatic plane. Here is that link again for those that missed it. “Parts of the plasma accretion vortex structure were recently detected by the mainstream science:”

      Rob Asks Cobra about the Red Dragon Society

      Rob Potter has recently interviewed the Red Dragon Ambassador and this interview will be available shortly on The Promised Revealed Rob’s website. In his last monthly Cobra interview he first asked Cobra a question about the Dragon Ambassador and the Elder/Emperor. This was Cobra’s reply;

      “I will not talk about the Dragon Ambassador. I will not talk about the Emperor. I will just say that there are various factions of Dragons, and we even have the Blue Dragons. We have the Red Dragons. We have the positive Dragons. We have the negative Dragons. We have the mixed groups. Everything is there, not just in China, also in Japan, in Korea, in Malaysia, and in the Philippines, in Southeast Asia in general. If you focus more on the positive side, there are many lineages with a lot of spiritual wisdom – many elders who are hundreds and hundreds of years old. Some of them with direct or indirect connection with the positive Agarthan network. And these are the ones that are assisting in the stabilization of the transition process. So if you want to have more specific intel about the Dragons, you need to specify which group you are talking about, because there are so many dragon groups out there.”

      The following information about the Red Dragon Society was provided in February 2015 on The Portal:

      The Red Dragons originate from the military forces of the Ming dynasty.
      The Red Dragons were working secretly in the Qing imperial court and in the military forces against Manchu and Jesuit invaders:
      The events that took place in the Qing imperial court in the 18th century have much more influence on the present geopolitical situation than most people realize. In the 19th century when the Rothschilds took control over China through the Opium wars: The Red were forced to keep a low profile, but disguised as Eight Trigrams secret society they still managed later to organize the Boxer rebellion, an attempt to throw the Jesuits and the Rothschilds out of China:

      The Red Dragon families originate from the positive faction of the Draconian race. Their purpose is to defeat their arch enemies the Jesuits (Andromedan/Orion hybrids) and the Rothschilds (Orion black magi). They are valiant protectors and guardians of justice.

      You need to understand that Red Dragons today are not the same as soldiers of a Ming Emperor. They have kept up with the progress of technology and they have access to a considerable military power in a way that will not be described here. Also, their computer specialists are savvy enough to reset the global financial system with the push of a button if the need for that arises.
      Since the Chinese new year, the Red are becoming more active. They have their own plans with the unholy four. They are the secret force behind Putin:
      To see this entire article go to;

      Kunming dragon gate grotto
      3 More Questions from Rob to Cobra;

      1} Considering the human element of greed and manipulation how can any one person control the gold situation?
      2} Can you talk about the higher spiritual initiates of impeccable integrity who have been chosen by the planetary spiritual hierarchy to be in control of this gold and oversee it for the worlds governments?
      3} Can you speak about the elements within China that are probably in cahoots with the Kissinger’s, the Rockefeller’s and the Vatican?

      COBRA – Okay. I will explain the whole situation. First, the statement of the Dragons having a lot of gold is a myth. The vast majority of the Dragon families do not have physical gold. They have claims to the gold that was stolen from them. They have gold bonds that have certificates. They have boxes, but they don’t have the physical gold. China as a country had gold reserves which are quite extensive that China has accumulated in the last few decades, but these have nothing to do with the Dragon families themselves. This has to do with the Eastern Alliance as a whole for the preparation for the new financial system, and one institute is a very old creation of the old Cabal families and it will be dismantled at the time of the Event. When the Event happens, the Resistance Movement under the guidance of the galactic light forces will guide the process of the gold distribution. There will be no single human entity, no single faction on the planet, either from China or from anywhere else, deciding where the gold goes. The gold will be used as a collateral, as the basis of the new transitional financial system. It will not be given to any particular group or any particular country. It will not be the beginning of a new powerful China that will control the rest of the world. It will not be the old way. It will be the new way. It will be a new way. All the nations of the world will benefit from the wealth that has been accumulated.

      Rob asks then about the significance and worth of the certificates and bonds held by various groups;

      “Those certificates will only be used as instruments for the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve. This is their role. There are many groups that try to cash those bonds. Of course, the vast majority of them have not been successful because the Cabal doesn’t want to acknowledge those bonds. And when everything is ready, the Eastern Alliance can bring those bonds to the table and demand payment from the Federal Reserve and this will actually effectively bankrupt the Federal Reserve.

      And this is the moment the Resistance Movement presses on the button and does the financial reset, and out of the reset, those bonds will be worthless. There will not be anything because even the Chinese Dragon families have accumulated that gold from peasants, from people, from little people. The dynasties have been actually stealing that gold from people and it doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to the whole of humanity.”

      So Rob also mentioned that in his interview with the Red Dragon Ambassador he was warned by him about both disinformation and posers. Rob also said “He maintained that the Dragons originated in China and that there are various other Asian groups – at least in terms of the accounts – called tigers. Obviously there are Agarthan networks like Louis in South America. There are many different Agarthan networks that have contact with different people on the surface of the planet and enacting various aspects of the plan at this point. Would you agree with that?”

      COBRA – “Okay. The Agarthan network is not working directly with the surface population. They have very few contacts with the surface population and I know some of them, but I will not release their plans right now. They’re working their own way. Some of the people with indirect contact are visible on the surface. They release intel in one way or the other. But those who have more direct contact do not work in public. They work indirectly through some other people. They guide certain projects indirectly, but they are not part of the surface information network.”

      So returning to the subject of the Red Dragon Ambassador warning Rob about posers and disinformation among the different Dragon groups I just want to remind everyone that the war will be ongoing everywhere, within all factions, groups etc. until our liberation. That war utilises mainstream media to create as much fear, uncertainty etc. among people and its goal is to keep their lies about reality as being the only truth. My God listening to the mainstream media reporting is like being in another reality altogether when you know all that we know. The lies all day and everyday disguised as ‘The News’ is enough to make you want to puke. A close friend has reminded me that I seem to get so angry when I hear certain things; the secret is that that ‘anger’ at the blatant lying etc. is part of the ‘fuel’ I need to keep on informing about the real truth. If I had not been so angry this work would not have been done. I dare to say that this is true regarding Cobra and most of my colleagues.

      So people lets be prepared for lots and lots of ‘chaotic’ fear mongering, disinformation, manipulation and so forth right up until the last minute. The area that they will utilise most is the area of finance which is where it affects the vast majority of humanity. You do not need to involve yourself directly in the chaos unless you happen to be in a situation like the Greek people right now who can remove 60 Euro from their bank account per day. The majority of these people have saved and saved for their children’s education, health, old age etc. and are now concerned about whether or not their money will be safe. The Greeks do not have the social security system that Sweden has built up and they have to rely on their savings for the future – for a while longer I might add – for a while longer. You do know don’t you that 97-98% of humanity do not know what you and I know?


      Our role is to keep the calm place in this for everyone else. If you find that following updates about the ongoing financial end-game situation is fascinating and you can do that without getting worried at all yourself then fine. If you like me have a certainty within regarding the end result then you can most likely do this.

      If you on the other hand are one of those who still doubt that every single soul on this planet will soon be living in complete security then I would say avoid the ‘news’ as much as possible if not completely because remember the middle of the road politician has no clue about what is really going on in Europe or anywhere else for that matter and they will be totally confused in the coming months.


      There are a couple of other questions here from the recent interview that are indirectly linked to the subject matter and that I would like to include here at this point for clarity and the first one is about ‘gold hunting by the cabal.’

      Rob – “Okay. In one of our last whatever interviews, you mentioned that China had grabbed some islands illegally in the Philippines. They were looking for gold and now they’re expanding and they’re actually building military installations in there complete with a harbor and airstrip. Is this still for gold hunting or is this just a position against the Cabal? Is this aggressive Cabal action or what is going on there? Do you know?”

      COBRA – “It is exactly what you stated {aggressive Cabal action}. But I would just say that China has other means to get their gold and whatever gold is remaining on the Philippines is not accessible by any faction at this moment.”

      At this point I felt that in case you have not read Cobra’s earlier report about the amounts of money that will be available for redistribution to humanity after The Event here is a recap of that info.

      Firstly on September 29th 2013 we learned;

      In February 2012, the Resistance Movement removed all that gold from the hands of the Cabal. This is the reason Fulford cannot find real proof of any current gold vaults anywhere in Asia. That removal of gold was a brilliant move. From then on we are having a real fiat financial system on the surface of the planet. That kind of financial system is very unstable and the Cabal has to be very careful with their financial machinations. For the first time in human history the financial system in not underwritten by gold. This creates a dynamic tension which speeds up the Event because such a financial system cannot exist for a very long time and would eventually collapse on its own due to lack of trust and lack of real foundation and that would be the last possible moment for the Event.
      After the Event the Resistance will return the gold to humanity and it will be stored on the surface of the planet to underwrite the new financial system. Therefore that gold will not be traded in open market, whereas gold in private ownership will be traded and exchanged freely.

      Saint Germaine
      Secondly from The Portal from Dec 2013 this note;

      The collapse of the current financial system is inevitable after the Resistance removed the vast majority of physical gold from the Cabal in early 2012. That gold was underwriting the financial system and after it was gone, a countdown clock for the complete system meltdown was triggered and its collapse is expected soon. Some people expect this to happen as late as 2015:

      Funding of our New Financial System

      “Some of the funds which are part of the money that will be returned to humanity are, a) money that has been stolen from us which includes about $70 trillion** from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, b) $ 100 trillion from the White Dragon Society and Templar groups, c) $120 trillion from the Resistance Movement and d) $10 trillion from the Saint Germain Trust, … also the couple of trillion that the Cabal are still holding will be confiscated when they are arrested.”

      Some Perspectives on Money and the Worth of Trillions**
      In 1984 I wrote the following note in the back of a book. The figures had so astounded me as to demand that I make a note of them and this is what I wrote then; “The money required to provide adequate food, water, education, health and housing for everyone in the world has been estimated at $17 Billion a year. It is a huge sum of money……about as much as the world spends {and this was what we knew as being spent then beyond any secret space programs etc.} on arms every two weeks! In 2002 I added this note; 16 years later this figure might be $40 Billion for food etc. and they now spend more than $46 Billion in two weeks on arms. I also wrote the following “one of the 4 new fighter planes that I just saw on the Discovery channel a B2 that is undetectable and carries atomic weapons cost $2 Billion each plane.”

      Cobra has given us the following three examples;

      Firstly regarding the Pope’s plan for a debt jubilee later this year a reminder that the money owned by the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil alone is enough to give every homeless person on this planet food, water, shelter and education.

      Secondly he has also mentioned recently how the cost of one single advanced aircraft which the Cabal have been using would pay for an average sized villa for every homeless person in the USA.

      Thirdly just for reference you might enjoy having an idea of what a trillion might mean regarding spending worth. Cobra has mentioned the sum of 1 trillion Dollars all in all as the approximate costs for the entire Secret Space Program and spaceships are expensive to build!!

      Do you now still doubt that there is enough money for everyone on this planet to have a secure and comfortable lifestyle after the Event?

      Yesterday On Benjamin Fulford’s weekly update he mentioned this: “In key negotiations aimed at setting up an alternative financial system, representatives of the White Dragon Society formally sent a proposal to Japanese Imperial Family and Japanese government calling for the establishment of a $7 trillion fund to finance the creation of a future planning agency.” ……to continue reading go here; , in this update from Benjamin we also learned how the White Dragon Society is attempting to act as intermediary; “The WDS deplores violence and is working hard to act as a neutral intermediary between the gnostic illuminati and the cabal.” I am mentioning this because if you are intending to try to follow the real truth then Benjamin’s updates will certainly support you in having a broader view of the unfolding of events in general. He has very good sources of information even if he too cannot be certain that his contacts are not being manipulated by the cabal.

      To learn more details about the following groups; The Agarthan Civilisation, Resistance Movement Light Forces, Positive Military, The Sisterhood of the Rose, Brotherhood of the Star, The Order of the Star, Positive Templars, White Dragon Society/The Dragon Gate, Blue + Red Dragon Families, Galactic Confederation, Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Sirians, The Central Civilisation etc. you can go this link;

      By the way, I just checked if the Red Dragon Ambassador interview was up yet on Rob’s site but not so far. It should be there in a day or two I’d imagine. Here is a link where you can check and Rob usually adds new interviews at the very top of the page as they come in.

      Therese Zumi


      Reposted here on Veritas from Prepare for Change on 02/01/2016

      Link to the original on PFC where you may find several translations of this article in the comments sections below the article.

      Andromedan Ships sighting Dec 2015
      Understanding the Proxy Galactic War in Syria – An Overview/ Where Ought Our Priorities Lie Now until The Event ~ December 22nd 2015

      A Very Short Historic Overview
      25000 years ago dark forces created quarantine earth and took humanity hostage. They created a virtual reality control system so that nobody could escape. We have referred to this system as the Matrix and it’s still functioning to some extent but that time is coming to an end very soon.
      On the surface physical plane this control has been maintained through 1) an Orion Babylonian type debt based financial system = the totally corrupt banking system that increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of and also through 2) mass media mind programming. By this time most of you will be fully aware of the few media concerns particularly in the USA who control all of the media outlets. I just heard on the Swedish morning news {Dec 20th} that Spanish people are now utterly sick and tired of the enormous corruption in their country where politicians have been exposed in scandal after scandal – black money hidden in tax paradises – no real democracy as political parties have controlled the media, universities and the justice system. Sounds familiar?

      Over millennia the beings who control the Matrix (archons) have created both Draconian and Reptilian races through genetic engineering to use them as slave warriors to expand their empire.
      The archons created the Jesuit organization to maintain spiritual control over their administrators (Draconian illuminati that run the financial system) and their warriors (Reptilian mercenaries that protect the Illuminati). Through Jesuit societies and 33rd degree Freemasons they hold/have held the Illuminati structure together. This structure is now finally falling apart.

      Invasions of the Archons

      1st Kurgan Invasion.
      There were three main invasions of the Archons and their subjugated races such as Draconians and Reptilians from outer space in known human history. The first one is Kurgan invasion that happened around 3600 BCE. Dark beings entered through the Caucasus dimensional portal. {see maps further down in this article}

      Their purpose was to destroy peaceful Goddess worshipping neolithic cultures that thrived in neolithic Europe. They wanted to destroy veneration of the Goddess since feminine energy is our direct connection to the Source: The results of this invasion at this time lay the ground for the macho western society.

      Kurgan Invasion

      Khazar Invasion
      2nd Khazar Invasion.
      The second one is the Khazar invasion that happened around 393 CE {AD} during the last phase of the Roman Empire. Dark beings used the same Caucasus dimensional portal: Many Reptilians came through this portal. They were called the Barbarians. The ruler at the time was Constantine the ‘great’ who twisted all the old wisdom. Constantine gathered all the bishops, all the military, and all of the priests. He became the ruler of the Roman Empire. He then ordered the Khazar invaders to invade the Roman Empire. He created the Catholic Cult and controlled all of its priests etc. and invited the Barbarian tribes to destroy the Roman Empire.
      The purpose of this invasion was to destroy mystery schools, Christian gnostic groups and nature worshipping paganism and replace those with Christian cult mind programming. This programming was enhanced with the creation of virtual reality hells on the lower astral plane, which were then used by the Church to strengthen its position.

      ALF Cabaniss chimera military base

      I grew up in the very Catholic Republic of Ireland. Aged 12 I developed an interest in reading about astrological sun signs. Imagine my utter surprise one day while looking up at the very high ceiling in one part of our local church at Sunday mass and seeing that each corner of that ceiling had sculptures of the 4 cardinal astrological signs! There clear for all to see were the lion – Leo, the eagle – Scorpio’s higher aspect, the water bearer – Aquarius and the bull – Taurus. This perturbed me as I had been told that the church utterly disliked anyone dabbling in things like astrology, playing cards etc. Another strange sign visible on the altar cloth and elsewhere and found in every Catholic Church is the Chi-Rho sign. This also made my young mind wonder and I just figured that the P in this sign must stand for peace? Imagine my amazement when Cobra provided an aerial photograph of one of the main chimera military bases aircraft landing runways. He explained that this was the Chi-Rho sign of Constantine the Great. And this sign is found in every Catholic church/building/establishment worldwide.

      A 3rd archon invasion occurred in the Congo in 1996 to read more about this go to ‘Dark Cabal Leaders’ link below on my website Veritas Galactic Sweden.

      For the sake of clarity and new readers it is important to point out here that today all Reptilians and other dark forces have already been completely cleared from all deep underground military bases the so called DUMPS. Those bases are now empty, and their entrances sealed.

      On May 10th and July 15th 2012 we learned where we could find the remaining dark forces on the physical plane on the surface of planet Earth. These dark forces consist of a few dozen Archons** (found mostly in Jesuit circles), a few hundred Draconians (found among Illuminati banking cartel and in a recent Cobra interview by Rob Potter we learned that many were to be found in the Hollywood media industry) and a few thousand Reptilians (found in private mercenary armies such as KBR and Academi-former Blackwater). Those beings will be removed with the coming mass arrests.
      So the archons are the ones that maintain the quarantine and have kept humanity hostage so that the positive ETs could not intervene until now. {2012} They are mostly incarnated into key positions inside the Italian black nobility.
      **The majority of these archons have now left this planet for good.

      About 2500 years ago, the Archons created a special task group and infiltrated it into the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt:

      This task group was responsible for mind programming and mass control of humanity through organized religions in the last 2500 years.
      Anyway, this group has created the Jesuits and Jesuits are running the show on this planet for the last 500 years as you can read in this fairly accurate, although a little outdated report:

      This is how the Jesuits run the USA corporation:

      Rothschilds are the bankers for the Jesuits in the last two centuries. The most influential are: Jacob de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, David de Rothschild and lately also Nathaniel Philip de Rothschild.

      The Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction is a Jesuit creation of the 20th century with a purpose to hinder and misuse the technological and scientific progress of humanity:

      The key players of the Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction are: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Herbert Walker Bush (George Scherf Jr.), Dick Cheney, Jay Rockefeller, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz.

      Rumsfeld Kissinger Bush Sr {from left}
      Khazarian Origins

      Having an understanding of the true origins of the ISIL – Islamic state mercenaries gives the awakened reader a clearer explanation for the unbelievable heinous barbaric crimes committed by these beings. The leaders along with a large percentage of these criminal terrorist mercenaries are not human beings.
      According to my Sources/Guides there are approximately 15 -16000 Draco / human hybrids on earth at present. Among the most well-known of these are the so called ‘unholy 4’ namely Henry Kissinger, George Herbert Walker Bush (George Scherf Jr.), Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

      Besides the Draco/human hybrids we have the Reptilian/human hybrids which are greater in number and these can be found in the industrial military complex and in mercenary armies and terrorist groups like ISIL.

      I have provided this overview of some historic details with the purpose in mind of helping those newer readers and even us ‘oldies’ to Cobra updates to have more clarity regarding some of his recent updates. Here are some recent details from his posts connected to the initial information in this article.

      On Monday, October 19, 2015 Cobra made a posting with the title ‘Proxy Galactic War in Syria’ and here are some of those details;

      Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Not much can be said about that now publicly.

      On the other hand, clearing of their Draco and Reptilian minions is now quite intense and has already reached the awareness of the mainstream population:


      Here it is important to understand that Khazarians are actually Dracos who came to planet Earth in late Atlantean period through the Caucasus portal and kept reincarnating into human bodies. Caucasus portal was also the main entry point for the Reptilian warrior slave caste who came to planet Earth in human bodies in Atlantean period and later during Neolithic period through the Kurgan invasion:


      And in the 4th century during the Khazar invasion:

      Pleiadians and allied races were always supporting the Earth population in their fight for freedom against Chimera/Draco/Reptilian suppression. Slavic people, especially Russians, were usually quite open to Pleiadian guidance and support.

      Kievan Rus, under the military command of Sviatoslav I of Kiev, have destroyed the Khazarian state around the year 965:

      That was the beginning of the long animosity between the Khazarians and Russians. Since then, Khazarians were without their original homeland and have lost control of the Caucasus portal.

      Pleiades Star System
      Pleiadians and allied races are now backing up Putin in his mission to clear Syria of the Islamic state mercenaries. Those beings actually belong to the Reptilian warrior caste which came to planet Earth thousands of years ago through the Caucasus portal and kept reincarnating in human bodies:

      Many Pleiadian hostages have been rescued lately from Syria by Russian Spetsnaz agents, with those agents thinking they are just rescuing human prisoners of war from Syrian prisons. Top intelligence personnel within GRU is aware of the extraterrestrial element of the Syrian situation.

      The Chimera wants to retake the Caucasus portal and this is the occult reason for the involvement of the Chechen forces in the Syrian situation:

      ChechnyaLet me just say that Grozny , the capital of Chechnya, is a major negative vortex in the energy grid of the planet that needs a lot of healing and is connected to Odessa in Ukraine, another negative vortex, a stronghold of the Khazarians:

      The situation in Syria is the geopolitical turning point for the planetary liberation. Iranian military is proudly showing their underground military bases:

      While on the opposite side, Saudi Khazarians are on the run:

      Far away from the attention of the mainstream media, masses in Europe are beginning to rise in their fight for freedom. To continue reading this go here:
      Proxy Galactic War in Syria

      SSP Mars Fleet
      One week ago we were given a new update

      Sunday, December 13, 2015 Solar System / Planetary Situation Update

      Cobra provided us with details about numerous physical chimera bases positioned inside the Kuiper belt and form the so-called Kuiper Ring. He said that: “Clearing of the Chimera group continues………… The outer line of defence which protects the Chimera-controlled territories inside this Solar System against the liberation forces of the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command.

      Operations to remove the Kuiper Ring of Chimera bases will start very soon. I will report about this as much as it will be strategically wise. Let not the number of those bases discourage you, the plan to remove them is very solid and the situation will be dealt with efficiently.”

      He further reported in that update that “Archon/Jesuit/Khazarian forces are putting all their efforts into maintaining their entropy machine by suppressing free energy to be able to keep their oil-based economy running, destroying countries (Syria), to be able to seize their oil, suppressing Goddess vortexes to prevent spiritual awakening (Syria again) and by preventing mass awakening by withholding Disclosure.

      They fail to understand that their entropy machine obeys the laws of semi-iterative inequations and will be dissolved with mathematical certainty.”

      Link to this complete update:

      Yesterday we had a new update from Cobra to inform us that the removal of the Kuiper Belt bases has begun:

      Solar System Situation Update Sunday, December 20, 2015

      Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light Forces have started to clear the Chimera bases of the Kuiper Ring and are thus beginning to disintegrate the main defense line of the Chimera which previously prevented the Light forces from taking full control of the outer Solar System. There will be drastic changes in the outer Solar System from now on until early January next year. It is not a coincidence that astrologically speaking, this will be a time frame of great progress:

      He further reminded us that the news about the Kuiper bases was also new to him and that
      “This is not a big setback and operations of the Light Forces are progressing nicely. I would also suggest you not to wait passively for the Event, not to make your life dependent on it, but to work actively towards the planetary liberation. To refresh your memory, here are some things you can to when the Event comes: To continue reading go here:

      Where Ought Our Priorities Lie Now until The Event

      I have asked Archangel Michael if He has some advice to give us at this time. He reminds us that this is definitely not the time to allow ourselves to be upset by any attempts to take away the focus of our goal. The best way to do this is by remaining impartial and staying/being close to our heart and keeping a strong daily contact with Source. When we handle ourselves with propriety we will always be supported by the celestial beings that are working so closely with us at this time. We should not allow ourselves to be waylaid. We truly need to be flexible and if necessary we should retreat from danger. We should not allow others whose aim is to ‘divide and conquer’ a say in our affairs at all.
      We are right now developing a firm base to stand on in readiness for total change.

      Right now dedicated Lightworkers are putting the final details to audio versions of The Event meditation { a revision of the weekly liberation meditation } and audio versions are being created for those who like to listen and be led through the meditation in as many languages as possible. Cobra has suggested that at the right moment in time a request will go out to all of the major peace meditation groups on the planet so that they can choose to align themselves with us in creating the perfect energy for The Event.

      Michael points out that we might feel right now as if we are a horse tethered to a pole and that we are at a kind of a standstill and that we are totally subordinate to chaotic situations worldwide.
      We are in the final days of the final Galactic war on this planet. We are the very last planet to be liberated. This is the time of pre-Event tension and as soon as the United Forces of Light have succeeded in removing the dangers of any exotic weaponry we will be ready for this change and Source will send out that signal to start the process.

      We are now fully aware that many many mistakes that were made on this planet need to be rectified. We must be aware now that when The Event is upon us that we will need to proceed with great sensitivity in moving forward. The shock is going to be great to the vast majority of people and there will be need of a time of healing. Change will come very quickly but Divine Mother has suggested that we ‘stop and smell the roses’ and not be so over enthusiastic that we finish projects and then discover that there was an even better way to do/create whatever. Healing is a first priority and time for socializing with friends and loved ones and the healing of old wounds is equally as important as rebuilding Nova Gaia.

      The key word is ‘Harmonize’ – when the Day arrives we will all be so overwhelmed with love and relief and so maybe this reminder can help you in visualizing the joyful celebrations of being able to unite with loved ones and friends without any stress regarding time any longer. We will have all the time in the world that we need and no longer anything of great concern or worry or burden us.

      Let’s all stay centered and ready.

      Both Untwine and Cobra recently reminded us that we will have a full moon at 11:11 AM on the 25th December for the first time in 38 years . This marks the time of the return of the light here in the northern hemisphere after a few days at its lowest since yesterday the 21st. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the PFC readers a relaxing peaceful time over the holidays leading up to 2016. Something tells me that it will be a year in the history of our planet that we shall never forget.

      PS: Much of the information on this page has been taken from a page on my website entitled Dark Cabal Rulers. There you can find many articles about the archons, the chimera and the Jesuits. This is the link to that page:

      Victory to the Light

      Therese Zumi

      22/12/2015 at 1138 AM CET on PFC Repost here 2000 PM 22/12/2015

      Rough Outline Alliance Fleet Positions
      A Solar System Overview Update
      Posted by: Therese Zumi on Apr 6, 2015 25 Comments
      {This article was posted first on Prepare for Change on April 6th 2015 and I have moved it here to my website blog log on June 3rd 2015 the Comments can be seen – mainly reposts – on the original – see link below}

      In his recent update on March 31st ‘The Alliance Fleet’ (3) Cobra suggested that if we want to be able to enjoy the coming updates that he will be providing about the ongoing liberation process that it would be good if we educate ourselves about some basic facts about our Solar System and he provided a link to some intel (0) about the Solar System. To this end I have decided that maybe an overview with some recent Solar System Update intel would be of support to many now in their effort to keep abreast of what is happening.

      Our Solar System has been under the control of the Orion/Andromedan Chimera Empire and their Draco/Reptilian minions for the last 26,000 years, effectively putting planet Earth under quarantine status, isolating it from positive ET races. The beings who are in control of this quarantine are the Archons who came originally from the Andromeda Galaxy and then created races such as Draconians and Reptilians through genetic engineering over long time periods – millennia – using them as slaves to expand and run their empires.

      We have two groups of Archons who control us in different ways but who of course cooperate in holding onto control of this planet through keeping us as their prisoners. They have made sure that you and I know nothing about them. They have created a hierarchical system of control through their various minions. In a recent article ‘The Disintegration of the Veil’ (6) posted here on P for C on March 30th I gave some details about each of these groups so today I will simply mention that the above surface Jesuit Archon group are hidden among the Black Nobility Families and in the religious group they created 500 years ago namely the Jesuits found mainly but not exclusively throughout the Roman Catholic Church worldwide. The other below surface group controlling military bases is the Chimera Archon group.

      On January 29th (1) Cobra informed us “It is also true that Chimera controls a system of subterranean strongholds, with Long Island being their only major access point to the surface. These subterranean strongholds of the Chimera are totally unrelated to DUMBs (deep underground military bases). All DUMBs have been cleared already and Negative Military and the Cabal have no access to Chimera strongholds, so they are stranded on the surface.”

      All Wars
      The Chimera Archon group are the creators of all war on Earth including WW1 and WW2. They are behind the current wars in Syria, Ukraine and Iraq, the Islamic State IS group and their warmongering and terror campaigns. The ongoing tension and war just about everywhere else on this planet is created through them and their mercenary soldiers/snipers as I also took up in the aforementioned article above.

      The truth about our reality is that unknown to 99% of humanity – There is a silent full scale war ongoing between the Positive Military and the Chimera group worldwide.


      • WhiteDawn

        Opps. Sorry, copy/paste went worng, I didn’t wanted to paste this much.. :???:


    You don’t become a Christian by inviting Jesus to your life, or turning from your sins. you become one when you believe the gospel…

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