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Ragmuffin Kid and Tarot Cards

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 10:41
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Ragmuffin Kid and Tarot Cards
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations


7pm November 21, 2008, Friday. The cars start pulling up to my house. Paul’s HPI Task Force is ready for the investigation in Turlock. Paranormal Investigators showing up at 7pm are: Tom & Kathy, Mandy Lewis, Renee Martine, Tammy Straling.

The home in Turlock that we will be investigation was formerly owned by Cincinnati Reds Brad Lesley. The occupants that now live in this home are Chris & Tiffany Cameron and their two daughters. Chris’ mother Janice Cameron is my neighbor and she is riding up with me to Turlock. Meeting us in Turlock is independent paranormal investigator/sensitive Valerie Rankin.

The Ghosttracker (my car) has Renee, Janice and Mandy. Tom & Kathy & Tammy are in the other car. It’s a good distance from Sacramento, but we make it and are eager to conduct the investigation. I have written about the ghost of this home, that the Cameron’s have nicknamed the Ragmuffin Kid. The Ragmuffin Kid keeps their daughter up all hours of the night, insisting that she wants to play. The Ragmuffin Kid also wants to know how to play computer games! One of the games the Ragmuffin Kid wants to play is Spongebob. One of the daughters shows us a drawing she has made of the Ragmuffin Kid.

We had the Camerons turn off the lights and as pictures were taken, there were a slew of photographs depicting orb activity. EVPs were also gathered:

Renee asks “do you want to go into the light?” EVP answer – male voice: “Nooooooo.”
Renee asks: “are you afraid of being judged?” EVP answer – male voice: “Ahhhhhh”
Paul asks: “are you here?” EVP answer – male voice: “Yes” (sounds like a whisper).
Paul asks: “what is your name?” EVP answer – male voice: “Mark”.

When one of the investigators asks why don’t you want to go into the light, the closet light turns on by itself.

Certain investigators like Renee, Valerie and Kathy feel they are sensitives and pick up on certain activities around the house. Some of the psychic impressions they received is a Mexican girl named Louisa, a male entity with a small boy and small girl. Or a male entity and no children. Psychic impressions are not a proven science, but it is interesting to see the comparisons of their impressions.

A few of the investigators felt cold spots or felt something breezing by them. Some of the history of this house is that the bedroom door with lock on its own. One night the bedroom door locked on its own accord and locked in their cats.

We used the dowsing rods, and the dowsing rods pointed us into a bedroom where the entity indicated that it was present. Note: Dowsing rods are a pseudo-science and they are only used for experimentation.

David Mace, Paranormal Investigator discovered that there was a 7 year old named Rachel McClure that died in a car accident near the home and she was declared brain dead. There were other auto fatalities near this home.

As the lead investigator I broke up the task force into 3 teams, assuring that in each team we had a digital audio recorder and various cameras. The 3 teams would be dispersed into 3 areas of the home and later switched around.

Equipment used: 4 digital audio recorders, 5 digital cameras, pendulum, dowsing rods, EMF Reader.

Numerous digital photos show orb activity. The family has a long history of witnessing paranormal events that could indicate that the entities of this home could have followed them from a previous home. EVPs are recorded.

After analyzing the EVPs, I conclude that this home is truly haunted. Note: I took notes on this investigation and somehow lost my notes. I wrote this article going by memory only. Let’s hope I did an accurate job in recording this investigation. I hate it when I lose my notes!

This was a long investigation and by the time we were finished we were pretty much tired. What we did not know is that on our way back to Sacramento, there would be a heavy fog on the road. We had to drive extremely slow on our trek back. Two of the investigators Tammy & Mandy decided to crash out at my house and wait until the fog lifted. I rather have my investigators in one piece, so they can be ready for the next investigation.

If my Turlock Task Force were to be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of their actions. Just joking, I thought I throw in a little Mission Impossible to this story! Until next time readers, perhaps we will get more than EVPs, maybe I will be able to catch a ghost in a mayonnaise jar and seal the lid as absolute evidence that ghosts exist!

To see pictures from the Turlock Investigation and the Ghost Girls Ione Hotel Investigation, click on this link:

If you have a chance, check out JP Sullivan’s Haunted Ghost Town’s website:

And then read JP Sullivan’s encounter with Nordics at:

Notes Found:
After searching around my house, I discovered my notes for this article. Here is a more detailed report that may not be included into this article:
Renee – felt the presence of a adult male, small boy and a small girl.
Valerie – felt a male and his family, they had no children.
Kathy felt a Mexican girl, possibly named Louisa.
Valerie felt an overdose may be the cause of the hauntings. Validated by owner Tiffany, that there was an overdose case.
Renee felt something on her arm.
Tiffany felt a heavy weight on her chest.
Valerie felt something on the back of her head.

Some investigators discovered a locked door, in which only a few minutes beforehand the door was not locked.

One time when the cats were locked into the room, the door knob started jingling on its own accord.

Chris’ daughter describes the entity that she sees as having stringy hair and a gown. Chris says sometimes things go missing and they reappear mysteriously. Example: Netflix DVD goes missing and the very next day it reappears in a place where the whole family sees it. Chris’ daughter says that the phantom girl is scared of her own reflection. She has been told this by the entity.

Question asked: “are you harassing the family?” EVP male voice: No.
Question asked: “are you a relative?” EVP male voice: No.


Seven Shadows
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Tarot Card Reader
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations

Let us be light together and unveil the darkness to take it as our own.

We will use the pieces of our hearts and create the energy of home. Let us give ourselves to mystery and receive with wisdom, the shadows of the tarot.

This is a seven part message from what I know, on tarot. This is my interpretation on the cards that we use for telling fortunes. This is us, unveiling the shadows over a realm, of secrets. Do you want to know how to read tarot cards in an intuitive way? Then, let me teach you, how to speak with your soul and bring the beasts out from the dark jungle, for us to overcome together.

There are many shadows to overcome. Let me shine the light of illumination onto the deepest part of your destiny and show you were to find the warrior inside and bring the holiness out of yourself, like a bright star illuminating the path before you and time traveling into the past as well, searching for the tools we need to build the future.

Within these writings, I am going to share with you my knowledge on the tarot. Should you need help, ask your angels and spirit animals for assistance to understand. Speak not with want but, with gratitude and you will be fed the mana of spiritual truth and protection.

The tarot is a pack of playing cards that developed, around the 14th century, from gaming cards, throughout Europe. Originally beginning as a card game, psychics and occultists quickly realized that they could be used to easily connect to the spiritual planes and bring back messages.

That’s when they began to be used primarily for the purpose of fortune telling.

In a typical deck of tarot cards today, we find 78 cards. There are different categories such as swords, wands, pentacles and cups. There are 56 minors and 22 major arcana cards that do not fit into the four categories. This design is modeled after popular numerology of the times of origination.

7 Cards Spread
There is many different spreads that you can use to predict the future.

I choose to share this one with you because; it has seven cards, which has a positive connotation and theme within this article. You can research more spreads or create your own, like I did. It’s easy; just make sure the intent is made clear, so that your ethereal guides can better serve you.

To begin, shuffle the cards in your hands to imprint your energy. They seek as a channeling device, so be sure to focus on what answers you seek. If you are reading for somebody else, let them focus on their questions for a solid five minutes, to ensure there will be as little confusion as possible. The stronger the intent, the more clear the answer will be.

My seven card spread is designed to have three cards laid directly in front of the person seeking advice from the other side. The four would be farthest away. Follow the numbers on the guide to see the energy imprint directions. Start at card one and end at seven. Flip over and analyze at the end.
1- Represents you at the present moment.
2- Your shadow self, which needs to come to the light.
3- Your luck, which will manifest into the near future.
4- Your love karma at present time.
5- Your dreams at this time.
6- Your fear and how to overcome to heal.
7- Your destiny and what is to come…

Interpreting the Cards
To interpret the messages received from the tarot, there are popular concepts to explain that which is attached with each card. It is best to follow these with apprehension and not jump to any conclusions. It is simply a guide, which can help you to understand what is going on in a certain situation.

Within the next messages, I am going to share these secrets with you. I am going to explain in the easiest way for you to understand and remember. Repetition and practice are the keys to unlocking our gifts to have in the future.

Dreams of Tarot
To dream of tarot is a sure sign that the spirit world is trying to connect to you with symbols. Try to remember each card and position, as this can help you to visualize the message and apply it to a certain situation in your life.

The meanings are to be interpreted slightly different because the reality in which these exist is full of impossibility. Whatever you thought wasn’t possible to achieve in the waking world, takes priority here. Pentacles and wands, cups and swords are attached to elements of the material world, yet in a dream, it is more spiritual.
Here are a couple dreams that I have had with tarot cards; To view more of my dreams, please visit

Saturday, December 5th 2015
New Tarot
In my dream, I am in a house that has something wrong with the foundation. The foundation is for some type of cheaply built place.
There is a living room and kitchen right as you first enter and a lot of wood. There is a hallway that goes to bedrooms.

There is a woman with straight brown hair that lives there and her daughter comes over and brings a young daughter and I also see a young boy although he never speaks.

The woman’s adult daughter is light skinned with long black hair and she dresses promiscuously at times. She seems to leave her children too much at her mother’s house. (That’s what the spirit guide shows me) The adult daughter has a boyfriend/ lover and she also has tarot cards.

The boyfriend is young, almost Hispanic looking and attractive.
The mother and I take out the tarot cards in the kitchen from a bedroom, which are her daughters. They are unique. (I have never seen them before). We start to do them. I take them in my hand and make a spread intuitively.

While we do the tarot cards, there is my spirit guide telling me that the boyfriend dabbles in the dark arts and that when he doesn’t like someone, he casts a spell. Then, the guide goes on to say that the daughter is promiscuous and wild. I think there is even a love spell cast onto the daughter.

Well, I lay the cards about in a square. The cards are mostly colored for their elements. I trace a green pattern in the square and it’s in sort of an L-shape and I see a new home. I think there is 7 cards for 7 years or months but, not sure of that or exact number. I also see a gold halo in place of a crown on the back of a card.

The home that I foresee is more stable and it has black trim on the windows. This new home is where they will find stability and peace.

Wednesday, November 25th 2015
Burying Tarot Cards
I am at a place that is in the wilderness. There is a circular place to park in the dirt with vehicles like a white truck.

I walk up a walkway that is wet dirt to a house but, I do not go into the house, instead I go over to a tree that has a white large trunk and light green leaves that branch out into a tall masterpiece.
I go through a deck of tarot cards, looks like the rider-waite deck. I am in a hurry to finish before the people in the house come out. I am waiting on Paul, or someone in the house.

I grab out five cards and they are four major arcane and one with pentacles on it.

I quickly bury them very carefully, vertically and upright about an inch apart in the shallow Earth.

The whole time that I am burying them I just keep chanting the word “Earth,” so I think that they were the arcane that represents Earth elements such as; pentacles, The Empress, The Hierophant, The Hermit and The Devil.

I remember burying the one with pentacles in front, closest to the tree.

It had a lot of pentacles on it but, I do not remember how many. I also can’t remember which way they were facing-towards me or the tree but, the pentacles were upright.

The shadow moves back towards us as we fill with fear. The ending here is only a beginning, the rest is still unwritten, yet it exists, waiting to be released into words and emotion. Although the light can find us so easily, we can feel it on our skin, so to the darkness must exist, so that we may be whole, be more than we are. It creeps inside us.

As I bring the night back to the sky, I promise to be back with the soft glowing sun soon. I will pour down the mana of the heavens into your cups and you will drink your fill. Together, we will become greater, as our celestial souls seek harmony with the deities of our universe. We seek to understand the language of fate. We seek to master our own.

To Be Continued…

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka Wishfire

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Pinterest Account:
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503


From: richard v []
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2017 9:56 AM
To: Roberts, Paul@Wildlife
Subject: RE: FW: Nibbles

So about 30 years ago I went camping at Wildwood Park. I had a camping site with my family. Late at night when it was really dark out I decided to walk a short distance out into the woods and I heard a noise and felt a presence. I saw a big hairy creature off to the side in the dark. It was really dark and it moved fast. Than it was gone. It was really dark so it was hard to see for sure what it was. The next night the same thing happened again.

Case Number: 20B63177724. From Seattle, Washington. Activity: Ghost in woman’s home is scratching her. The ghost has also been banging on her pots and pans.

Paranormal Hotline Calls
26B04084926 – Indiana Call. Hearing strange noises constantly.
8314441C854 – Camping out where the Trail of Tears is located. Many people were massacred at the Trail of Tears near Oroville.

Jackson Wang <> Paranormal Report
I believe I have been experiencing paranormal activity for a few days and I’m getting concerned. It all started last weekend. Long story short, I was trying to open my “third eye” and while I was trying to do this I called out for a spiritual guide. Later that same night I started hearing strange noises coming from the loft outside my room. at first I didn’t think it was a big deal because it’s not uncommon for our house to make noises. however, I was still on high alert so to speak and about 5 minutes after I first started hearing the noises something suddenly started pulling at my closed door. my door is very thin and it caves in when somebody pulls/pushes on it so I automatically knew there was somebody/something on the other side pulling at my doorknob. it stopped after about a minute then it happened two more times in about the time period of an half an hour. I stared getting very anxious so I decided to call my mother because I was too scared to go outside of my room to tell her what was happening. she went out into the loft and told me that she didn’t sense anything unusual. nothing out of the ordinary happened for the rest of the night. a day or two went past without any activity and I started hoping that it went away. until today. today school was cancelled due to weather related issues. everything was fine for a few hours this morning. then at about 10:00 I started hearing what I believe to be footsteps on the stairs. I have lived in my house long enough to know what it sounds like when somebody comes up our stairs. I have been hearing the same noise for the past 4 hours. sometimes it sounds like it is running up and down the stairs and at other times it sounds like it is slowly stomping. I’m currently home alone so I know for a fact it isn’t because somebody is in the
house with me. the only thing I know for sure is that if there is something in my house, it is very negative. I know this because I have been having a feeling of dread and depression every time I come back home and I believe a positive presence wouldn’t give off those vibes. other than that I am clueless about what is/could be in my house. if you could help guide me on what I should do/who I should talk to I would be forever grateful. Thanks Case # 

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