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Project Blue Beam and the Upcoming Fake Alien Invasion: What You Need to Know (Video)

Monday, January 9, 2017 5:51
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Here I discuss Project Blue Beam. This is not a new concept or idea. In fact, it was thought up by government rulers of the past.

Why would our world leaders want to execute such an insane plan?

A staged alien invasion…

holographic imaging, military UFOs, mind control technology, human abductions, false messiahs…the works!

This world just keeps getting better every day…

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  • Morgana Le Fay

    The narrator in this video is a f*cking idiot. Yes, the SUN IS HOT. The atmosphere may help in retaining some of the heat, but it is not the source of the heat itself. This is directly observable through sunburns and the feeling of heat on one’s skin from the sunlight on a clear day, which is relieved when a cloud passes overhead and blocks the light. It is also observable by using a magnifying glass to concentrate the sun’s energy and burn things. There are numerous other ways to prove this, but this foolish article has already taken up enough of my time.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      For those not wanting to waste time on such stupidity, his asinine remarks about the Sun begin around the 2:40 mark, shortly after which I quit listening.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      I’m not disputing that there could be plans in place that involve deceiving the masses into believing aliens or messianic figures have arrived with holographic imagery and other advanced technology. They’ve already discussed using such technology in the Middle East to fool enemy forces into believing they’ve seen or heard the voice of Allah or Mohammed, so it isn’t a stretch to believe they could also use such technology around the world with differing cultural variants. But the rest of this guy’s unscientific rantings really discredits and muddies the waters of an already controversial topic.

      • You People Are Nuts

        You actually read the articles here?

        Can’t be that smart then…thus, no cred.

        • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

          You People Are Nuts = You actually read the articles here?
          Can’t be that smart then…thus, no cred. :razz:
          Morgana Le Fay
          For those not wanting to waste time on such stupidity,
          his asinine remarks about the Sun begin around the 2:40 mark,
          shortly after which I quit listening. :wink: :idea: :lol:
          Project Blue Beam & The Upcoming Fake Alien Invasion:
          What You Already Know (Video)
          This world just keeps getting evil every day…
          Nieuw privacy beleid Google + youtube Getting evil :lol:
          WW3 :razz: world leaders want to execute such an insane plan? :lol:

      • VirusGuard

        Again you are on the money

  • Deputy Dawg

    Two comments, first let’s not be too hard on the commentator speaking on the video, sure a bit of his personal bias in regard to his sun beliefs, nevertheless the meat of this meal was well worth tasting for any unfamiliar with Project Blue Beam. Perhaps it will inspire an interest and readers will in turn investigate this themselves. That is a public service. I mean we are going to get a little piece of any author or journalist, we don’t want to deny them the ability to be themselves in the process of consuming the good, while simultaneously separating and regurgitating the bad.

    Next I would like to provide some logical insight. If the government uses this Project Blue Beam it will be simple for anyone being a true Christian or scholar to discount. Any vision or hologram that depicts the emasculated, long haired version of Jesus Christ can easily be written off as phony. We know Christ was a carpenter of the era which required superior physical strength. we also know Jesus was in strict obedience to God the Father. God’s Word says that long hair is a woman’s glory but a mans disgrace.

    Could God’s elite really be fooled? I suppose anything is possible, but it’s unlikely. As one devoted Christian who strongly believes we are living in the last days, as someone who is eagerly anticipating the return of Christ in 2019 with my personal background I’d probably be more inclined to believe a hologram of a short haired, buffed out biker looking gentleman riding up on his solid white Road King (Harley Davidson) than I would one bearing Christendoms sick version of our soon coming King of kings! There distorted image of Christ is a profound giveaway.

    Great submission Jeff,

    A Student of the Word

    PS Folks there is inaccuracy in nearly anything we read. As consumers of written thought we commonly have to filter through the good and 86 the bad. Don’t get discouraged and discount everything, even the good stuff. Don’t starve to death because there are weeds in the garden. Pick from what has sprouted only what is eatable leaving the weeds behind.

    • VirusGuard

      “We know Christ was a carpenter”

      No we know nothing, it’s a book of fiction written a long time ago just like Terminator 3 is just a work of fiction.

      “As one devoted Christian who strongly believes we are living in the last days”

      Quick run down to the local “man of the cloth” and stump up some cash and he will give you a bit of paper to say your sins are all forgiven because that was how the sytem worked for 1850 out of the last 2000 years as i am sure you well know and you base your blind faith on this system do you now

      Thing is they cannot even agree on what color this jesus guy was let alone much else but if it makes you feel happy, gives you a high dreaming of better days to come then carry on wasteing time

      Good news is we all go to some type of heaven, sins or not where you join some type of mind meld group and that feels very nice but i am not sure how long you stay like that before being sent to live in another computer simulation or if you’re sent back as a dog or even ET to some place but it’s not about punishing sins here on earth because your sole was never in control of both sides of your mind so it cannot be blamed as such.

      Think or yourself more in the terms as being an actor and playing the part of your charatar and understand that you cannot have good with evil no more than left without right

      • Deputy Dawg

        Do you not have anything better to do then to bash God? You are a sad excuse for a human being Mr. Virus. An ingrate, you elevate yourself above the Almighty God, you a man created by Yahweh the creator of the heavens and earth, yet arrogantly you’re claiming God is not your creator.

        Perhaps you did in fact crawl from slime, evolving first into a primate ultimately transforming into the dimwitted smart ass you’ve become, however it’s ironic that you believe your mindless comments reflect anything but just how stupid you are. You’re a delusional crackpot……wave that flag high!

        have a nice day!

      • Deputy Dawg

        Bro, there is plenty of time to change. Just because there is so much chaos and confusion in mans phony religions does not discount the reality of God. The inaccurate depictions of him are many but within the doctrine of God’s one true Church there exists no confusion whatsoever. I can see where your frustration come from. The sea of lies is enough to turn anyone’s stomach sour towards religion. I was right with you before being called.

        I wish you the absolute best, meaning of course that you get to know and love our heavenly Father,


  • VirusGuard

    Project Blue beam is real in that they can project a hologram on to the sky but too many people already know about it and will soon blow the wistle if they try to use it.

    This goes back to the military that wants the option of making it look like an invasion fleet of figthers is head your way to fool the enermy but i’m not sure it will work as planned now the cat is out of the bag.

  • Mrs Clippit

    I have a hard time believing that the sun is cool. How can one explain the flames and bursts that are photographed on the sun? This cool Sun theory makes me wonder if it is an off-shoot of the Flat Earthers.. Anyway,i saw a youtube video a couple of years ago showing some sort of a craft flying near the surface of the sun. If you want to look at it,you can find it on youtube. Just search “UFO Sun”. There are numerous vids on that subject.

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