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Ground Breaking! You Will Not Believe What’s Going on in Antarctica (Videos)

Saturday, February 4, 2017 10:36
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Huge, HUGE announcement is coming. Prepare!


Q-CAST: Empire Beneath the Ice

Steve continues his discussion on the secret activities happening in Antarctica.

Paul Begley & Steve Quayle – WHAT’S GOING ON IN ANTARTICA?

The first part of this video Paul gives a general synopsis of prophetic events that we’re facing. At about 1:05 Steve joins the broadcast.

From Gen Six Productions

Empire Beneath the Ice 2-3-17

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  • Canderson

    Steve Quayle is the grownup Starchild ? Eat your own dog food as Microsoft does.

    • Sean

      Dew D,

      Can you have BIN put in a DON’T RECOMMEND STORY Button and we will then see just how you’re story really rates, over 16,000 views and only 1 RECOMMEND you’re story, most likely yourself and that would tell us just what most think of Quayle, Begley and others

      • Boxed in Freight

        2 supposed Christians teaching about “The Fallen Ones”. Your souls are in serious trouble for leading believers away from Christ. :eek: :eek:

      • plsnogod

        good idea, but it will never happen.

        maybe only 10 per cent of posts would survive,and the site would end up disappearing up it’s own backside.

  • my2pesos

    Evil To ‘the’ Core ~ Elite ‘hot’ Cover………….(13) – (AG)
    The ‘loo’ Creative ~ Voice ‘or’ Athlete…………..(AG)
    Tag Insure ~ Rat Genius
    Tag Insure ~ Signature
    Signature ~ Sure Giant
    Sure Giant ~ Gas ‘in’ True

    • srsly1


    • Sean

      my2pesos, just wanted to add my2cents

      I unlike others, like reading what you post along with Thoth’s, though I don’t fully understand it

      If you take aBRAHAM and drop the 1st a and take the last A and put it at the end instead, what would you get?


      THE things of the world and its inhabitants are subject to change. They are combinations of elements that existed before, and all living creatures are what their past actions made them; for the law of cause and effect is uniform and without exception.

      But in the changing things there is a constancy of law, and when the law is seen there is truth. The truth lies hidden in Samsara as the permanent in its changes.

      Truth desires to appear; truth longs to become conscious; truth strives to know itself.

      There is truth in the stone, for the stone is here; and no power in the world, no god, no man, no demon, can destroy its existence. But the stone has no consciousness.

      There is truth in the plant and its life can expand; the plant grows and blossoms and bears fruit. Its beauty is marvelous, but it has no consciousness.

      There is truth in the animal; it moves about and perceives its surroundings; it distinguishes and learns to choose. There is consciousness, but it is not yet the consciousness of Truth. It is a consciousness of self only.

      The consciousness of self dims the eyes of the mind and hides the truth. It is the origin of error, it is the source of illusion, it is the germ of evil.

      Self begets selfishness.

      There is no evil but what flows from self.

      There is no wrong but what is done by the assertion of self. Self is the beginning of all hatred, of iniquity and slander, of impudence and indecency, of theft and robbery, of oppression and bloodshed.

      Self is Mara, the tempter, the evil-doer, the creator of mischief. Self entices with pleasures. Self promises a fairy’s paradise. Self is the veil of Maya, the enchanter.

      But the pleasures of self are unreal, its paradisian labyrinth is the road to misery, and its fading beauty kindles the flames of desires that never can be satisfied.

      Who shall deliver us from the power of self? Who shall save us from misery? Who shall restore us to a life of blessedness?

      There is misery in the world of Samsara; there is much misery and pain. But greater than all the misery is the bliss of truth. Truth gives peace to the yearning mind; it conquers error; it quenches the flames of desires; it leads to Nirvana.

      Blessed is he who has found the peace of Nirvana.

      He is at rest in the struggles and tribulations of life; he is above all changes; he is above birth and death; he remains unaffected by the evils of life.

      Blessed is he who has found enlightenment. He conquers, although he may be wounded; he is glorious and happy, although he may suffer; he is strong, although he may break down under the burden of his work; he is immortal, although he will die.

      The essence of his being is purity and goodness.

      Blessed is he who has attained the sacred state of Buddhahood, for he is fit to work out the salvation of his fellow beings. The truth has taken its abode in him. Perfect wisdom illumines his understanding, and righteousness ensouls the purpose of all his actions.

      The truth is a living power for good, indestructible and invincible!

      Work the truth out in your mind, and spread it among mankind, for truth alone is the savior from evil and misery. The Buddha has found the truth and the truth has been proclaimed by the Buddha!

      Blessed be the Buddha!

      • my2pesos

        Two Shekels ~ Tsk! Wheel So
        Two Lira ~ Wit Oral ~ Owl ‘I’ Art ~ Tail Row
        Two Rial ~ Tow Lair ~ Low ‘I’ Tar ~ Toil War
        Two Shekels ~ Hostile Skews

      • srsly1


        If you drop the n, then move the e and a out as well, add tupid, you get…

        You’re welcome

        This shit is f’n nonsense

      • plsnogod

        i’m hoping you are tucked away safely in an institution somewhere.

  • dcselby1

    Good headline. You’re right. I don’t believe it.

    • InquisitiveMind

      First time DD has been right about anything!

  • truthseeker4809

    Perhaps the complete revelation of the truth in Antarctica will bring down the Abrahamic religion onto its knees as a complete falsehood. The reason Russian orthodox church leader went there to see the “penguins” tells the story.
    Abrahamic religion was created by the elongated skulled giants lived in Atlantis who ruled Egypt after the pole shift.

    The unspeakable cruelty against its neighbors by this Abrahamic tribe tells deeper story that has never been told. The curse of the mixed marriage was the key. They killed their neighbors like animals. Otherwise they knew they will go extinct. But they died off anyway long before the humans.

    You can tell those elongated skulled humanoids are the scriptural ancestors of the present days Jews.

    Who deceives and kills their neighbors like animals today?


    • unidentified

      are you saying they were originally coneheads back in the old days before humans :?:

      • truthseeker4809

        Exactly… Even after all the cone heads died off, the scripture remained to control humans. Cone heads are controlling the humans in their graves.

        Pathetic state of matter if you think of it deeply.

        Karen Hudes has already stated that Moses was a cone head. And there were many cone heads in the old Jewish circles according to Karen Hudes.

        Brien Foerster has stated from the dna study that the DNA of the elongated skulled humanoids is drastically different from that of Humans in such a way that their mixed children can not survive the second generation. That means when they get mixed they can have children but not grand children.
        This could have been deceptive enough to make them to learn the tragedy immediately. But after realizing the deadly truth, there could not have been any negotiations.

        Either they have to kill all their human neighbors or they are going to extinct.

        This explains many unthinkable carnage of this Abrahamic tribe committed against their neighbors.

    • airportengineer

      You believe too many fearporn bin stories dude

  • Syco247

    Oi with the idiots proselytizing to the least interested of folk. bable humping twats! grow up there is no magic man in the sky to spank you when you were bad.

    • my2pesos

      The Vicar of Dibley – PBS – ‘Easter Special’
      “If on the third hand, you are inquiring into the possibility of the magical manipulation of natural things by the Lord-God, then my answer would be a resounding yes!”

    • 2QIK4U

      MY2PESOS =SOMESPY2. If you take a look at the vicar of dibley you will notice she wears an upside down cross! All in plain sight.

  • Anonymous

    what a crud fest. Quayle is a bs’er who profits from your fear

  • truthseeker4809

    Despite his enormous involvement in the truth movement, sometimes you feel that Steve Quayle is not coherent on what his is saying. Is it the Nazis, the elongated skulled humanoids, reptilians or the gray Aliens that are inhabiting in Antarctica? And what are the relationships among them? And what is the relevant point to humans in disclosing all these information etc etc.

  • Josie

    Steve Quayle, I have been reading post on your web site for a long time. I think you are very knowledgeable and informative. But I am disheartened to think that you have extremely important knowledge of whats hidden in Antarctica and the only way we will find out is to buy your book. Knowledge like that, if you have it, should be shared freely with your brothers and sisters in christ. Just my opinion.

  • plsnogod

    will you stop threatening people with eternal damnation in hell if they choose not to sing or talk to your particular deity.

    it makes you come across as a small-minded bully.

    how is your relationship with your children? personally i pity them.

  • Thom V

    Read the comments B-4 going to the video…and good thing too—didn’t waste my time. BIN and it’s click bait getting tiresome…..

    • wreakhavoc

      A good rule is to watch on the comments below before seeing the clip. Which also works on the article. But to prevent even click on an authors articles is to first watch by hovering with the mouse over the article and read from which person does this articles came from, before click on it.
      So this is the last time I will do this mistake on this authors articles, how fancy your headline will be.

  • Eggzactly

    They are Breaking the Ground? Well, I thought that is where that was going. :roll:

  • jdpent01

    jdp…God used alternative media to get his word out and that was the prophets. but to make sure the local citizen knew he GOD was was speaking and not just a man with words, he provided foretelling prophecy. today Jesus in the book of Matthew, Luke, Mark, John, and Revelation did the same prophecy of our time is upon us. Its called the last days, so get ready., time is very short to become a disciple of Christ added to his Church. Jesus is returning when he does its over, so be ready to call upon the Lord today if at all possible. He wants no one to be lost, Jesus was baptized for Sins of the world, but the Peter baptized many after they asked him what they should do to receive remission for their Sins and Peter told them to be baptized each one of you for the remission of their sins. at every instance of the Apostles telling about Christ rthose who believed were baptized at that time not waiting till the morrow.

    • plsnogod

      i can provide you with the telephone number of a local mental health care specialist if you’d like?

  • srsly1

    Almost 4 hours of video! FOUR HOURS!!!! Are you f’n kidding me? Nonsense contributed by Due Diligence, the same person who said Jade Helm was locking people up in walmart fema death camps. How’d that work out for ya?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but the minute he started spouting out Christian BS I stopped the video. Fairy tales.

  • Canderson

    Hey please point out where he speaks of Antarctica? This Zionist Quayle with Biblical rights, of the false Jews, the 13:th tribe. Hey what to expect out of a drunkard uphold by his arms.

  • Eggzactly

    Go preach in a church somewhere. Not Here. :razz:

  • Canderson

    I see you living in your own (created) hell.

  • srsly1

    Once again, TL/DR

  • Libtard

    Oh that’s easy for you to say…Your a white privileged woman! Did you wear your pink pussyhat and march on Washington like us feminists! You think you’re so smart! Well, I went to Berkeley College in California and I am smarter. Hello!

  • Due Diligence

    So you’re against free speech? Regardless, I appreciate your comment & exercise of your free speech. America is the best!

  • plsnogod

    i dealt with you in a previous post,which you didn’t have the courage to reply to.

  • Bobwire

    Smarter than a white turd ?

  • plsnogod

    due diligence,

    i assume you are talking to me.

    one of the many reasons i love america and the west is the fact that we do have a (sort of) democracy and free speech.

    however,why does that make you think it is okay to threaten people, who may be meek,mild,gullible or just not too bright, with eternal hell,fire and damnation, because they do not believe in your idol?

    that is playground bullying, nasty and vindictive.

    it is very reminiscent of islam. ‘convert or die’.

    no doubt you think you are a better man than the clearly lunatic muslims,

    however, the way you threaten people indicates otherwise.

  • plsnogod

    nope,we are all here,in it together canderson, whatever mythical being you believe in.

    there’s no evidence of heaven,hell,god or nasty demons.

    so go have a beer,a burger maybe, relax, and try not to worry so much.

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