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High Strangeness with Joaquin Murrieta, Billy the Kid, Gunslinger Calvin Colt and the Holbrook Hotel

Friday, November 18, 2016 11:53
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High Strangeness with Joaquin Murrieta, Billy the Kid, Gunslinger Calvin Colt and the Holbrook Hotel

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations

My cell phone ring tone is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. My phone is known as the ‘paranormal cellular hotline’. I get calls from all around the world. People asking me for advice or asking for an investigation, because they are witnessing ‘paranormal activity’. I pick up the phone and on the other line is Jeremy Wilcox of North Highlands. Jeremy claims he is a psychic and had an unusual vision that he wishes to explain to me.

While sitting at the steps of the Sacramento courthouse, Jeremy envisioned that the clouds opened up and a man on a horse came through the opening and told him his name is William Bonney. Jeremy researches and discovers that William Bonney is no other than Billy the Kid.

Jeremy: “My vision of Billy the Kid was a spectacular vision. He was holding a large jar filled with liquid and in this jar I could see a mustached head of a man, that looked Hispanic. From the pouch strapped to his horse, he brought out another jar, it was a human hand that displayed only three fingers.

Billy the Kid pointed to me and said: Jeremy, your world is facing a great crisis. Your world with modern technology will crumble as we go into the world of 2012. Your world will become the world that I lived, a world in which you must ride the horse, a world without electricity, a world where men face anarchy, a world in which men will fight in endless gun battles to stay alive, a world where men settle their quarrels with dueling gunfights. Justice is preserving the head of your enemy or the body part of your enemy, showing his demise.”

Paul: “It sounds like Billy the Kid is holding the head of Joaquin Murrieta, the Robin Hood of El Dorado County and the three fingered hand of Manuel Garcia aka Three-Fingered Jack. I am going to let you know now that Billy the Kid never met Joaquin Murrieta. While Murrieta sought revenge for the rape of his wife and his own beating, he became a notorious bandit throughout California. His legend inspired the writings of Zorro. Also his head and the hand of Three-Fingered Jack were displayed at the Stockton Courthouse at 222 East Weber Avenue, not on the steps of the Sacramento Courthouse. I don’t even know if Joaquin Murrieta ever visited Sacramento.

Billy the Kid fought in the Lincoln County War and became a regulator and frequented the territory of New Mexico. Billy the Kid has no history of visiting California. While the California Rangers pursued Joaquin Murrieta and Manuel Garcia, Billy the Kid was being pursued by Pat Garrett and his posse. Your vision is quite odd as it teams up two outlaws that terrorized two different areas and neither outlaw visited Sacramento, CA as their scarce records indicate. Jeremy this is such an odd dream, just to let you know, I did visit Billy the Kid’s grave in New Mexico. Now I just wonder.

Why would these outlaws seek you out at the Sacramento Courthouse?”

Jeremy: “Well, there is actually more to tell you. From the jars containing the head and the hand, two Hispanic cowboys appeared on their horses next to Billy the Kid. From the mouth of the one you call Joaquin, he says: Your world is giving you signs that you must pay attention to. The signs of large gaping holes in the ground, earthquakes, large waves, dead fish, dead birds that fall to the ground, eruptions of volcanoes. The times are here. Your world will not end, but what you love, your connection to the world through machines, will all be dissolved. Your world will fall back into time, your loss of machines will be forever gone. From this city you are from, you will face a great turbulent storm, one that you have never seen before, there will be many victims of your great deluge.”

Paul: “It sounds like Joaquin is talking about an ArcStorm. Sacramento faced an ArcStorm in 1862 I believe and many people perished. Also, it sounds like he is talking about sink holes, tsunamis, etc. It is so odd, that so many people are having visions of the end times and your story is very incredible. Truly high strangeness and because of that, I am going to publish your story, it’s a bizarre story that needs to be told. I am just wondering if Billy, Manuel and Joaquin are friends in the afterlife? So strange.”

Gunslinger Calvin Colt: Phantom of Franklin
If you were to drive down Franklin Blvd in Sacramento, you would enter Elk Grove. As you cruise further on Franklin Blvd, you would actually come to the small town of Franklin, California. As you enter this small town, it’s hard to believe a city like Sacramento is a mere few miles away. You feel like you have stepped into a time machine, because all of the buildings are past vintage. There are buildings that were erected from the 1800s to buildings that were erected in the early 60s. I was notified by email of a ghostly phantom that haunts the town of Franklin. Here is what the email said (some words and sentences were changed to make the email more comprehensive):

“Hi Paul, I have a cool place for you to scout out. Check out the town of Franklin. When I was in high school (early 80s), my friends and I, were playing kickball in the street. The sun was settling down and we all saw a tall dark figure walking towards us. The figure was wearing a large black hat, black trenchcoat and it appeared that he was holding onto two guns holstered to his waist. We got scared and ran. As we looked back, there was no one there. I asked my grandfather about it and he said we saw the ghost of gunslinger Calvin Colt. His first name is Calvin, but he took on the name of ‘Colt’, because he harnessed two Colt 45s to his gunbelt. The townsfolk said he was a bragger and he had claimed to have killed two men in Kansas after a drinking binge. Calvin Colt met a mysterious death and one morning, the townsfolk found him laying face down in the cemetery with a bullet in the back of his head. The story goes that Calvin Colt still haunts the town of Franklin, looking for his killer. Signed Marge of Franklin.”

After reading this email, I cut and pasted it into my list of places to scout out. I love scouting out areas that may be haunted and I knew one day, I would have to verify the claim from this email. That day is here. Today is Friday, April 25, 2008. I decided to have a small scouting party for this mission. I called upon Anne Atwell (former ballerina of the New York Broadway Show The Nutcracker) and HPI Ghosthunter-in-Training. The next one on my team was Pika (Jack Russell Terrier) – HPI Ghosthunter/Sensitive. We all hopped in my vehicle ‘The Ghost Tracker’ and headed to the small town of Franklin. Our first stop was the Franklin Cemetery. Pika would be the lead investigator for the Franklin Cemetery, because he can spot out paranormal interference with his acute sixth sense. I snapped many photographs in this cemetery and obtained only one orb shot. Apparently Calvin Colt didn’t want to hang out at the place where he died. Anne found a very unusual tombstone, it read: Alexander Hamilton Willard – born Charlestown NH August 24 1778 Died Franklin March 6, 1985 Last Surviving Member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Wow! In this small cemetery, here was a piece of history. The last surviving member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition is buried in this graveyard. How did Mr. Willard find his way from New Hampshire and then go on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and finally settle down in the small town of Franklin is beyond me.

Our next stop was at C.J.’s Dining – 10408 Franklin Blvd. I have heard many times over that this establishment is haunted. I started snapping pictures and when analyzing the photos, I noticed I had orbs in almost all of my photos. Most were ‘faint orbs’, but I got a clear picture of a ‘crystal orb’ near the window. I am not saying that orb pictures are paranormal activity, but when you go to a place that is reputed to be haunted, it’s kind of odd how orb pictures are established so quickly. I can get an orb picture usually by the third picture taken. Then if I go to a place that is not haunted, not one orb picture. Of course when you use a video camera, you can determine if an orb has intelligent movement. For an example, Shannon McCabe was once sitting on a haunted stairwell. She asked the orbs to move towards her outreached hand. They did exactly that, several times over. This shows some type of intelligence. When taking pictures in the patio area of C.J.’s, my camera batteries died. The batteries were brand new. Anne also noticed that there was a power pole in front of C.J.s, a good conduit for entities to draw energy from. After our investigation in the town of Franklin, we did not meet up with Calvin Colt. Pika didn’t react to anything unusual at the cemetery, so it was time to wrap it up. Anne, Pika and I decided to go over our photographs at a very haunted establishment called Elk Grove Brewery (see my article about the Elk Grove Brewery). As I looked at the digital photographs, Anne related a story to me. When she was vacationing in India and staying at the Clark’s Hotel that overlooks the Siege of Lucknow or also known as the Lucknow Rebellion, she saw 2 full body apparitions. She was no more than three feet away from the apparitions and they looked like real people to her. She saw a doctor that seemed to be treating a wounded soldier, while another apparition that looked like an officer was standing over the chair that the doctor was sitting on. Anne saw the apparitions at 3:15am and actually thought they were breathing living human beings. She says that the air felt electric. She said a few words to the apparitions and they vanished in front of her eyes. Anne at a later time will go into full details with her own written version of this account and you will be able to get her full story that will be linked into one of my future articles.

As I take a break from this article, I must prepare myself for a full blown scouting mission on Saturday, which will lead me back to the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley. I will discuss this scouting investigation as we get further into this article. Now, let’s talk about one more email, before I head into slumberland. The email reads:

“If HPI every makes it up to Port Deposit, MD, there is a story of a ghost giant in the woods, give me a call at: xxxxxx.”

What the hey? A ghost giant? Doing a Google Search on Port Deposit, I discover that Captain John Smith, claimed there were American Indian giants near and around Port Deposit, he called them the Susquehannocks, meaning muddy river. He claimed one Indian Susquehannock warrior had a leg calf that measured 27 inches around. Could the ghost giant in the woods be a ghostly Susquehannock Indian warrior? HPI just became ‘international’, so perhaps I should place this into my international category of future places to scout out. Ahhh…so many places to investigate and so little time.

Yawn! Time to wake up! It’s April 26, 2008, Saturday. Where is the coffee? I feel groggy and I find myself almost tripping over my dogs HPI (pronounced Hi-Pee) and Pika as they chase each other around the living room. I try to appease Pika by turning on Fox TV Saturday morning cartoons. For some reason, Pika loves cartoons. After I chug down a couple cups of coffee, I zoom up Hwy 80, cut across to Hwy 49 and into Grass Valley. I make it to the Holbrooke Hotel at 10am. Waiting for me are paranormal investigators-in-training: Lindsey Molineaux, David Hirschman, Bruce & Glennis Roseberry, Jennifer Subbaraman, Harold Curtis, Terry Lev. Also, core member, historian/researcher Kristen Sheley was here. What a fine group of people. I give them a briefing about the hotel, but let Sean Gilleran (manager), Chalah-Dille and Renee Smith be our guides and talk about the experiences that patrons have at this hotel and their own personal experiences. While Sean & Renee gave the HPI group a tour, I chatted with the hostess Kelly Sheehan. The very first time I talked with Kelly, she hadn’t had any experiences, but now she has had about 4 experiences at this hotel, which I have discussed in a previous article. Sean shows the group the Black Bart Room, where luggage has been thrown around one night, that scared the guests of this room. In the Bridal Suite, guests have seen odd shadows move around in the room. David Hirschman shows me the pictures he has taken in Room 14 and he has captured all kinds of orbs. Then before I knew it, everyone with a camera is capturing distinct crystal type of orbs. 4 different cameras capture a bright blue light in one room, then when 2nd or 3rd pictures are taken, the bright blue light is gone. The bright blue light looked more like a point of light and didn’t have an orb feature to it. In the Lyman Gilmore Room, where this famous aviator stayed at, there was no unusual activity. No one captured any orbs in this room. As I wander about, I come across a man snapping photographs. I asked him, if he is part of HPI. He looks at me with a quizzical look and asks if I am Paul David Roberts. I said…”close, Paul Dale Roberts”. He knew me from my ghost articles. Come to find out, I was talking to Jeff Dwyer, Ph.D, author of Ghost Hunter’s Guide to SF, LA, New Orleans, Seattle, Wine Country and Gold Rush Countries. He was doing his own solo investigation. His website is: It was an honor to meet Jeff and it was an honor to know that he actually reads my articles. Jeff told me about The Convenant in Grass Valley, where he saw 4 or 5 nun apparitions, that appeared from their chest up. Oh boy, another place to check out. Glennis shows me an unusual photograph of moving orbs surrounding a door and when she takes the 2nd shot, there are no more orbs and the picture is normal. Sean & Kelly gave us the grand tour of the hotel. When everything was said and done, my ghosthunters wanted more!

There was a car show in town and they would rather do more ghosthunting than look at these vintage automobiles. So, I took them down the road to The Owl Tavern and showed them where George the Ghost hangs out at. George was killed for cheating in a card game and haunts one particular table where he was killed at. As my ghosthunting scouts snapped photos, they got orbs at this one location. When they took pictures in other areas, there were no orbs. This one table area is very haunted.

Now do you think my investigative scouts want to hang out at the car show? The answer is no, now they want to see Anton LaVey’s Round Room, so we caravan to Wolf Mountain Road. Jennifer has me ride with her as she keeps me entertained with a story on how she discovered she had three past lives. While going through energy work called ‘Reiki’, she discovered that she was a medieval swordsman that fought on a huge battlefield. She was once a Chinese cook in a whorehouse and she was the first wife to someone important, because her child was in danger of assassination. Jennifer is a fascinating lady, full of smiles, laughter and big dimples. It was enjoyable riding with her. I had her stop her car about 6 times, as I asked people on the streets where in the heck is Wolf Mountain Road? For some strange reason, we must have passed it by 4 times, or I was so involved in my conversation, I kept missing the sign. We finally arrive at the Round Room and my ghosthunters looked at this place with shame. A place that harbors evil to this very day. Finally my ghosthunting scouts were tired and ready to head back. Jennifer and I, decided to grab a meal at the Thai Kitchen Restaurant – 149 S. Auburn Street. It was a good stop, because I hadn’t had Thai in a long time. Of course, my meal was spicy 10. 10 being the hottest. After I finished my dining, I was sweating bullets. But, it was well worth it.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Pinterest Account:
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

You the reader get one more story from Deanna Jaxine Stinson!

The Magic and Mystery of Tyrannosaurus Rex 

By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Enchantress
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations

Vulnerable Gods

Shatter time
Fragile glass
Left behind
Broken bones
Names unknown
Heaven beckons
Us back home

A Brief History
The tyrannosaurus rex means “king of the tyrant lizards.” The spirit of the tyrannosaurus is known to be aggressive, beautiful and powerful. The dinosaur is considered to have the strongest bite of any ever known today. There are many species of this creature, yet all are ancient rulers of a distant time and land, which will not be forgotten.

They are thought to have originated in Asia, as a sort of invasive species, overcoming all other beings with its reign of terror. The first tyrannosaurus developed over 170 million years ago, during the jurassic period. The gene began as a more advanced and intelligent dinosaur, with outstanding sensory ability and instinctual perceptions. Soon, they evolved into the tyrannosauruses of our nightmares, as a vicious carnivorous rising empire, hell bent on murder and expansion. This began a monarch over our ancient lands and ended, nearly 65 million years ago, during a mass death, known as the K-T extinction event, thought to be brought on by an asteroid.

The physical characteristics of this creature vary between each species and its evolution. In the start, they were smaller and slowly advanced into larger and hungrier versions of itself. Starting at about the size of a horse and slowly advancing to that of a tall building. It is thought by some, the dinosaur did not always feast on meat but, instead plants and insects, until it developed slowly into a killer, which could only be overtaken by the cosmos itself. The T-rex is said, at its strongest point, to be able to consume 500 pounds of meat, in one bite.

The creature is known to have a lizard tale, large mouth, and two small hands, whose use is still unknown and uncertain. The largest t-rex fossils found to date, place the length of this most powerful creature, at over forty feet long.

The mystery of the dinosaurs is still being researched and it is not considered to be a thoroughly developed subject at this time, as much speculation and misinformation exists. The study of this creature is an ongoing process, which with time, will be solved. Bones and fossils are discovered frequently, leading to more testing and information to be brought forward. The important thing about mystery is that, there is a quest for knowledge that is invaluable, priceless and can help us to protect our species and ecosystem, in the future.

Mass Domination & Alien Interference
The mass domination of this species suggests that the extinction event must have occurred at an ideal time for the planet. Although, for the t-rex, it may have seemed like a paradise, for the rest of the species on Earth, it is a hell. Could there have been interference from an extraterrestrial source to stop the overwhelming reproduction of this dinosaur? After all, the kiss of death came from outer space. It is not unlikely that there was a divine hand in this prehistoric Armageddon.

Although, we would like to believe that we have acquired all the wisdom of the world, there is only so much that our species has recorded; it is only a blip on the radar of Earth. Nothing is set in stone and if it is, even stone becomes broken, lost and transformed.

Anything is possible.

Soul of the Dinosaur
Despite the fact that the land of the dinosaur was transformed into a fiery, unbreathable, and unlivable landscape, these creatures live on, in other realms. These realms are such like; art, dreams, fantasy, history and recreation. The energy is real and it affects our subconscious in many ways.

You can imagine a tyrannosaurus as your soul animal, when you are trying to overcome large obstacles. Imagine that you are a conqueror, unafraid of your enemies. Spirit animals are a creation of energy manifestation, which can actually help us to creatively process through difficult emotions, and begin our healing.

Some of these manifestations have come through dreams. It is thought that if you dream of this animal, it signifies anger issues. When we have anger issues, we cannot focus on those around us, only ourselves, and catastrophic events may occur. To be healed spiritually, our anger is a great focus of importance and understanding.

A tyrannosaurus also holds a lot of prehistoric magic in its energy. The t-rex is thought to be very good at mastering its instincts, as it is a vicious killer, to survive. It is even thought that some t-rex ate each other. It is known that the t-rex has amazing sensory abilities, such as hearing and perception. Perhaps we can listen to the world around us to find what we are looking for and to the voice inside of us, that helps us to survive.

The t-rex is a great spirit to have as your companion and should be treated with respect, as this native land was once where they roamed before we ever existed. Should they have survived without outstanding cosmic events, the planet would be much different. Perhaps that one exists in an alternate reality.

Below, I want to share with you some of my dreams that I have had; concerning this fascinating soul. If you are interested in reading more of my live, updated dream journal, please visit my blog site at;

Where you can also comment, or contact me if you feel a connection, or need someone to talk to about a paranormal manner.

The Dreams

Saturday, July 2nd 2016
Eating a t-rex

I am in my kitchen, which has cinnamon colored wood floors and a dinner table. There is a chair pushed up against the wall, into the table.

I notice Paul was eating something standing up. I looked at what there is to eat on the table. He told me that he was eating a t-rex. On his plate was a slice of meat and his dog is by his right side, sitting up, looking content.

Tuesday, June 14th 2016
T. rex in a treehouse

I am in a treehouse that does not have polished walls or floors. The tree has very large floors & is a pine wood color. The outside is covered with pinecones on the ground and the background is a forest.

I am with a white man with black hair and dark, deep, earth brown eyes.

He is living in the treehouse with another male with brown hair.
There is an obnoxious lime green folding couch in the living area. The guy with the brown hair throws out the couch. The guy that’s with me, with the black hair, is upset about the incident, but, not mad because the other guy simply tells him it was ugly and he was tired of looking at it.

I get a telepathic message all of a sudden to watch out. A tyrannosaurus rex is inside of the treehouse, he just comes through a portal in the walls and he fits nice because there are high ceilings.

He leans down to the guy with the black hair, as if he was going to be whispering that he is here and all of a sudden a glow comes out of him, on his mouth, into the guy’s ear.

I’m just on the sidelines watching this happening as the tyrannosaurus leans back, looks towards me and disappears.

Tuesday, February 16th 2016
T-rex stalking

I am in my house and I am trying to protect my little black and white dog, Hannah. I have all the windows closed up and locked.

Outside, it is dark and dreary and I am afraid. Hannah is nervous and we keep hearing growling noises. She is in my arms.

There is a skylight and we look up and see a T-rex dinosaur looking in on us. He has a green, metallic golden, red and brown face with dark and yellow lizard eyes that blink and watch us in hunger and fascination.

Inside, I have all the lights on. There is more clutter in the house than usual and I keep packing my backpack with supplies because I think that I am going to have to leave with Hannah, once it figures out how to get inside.

Then, the rest of the dream is me in fear, confusion and anxiety in this manner.

T-rex Calling
The magic and mystery of the t-rex is extraordinary. The fact that its energy is still going strong on our minds, from millions of years ago, is incredible. The sheer force of its ghost over our hearts, captivates us and transforms us. The bones buried in this ancient home, filled still with the essence, the dirt of our Earth remains, in an inconceivably vast manner.

Great energy remains from this powerful period of time and we are still waiting to harness it for the future. The t-rex is a divine force, with intelligence and vitality, deep within the soul. The love for our universe is one thing but, there is more to know, more to come from where this great realm exists.

The t-rex spirit is calling out to us from the ancient Earth; will you listen to the message it is sending you?

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Rose Goddess

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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