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Planet X Timeline: Huge Intel Leak, Data Confirms Terral03 Darkstar, Get Ready!

Friday, October 21, 2016 8:33
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Huge Intel Leak, Planet X Timeline, Data Confirms Terral03 Darkstar, Get Ready!

Leak Project

Published on Oct 14, 2016
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This presentation with Terral from is one of the most scientific to date with data, charts and information regarding the possibility of extreme earth changes due to the close return of the infamous Binary Star, Nemesis, The Star with many names, Nemesis, Wormwood, Planet X, Darkstar, Black Star, The Red Kachina, Winged Destroyer, etc…

Part 2 will be up shortly @

Prophecy and science brings Terral to the conclusion the Dark Star is very real and closer than most people think

Also we discuss the Astronomer Death Trail and Terrals own personal losses he has had to go thru along the way, exposing Nibiru.

He also gives his take on the Anunnaki that have been referred by many names in prehistoric records and scriptures.

Could they be here now all around us? What will they do when the dark start returns?

How advances is Artificial Intelligence?

Could we be living in a simulation right now?

How accurate is the 500 million # in the New World referred to in the Georgia Guidestones?

Multiple insiders worked with Terral and this info is discussed during this podcast.



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  • Airdisaster

    A video of one and half hour? Are you kidding me? I have better things to do.

    • You People Are Nuts

      Yeah, like reading the other “very important” articles on BIN….not a whole lot of difference.

    • Robot999

      Like take time to post on threads about how much time you don’t have to listen to videos. TROLL

    • cann

      OP could have given a summary of the video. Black Star youtube’s (same guy in this interview) channel might have given (the normal 40 minute updates) might have given some of the details from this week also. his website:

      If you’re looking for some future timeline dates with the blackstar to look for:

      He mentions 11/28/2016 and 5/2/2017 to be huge dates for the blackstar and possible large earthquakes.

      I havn’t heard this video above, but most likely this is some of what he says, I’ll check it out soon. I listen to terral blackstar’s youtube channel updates almost every week.

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        News flash everything under the video is in the article. Thank you very much.

  • The Ferrett

    As always, it’s all designed to keep us all in a constant state of fear and divert our attention away from the things we should be REALLY thinking about.

    If any of this were really true then the jewish “Elites” would be in their Kosha bunkers already, and absolutely unconcerned with anything else, especially facing off with Russia and starting WW3.

    • trashman

      The Ferrett::: GUESS WHAT::: they are hiding below. Its called ( Deep Underground Military Bases )< and yes , they still need us too keep delivering food, meds, scizzors, everything under the sun too their D.U.M.B.s Please Google it. , and get ready for a quite a shocker!!! These bunkers are NOT too hide from a nuclear winter since nuclear winters will last a very long time. These bunkers are designed too keep them safe underground from , 1st of all::: The extreme debris , from Nibirus tail , and along with it the extreme gravitational tug on the earth which will cause massive destruction. 2ndly: as planet Nibiru passes by us , closely , this time it will literly pull the earth off its course going around the sun , and so the earth will be pulled further into space away from our sun, which will make us a bit colder . By what im hearing about a -60 below normal temperatures at least. Underground is always a constant 62 degrees if i remember right. Please research if you dont believe me , lets just say i kinda know these things , if you catch my drift.

  • humaka

    All the tunes will change when the lights go out, this we can be certain of.

  • No Body

    Can’t listen to bs code

  • No Body

    You lot take ya thing kar dash ian’s eat there fat asses……you lot are done

  • Andoron

    I personally confronted Terral03 in Paltalk almost 10 years ago when he was in a christian chat room. Back then he was going on and on about how Planet X is incoming right now and it’s going to pass earth in the next few months. When confronted with basic common sense questions about how IO is greatly affected by the gravitational pull of Jupiter. Terral03 demonstrated a clear lack of understanding how this planet X which is allegedly 4-5 X the size of earth would affect our system. It was an absolute joke, and like now it’s still a joke.

    • DK

      The size is rather irrelevant, it is proximity, gravity is such a weak force that the Sun has exactly the same effect gravitationally as the Moon which is why I personally am not worried about planets of large mass which never come closer than Mars, the Sun is 1 AU from Earth, Jupiter 5 AU, said planet Nibiru closest orbit is between Jupiter and Mars, planet X stays in the outer solar system and there may be many (brown dwarfs), Nemisis was the Sumerian planet which was destroyed to form the Earth – technically were on it. :grin:

  • Hayduke

    I actually saw Nimeroo the other day while wearing my NEW IMPROVED BINNER GLASSES and I was pretty shocked to see that Nimeroo was in the shape of a headstone!!! What are the chances of this? I almost wish I didn’t have my BINNERS sometimes because this Nimeroo is mighty scary.

  • Wity



  • Spacebook

    jeffery terrell is the biggest whackjob on the planet and i can prove that plus your a bigger whackjob for posting anything about that moron….plussssssssss a planet is not a star!!!!!!!!!!!! just for the record a real group of scientist’s have a dark star research project and they are looking for our 2nd sun when and if!!!!!! they find it. that will mean one thing and one thing only that we live in a binary star system… it will not mean that we all need to flip out like a bunch of retarded ass moron sheeple fucks and start killing each other… anything and everything that ever came out of terrells dumbasss crackhead mouth is stupidity at its finest… and you look really stupid right now…ty

  • Gil Carlson

    Are UFOs real? The government claims that alien craft with crew members from other worlds do not exist… Well I now have the proof that they do exist! Proof from the government’s own files and informers! You’d better read this before the government stops me! “UFO CRASHES REVEALED,” the most revealing book yet, it’s like an encyclopedia of UFO crashes – Discover the truth about the CRASHES, RETRIEVALS, and COVERUPS:

  • Youareallnuts

    Wait a minute… Terral? As in Terral Croft, the guy who was convinced that comet elenin is the “Darkstar,” whatever the sweet hell that means, and it is going to kill us all on September the twenty-sixth… of 2011.

    Have fun, gaywads:

  • billybob

    you are an idiot to even use terrals name

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      and you have a face like a foot.

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