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Antarctica: Lights Under the Ice Discovered? Mysteries Are Increasing There (Video)

Sunday, January 8, 2017 9:14
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For the record I am not a fan of Flat Earth but video creator seems to be. – J.P.

No one has ever seen how earth looks like as a whole. Some so called astronots lie about this. It will remain a mystery for many people.

What is going on in Antarctica, some people really know, but there are also many unanswered questions about this.

This video shows some strange things that are going on in the antarctic region. And some things that are going on with the viewpoint of a hollow earth. Many things about the hollow earth also make sense on a flat earth, only flat earth makes more sense knowing that there is no curvature to be measured or observed on earth.

The first part is from the Outer Dark channel, the video is from 2outoflove channel. I recommend you to visit their channels also.

What is going on in Antarctica?


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  • The Watcher


    • Wity

      Nazi~ism better than than American ” Anti White New World Order Commocracy…

      • JKnTX

        National Socialist. It is still left wing totalitarinism.
        Perhaps we live on the inside track of a Mobius strip?
        As above, so below.

        If I were them, I wouldn’t dig too deep there, they may not like what they find.

        “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons, even death may die”

        H.P. Lovecraft

      • Zabwe`

        Kings and fools engage in an Almighty battle to control Mothership Earth and its many inhabitants…….

      • Zabwe`

        Events on the Horizon….Buzz Aldrin..Its pure evil down there…..The planet will turn upon those who trespass……

    • sitrep

      The Upper echelon Eltitis Dem-onic Ones, also Known as “The Old Family” use Information Knowledge as a control factor, and highly valued. People hear a few Names to include Soros, although not the top Elite.
      The Top Elite are unknow, and people like Soros,etc are just puppets, and commanded by The Old Family Elitis.
      They have lied, and deceived the Mass population, hiding artifacts, and placing no fly zones, and restricting anyone to step foot on certain areas.

      Yes, The artifacts have great powers, and they have all the needed resources to decipher the Ancient Writing.
      They have top Scientist working to deploy a new code they deciphered.
      This Code was discovered in an ancient cave, along with the writing they found some metal devices, and other devices of some unknown metallic substance.
      On one tablet the writing was so strange un-like anything, and when they tried to even just look at one special tablet made of unknown type of mineral, when reading, it seemed to distort, and bend the words and feel a spinning sensation.scientist begin to feel sick, and vomit.
      After many attempts to decipher the tablet one scientist had to be hospitalized.
      The Elitis was storming Mad, and cleaned house totally, and pulled the plug on the other one.
      They brought in a new Team, and within days fabricated a device using technology they stole yrs ago.

      Finally The Lead Scientist, Barely brave enough to speak Face to Face with The Elitis Family.
      As The Scientist trembled in fear, and explained what the tablet is used for. Then The Elitis seemed Pleased although, the Scientist could not clearly see the Elitis, as they stood behind a Mirror like veil.
      Plus the lead scientist was very groggy, and was blindfolded, and totally put to sleep, just prior to his long journey to the Hidden Elitis Dem-oni-cus Lair. Yes it was a very long journey, and was bruised from being tied up in a straight jacket laying in the back of the truck going over rocky terrain, and the Long airplane flight Approx 16 hrs long counting one refill stop.

      On this Tablet was the Key Instruction to Use and have the ability of mind control with the use of probing.
      The Lead Scientist was allowed to return to the group, and to this day remains working in a large underground complex.
      They took this knowlege, and have written much computer code that can probe, and actually infect the mind with new programming, Like a Computer Virus/Worm Spawning, and replicating.
      They then refined the programs, and use different types of code for their evil purpose.

      A good example of the mass public being exposed to the Evil-Dem-on-icus program was when a top Social Site went down, and Many people had to be rushed to the emergency rooms.

      Another Example of Evil-Dem-on-icus program infection is when the masses give up their common skills, and use a social site that limits their abilities to communicate, as they can only use a few words and gestures.
      The Elitis has been adding more, and more layers to the program in layers as not to raise suspicion.
      Each Layer/level of the Evil-Dem-on-icus is worse.
      The Elitis ultimate goal is to have a Hive/Drone type society which they have already started, although they call the Hives — Groups, and communities as not to raise suspicion.
      They Lure young adults with money, yes the Elitis Have their Puppets place money into certain peoples Bank accounts to lure them to websites upon which the Code does its evil work.
      many do not have to be lured, and freely joining.
      people that have been infected with the Ancient Writing converted to computer code are easy to spot in public.

      Be Aware You have been warned

  • Anonymous

    Nazi – Reptilian bases under the ice as described by Corey Goode with David Wilcocks
    Agarthans : Advancing the frontier
    Episode : S2 Ep2 from 15mins 47 secs

  • Andy

    “only flat earth makes more sense knowing that there is no curvature to be measured or observed on earth”

    is it coincidence that people who actually believe man-made fairy-tales are real also believe the earth is flat? :eek:

    • Zabwe`

      Flat earth or Expand upon your thinking……A non physical plane that bridges space and time…..Portal………

      • Andy

        spherical earth, having seen the curvature with my own eyes, i have no doubt

        • Zabwe`

          Planets are compressed solar systems…..Distorted – Like a stick in the water…Trick of the light……illusion…..?

        • Zabwe`

          Curvature viewed at altitude through veil of moisture……….Question more…..

        • JimmyBitch

          Satellites are up there too. Perhaps you can post some time-lapse pictures, pictures you’ve personally taken of the satellites moving. After, will work out the maths.

  • Josie

    After the poll shift happens, the cold area ‘s will be warm and the warm area’s will be cold. Antarctica will be inhabitable so they are probably looking for a hole to crawl in till this poll shift is over.This includes the ungodly pope what wants the NWO, which means we have to give up our Christian beliefs and accept one world religion or be killed. The pope is leading the Catholics straight to hell where he is going. They also need a place to hide when Wormwood comes in. Sounds harsh but probably true…Hey, when all that ice melts they will probably drown in their hideout…

    • Anonymous

      Josie, it’s spelled “POLE” for a pole shift, not poll.

      • Josie

        Your right, sometimes I type to fast and don’t check for errors. We can always depend on someone catching it. 😊

    • Zabwe`

      If God created this planet it will abound with miracles and wonders……

  • Zabwe`

    Keys to the grand illusion and life behind the veil of evil……….

  • my2pesos

    MT Erebus ~ Terse Bum ~ Brutes Me ~ Buster Me
    Mount Erebus ~ Tuberous Men – (AG)
    Mount Erebus ~ Tube ‘ours’ Men
    A ‘MT’ Erebus ~ Mabus* Tree ~ Same Brute

    • my2pesos

      A ‘Mount’ Erebus ~ Name ‘Ur’ Obtuse
      A Mount Erebus ~ Abuse ‘men’ Rout
      A Mount Erebus ~ Name Tuberous

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