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This is Big-Big! The ‘Event’ Is Coming Soon: Latest Antarctica Conspiracy and the Trump Connection Will Blow Your Mind (Videos)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 8:11
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Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica Happening Just Now. All Civilians and Scientists Being Flown Out. 

This comes as the Russian navy is on its way to Antarctica, why are they sending a entire fleet of armed ships there? He also learned that the military was preparing to remove anything from Antarctica and that everything was surrounded by secrecy Hummmmm I wonder if some sort of ultimatum was laid down to world leaders ( hence the elite rushing to Antarctica ) , and that ultimatum was not met.

Whistleblowers are exploding our concepts of history. Is there an ancient advanced civilization under the glaciers of the South Pole? Has extraterrestrial technology created a divide in the military branches? Who controls space? 


From UFOmania – The truth is out there

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In

From Freeman Fly   (Trump connection?)

Antarctica Disclosure to Save the World – Dr. Michael Salla

What is under the ice of Antarctica? Top Nazi war criminals, Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goering visited Antarctica. Admiral Byrd flew to the Inner Earth in Antarctica. The Patriarch Kirill of Moscow was there a year ago. Skull and Bones member and Secretary of State, John Kerry, made a surprise trip to Antarctica during Trump’s election. And, Buzz Aldrin, the Freemason that established Tranquility Lodge 2000 on the moon, fell ill after his recent trip to Antarctica.

Leslie Stevens created the 1970′s epic, Battlestar Galactica stating, “All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.” Will the release of classified DARPA technologies enslave or free humanity? Will Donald Trump cure cancer!? Could we have saved Richard Hatch? If you remember, pretending to be his character, Apollo, in my youth, revealed to me my father’s secret connections to Freemasonry, submarines, and even, chasing flying saucers! You will be missed Richard.

Whistleblowers are exploding our concepts of history. Is there an ancient advanced civilization under the glaciers of the South Pole? Has extraterrestrial technology created a divide in the military branches? Who controls space?…


Antarctica Launch Pods, UFO Spotted On ISS Feed And More!

New Findings may help us understand where these “UFOs” have been coming from

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  • putupjob

    have any claims of civilian evacuation been verified?

    • Jack Shlitz

      Yeah, good question! I demand to know what the names of those 5 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Spot on. I think one of two things are going on. 1 we were given an ultimatum or 2 they want all the technology destroyed so the deep state,, big pharma, big oil etc. can stayin control.

    • 1 darkstar

      Oh God, I hope not.

  • Stefan

    All eyes on south pol/and then the real things happend in the north pool,ok, :cool:

  • Anonymous

    I believe Godlikeproductions like I believe Suchafail.

    • Jonathan Lee

      Where is there anything to do with godlike productions in this post?

      • Dun Foaming

        Emm, in the first paragraph …and you’re the author lol

      • Anonymous

        Holy Crap, Jonathan Lee! Do you not even read what you are posting or are you just a clerk in a disinfo office?? First paragraph says the source is Godlike Productions.

        • Jonathan Lee

          Good heavens, she is so fired!

          • Cintus Supremus

            That’s what Adam said about Eve.

            You saw how that worked out.

            Eat your own pie, White Man From Town!!!

  • wiseoldlady

    The guy in the second video needs to learn how to enunciate. Lazy tongue….what did he say???

  • kyrie PDF Exposing the lie of Islam PDF blacksun666 PDF FREE EBOOKS
    type in the above

  • Pink Slime

    So, when are the millions of bat ships suppose to come FLYING OUT by the millions to sting mankind and give them grievous sores?? :lol:

  • Stan Hail

    So far all the sources ‘reporting” on this Antarctica, frozen, ancient, advanced civilization story are the usual line up of kooks. All the people that have gone down there in recent years may be a little odd but that’s pretty much the only verifiable aspect this story. It would be pretty amazing if it turned out to be a true rumor but as it stands now it looks like total BS to me.

  • Stan Hail

    Also Corey Goode’s story sounds like nothing more than some made up fairy tale. The guy is obviously a con man or mentally ill and he seems to be the main source of this “story” that the kooks are citing. Listening to him, his story is about as believable as someone stating that Mayor McCheese is the elected mayor of a real city.

    • Jack Shlitz

      You’ve been mis-informed. Ronald McDonaldLand IS IN Antarctica.

  • MyTwoCents

    I only watched the first video (which referenced Godlike Productions) and don’t have an hour to spend on the next one so can somebody tell me what the “Trump connection” is?

  • james amen

    dear christians:
    please send a message to these sources to stop with the long-winded videos.
    if this were 20 years ago, when one could listen to a video like watching a movie, then fine..
    JESUS is very soon to RETURN.
    info needs to be brief, to the point; so as that one can move on to the next important info.

    ignore this, don’t help with spreading the word insisting on this, then do not expect THE LORD to say to you,
    ‘Well done’. HE’S going to say to you, ‘you did not care one bit about the urgency of MY RETURN.. depart from ME’.
    be warned, “christians”..wake up!

    • Jonathan Lee

      Well said, point taken, bro.

    • Jack Shlitz

      Are you acquainted with BIN’s own King of Shambahala?

    • Cintus Supremus

      Another self-appointed prophet speaking for THE LORD?

      Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place, Mr. Amen.

      You will be in very good company.

      (Might have to wait on line, though…)

      • Mayhem

        James Amen has deleted his Facebook and Twitter in the last 24 hours but his website…

        … is still up where he gives “a detailed tutorial​​ on what it takes to be a serious witness for THE LORD JESUS CHRIST”.

        He’s convinced the word “trinity” should be in the Comma Johanneum, claims John 14:12 means he can work miracles particularly those mentioned in Mark 16:17-18.

        I’m picking he won’t enjoy his time in the BIN’s but i’ve been wrong before so we’ll see.

        • Cintus Supremus

          It’s never a good sign when a fella can’t complete even a single sentence on his website home page without a major grammatical error.

          (But then again, those apostles were all ignint illiterates, weren’t they?)

          (No. They weren’t.)

  • Cintus Supremus

    What’s that bastard in the first photo hiding behind his back?!!!

    Clearly he is part of the conspiracy!!!

    • eatmorevegetables

      You’re right, those are definitely not signaling sticks that the ground crew uses to guide the pilots!

  • trashman

    I was in the military years ago, and , of course , if any of this is true , then their is either a major finding which warranted the evacuation, or a geological event perhaps in the making. ? When in the military i was never stationed in Antartica , or even near it, but of course we have our bases down their, and if, and i mean if, any of this is true then the U.S. would never evacuate a strategic position like Antartica, if for no other reason than too (Save Face). Remember: Government officials whether there civilian or military, dont care about the monitary issue involved, so thats out of the question. If its true, which btw i take with a grain of salt , then something Major is either about too happen, or something already has, and they are fleeing something which is a endangerment. On a side note, recently the Russians were not invited on the Joint effort too blow up the Meteorite which was supposedly going too hit the Earth a few weeks back., once again i cant prove what i read about it so it is still a one of those kind of articles, which cant be verified for a certainty. Point is , if we are leaving out of their ,, and the Russians are going their with their fleet of ships, it almost sounds like too me that their was some kind of ( Provacation ), between Russian Officials, and Either American, or Canadian, or???? The more i think about it that sounds more likely. I do not believe in a hollow earth, or their being some kind of Secret Alien base their , or some other wild talk. Wish i had some friends still in the Military too verify th is.

  • Rad

    This guy mentions Masonic at about the 21 minute mark. Any time the Masons are mentioned, you have demons involved. The Bible talks about demons masquerading as….well, whatever they want to appear as to deceive.

  • raburgeson

    Notice that 50 foot ice wall in the picture.

  • CarbonUnit666

    It’s really no conspiracy, or a BIG SECRET :!: :wink:

    A human body was discovered buried in deep ice. And
    was found to be the actual body of “The Prophet
    Mohammad!! BUT,

    the U.S. Military MUST keep it a secret, for fear that
    Sweden, Germany, & the U.K. will lose their Muslim
    populations, & their economies would go bust.

    IF, you know ANY Muslims, DO NOT, ‘show them
    this article’…. :wink:

  • pattern is prologue
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